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If Lesbians Actually Acted Like Men... | Arielle Scarcella

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Text Comments (381)
José Luciano (1 year ago)
Can u answer those two questions
José Luciano (1 year ago)
And if Lesbos want a sex toy why don't they actually use a man's penis and ask a man if ya Lesbos can use his penis to fuck them and there girlfriend for a deal? and instead of using a fake penis use a real penis
José Luciano (1 year ago)
If Lesbos like girls why don't they have sex change and fuck other girls who like men
José Luciano (1 year ago)
Can u answer this question Arielle
José Luciano (1 year ago)
Lesbos do act like men
era boone (1 year ago)
That moment t when she didn't wipe..
Jessica Bushell-Hale (1 year ago)
I have 0 idea what any of my anniversaries are, I'd forget my own birthday if it weren't for Facebook.
gøthic elves (1 year ago)
"yea.. but I'm a LESBIAN" FCUK
Kayla Lopez (2 years ago)
I'm pansexual and I celebrated the first month that I was together with my girlfriend(she's a lesbian) and her family thought I was weird😂 We just celebrated 2 months together two days ago.💃
Deanna (2 years ago)
"didn't we work the same hours? Yeah but I'm a lesbian" 😂
MrRoccoMarchegiano (2 years ago)
Mya Rowlands (2 years ago)
Lauri Tikkanen (2 years ago)
If lesbians actually acted like real men (and not like the usual narcistic bitches that women are)... Then they would be great girlfriends or wives for guys.
Jessica Mikkola (2 years ago)
+Lauri Tikkanen en oo lesbo mut kaikki naiset on narsistei???
Lauri Tikkanen (2 years ago)
+Jessica Mikkola Yay! Angry lesbian from Finland. Ime mun dildoa, huora.
Jessica Mikkola (2 years ago)
Saatana ku oot tyhmä
TENNSUMITSUMA (2 years ago)
0:33 ( >_< here we go....) Did you: - come in earlier, leave later, negotiate a higher pay rate from the start, work there longer, do more work, relocate, take more risks that could have resulted in hell raising losses if you fuck up but ungodly profits if you win, I could go on. Just because a man and a woman work as (for example) security doesn't mean they should get paid the same when the man (male) hasto work the night shift or break up more men fighting, and or some other shit that results in a higher chance of physical injury. Ah but here's one: *PORN!* women make infinitely more than men 99.99% of the time, male porn stars know it, female porn stars know it, there's no arguing it or complaining about how unfair it is, simple as end of. what do women have to do in porn? sit there in pseudo-yoga positions and get fucked. What do men have to do? get hard on demand, cum on demand, be physically fit in order to lift her up (you try lifting a fully grown 14x-19x person and then lift them up and down), among other things. where is the outrage for that?! ps same applies to female masseuse vs male ones. I wonder what kind of mass societal witch hunt would take place if straight males did a video like this about lesbians.
Ariskafine Realm (2 years ago)
Says "I'm no man-hater"... continues to make fun of men for stereotypical things that not all of them do.
Dookie Howser (1 year ago)
Here's some comedy for you: How do you blind a woman? By putting a windshield in front of her. You have no right to be offended, because it's just comedy right? Also, the wage gap is a myth and has been since the 60's.
Ariskafine Realm (2 years ago)
+lithium Yeah
lithium (2 years ago)
+Ariskafine Realm fair enough. it was a bit out of place, since men don't "act like" they get paid more, they just do. or don't.
Ariskafine Realm (2 years ago)
+lithium Like, I said... You're fine to believe that and so is anyone else who shares your opinion but the point is that there was no need for that clip to be in the video due to the fact that the video is about lesbians not acting like men. Regardless of what your or my opinion on the wage gap is, there was no need to insert a political statement that has nothing to do with what the video is about for the sole reason of expressing your beliefs in politics.
lithium (2 years ago)
yeah... i don't know if you're referring to only America but 1.) there is a wage gap between men and women in America, especially between white men and black and hispanic women. women and people of color make less than white people and men. 2.) America isn't the only country in the world. even if you don't believe in a wage gap in this country, there definitely is a gap in other countries. you act like you've done research, but you clearly forgot about the rest of the world.
Naestved DK (2 years ago)
I love the bit where your angry copy threw mr. Dildo back at you! Very well made!
IcyTea Kabu (2 years ago)
I'm not lesbian and i do all these things. Welp maybe thats why i date gay boys when i'm a girl XD
(^._.^) nekosama (2 years ago)
I actualy forget a lot of anniversaries xD
June Hatter (2 years ago)
I quit my job working for the Boy Scouts of America this year because one day my coworkers and I compared paychecks (even though our boss specifically told us not to) and discovered that all of the female employees were paid significantly less than their male counterparts. I was paid less than a guy I had seniority over and a higher job than. I also quit because my coworkers are douchebags.
