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10 HOURS of Fragrance of Dark Coffee + Rainy Mood - Jazz Soul

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ALMOST AT A MILLION VIEWS! Thank you everyone!! This is a 10 hour repeat of the song "Fragrance of Dark Coffee" from the "Gyakuten meets Jazz Soul" album. This song was arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare and performed by the Metamorphosis Jazz Band. For some people, the rain might be too loud. I experienced this when I listened to this on my phone. Try setting the video to a higher quality, or listening though better quality speakers. If too many people complain, I'll play around and see if I can upload a "fixed" version. I haven't seen a 10 hour version of this on Youtube. So I decided to make it myself. #AceAttorney #Godot #10Hours #RainyMood
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10HourDrowsy (1 year ago)
All future 10 hour videos will be on this channel! Subscribe for more! Like this song? Check out 10 HOURS of "The Steel Samurai" here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnhFTa0qneE
Godoat the goat (1 year ago)
Maybe he needs some coffee.
Sky Limits (1 year ago)
10HourDrowsy lol really?
The Kehwanna Coast (1 year ago)
Bugsy, you're not looking so awake.
Greg (15 days ago)
Ruruleaves (28 days ago)
_Oh, look. It's Mr. Jobel's theme._
brianfancypants (30 days ago)
I've never played an Ace Attorney game. I don't like coffee. But this is just so amazing and relaxing. I can't get enough. Thanks for the 10 hour loop, it's much appreciated.
0 Zero (1 month ago)
Wow.. So i have a bit of a story with this I listened to this when i was doing my gcse's, and i have some tests coming up soon and aha well here it is With its smooth and relaxing vibe i guess ill pull through again aha
Matthew Rascoe (1 month ago)
"Lulu....Sweet Thing......"
Hannah Little (1 month ago)
For those of you wanting to put this on your phone while browsing other sites, just look it up on SoundCloud. They let you browse other sites while the window is closed
kirk poff (2 months ago)
Love the music and rain together. The rain volume could be a touch higher.
roger guerrero amezquita (2 months ago)
Nicholas Scott (2 months ago)
why tho
Nicholas Paradis (2 months ago)
Snake and I shared a few beers over this tune during downtime.
Maymunah Kelly (2 months ago)
NinjaSox7 (3 months ago)
Never played Ace Attorney but Godot, your song gets my approval
crucicade (3 months ago)
Can somebody please tell me what the source is product copied for movie picture...
Literalpervertedloser (3 months ago)
i think my nose stopped working, I don't smell any coffee.
Nora A (3 months ago)
Me, watching everyone quote Godot a thousand times: absolutely superb you funky little weebs
livekn han (4 months ago)
Fantaisour , Fabouular ,My soul in a salad bola. Love U
lovethatnyancat (4 months ago)
10 hour video *loops video*
Mark Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Rain is too loud and probably would sound better if it was a bit muffled.
Ness (5 months ago)
This makes me sleepy
0 Zero (5 months ago)
Beautiful simply beautiful Man who made this Thank you =D
NinjaSox7 (5 months ago)
Listen to this with a fireplace in the background, it's so good. (Personally I'm using this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY3J3Y_OU0w )
Thicc Nicc (5 months ago)
Good night everyone :)
Welcome To My Cafe. You May Choose Our Regulars And Specials.. Right This Way Sir. ☕🍵
Badderpillar (6 months ago)
Wonderfully relaxing and moody tune... the perfect thing to listen to during my nice warm midnight shower...
Holificus (7 months ago)
Perfect. By the time this song started, the sun backed out and the clouds took over... Just like how darkness took over my life, and by that, I mean coffee.
Joe Robson (7 months ago)
I’ve been using this to get my son to sleep for the past 3 weeks or so and have listened to all 10 hours and I still couldn’t tell you where the track begins and ends. Fucking jazz, man.
Symonia Rose (7 months ago)
Trying to write a story involving mafias and such, and I was looking for good mood music. This right here is perfect, I tell you.
Alex Van de Kleut (7 months ago)
I seem to be unable to focus unless this song is playing. I think I've finished this video maybe 6 times this month.
Mocha Coffee (8 months ago)
I thought it was actually raining outside, turns out the sprinklers were hitting the window........they're really high powered, Idk how the city hasn't confiscated them yet
Lie Young (8 months ago)
This is perfect!! Man nothing like listening to rain while drinking black te- I mean coffee
Kokonoe LoliNoctis (8 months ago)
playing this at my job while drinking some good dark vanilla coffee its like having one hell of a night .
jupiter (8 months ago)
thanks for this, it helps me calm down a lot and i always listen to this when i cant sleep.. my fav part is when the thunderstorm starts at around 20:30 !
