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27 Year Old Lesbian Strips Down (Ehlers Danlos Awareness)

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Text Comments (93)
Eliza Rose (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this I have eds and it’s amazing to know I’m not alone! Xx
evalena griego (3 months ago)
Another EDSer here 👋 thanks for bringing awareness about EDS.
Lainy Isabelle (5 months ago)
+Arielle Scarcella another EDSer here!! This was great! I'm so glad this awareness is getting out there!
Arielle Scarcella (5 months ago)
WOW this is the third comment in the first 10 minutes this video is up that says you also have EDS. I'm so happy I featured Sara and am giving awareness! <3
Luh (16 days ago)
You're beautiful!
Just Amy (18 days ago)
if she will gain weight and have muscules can her skin became tighter?
Arianna Santina (27 days ago)
@ArielleScarcella You have so many traits that remind me of my dad'sside of the family (im almost 100% italian as well, on both sides but my dads side is my most italian side) you have like so many feautures physically that you look like you could be one of my cousins, and have that same kind of north-east italian no-nonsense but generally a GOOD PERSON type of attitude. Loving your videos and feeling a kinship. (also, my drs are looking into me possibly having the type of this that affects mostly just the joints-- i'm constantly getting tendonitis because i have hyperflexible tendons and joints... not sure if this is the cause because i have some symptoms and not others but my dr. is starting to look into it. im so tired of always having chronic pain because of this. glad my skin is 'normal' at least, but it goes so much deeper)
PeachJellyChiba (29 days ago)
Wow she's beautiful, quite the sexy elastagirl! Women power ❤️❤️❤️💪🏻
Wuffiecat OG Funkmaster (2 months ago)
She looks like a hairless cat. It's pretty cool
Paul Tremblay (2 months ago)
27???there must be a mistake in the title
I love her amazing personality and I love how strong she is to share her gift quote: it’s a blessing and a curse. She is beautiful
mongol (3 months ago)
Bleh,, ugly nasty whore
Chill Gear (3 months ago)
You may look like a paper bag but I'd still smash
Jose M Castellanos (3 months ago)
She looks beautiful how can I contact her
evalena griego (3 months ago)
Thanks for helping bring awareness for us EDSers! I am a 34 year old with Arnold chiari malformation and EDS it’s nice to see there are people who care.
Twinkle Toes (3 months ago)
I too have EDS and a chiari malformation! I also have Gastroparesis well, and a whole list of shit I'd rather not list right now! Hahaha. Hope you're doing well and your brain stays where it should!! (I use a little humor to deal with my health issues so pls don't take that as an insult!)
Mercedes Mueller (3 months ago)
My mom and brother have this disease. Their's is not as visible, but it prevents them from playing lots of sports because their joints dislocate easily. Glad she's raising awareness.
Petteri Tuovinem (4 months ago)
you should to bodypositive vid about fat people :D
Ireallyreally Hategoogle (4 months ago)
Her skin doesn't seem like that much of a problem, but the constant joint pain, i could never deal with that.
Ireallyreally Hategoogle (4 months ago)
"If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?" Nowhere, i just won't be alive.
Jess Taylor (4 months ago)
Her skin looks like a loose shirt
styx53ocean (4 months ago)
Sara, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Greys Rays (4 months ago)
Everyone take a second to appreciate your health.
gia (4 months ago)
Honestly I think her skin looks so awesome. It looks so different from loose skin after weight loss and wrinkles from age. Beautiful girl with gorgeous hair and skin tone as well. Happy for her that she's been able to love herself and find love❤️
Tierra Nauman (4 months ago)
Do you have a website Airelle? Do you do tours or similar? My campus does this young we call "sex in the dark" and you'd be great to come off we could bring you!
Ms Xpert (4 months ago)
I just crawled back into bed today after an EDS flare up and was feeling low knowing that what I thought was a good day is now a “bed” day and I came across this video. I am feeling so grateful for people like Sara and Arielle for helping spread awareness and just having such caring hearts to bring a smile to my face when I really needed it. You made a difference in my world today. Mad respect for the both of you!❤️
ading adormeo (4 months ago)
First time I kne2 about thus condition
XO (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. Representation is so important
Zayne simard moore (4 months ago)
I have never heard of this disorder, but damn it looks like you really could lose control over having this self consciousness of your skin and body. I at first thought that she was wearing a body and skin suit. That’s sad, but at the same time she’s chose to keep going and to keep living and loving her body.
