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Lesbian Comes Out As Bisexual

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Sexuality can be learned in a number of ways. Sometimes women are straight until they're not, or gay until they're bi. Lysandre's video! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx9P3sKstys Lesbians Review Double Sided Dildo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezKlZPq-34o&t=1s Vlogs : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB Tumblr : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr Snail Mail : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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dann hienn (27 days ago)
why don't these women just have a polygamous marriage? the 3 of you would be very happy. you will have surf and turf. why can't women see this?
dann hienn (27 days ago)
see women, Penis is not scary. try it and you will like it. stop being so close minded.
Nathan Hamberg (1 month ago)
You both are beautiful ladies
mega lodon (2 months ago)
you are on the right track you don't want to wind up an old tattoed childless Lesbian in a nursing home with no children dying all alone
Courtney Hull (2 months ago)
This exact same thing happened to me. Thanks for making this video, it has helped tremendously.
Uranda Mulligan (2 months ago)
bitch u were a bisexual in denial hoe please
Tyrander165 (4 months ago)
"and then I had sex with a man and said 'that wasn't scary at all"" WTF happened there? Was it a dare? Did she slip and accidentally impale herself on his dick?
MICKIE GEE (4 months ago)
i know i comment on all your bi videos but i love you so much.
Sal AveNU (5 months ago)
Speaking as someone who lives a very lonely life. If you find someone who makes you happy BE HAPPY !!!
Xela D (7 months ago)
Actually in my own personal life I have met more women who said they were lesbian then realized they are bi than the other way around
Tia Darlene (7 months ago)
So I came out as bi a few months ago but now I'm realizing that I'm lesbian. Am I supposed to like re-come out? Or nah? I'm confused somebody ples help
dann hienn (27 days ago)
start having mff threesomes. perhaps a polygamous marriage will work for you. but don;t sleep around with all the std's
Ivy Gidoti (1 year ago)
I tried lesbian sex and well it just made me realise how straight I am but nice vedio
Grace Joachim (1 year ago)
bisexuality is not a FUCKING stepping stone.
Why isn't bisexuality a stepping stone for most monosexual people in the (L G)BT?
DarthYuYevon (1 year ago)
She may be bisexual, but women don't love men, they use men for their resources, and occasionally sex if they are the rare unicorn who actually desires a man. In the end women desire other women more deeply, and this is why heterosexual relationships should be socially shunned.
ام مريم (1 year ago)
I knew that this lesbian thing is an illusion and women can't give up on men LOL !
Teri Lynn (1 year ago)
maybe the poor girl is straight, It could happen , I don't think she should date lesbians , date other bi girls so you guys can share a man
Nite Grimwood (1 year ago)
the chosenone91 (1 year ago)
3:00 you fuck off that was a serious question and its true because of girls like you straight trash men think they can have "sex with lesbians" think and be sure before you fucking come out as gay or we have to listen to dumb shit like "i can turn you" or "you just didnt find the right guy"
Sydney Sykes (1 year ago)
finally someone I can fucking relate to
Brooke Giger (1 year ago)
Around of 3 or 4 years ago I realized that I might be bisexual and after telling a few people and seeing their reactions I then felt pressured to go completely lesbian and identified as a lesbian for 3 years while also having crushes and being attracted to women and secretly some men. I forced myself to be the most possible lesbian steryeotype possible (I even cut all my hair off) until one day I realised I need to be true to who I was. I'm still attempting to figure it all out as if idk whether I'm biromantic and homosexual or just bisexual. I'm just terrified to come out again to all my family and explain everything but still being unsure in the mean time.
Osion Mamre (1 year ago)
I've been lucky I guess. I am attracted two lesbians for whatever reason. I am 50 and in between 30 and 50 I've had a number of Pleasant encounters with lesbian friends. in general in their relationships they are the top but when they are experimenting with men. they like to be topped and apparently I put out a good top vibe. it's weird though. I don't necessarily consider them by but given the circumstance I guess that's a category you would have to put them in
Mila Space (15 days ago)
Osion Mamre Bisexuals! Homosexuals aren't attracted to the other sex ,like heterosexuals aren't attracted to the same sex. Those that enjoy sleep with both are bi.
Monalisa Monalisa (1 year ago)
So she decides to become a male worshipper and a bunch of lesbians are congratulating her ... this channel is a joke
dann hienn (27 days ago)
she likes penis what is wrong with that? why are you so close minded? are you afraid to fuck a man?