Chris Loving (2 years ago)
As a man I don't scratch my balls that's nasty
Purple Bro90 (3 years ago)
My lesbian cousin always act like a man and dress like a man too
Madison Sabanna Resart (3 years ago)
y in the world do u have fake sicks if ur gay!? I gay but I have never seen a dick or ever touched a plastic ones
Hoppy Bunny (3 years ago)
Very few men these days say lesbians act like men. maybe 20 years ago some guys thought that way, because that was the image they were mostly introduced to. In fact ver few straight guys on average say little next to nothing about lesbians. Unfortunately many lesbians like Arielle continue to hold on with a death grip an fairly extreme frat boy version of men from about 30 years ago and impose a massive stereotype generalizing all men straight men in the present. The irony is gay and lesbians continue to demand a level of tolerance and recognition of their preferred orientation from the very men that themselves refuse to recognize and respect from the straight men the demand it from. And even after many men including myself supported and lent our voices and support to generate mariage equality for lesbians and gays, the thanks we get is Arielle mocking us and deriding men who complain about how offensive her video is.
Seddesdro360 None (3 years ago)
So butch chicks don't act like guys? Besides shaved heads,& wearing men's clothing, do me a favor if possible observe butch women in a strip club. Huh, they can be just as perverted & disrespectful ,jealous & egotistical as men are,even To the point of throwing blows. Don't get me wrong I'm aware that we men have fucked everything up in this existence. My question is why are women doing the same thing? Trying to display double standard unfair treatment to men? Women are extremely powerful. Females let off a higher frequency from their brains then men. Frequency & Vibration has a physical affect on atoms. Imagine what happens to atoms when introduced to Indecisive frequency projected by women that have been brainwashed. Same as asshole men that projects a frequency of fear, greed,& so on. Let's be real, sexual orientation is not a high priority when it comes to survival. Maybe if women use their power to I don't know say influence governments to replace extremely harmful nuclear energy with tesla technology,or demand a livable wage from all governments and corporations. The point is concerning oneself with who's eating pussy or lose sucking dick seems a bit superficial and tedious compared to the previously concerns listed get a grip please ladies live up to your potential you know the men ain't going to do it except for me and those like me of course peace
Cristalveil (3 years ago)
I have a question who opens the door for the other in a lesbian relationship and yes its a bad joke
William Badpeople (3 years ago)
This video is problematic...
Nalu Naruhina (3 years ago)
Finally came out to my mom and dad. It happened on a whim. It just came out or something. We were talking about sexuality and my dad asked if I was gay since I was like, a tomboy and I told him I was bisexual. He was happy about it although he said, “It would've been awesome if you were a lesbian instead. You would rock those girls.” I got a pretty awesome dad. And it also turned out that he wanted a boy that's why he was so happy to get a "Half" Boy haha! Best parents ever!
badlydrawnkid6 (3 years ago)
+Nalu Naruhina You really don't have to come out to your parents. You know, it's not really a way of "bonding" with your parents. I would've never liked it if my parents called me a "half-boy".
The Blaq Knight (3 years ago)
I dont forget anniversaries and also where did you get the idea of sending pics of shit wtf?!
Michael Kaminski (3 years ago)
I heard this video was funny, but it took me a week to locate it.
singlu ten (3 years ago)
I don't really like labels, so...I would never say that, for example, not asking for directions is a men thing. I like other videos and topics of you much more
RA Banks (3 years ago)
I kinda act like one .👀a little bit he he he
Sara Guerra (3 years ago)
Hahahaha why is there vallenato playing in the back ?
TofuDream (3 years ago)
That poor abused dildo
Alexandra Ross (3 years ago)
Julia Cates (3 years ago)
0:45 the way she says lesbian is amazing
Royston E. Smythe (3 years ago)
Thank you lesbian sisters for making a video taking the worst aspects of juvenile male behaviour as a standard. Why not act like Cary Grant instead? ;)
David Rayfield (3 years ago)
ive never sent a..."poop pic"
Karen :3 (3 years ago)
Jayme Curley (3 years ago)
Everyone wants to talk about the wage gap but after this video my only concern is... are people really taking poo pics? That's a thing?
Jake New (3 years ago)
Thats to f n funny that about sums it up laughed the neighbors heard me
DuoDuo (3 years ago)
Maybe the stereotype is that lesbians act more like a straight man than straight girls do?