Cungy_Salad (8 months ago)
This saved me when i was at work in my last week of living out west canada. I stopped giving a fuck because my moms has cancer, and im leaving to go be with her. This song helped me feel alright with not giving a fuck about work lmfaooo ao im just chilling and relaxing. Someone else can fold towels. Fuck it :p
Ryan Ball (8 months ago)
Punkduck and the PST podcast sent me here
M0bilD (9 months ago)
This video has gotten me through many drawing hours and I anticipate it getting me through many more. So thanks for uploading it. :)
Puns & Gnoses (9 months ago)
53 minutes and I'm already depressed to death, wondering how I'm able to keep myself alive. Great stuff
JeffGoul (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for adding the rain to it, saves me one browser tab because I always play along a rain sound to this. <3
Erich (9 months ago)
I don't understand why some people out there have this odd issue with pairing music like this with Anime/Manga artwork. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and, to be honest, it's rather pathetic that they struggle to find it in their heart to enjoy this for what it is. They just don't care to be open-minded and don't care to (or don't realize that they can) give it a chance. Listening to this for just 15 minutes while seeing the picture is not giving a chance...it's half assed. I love this by the way.
Erich (9 months ago)
Good point.
Ultros (9 months ago)
Also that this song is from an "anime game" and they don't know it, yet praise the song. Very closed minded.
Jonas Charif (9 months ago)
Never delete this.
Helio (6 months ago)
Never deleThis
G-Man (10 months ago)
Did you steal this from PewDiePie?
Ultros (9 months ago)
President Donald J. Trump Pewdiepie invented Ace Attorney. Don’t you know?
President Donald J. Trump (10 months ago)
Wait, you are saying that he stole this from a YouTuber? You should really play the Ace Attorney games.
Ultros (9 months ago)
G-Man No. this combo was known before the Pewdiepie video. I heard about it on 4chan in 2007 or 2008 or whatever.
Coal (10 months ago)
2 years ago,I listened that for 13 hours while playing sniper elite 3.I stopped because I realised that I stopped breathing unconsciously.Such a relieving piece.
king jakobe (10 months ago)
I'm the only asshole in this comment section ☺️ love jazz tho it's peaceful
5olioO (10 months ago)
Relaxing my destroyed undefeated mind
Skipperino Trumperino (10 months ago)
noorizerx (10 months ago)
its the same song looping over and over and over again.
Ultros (9 months ago)
I couldn’t make it any more obvious in the title and the description.
king jakobe (10 months ago)
noorizerx no shit Sherlock
Gorgeo ñ.ñ (10 months ago)
No entiendo ni madres yo vine por Wicho
•彗星シャワー (10 months ago)
You were seated on a table near the cold rain-drop covered windows, sipping your dark coffee that you always ordered in the loud chatter filled coffee shop. You stare out the windows, blurred lights from store fronts and cars were the only thing you saw, the droplets fully covering your vision. Sighing, you take another sip of your coffee, the way it tasted, once reminded you of someone special, someone that was with you through thick and thin, someone that was bland with their taste in some things but very colorful and flavourful in their own way. They were.. maybe your first crush?.. as if love at first sight was really real. The only thing you’d gotten was a one-sided love, but you had to let go of them, let them be free to love and go with the person that was for them, knowing you woulden’t fit the spot made your heart crack, but your a tough cookie aren’t you? tough cookies don’t break— well except if someone tries to hit you with a hammer, maybe yes, but personality wise. The coffee shop always calmed you down, even though you hated being around people and had planned of shutting yourself in forever, a little space with more people woulden’t hurt. The smell of coffee always warmly invited you into the shop, this was your comfort zone now. You sip your coffee. Ah, yes, the fragrance of dark coffee. (I was bored)
Caleb Arwood (10 months ago)
Name of first song, anyone know?
king jakobe (10 months ago)
Damn you took a L
Ultros (10 months ago)
Caleb Arwood This is one song for 10 hours. It’s in the title.
xeepromx (10 months ago)
Nice mix, how about a black screen version?
wayjl53 (11 months ago)
rain, distant thunder and this kind of jazz. the supreme state of sublime peace.
