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BUYING MY DREAM CAR!! (Dream Come True) | Ranz and Niana

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This is the day!! Always been a dream of mine to own a mustang. Thank you for being apart of this journey fam! TURN ON POST NOTIF FOR SHOUTOUT! And btw feel free to help translate my videos in other languages! will give credits to contributors! https://goo.gl/97byhp check out nianas channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/nianaguerrero stalk us on ig: https://www.instagram.com/ranzkyle https://www.instagram.com/nianaguerrero https://www.instagram.com/ranzandniana facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RanzAndNiana https://www.facebook.com/nianaguerrero https://www.facebook.com/ranzkyle/ musical.ly: @ranznandniana twitter: @ranzkyle & @nianaguerrero
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Text Comments (11178)
Noman Ali Khan (5 hours ago)
This is your dream car hahahaha
Master24YT (9 hours ago)
Sa pilipinas sila ngayon
Mateo Jackson (10 hours ago)
4:08 horse whooooo... ahhahah
ImJustIn Mart (10 hours ago)
Call it Ligma
minnette spalding (11 hours ago)
dream car toooooo!♥️
Immahn_ 10 (16 hours ago)
what brand
Jesusita Sanchez (17 hours ago)
Ganda favorite ko din ang mustang grabe ganda dream ko din yun eh
ashi nama (19 hours ago)
wait so can any 1 tell what his car model/brand is like the WHOLE name not just ford mustang like what type ? thankyou
ruby oblepias (20 hours ago)
ZLV 101
Epic Solrac (23 hours ago)
Maybe you will name it horsy
Nayeem bhai (1 day ago)
Are this guys livin in phillpine right now?
GeorgeHenry Wico (1 day ago)
Horsestang nicee or beatstang idk haha
Wanzoy Id (2 days ago)
Andrea Santos (3 days ago)
Ranzi is the perfect name to your car ranz
Andrea Santos (2 days ago)
Andrea Santos DonkeyRanz is even better.
Zenaida Reyes (3 days ago)
Edna Mananquil (3 days ago)
COP 834
chellsea calma (3 days ago)
ann araña (4 days ago)
Congrats... Love you both niana and ranz
fun channel (4 days ago)
Congratulation for new car
Rebecca yong (4 days ago)
How much?
Juliana Alexa Bagona (4 days ago)
Congrat kuya ranz kyle your car is so cool and so ytterp😍
Josh Langston (4 days ago)
4cyl automatic ew
Andy Co (5 days ago)
Youtube money is lit.👌
Артем Кос (5 days ago)
Кто российский ?
Raven Playz (5 days ago)
Shout out Kita shout out Mo din ako
Donnie Franco (5 days ago)
Ranzstang name
Donnie Franco (4 days ago)
Hi I'm grade 4 I wish i have mustang too becouse that's the only car that i see in real life that's my wish And also ferrari f5 and bmw
Red Skull (5 days ago)
After that,look for golddiggers and do some golddigger pranks around manila!😅
esmael dhatz (5 days ago)
Magkano yan at saan niyo po yan binili
Syril Solis (5 days ago)
Dan Patrick (5 days ago)
I want the ford ranger
Its Me Loreta (6 days ago)
congrats bebe Ranz 😍😍😍more vlogs pa ...loveyah
Is Naini (6 days ago)
Estremera Jhuwell (6 days ago)
Jhoenie RJN (6 days ago)
Oh you live on Makati as well haha
Brian Jake Corpuz (6 days ago)
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah hahahaha
Schanea Villarosa (6 days ago)
congrats kuya ranz and niana😊
Sunod mo nmn bilhin ay mclaren
Phillipines Numba ONE
jhoan de celis (6 days ago)
FX Gaming (7 days ago)
Congrats to Ranz and Niara oke when you go to indonesia again?