RobinMcBeth (3 years ago)
Goddammit, the first joke, that popped into my head, was: "You know what you don't make? Equal pay 3:) ". AND IT WAS IN THERE :D
Hahaha I dance to this music lol!
Dani Matheson (3 years ago)
Morning wood isn't a "behavior."
badlydrawnkid6 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Latta It's pretty common to tell a stranger they're comment was ridiculous. No one in their right mind tells someone to seek therapy and actually means it. The mentally ill usually don't start shit. There are enough stupid fedora comments on this video. It's the fucking internet, get used to it. A ton of people start shit on here. 
Dani Matheson (3 years ago)
No, I was honestly telling you to seek therapy. You're picking fights with complete strangers over imagined insults. That's not healthy. 
badlydrawnkid6 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Latta In all fairness. You lost your shit way before I did. I didn't even get pissed. It's not very nice to make fun of the mentally ill. Before pointing out other peoples illness, try looking into your very own. Don't tell people to seek therapy as a joke. They won't do it. Don't make fun of things you don't know anything about. 
Dani Matheson (3 years ago)
Geez, you're really losing your shit over this, aren't you? My original comment did not merit this level of malice. Please seek therapy for your anger issues.
badlydrawnkid6 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Latta I don't give a fuck. She was making a joke. Get the fuck over yourself. Stop bitching about discrimination when there isn't any. She mostly did that because lesbians can't have morning wood.
Akiko Maki (3 years ago)
I liked this one, it was too funny. A lot of these guys stereotypes are spot on. Makes me glad I am not one of th..........oh god, please do not remind me. Well at least on the inside I am not.
Kairos (3 years ago)
Most sexist thing I've ever seen. Half of the things involved penises and the other half were stereotypes about men being immature or acting manly
CB DaYello (3 years ago)
"We worked the same amount of hours!" "Yeah but I'm a LESBIAN" oh my god yes
Arjan Ghosh (3 years ago)
You're the coolest lesbian in the world! <3 In fact, I'd fallen for you if you were straight. :D P.S. You're darn right about the "forgetting anniversary" thing (I'm a bit of a forgetful moron actually) and "asking for directions" in front of your girlfriend seems ummm unchivalrous I guess. That's why it happens. :3 But hey, NOBODY is insane enough to send poop pics. Euughh that's so gross. :3
Salim (3 years ago)
Plus it is forbidden for someone with the same gender makes out or kisses or does any sexual stuff, god like hate u for this
Salim (3 years ago)
Lesbians don't act like men but they dress like men, that is why people say lesbian are like men
Zee (3 years ago)
Really good video :D
Superakantorkiller (3 years ago)
at least in the uk and austria the thing about women making less money is wrong men actually make less for the same work and probably the usa has the same problem that a lot of people look at the wrong stats (instead of looking at stats in same jobs they look at over all numbers) 
KellyOKellyComedy (3 years ago)
Loooool do dudes send poop pics?!
Laiv Raven (3 years ago)
Theres no such thing as "acting like men" or "acting like women", genderroles are standing in the way.
Alex Runestad (3 years ago)
Sexual harassment on high level 😑
Alex Runestad (3 years ago)
If that is hove men acts. Then I am not a "man" anymore...
Evelyn Rileigh (3 years ago)
"Making more $ for the same job" that one killed me :)
Julia Cates (3 years ago)
Idk why but I think it's so funny how she says lesbian in :46 like its the most majestic thing in the world, AND IT IS!!!!
Southerly93 (3 years ago)
Women make cumulative less than men, but when you take child care and types of jobs men and women have there is little to no pay gap depending on the situation. SO saying "getting payed less for the same job and same hours" is misrepresenting the facts.
Krystal Luna (3 years ago)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dealz-Inc/439186376237199 Come network with us! 
Ant (mrheavyhand) (3 years ago)
The "getting paid more" segment was SO GOOD. Really illustrates how ridiculous it is.
Logan Fulton (3 years ago)
dog tags!!!!!!!!!
DDunsparce (3 years ago)
Yes... Let's debunk the lesbian stereotype by spreading male stereotypes.
Jason Rothfeld (3 years ago)
can you do something not related to lesbians???????????? 
CestLaVieSellerie (3 years ago)
Maybe there is nothing manly in short hair and hoodies. Maybe some Lesbians who apear 'manly' have just a different idea of what is feminine, or gender neutral.
SnipingHunt01 (3 years ago)
There isn't a wage gap. That's illegal on this side of the pond.
Martin Verrisin (3 years ago)
I don't think anyone's actually taking poop pics...? (Or I at least hope so...) (I know one guy from school who did, but he was essentially mentally ill...)