Automatischroom (1 year ago)
merci les sous titres sans vous je serais largués.
Daphne Allyn (1 year ago)
I must admit I have an occasional weakness for BBCs.
ShayAlyx (1 year ago)
This happened to me too. I came out as lesbian during my freshmen year of high school. Legit thought that I was 100% a lesbian only to find out that I would fall for a guy. It happens. We're still valid. Sexuality can be very fluid. Also I don't think we further perpetuate the idea that lesbians just need to find the right "dick" because our heteronormative society would've always said that even if bisexuals didn't exist. Its not bisexuals job to shoulder that responsibility of making straight people accept homosexuality as an actual valid orientation. They ( straight people) need to change that themselves
Molly333 (1 year ago)
I do believe God make me bi😐 I was never into just guys or girls....never. I'm born this way.
Delgado Eve (1 year ago)
if ur with a woman ur in a lesbian relationship that's that... if your with a man you are in a heterosexual relationship thats that... DOESNT MATTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST. LESBIANS WANT EQUALITY START ACTING UPON IT... STOP GETTING INVOLVED IN SOMEONES PAST..
Nikol Kleinová (1 year ago)
Me too!!! In my case, I was out of closet as a lesbian until my 19 and then I got in relation with a man, then things went another way.... ended up in the closet again.... I feel like I have no right to say I like girls if I am dating a guy.... frustrating!!! Probably this feeling is caused by all stigmas within lesbian community. This girl from the video at least is out of the closet, as a true herself, as a bisexual... I am unfortunately hiding my sexuality... feeling I am not really free to say... I would also recommend to make a video about all the range bisexuality embraces.... Bisexuality IS NOT ONLY YOU LIKE MEN THE SAME WAY AS WOMEN (50% - 50%)... you can like feel attracted to one gender more than other, also feel you can have emotional relationship but not sexual, or the opposite way.... this is really wide topic with a lot of cases... should be checked out and open debate for people who don't feel they are 100% one orientation...
dann hienn (27 days ago)
give your man a 3some. you will both enjoy it. why are women so blind to this obvious fact?
Juan Lopez (1 year ago)
That is exactly what I have been saying " Bisexuality IS NOT ONLY YOU LIKE MEN THE SAME WAY AS WOMEN (50% - 50%)... you can like feel attracted to one gender more than other, also feel you can have emotional relationship but not sexual, or the opposite way.... this is really wide topic with a lot of cases... should be checked out and open debate for people who don't feel they are 100% one orientation..."
ShrinkingViolet19 (1 year ago)
This is kind of happening to me right now. I was a lesbian but now I think I might like men, too. Glad I found this video.
peter H Peter Hull (1 year ago)
Arielle, I love your channel its really cool and you seem really cool too!
hannannah1uk (1 year ago)
i dont agree sexuality can be learned.. sexual behavior can be learned. For a lot of women it dont matter that much. They dont have strong desires so wil go with the flow. Used to be the flow was heterosexual and it took guts and powerful desire to be a lesbian but now in more so-called liberal times the flow is for women to be lesbian or bi if they cant resist blokes. thats why 100% lesbians get Gold Stars cos they managed to resist men. This is a topsy turvy world and more about fashionable politics than real desire. I hope we get back to real heart felt gut-driven truths one of these days,
hannannah1uk (1 year ago)
Straight people say lesbians are just straight women scared of men. Sad to see some are. Not convinced by this one's bi sexuality. It wont survive her first child.
i came out as bisexual after saying everybody I was a lesbian. it was harder to me to accept myself as a bisexual than it was to accept myself as a lesbian. I was so excited to be lesbian at the beginning...
Anya Sophia (2 years ago)
Important and relevant video! 💛
Uhm No (2 years ago)
69 dislikes 😂
Ella Brenner (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that I'm bisexual but I barely like boys so Idk if I am or not can someone plz give me advice?
jobelle87 (2 years ago)
please no more dislikes.. it's perfect.. 69
Joe TheFinisher Burns (2 years ago)
Kristen Stewart cara develingne and Lauren are bisexual not lesbian tbh the very pretty ladies are bisexual even tho real lesbians are pretty too I'm just good friends with them the real lesbians I'm not really attracted too I'm attracted to the bisexual girls who are very pretty.