Yudo Budhi (11 months ago)
this is a good song to start on "I STIL REMEMBER THAT DAY...." conversation on cafe
Grandpa Joe (11 months ago)
2:19am in Los angeles. Thnx fir a great upload feels good
Ultros (9 months ago)
Grandpa Joe glad you enjoyed!
Randy Butternubs (11 months ago)
listening to this made me want to fall in love with her all over again
PhoenixDownDude (1 year ago)
Mmm. I enjoy this. This brings me joy.
Pan Fan (1 year ago)
Amazing playlist dudes
Sootsweep64 (1 year ago)
thank you
familyfirst287 (1 year ago)
Please tell me you have this as an email upload or CD?
Britefire101 (1 year ago)
I feel like this is the most oddly specific 10 hour thing I've searched and actually found. Not a bad one to listen to while reading a detective novel. Fun times!
Ultros (9 months ago)
Britefire101 I used to search for a 10 hour version of this combo every couple weeks or so when I was anxious and could never find one, so I made one myself!
Waldeo (1 year ago)
Someday, and hopefully someday soon, my area will get an afternoon rainstorm with that perfect mix of a gentle chill and petrichor. I'll light the fireplace, set up my boom box with my phone connected, open a window, then start to play this song while I fade into a blissfully hazy daze in one of my armchairs.
Tony Kangaras (1 year ago)
I just wanted to say I listen to this every night while I'm going to sleep. I don't know what I'd ever do if this got taken down. Thank you so much :)
Ultros (9 months ago)
Tony Kangaras you’re welcome. I get what you mean, I love this + the rain for the last 10 years or so., that’s why I originally uploaded it. I’m glad to know many are like me and enjoy it as much as I do. :)
Beesokoo1 coo1 (1 year ago)
I lost something I couldn't live without, my dignity!
Shidinglfet (1 year ago)
Sweet, Sweet, homework music.
Chropoles (1 year ago)
i think its overkill... i have this on ...while its raining outside .... WHILE A LIVE JAZZ BAND PLAYI nah that's too much.
Itz Clarissa Sims (1 year ago)
It was a dark stormy night. I laid in my bed staring out the window as the wind gracefully blew my curtains. I gazed out at Paris. It was beautiful, a place of mystery though. I watched as cruise gracefully passed by. I listened to the jazz from the town as i fell asleep. It felt like i was asleep for two minutes when i heard a gentle knock on my door. I opened my door to see a young girl. She introducedherself as Andrea. I welcomed her and asked what she needed as i gazed in her dark brown eyes. Her hair long and blonde, i looked down and she was only wearing a towel. She told me how she got locked out of her apartment and how she needed an extra key. “Oh, of course.” Im the key keeper for this building. I gave her her key and invited her in. When she was in the light i realized there was still soap in her hair. She was beautiful. I offered her some tea. She declined. I never realized how enchanting her voice is. “Im Derek.” I said as i scrambled for words. She told me she has to get going. I was disappointed but i allowed her to leave. As i closed the door i heard her talking. I looked out the peep hole but she was gone. I thought it was just my imagination. I laid back on my bed and drifted to the land of dreams. To be continued....
Carol Paiva (8 months ago)
captivating. Good job.
n0ir (1 year ago)
Great image.
Ninja Sushi (1 year ago)
Damn. I sat here for an hour listening before I realized it was the same song. Good weed man.
king jakobe (10 months ago)
NinjaSushi you took a fatass L
TacticGaming (1 year ago)
This makes me wet every time
Christopher Long (8 months ago)
From the rain, I take it?
TacticGaming (1 year ago)
Same dude
lol. phoenix wright.
ss bundestag (1 year ago)
I imagine in baku city raining in the night and i am drinking my coffe in jazz bar and than she enters to bar. ...
Tomo Hina (1 year ago)
also it's loud but not like ridiculous. It's workable. I would however listen to it with some good quality headphones and see if you can remix the original tracks with the rains levels lowered a bit. If you can't do that you can always use the first few seconds of the audio as an audio print and use noise reduction on it. Don't completely get rid of it if you do this or you will screw up the sound of the entire track but This is usually what I do. Don't do the latter unless you DO NOT have the original two tracks mixed down in this video. If you however DO have the tracks just change the levels on the rain to make it more of a pleasent background than a battle for dominence between the jazz and the Rain.