Gg Gg (4 months ago)
Do window face challenge
djriri (4 months ago)
As a person who also suffers a really rare condition (klippel trenaunay syndrome) I think it’s great her advocating for her condition
bima andreand (4 months ago)
It reminds me of shark skin
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TheFemaleNoob (4 months ago)
Who would even dare to unlike this!!!!!
nolan parker (4 months ago)
i have EDS so seeing you doing something to spread awareness and love means a lot, thanks for making me feel a little less alone.
Sarah Marlowe (5 months ago)
Shintilla08 (5 months ago)
I'm starting to think I have type 3 hypermobility EDS and it's nice to see people who struggle with this syndrome owning it and being awsome
Ashley Bowen (5 months ago)
I have EDS. THANK YOU FOR THE AWARENESS!!!! Fight like a zebra.
Martine Camille Dupont (5 months ago)
Wow nice! Didn't know that she's a lesbian!! I also have eds and am a bisexual (pansexual). Love diversity! Love your colours. Love that everyone has something in common and something so unique and special <3 Love from Denmark
She looks like grandmother willow from Pocahontas!!
bluebyrd (4 months ago)
sylvia wanjiru (5 months ago)
She's such an inspiration to young people
Jude Dimatteo (5 months ago)
Your very pretty
Fawn Lopez (5 months ago)
Hhhgggggggg she’s so pretty
Claire Stockley (5 months ago)
I have eds and gastroparesis, I have a stomach pacer but it does not work so I have lost so much weight I currently sit at around 45kilo, have been as low as 43 and should be 75, it leaves baggy skin and an obvious square where to pacer is inserted. I find it really difficult to accept my body when I look at it and its something I have to work on, I don't like my body but I find the video's and photos that you share beautiful and it helps , its a hard road to accept what this horrible disorder does to our bodies
Silicone Julie (22 days ago)
Geez your tall then. 5'8"-6'7"
Cara Sachs (5 months ago)
Wooohoooo!!! Great video (and glad you clarified that it’s NOT a skin disorder, it’s a collagen disorder affecting EVERYTHING)! I’m a lesbian with hEDS, and a survivor of 43 years of severe abuse. I’ve had severe pain my whole life but my abusers did not allow me to have appropriate medical attention. I was finally diagnosed in 2015 at age 46. Sara is exactly right about removing toxic people and energy from your life. I’ve been No Contact with my abusers since Christmas of 2015, and it’s the best thing I ever did. I’m a certified life coach with my own practice. I work specifically with chronically ill folks to help them claim their inner badass and live in a way that lights them up! (I actually spent all day today preparing a presentation I’m giving at the New England Connective Tissue Disorder Symposium next Saturday about exactly this topic - so my apologies for being a bit punchy! 🤪) Beautiful representation and awareness raising Sara! And thank you Arielle for doing this video. People need to know about EDS, because there are THOUSANDS of people struggling with it who have never even heard of it. We need our loved ones and medical providers to learn about it too, so they understand our struggles and that we’re not “faking it”.
Noelle Barnes (5 months ago)
such an awesome message. the world needs more people like her!
fun vlogger (5 months ago)
Wow this is so interesting
Griffin x (5 months ago)
She has a beautiful body! ♥️
DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun (5 months ago)
It's a great example that she is setting. Having such a condition doesn't mean you should hide away.
Jim W (5 months ago)
This was very inspiring and I had never heard of this condition before. Thank you for sharing her story.
Rockas360 (5 months ago)
Wow, never knew about this syndrome - thanks for educating us Sara. Tbh, I think you're beautiful but most importantly eloquent and well-spoken with a great attitude.
Nordic Tripods (5 months ago)
I have Ehlers Danlos and so does my mom, maternal grandma, and my sister our symptoms are more so the joints (ligaments and tendons specifically) and our cardiovascular system an example of what usually happens in those cases is basically your ankles and knees just falling out from under you at random times, hyper-flexibility, regular dislocations, heart murmurs, and compromised proprioception.. Ehlers Danlos is alot more 'common' per-say in women than in men but that's mostly due to the fact that testosterone tightens everything up and estrogen makes everything more loose, for lack of better terms, so the symptoms are more likely to be present in women and also more severe than they are in men I had never heard of Sara until I watched this video, it was very interesting, thank you for making it
Bexdastar (5 months ago)
Wow this is amazing! She is amazing l! Everyday I keep stumbling one these random videos of amazing people 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Aquaticmusicalbooklover (5 months ago)
I’m an 18 year old girl living with mild EDS, thank you so much for some representation. It means the world, thank you
Kim W (5 months ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everything about her is beautiful. Remember this everyone: You don't need anyone except yourself to validate your beauty. Ignore the negative energy in this world.