Malte (3 years ago)
Paygap is a myth, just putting it out here.
paulishism (3 years ago)
Wage gap is a myth perpetrated my the mathematically illiterate 
stiras1 (3 years ago)
There are people who send poop pictures to their friends?! If ANYONE did that to me, I'd be like "sorry... we ain't friends no more."
Julia Jolie (3 years ago)
Did you really use a Brazilian song?? hahahahahah omg 
rowan markovich (3 years ago)
ok im not trying to start   anything here so im just going to say my bit and leave it alone . the wage gap is a myth , that is all 
The Universe (3 years ago)
Of course lesbians don't act like this. These are habits of boys, not men.
Charlotte Katakuri (3 years ago)
Hahaha! More dick pics please.
gay caitlin (3 years ago)
Hello I used to think I was bi but now the thought of kissing a guy makes me feel sick,I only ever check out girls and couldn't even imagine being happy dating a guy,I have a girlfriend and I'm really fnk gay but I would just like to know of you know why i used to find some boys attractive and at one point really liked a guy,that was a long time ago though. Does this mean I'm bi? I haven't found a guy attractive in over a year and the last time I kissed a guy I almost vomited. Help D:
EmmaK (3 years ago)
I *hate* asking for directions, and I'm a bi woman... my (straight) boyfriend asks for them a lot more often than I do! I think it's got more to do with being extroverted or not than being a man or a woman. He doesn't mind talking to strangers, whereas for me it takes all this psychological preparation.
Wolf Rod (3 years ago)
I love your funny videos Arielle. Keep doing them very good.
Lain Cortés González (3 years ago)
Wait, what?! Can I choose to have a woody in the morning or not to have it, and can I act the digits in my paycheck? Cool! P.S. Take my comment as parody, and sincere critic; but not with the intention of to be offensive. I still laughed at it. :)
ms_wright1 (3 years ago)
I'm just here to collect all the male tears from the comment section. :'[ I have a feminazi rally to attend later.
N Sh (3 years ago)
Hahaha honestly ariella i do all of this but not the penis pic since i dnt wanna hav one and nor the not finding the right whole since i hav a puss to other than that i do send pics to my friends of my poop sometimes the funny part i hav a straight girl cousin that does the same hahahaha.
Angelina whatsherface (3 years ago)
Little angry Arielle over in the corner tho . . . lol XD
Basedadri (3 years ago)
The dick pic part lmfao omg 😂
Kaylee White (3 years ago)
Babe your clone work is amazing you and weezy waitor need to make a tutorial!:)
Tomiwa Arogundade (3 years ago)
Am I the only one that noticed Arielle didnt wibe her ass before taking that "poop pic"?
Oh Hamburgers (3 years ago)
+Tomiwa Arogundade Probably because she didn't really poop
The Hot Shots (3 years ago)
Would Always Stay Up Till 2:00 In The Morning Watching Your Videos.I LOVE YOU ARIELLE <3 (Plz Reply Or I'll Die >~<)
rrcp1us (3 years ago)
lol the not asking for directions is so relatable.
Jonathan Cappellini (3 years ago)
can you make a video for if gay men acted like females
vidoxi (3 years ago)
The wage gap is a myth.
J. C. (3 years ago)
Ironically, most of these stereotypes about men have been debunked. Mythbusters proved that men are actually much quicker to stop and ask for directions (probably because we're not socialized to fear strangers). Also, who the hell has ever taken a poop pic? That's just disgusting.
Angela G (3 years ago)
the girl with the snap back has a really pretty face!
Jesus Silva (3 years ago)
That's not acting like a men in actuality. What you are depicting is not an act or a behavior, but instead it is a gender comparison between a men and woman's reproductive organs. For example, waking up with an erection is not a behavior or an act, it is nature itself, therefore I can conclude that your claims have no truth in them. The stereotype towards lesbians in general can be described by the way they behave like men, not by the chunk they carry between there legs . For instance, lesbians tend to behave more masculine, and dominant than straight women.When somebody says that a lesbian acts like a man, they are referring to how similar their behavior and appearance is to a man. For instance, when a women dresses with masculine clothing they are imitating their male counter parts. Well I did not understand your point, but if that is the you feel the least I can do is respect that.
Jesus Silva (2 years ago)
+badlydrawnkid6 I understand
badlydrawnkid6 (2 years ago)
+Jesus Silva Arielle doesn't really act like a bulldyke. She only acts a bit douchey. A bulldyke can be any gender. A bulldyke is nothing more than a mega douchebag. Any product they see advertised as masculine, they go off and buy it. I wouldn't even consider a bulldyke a lesbian. Since they get with really dumb straight girls. I wouldn't mind if a girl tried to be a man, but bulldykes try to be douchebags.
