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BUYING MY DREAM CAR!! (Dream Come True) | Ranz and Niana

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This is the day!! Always been a dream of mine to own a mustang. Thank you for being apart of this journey fam! TURN ON POST NOTIF FOR SHOUTOUT! And btw feel free to help translate my videos in other languages! will give credits to contributors! https://goo.gl/97byhp check out nianas channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/nianaguerrero stalk us on ig: https://www.instagram.com/ranzkyle https://www.instagram.com/nianaguerrero https://www.instagram.com/ranzandniana facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RanzAndNiana https://www.facebook.com/nianaguerrero https://www.facebook.com/ranzkyle/ musical.ly: @ranznandniana twitter: @ranzkyle & @nianaguerrero
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Text Comments (11980)
Wheres The Mustang Now???
Relly Buenaventura (1 day ago)
strong horse: magnum, warrior, thor
random post (1 day ago)
Sub to sub guys
Delron Manalo (1 day ago)
Ford mustang i like that i buy that soon
Bernadette Dela Cruz (2 days ago)
congrats! happy for you guys! u deserved this!
Nico XD (2 days ago)
One of my favorites cars. Mustang GT xD Someday I'll have that car soon!
Lol Nice Car Dude! I like it! Mustang name should be CoolStang! Cuz it is cool! we have a Mercedes Benz AMG!
Eljan Floria (3 days ago)
you're so cool bruh!
Anne Rose Maxime (3 days ago)
A quick question which country r u guys on or living i should say
jaybee esseker (3 days ago)
Next is ford gt 1000
gilwen paul reyes (3 days ago)
gilwen paul reyes (3 days ago)
Potato Gaming (3 days ago)
Not even a v8
mako morales (3 days ago)
Lalo kang mamahalin ng gf mo nyan 😂😂😂👌👌👌
Julia Ramos (3 days ago)
that mustang than pay for 70K
Jim Salita (3 days ago)
Bro kung wala si lord wqla yan bro
Skim Vlogs (4 days ago)
Mustang bro
Juvy Jason (4 days ago)
King kar
Matt V (5 days ago)
lets not crash into crowds!
jen jen Mendejar (5 days ago)
congratulations Ranz
jedah shin (5 days ago)
call it stangley
Regina Rian (5 days ago)
Priceless reaction. 😍 I love it! ❤️
Marjorie Balingit (5 days ago)
Congrats 😄 we have the same dream car tho
Kau ro (2 days ago)
Maricel Rosaut (5 days ago)
You deserve it! Yo😊
Zytron [GD] (5 days ago)
ford mustang
jack noob (5 days ago)
Joe V (5 days ago)
Rich boy who made it happen, he deserves it, it's not easy building a YouTube following like he has
Almondsean Miclat (5 days ago)
Dream car kurin eh
Almondsean Miclat (5 days ago)
Cecile Bernabe (5 days ago)
Batmobile Sirdgemustang
Richard Sabellano (5 days ago)
Share your blessings to the less fortunate people. It's a way of giving back for the blessings you received.
Joe Joesh (6 days ago)
title of song pls 6:22 and 6:26
Marjun Gumalang (6 days ago)
STANG would be a cool name
uno'z channel (6 days ago)
Maby ranz and niana
Ruffa Federe (6 days ago)
Nice car ranz😌🙏😂
Lazy potato (6 days ago)
Zodiac ;)
Athea Napoles (6 days ago)
it shoud be shelby!
nikki channel (7 days ago)
dave basty (7 days ago)
share your blessing bro not only your self....
Danica Risa Melendres (7 days ago)
Kian Trinidad (7 days ago)
Maybe sherrif
ZUED (7 days ago)
They're Filipino!
Melissa Baylon (7 days ago)
Robby Almendrez (7 days ago)
For your next mustang go for the classic 60's series GT 5.0 Eleanor you'll surely love the roar on that beast!
Medina jayson (8 days ago)
Name her a horky Hor-se and ky-le #lit
Jericho Marchadesch (8 days ago)
Eleanor name of the car
manchong lifu (8 days ago)
I like it.. Men. That so cool.. Fucking car.
