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Hey Guys, in this video I wanted to review ZARA MAN, see what cool new clothing they have and how to shop the store in terms of sizing, and prices. Let me know down below what you like buying from zara and also where the next store review should be. Social Media Links Instagram @neemzzzy Twitter @neemzzzy Snapchat @neemzzz
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blackbikerboots123 (3 months ago)
Hi there, great video, I also love Zara. I'd love to watch your review of Zara suits but can't seem to find it. Could you please send the link? thanks so much
Olivier Sebastian (5 months ago)
i love zara
Shagith shagithyan (7 months ago)
what you size ? small or medium shirt
Na Na (1 year ago)
They must have different regional product based stores. The SE Asian Zara lines are abysmal. Gritty Punk style, poor quality, overpriced garbage all modelled by guys who look like they’ve been on heroine about 5 years. Hope the US stuff is better. It sure as hell couldn’t be any worse.
onur çakır (1 year ago)
Tommy Scott (1 year ago)
damn you're hot as fuck
Khaled Murad (1 year ago)
I love zara
Sam Stancea (1 year ago)
"I dont know about this kangaroo pouch " XD
Tommy Tibble (1 year ago)
That jacket at 11:29 reminds me of the one that got away... A beautiful souvenir jacket from Forever 21 with an embroidered tiger majestically gracing the back. It's been a year since it got away and it still pains me to this day...
20 KID (1 year ago)
daniel adan (1 year ago)
Too big
Mark Carrell (2 years ago)
1st try-on of sequined jacket, button fell off!!!!!!!!
Zhongxuan Qiu (2 years ago)
what's your height and weight?
Pal Stas (2 years ago)
ahahaah the escalator story made me laugh ))
Alex's Vice (2 years ago)
nice vid
Đình Vượng Lê (2 years ago)
Would u plz share us the background music. Thanks a bunch.
Pick Ups (2 years ago)
hey you should check out rue 21 man they have good clothing. its way better them forever 21 and h&m and its not too expensive. but keep it up!
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
thanks! i will check them out.
ard (2 years ago)
So funny, I work at zara and I recognise every single piece 😍😍😄
Fear Girl (2 years ago)
Nice! Come check out my Channel! Thanks!
Lorence .T (2 years ago)
this dude keeps saying size up well not every one is that jacked
Lorence .T (2 years ago)
i think people are going to be mad that they didnt hop on zara sooner.
Leo Lopez (2 years ago)
I wish my zara had this much variety/clothes
Mason Olsen (2 years ago)
please stop with the fake shoes you make my cringe
Frobro (2 years ago)
Thanks for this I don't live near a Zara so I've been hesitant with online shopping
Kryptonite (2 years ago)
as far as I know zara is Portuguese, because if you take a look at the tag inside it says made in Portugal and I'm Portuguese and whenever I'm in Portugal there are some zara factorys
Kryptonite (2 years ago)
+Neemzzz yeah I looked it up you were correct sorry, thanks for the information! Keep up the good work
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
It was founded in spain. You can search it on google as well. Was founded in arteixo spain
Kryptonite (2 years ago)
ok never mind, I looked it up u were correct it was invited in Spain sorry
h2ianh (2 years ago)
which size of Zara denim jacket u wore ?
ShakeJuntBoy (2 years ago)
love watching your vids fam! cheers from the philippines! 🇵🇭
ShakeJuntBoy (2 years ago)
holla at me when you come. we'll go shopping! :))
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
thanks! hello philippines, hope to visit one day!
John Peru (2 years ago)
Love the video! Hope u guys check my acct!!
EMFO (2 years ago)
the videos of zara 🔥💯🔥
Hash slinging Slasher (2 years ago)
The basic tees from Zara are mad quality and great fit
Hash slinging Slasher (2 years ago)
Ay got that denim jacket back in March
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
cool! i love it
dead boy (2 years ago)
you could've sagged for the jeans
Aseed Khanani (2 years ago)
what was the price for the camo shirt
Hercules Bruh (2 years ago)
Reebok classics review next baus, pls baus
Oli Freakin Davis (2 years ago)
Who hears a song from FIFA 16 in the background
samonarch29 (2 years ago)
Guys please stop shopping at these places. Fast fashion is horrible for this planet smh. Quality over quantity
Nester Angeles (2 years ago)
The shorts had a drop crouch man thats what its called! Not a Kangaroo pouch lol nice video as always.
Mr Man (2 years ago)
that pouch makes your balls look nice and big and low hangers
Mr Man (2 years ago)
that pouch makes your balls look nice and big and low hangers
Jay Laygo (2 years ago)
Request for next video full body work out...
Zen Li (2 years ago)
That denim jacket is now $50 dammit! I was gonna buy it and cut off the collars to make it look like acne studios style
Eduardo Lopez (2 years ago)
I'veinI b
Jose Rivera (2 years ago)
Can you please do cotton on
Zen Li (2 years ago)
You can buy that camo shirt from me lol
Steven (2 years ago)
love when you do Zara reviews! favorite store.
Barry N. Rose (2 years ago)
"there only 80 dollars" 😂
Kicksamillion (2 years ago)
What happened to ur blonde hair?
modified beardsman (2 years ago)
bro do a killion in store review!!
SuperNetGenius (2 years ago)
Pull and bear
John Joshua (2 years ago)
J crew review next!! I can never tell if their clothes are truly worth the extra cost.
TheSaboteur97 (2 years ago)
A common theme on R/Malefashionadvice with JCrew is to wait for their constant sales. Good quality but overpriced at retail
Rodheen Fields (2 years ago)
yall follow me on twitter @youngbyzzo ifb
R&Frank (2 years ago)
How much was that jacket at the end nemz?
Aaron Morgan (2 years ago)
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
Snapchat family!!
GuilloTheMatatan (2 years ago)
Great video! Really love your style and I have took some ideas to improve my style. Can you do a Pacsun store review?
Yaki Tori (2 years ago)
Italian quality in Zara? Lmfao.
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
they were actually really good man. try it out
MultiButters69 (2 years ago)
Do you ever buy the pieces?
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
If I need them or don't have them I do. The purpose of these videos however is not me buying the clothing but rather reviewing whats new and good at the stores.
raymond (2 years ago)
lmaoo at you going up the escalator that was going down 😂
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
haha that was horrible
poobearpoma (2 years ago)
how tall are u neemzzz?
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
5 foot 7
Raymond Quiñones (2 years ago)
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
DavidMorMor (2 years ago)
Selena to the main register. Selena 😂😂😂
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
hahaha Selena was no where to be found
R.i.p Adventure Time (2 years ago)
neemzzz can you please list me some stores that Cary nudes and pastels, or like body skin colors like camel, sand, etc.
R.i.p Adventure Time (2 years ago)
+Neemzzz I've never found any at my local h&m
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
pretty much any of these stores you can find that since it is still on trend.
bxhdan (2 years ago)
I just posted a new video if you guys could go check it out that would be great :)
0o0xcq (2 years ago)
You should have bought these biker jeans
Neemzzz (2 years ago)
they were a little to tight and small for my taste.

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