Jesus Silva (2 years ago)
Arielle Scarcea has to learn.
Jesus Silva (2 years ago)
+badlydrawnkid6 Arielle Scarcella
badlydrawnkid6 (2 years ago)
+Jesus Silva Which youtuber needs to learn alayna webb?
Doodle Bags (3 years ago)
1500 a WEEK??? what kind of job to you have!?
edelina Stankowska (3 years ago)
Rofl!!! You give ne lifeeee yasss! So funny! @ morning wood :)
chatanwarrior (3 years ago)
"i'm not a man hater but" proceeds to make every sexist stereotype about men i have never known a man to send pics of shit to anyone god you're a fucking retard no wonder you believe in the wage gap i bet you believe in santa clause and the patriarchy too
chatanwarrior (3 years ago)
+badlydrawnkid6 you literally choose to be a retard there is a difference between being retarded and being mentally handicapped you hypocritical retard  keep on crying retard
chatanwarrior (3 years ago)
+badlydrawnkid6 blaiming? pretty sure you're not using that word right lol also i repeatedly said i wasn't offended because i'm NOT despite what you retards think i said what pisses me off is the fucking hypocrisy  actually YOU do choose to be retarded you fucking retard. despite how you ableist fucks have forced people to believe that only the mentally handicapped can be retarded. a retard is someone who fucking ignores facts and logic. which fits you precisely  and you do this shit on fucking purpose, it's an active choice you make in your life you hypocritical retard you have repeatedly said homophobic and sexist shit to defend your hypocrisy you cry baby retard i know you'll never change, feminists never do and you wonder why then you're hate movement is actually dying out with each passing year keep on crying retard, as i stated before you prove me right with each comment and you have done so yet again
badlydrawnkid6 (3 years ago)
+chatanwarrior You're blaming someone for being a retard? You don't find that offensive? I literally said I don't care if you think I'm a retard. Is that really the best you can do? A fedorafag isn't a homophobic slur. Stop trying to sound open-minded. One doesn't choose to be a gay or a retarded, but one does choose to be a fedorafag. I'm not playing mental gymnastics. I don't need to change. I didn't say anything sexist. I was simply saying this video was a joke. Get the fuck over yourself. Stop whining like a little brat. 
chatanwarrior (3 years ago)
+badlydrawnkid6 you literally called me a fag. putting fedora in front of it doesn't change anything guttercunt  you really trying to do these mental gymnastics to justify your bullshit should tell you how much you're in the wrong. you're saying it's okay for you to not only be sexist and make sexist statements as well as use homophobic language but it's a bad thing to do it to other people thank you for your continuing to prove my point that you ARE a retard as well as a HYPOCRITE keep on crying retard. maybe one you're all dried out you'll realize how fucking stupid you are and work to change it. highly doubtful though considering the decades of programming that goes into someone having to be as fucking retarded as you are
badlydrawnkid6 (3 years ago)
+chatanwarrior Again, same thing. I really don't care if you're convinced I'm a retard. Like I've told you before. I'm just saying you shouldn't all random anyone retards. I didn't use "fag", I used fedorafag, there is a difference. You won't admit to your ignorance. You can't tell you're crying victim and then making long rants about it. You're too stupid to tell this video is a stereotypical joke. She's not literally making fun of men in general. She's making fun of stereotypes. I really don't care if you found it funny or not. I know the difference of offensive and something that isn't funny. I didn't find this video to be funny. I just wouldn't call it offensive. The only person who would get offended by it is a bitch. I'm not the one crying and getting emotional. You're overreacting to petty shit. Most guys in their right mind wouldn't get offended by this video. Men have stereotyped girls in their videos often and no one gets offended. I don't care what gender you are, but you still make guys out to be victims over a joke. There are cases where I'd call a guy a victim, but this is far from bullying men.
chatanwarrior (3 years ago)
the wage gap isn't real, anyone who believes in it is a fucking retard
Danie_J_Love (3 years ago)
What was the song playing at the end of the video?
Kami4427 (3 years ago)
I laughed so hard at this one :D
ballermoody (3 years ago)
um we dont take poop pics ew 
donzaloog1400 (3 years ago)
You just had to get the gender wage gap lie in there, didn't you? The gender wage gap has been debunked so many times, it's got to be up there with Bigfoot at this point.
chromesthesia (3 years ago)
Ee people take pictures of that? Nasty

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