Tomo Hina (1 year ago)
Sauce on the image please. Would like to use it for screensaver
Awesome Sauce (1 year ago)
Add a glass of scotch and you'll pine for a fireplace (at least I do)
chtc88 (1 year ago)
Combines with my depression. Also helps me study japanese. Thx
Mellow (1 year ago)
Cool song
Besnik Nuro (1 year ago)
Phoenix Wright background yay
Besnik Nuro (1 year ago)
Zebracorn "Fragrance Of Dark Coffee" xD
Besnik Nuro (1 year ago)
I know, it's the black coffee theme
Aracely Alvarado (1 year ago)
awesome music for studing or simply realaxing
Ryan Bogucki (1 year ago)
The song that is being looped + rain sounds and fireplace noises was made on facepunch FYI
king jakobe (10 months ago)
Ryan Bogucki I'm sure no one cares
Jill Sandwich (1 year ago)
See you Space Cowboy...
Patavinity (1 year ago)
I'd enjoy this a lot more without the cringey picture
king jakobe (10 months ago)
I'd like it much better if I didn't see this cringey comment
Enrico Usai (1 year ago)
The picture comes from the album which contained this song.
Godoat the goat (1 year ago)
What's cringey about it?
Robert H (1 year ago)
Eternal. The rain. The riff. And it is gone once again. Dare I say, replay.
adrian mixit (1 year ago)
How can I get this without the rain fx.
king jakobe (10 months ago)
adrian mixit look it up without the rain effects
Charles MacKay (1 year ago)
i listened for 1 hour 41 minutes. helped me code!
Isaac Bridges (1 year ago)
Nothing beats driving around on a cold, cloudy, rainy morning listening to some Jazz. Sigh it's so peaceful right now...
Lauren (1 year ago)
Very relaxing
Kanshel Myles-Lopez (1 year ago)
it work every time..good night world....💤
usmckozmo (1 year ago)
Stay classy 4chan...
R Frederick Bradshaw (1 year ago)
Thank you for this, please ignore the trolls.
Ultros (1 year ago)
R Frederick Bradshaw Thanks!
matrixlone (1 year ago)
Nice...also Big O and LA Noire had good music
Anna Inspain (1 year ago)
Oh Mr Marlowe, so you've decided to take my case, have you? Not your case, babe....*you*
kuningaskosmos (1 year ago)
"Fragrance of dark coffee PLUS rainy mood MINUS jazz soul"? Why subtract the jazz soul?
Filipe Mateus (1 year ago)
this is meant to be enjoyed at night
Sootiro (1 year ago)
Hi Carly Cross
Eliisa W. Y. (1 year ago)
Lol, I loved this sing but I fall asleep while studying hahaha. I got to relaxed ups.
Carlos Alejandro (1 year ago)
Ota Kumi (1 year ago)
Edgeworth and Wright look so irritated While Maya is enjoying that Piano
Terrakinetic (1 year ago)
Wouldn't it save bandwidth if we just have one cycle and set the video to loop?
ladbroke (1 year ago)
Sounds great. Don't make a change
itsjeremym (1 year ago)
It was a stormy night looking like it was about to rain. I had chased several leads but i finally found her Ms X. A bar in the southside of town. As walked in you could hear the sound of jazz and smell the tobacco floating in the air. It was a quiet dive. Low light jazz spot. Smoke filled the room. I glanced around and there she was Ms X. I finally found the person i had been tracking for weeks. She was by the bar, a real classy dame, with red lipstick and satin black stockings. My first thought was...well Lets say i didnt have a chance with her, not with a philly boy like me turned private eye. I sat next to her as she smoked her luckys. The band was playing a smooth number as the rain began pouring outside. "Can i buy you drink" i said. "Martini dry hold the olives", she replied. I nodded at the bar tender who nodded back and then proceeded to make the lady what she wanted. She barely looked at me yet before i could say anything. She calmly interrupted "I know why you here detective...detective Montenegro...i didnt do it, i cant prove it but i didnt do it" I smiled "Ohh, i didnt say you did doll, but im going to have to ask you some questions". I looked around again. Then i spotted him, a gentleman in a dark coat and hat was sitting alone in the corner trying his best not to look our way. Probably some hired goon. The band continued playing in the background as the rain began to fall even heavier. "I can protect you" i said "Protect me?" she scoffed as she inhaled her cigarette. "Im a dead woman detective montenegro, how does it feel to be having drinks with a walking corpse". I sighed, now shes gone and done it, what could i say, she appealled to my gentlemanly side. I had to save her now, even if it meant id end up a corpse along side her. "I guess have a brandy" i said to the bartender.This looked like it was going to be a long long night.

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