Aslam TM (7 days ago)
broo fit one spoiler on backside
ikonic gaming (7 days ago)
Horsy sexy think ahha
ikonic gaming (7 days ago)
Horsy sexy think ahha
Rosalie Khan (7 days ago)
OWEN MISOLES (7 days ago)
Love from St nyo whahahah
Francis Gabriel (7 days ago)
Mj Catapang (7 days ago)
Ate Bacalso Eo (7 days ago)
fpik ot
marilou cammayo (7 days ago)
carloperu2010 No it's not The Nissan GTR alpha omega package is the best.
marilou cammayo A prius.
carloperu2010 (3 days ago)
marilou cammayo yea Bugatti is the best
elmar intal (7 days ago)
Horsy is name
Edilyn Cabanatug (8 days ago)
storm the horse
Rahel Haniel (8 days ago)
I love your quotes yo!
Lego is fun tv (8 days ago)
That's makati Manila if I'm right
Ann Bechayda (8 days ago)
Congrats. Ranz❤️. Ako po Talaga yung tagahanga nyu😥
lightning red dragon (9 days ago)
nainggit ako sayo kuya ranz
Achilles Rover (9 days ago)
Colonel Kernell (9 days ago)
Sobrang mumura ng oto sa ibang bansa tapos pwede mo pang ilabas pag may vintage cars ka tulad ng 1960's na mustang or camaro. E dito sa pinas puta pang car show lang e HAHAHAHA
Hour Ko (9 days ago)
Ranz's horse
Colonel Kernell (9 days ago)
Man kung sa US lang yan makakakuha ka ng cheap deals. Tangina lang talaga tong pinas hahaha.
Almira Delosreyes (9 days ago)
All the love💜💜💙🐽🦄🦄
Hope it doesn't hit crowds.
Sudipta Devi Barman (10 days ago)
May ur dreamz come true ranz best of luck
Jayson Magote (10 days ago)
someday im gonna buy mine :) thanks for the good inspirstional thoughts guys .. 👍
lekhank6106 (10 days ago)
Congrats bro....love from india..niana & ranz
Mary Grace Cadano (10 days ago)
Congratulations Kuya Ranz🤗
Kate-kate's Show (10 days ago)
Wow nice
Mindless Girl 143 (10 days ago)
Congrats 😘😍❤😚😗😙🙂🔥 I really love this car ❤❤❤😍😍😘😘
Trixsy Gore (10 days ago)
jerick laranjo (10 days ago)
Same tayo ng paboritong kotse sana mag kaganyan din ako .
Yvonne Perez (11 days ago)
JAMILL’s Vlog (11 days ago)
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Heart Gwyneth Clataro (11 days ago)
congrats po
Vincent Pili (11 days ago)
The car I love the car
bunta fujiwura (11 days ago)
Mustang GT 2015 Model Paint: Grey
Jha Suazo (11 days ago)
Suman Gharti (12 days ago)
Congrats 5M sub
Ben Kibo001 (12 days ago)
5:35 again sexy
Ben Kibo001 (12 days ago)
3:55 you say sexy
Rizza Angeles (12 days ago)
saan ka yo nakatira
sscothgee _ (12 days ago)
conggrats ranz
Ankitgiri Gauswami (12 days ago)
Ranz and riana combined "RANI" in other language rani means queen 😎😎😎😊😊😊
Ankitgiri Gauswami (12 days ago)
Congrats bro..
Loretta Gourley (13 days ago)
It’s not just a mustang, it’s a Stallion, with gusto. Congrats on your New Stallion.
Cj Pogi (13 days ago)
i think it should be "mare or stag"
pie gt (13 days ago)
i name is super car fast
Jana Loreen YT (14 days ago)
we have the same mustang
Connner Harrell (14 days ago)
Name it horse stang
Don Oketch (14 days ago)
Wow congrats..,..lucky for u. From kenya
Gigina Chhangte (14 days ago)
love from mizoram india
King Tv (14 days ago)
I think your cars name is stung
Mustang man 01 (14 days ago)
I like your choice
Bow Pelegrino (14 days ago)
Hello ranz and niana ihave name for your mutang ford light ning maqquin
Anjel De Ungria (14 days ago)
Congratulations, Ranz Kyle!
Nice Kamodang (15 days ago)
Congrats! Ranz i'm still a student(19) years so no vehicle allowed yet!.... so sad My dream car is BMW i8 but its no use i will never have money to owned it!....
Nice Kamodang (15 days ago)
i love ur family environment!...ur parents r funny, loveable
MaxJonAwesome (15 days ago)
I recommend calling the car megalodon hahaha

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