Naomi Scheenen (5 months ago)
I got eds type 3 so my joints dislocate all the time also my skin is supple and doesnt heal good. Its so nice to see somone who openly support us that we are not alone. So thank you
Christina Vernon (5 months ago)
Thank you for showing this!
siiiri ously (5 months ago)
i think the folds your skin makes are very aesthetically pleasing...like waterfalls.
SparkzMxzXZ (5 months ago)
she looks fit as FUCK i don't know, she has a great personality and body :D
EDEN ETIENNE (5 months ago)
Drrck11 (5 months ago)
Very inspirational. Liked.
Danielle Arze (5 months ago)
eds isn’t a skin disorder it’s a connective tissue disorder but even so this was an important video - having hEDS it’s important to bring awareness that these disorders exist
Arielle Scarcella (5 months ago)
Danielle Arze yes she mentions that all in the video. Forgot to add that to the intro title
Charlie X (5 months ago)
Great video. Will help many
Air-Force (5 months ago)
Sara have balls for opening up to a fuck ton of people.💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪✌✌💪💪
Kyrie Wolfi Diantonio (5 months ago)
The code doesnt work.
Freya Blight (5 months ago)
I'm a Zebra too, and I love this!
Claire O’Brien (5 months ago)
She is still beautiful
K Labeck (5 months ago)
Never knew this existed. Thanks for sharing your story~💛K
Angie 978 (5 months ago)
Arielle Can you please fix the sponsor link in the description? Thx!
Svtmme73 (5 months ago)
It looks so beautiful! I’m sorry if this is offensive, but it looks like a beautiful piece of clothing when She moves. I had never heard of this before.
Briana Decembert (5 months ago)
This is so beautiful ☀️
Kaindi Isika (5 months ago)
She's so amazing❤❤radiating positivity😭you go girl❤
Ytiew_WHèŕeWoLf Maya_ (5 months ago)
Hi i lesbian to and i love u chanell
Randall Roberts (5 months ago)
Sara is amazing
Leland Valentine (5 months ago)
I have EDS hyper mobility type 3! It's so cool to see videos like this on my feed. It's so great to see people spreading awareness. ^_^
Megan Watkins (5 months ago)
I think shes beautiful?
Hailey Allsbrook (5 months ago)
As someone who has hEDS, I'm so happy you made this video. The EDS community does not have nearly enough representation. It's people like you, using your platform to raise awareness, that make such a huge difference. You've allowed a much wider audience to become aware of a highly neglected disorder. These people can now go on to carry this knowledge and understanding with them in the world. #zebrastrong
Mrs Frizzle (5 months ago)
She looks fun to pet. Like I know this is serious but I really wanna pet her skin.
jaclyn camacho (5 months ago)
Thank u for this video
I have this too. ZEBRA STRONG
Kelly Barnes (5 months ago)
thank you. This video honestly made me cry because I have Ehlers dances as well and we don't have nearly enough advocates like Sara to spread awareness for it. I finally found a partner who loves me for who I am and helps me through my hospital trips and keeps me going on the days when the pain is too bad and I just want to die. Its hard for a lot of us with Ehlers Danlos to find the confidence to be ourselves, and being a lesbian didn't help at first but I have found a way to embrace myself and teach myself that I have very right to be just as happy as everyone else. <3
Arielle Scarcella (5 months ago)
Kelly Barnes so happy for you!!!!
Myles White (5 months ago)
This is a beautiful video! I love it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
Lawren Haggerty (5 months ago)
Connective tissue disorder, not a skin specific disorder. EDS is such a broad spectrum! No two patients have the exact same issues. Sara is such a rare case and is incredibly brave for all of the awareness work she does!
Trix G (5 months ago)
Simply beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Darraghsaurisrex (5 months ago)
Seeing this video in my sub feed really sent me through a loop as a fellow EDS having person it's really cool to see it being talked about and having it out there.
TheKnucklebunnie (5 months ago)
I love both you and Sara. Living with EDS sucks. I personally have hEDS and she is one of my favorite advocates.
Algaybroom (5 months ago)
What a horrible disorder! Kudos to you Sara for powering through it.
Angle Buck (5 months ago)
Alisha G-H (5 months ago)
Something about her skin is mesmerizing and kinda beautiful

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