Ace Aquino (9 days ago)
You really deserve it. Im a fan both of you :) Congrats :)
kain pepe (9 days ago)
Wla ako masbe salute n sau inyo Parang ang sarap sa tenga pag sinasbe niu tang sa mustang
Diana Louise Roldan (9 days ago)
Full tour for ur new car and other car
Janey Girl (9 days ago)
guys ? . exchange sub tayo .. subscribe mo ako at comment done when you are done .. para madali ko kayong masubscribe back .. thank you .. lets help each other dali !!!!
kain pepe (9 days ago)
Oks n sub ko n
Quintin Zamuco (9 days ago)
That's my dream car too
ALI JOSH (9 days ago)
enders abranio loko (10 days ago)
congrats kyle
ferdinand fuentes (11 days ago)
Congrats bro grabe ang ganda ang bagay na pangalan dyan ay rania
Ron Cel7 (11 days ago)
you forgot to thank God... congrats anyway!😊
SHean BOss (12 days ago)
New youtubers Sub to sub
Hussima Ali (12 days ago)
Scripted like if you believe
Cian Pangilinan (5 days ago)
? 😂
Khamaka Brekker (7 days ago)
Ranzie car
Adrian Cayabyab (12 days ago)
Vice ganda hehe joke
Tomorrow I buy Lamborghini
dïőn777 zgajůdø (13 days ago)
Para naman tung mga bugok tung mga to
Juz Delcarmen (13 days ago)
nice car pa subs din thanks godbless
Intidee 3hundred3 (13 days ago)
I wish it was a Tesla
Althea Galarroza (11 days ago)
nice car
MakaBerna _ (13 days ago)
MakaBerna _ (13 days ago)
MakaBerna _ (13 days ago)
MakaBerna _ (13 days ago)
MakaBerna _ (13 days ago)
RaNiaStang pls heart this 😍thank you 😊
Lup Cember Balinggan (13 days ago)
We love you NIANA AND RANZ😍😘💕
MakaBerna _ (13 days ago)
RaNiaStang Ranz + Niana + mustang
nashmeer mokamad (13 days ago)
It's Mustang
nashmeer mokamad (13 days ago)
It's beautiful car wow
Andrei tampus (13 days ago)
Ford Mustang the name of that car
THE ONE (14 days ago)
Awesome... Bro
Cristian Palagtiw (14 days ago)
My suggested name: Black panther or panther 😄
fionapascual PH (14 days ago)
Nice car😁
chris tallano (14 days ago)
marami nang pera to anlaki na ng views and subscribtions
Jaziel BLINK Lucasan (14 days ago)
dream car ko rin yan kuya ranz
Yushii mae Telewik (15 days ago)
Hi dear beginners you me to subscribe you? Just subscribe me. thank!
MC Naruto Star (15 days ago)
Congratulaintions kak ranz❤
Aaron Pawer (15 days ago)
That mustang is a European Mustang not American
Syaza Begum (16 days ago)
R with n means I name it Ran .. Ranaz and Niana RN
Rey Ann Duman-ag (16 days ago)
Name it RANIANA combination of your name and niana's name
kain pepe (9 days ago)
Na dagdag nku sa sub mo
Ronaldo’s Foodtrip (17 days ago)
Congrats to you both. Hope to make it big in Youtube as well. I just started my new channel about foodtrip. Hope you guys check it out.
Janaenah Orara (18 days ago)
the name of your car is horse and dont forget to thank the lord that he gave you a new car we love you god bless you to god be the glory an congrats
Gabucho 17 (18 days ago)
dapat 5.0 mustang kinuha mo!!
Nicole Angel Talavera (19 days ago)
Danilo Pelayo (19 days ago)
Draven po ipangalan nyo..
Lamborghini Sana binili mo pangalan nyang car parasakin bagay yung black horse
Francia Jimera (20 days ago)
Oh I know your dad is also a dancer haha 😂
Sharon Origenes (21 days ago)
ilove yo! u really inspires so much people..ilove your vlogs really as well as niana...keep it up!
Sharon Origenes (21 days ago)
congratz! you really desrves ittt!!!!
Joseph Decastro (22 days ago)
Pa Shout Out Kuya Ranz
Kei Kurono (23 days ago)
Hizt BRO (23 days ago)
Indonesia amazing
Cherryl Umbao (23 days ago)
Cherryl Umbao (23 days ago)
Congrats your favorite car 👏😁
sherlin cababan (23 days ago)
pa shout out po :)
nicooowl foy (24 days ago)
Is that automatic or manual?
Kristin Taylor (24 days ago)

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