Joe TheFinisher Burns (2 years ago)
Sexuality why girls why
Joe TheFinisher Burns (2 years ago)
Oml the girls keep changing sexua
Sian Llewellyn (2 years ago)
I think the main reason lesbians tend to be anti-bi is insecurity. We all know how hard it can be liking the same sex and I suspect most lesbians fantasise about being able to live a "normal" life that isn't so complicated. Then we get presented with someone who in theory DOES have a choice, and we can't understand why if they could have the "easy" option, why would they choose to stay with us?
Ale Pinho (2 years ago)
Hot! I, as a hetero man, always love when dick wins. Plus, she is still bi, then i can fantasy and luckly have some threesomes.
Keelan Harmer (2 years ago)
Finally, a person who went backwards like me
ciara lee (2 years ago)
straight to bi sexual lesbian to bi sexual bi sexual. to lesbian and bi curious to straight stud to dkye dkye to transsexual girl but i was bi sexual then i realize i was a real lesbian finding ur self is a bitch until u found ur self u can finally relax
Icecream Stripes (2 years ago)
Hey Arielle, I just saw you on Melanie's video and then clicked on this video. I put a comment there but I'll repost it here because you're more likely to see it on your own channel! Thanks so much covering this topic. My story is different from Lysandre's, it does sound like she was always bisexual but didn't know it yet. For me from when I had my first crush (aged 7?) I was attracted to boys/men (I'm a woman). In my late 30s I suddenly out of the blue started being attracted to women. I know people are going to read this and say I was repressing it, but the thing I notice in people's stories about repression is, that they can look back and think of women they were were attracted to before they realised they were bi/gay. I look back, and can still only see men I was attracted to, I was picky but there were plenty of men I was attracted to. I've also watched people close to me who had been repressing, come to the realisation that they were gay over the years, and what happened with me looked completely different. I'd say I'm bi now. I'm more conscious of women I'm attracted to walking down the street, but I don't know if that's just because it's newer or if it's going to stick like that (70:30 maybe), but there are still men I find attractive. It's been a weird journey, but one of the weirdest parts is how little this experience is talked about. I saw a woman on a forum say that her experience was like mine and a gay woman jumped in and vociferously told her she was wrong, she'd clearly been repressing it, and she needed to come to terms with that. But if you dig around the internet enough, it becomes obvious that it's a thing that happens to a small percentage of people, possibly mostly to a few women. I've never heard anyone else directly mention it though and it can feel pretty lonely sometimes, so thanks for bringing it up Arielle!
Rachel Walker (2 years ago)
I'm straight and even I feel that statement (you just need the right man/dick) is so annoying
No Stop (2 years ago)
At least you're not a fake lesbian. Oml those are the worst. They say they're lesbian but have sex with and be with guys in secret. Like???
Ahmandah Anarchy (2 years ago)
I wasn't sure about how you were with bisexuals, but this makes me super happy to see. :) Thanks for being nice to us. In my area, there aren't many nice lesbians.
Amaretto Punsch (2 years ago)
Arielle Scarcella Thanks man now İ am so in love with her.
Ahmad Ross (2 years ago)
low-key I would fuck the shit outta Arielle
brama (2 years ago)
Arielle is so disappointed in this girl.
Lil Popcorn (2 years ago)
Lesbians do think it's like betrayal lol I'm pansexual and I would usually date girls, but the second I dated a guy all the lesbians at my school gave me the cold shoulder!!
juncodelrio15 (2 years ago)
Almost same. I didn't belive in bisexual when I considered heterosexual 100%. And i was ( now a little) afraid to men but never ever thought that I wasn't attracted to men... (considered that i never sleep or kiss one still) I like a men since 5 years old. So, i don't understand lysandre.... there is a video talking about it?
nikkijaneallison (2 years ago)
Mygod shes so fit! The french girl. Who is she
Katlyn Ann (2 years ago)
I feel like this is kind of dangerous for young lesbians to see? Doesn't it send like a, don't worry you can still be bi!! you can still date a man!! vibe? It does to me. idk
Minty Sweet Twixt (1 year ago)
Did you ever thought that you were _predominately_ gay? Or were you just 50/50 to 80/20 bisexual?
Hushed (2 years ago)
I think it's beneficial. I identified as a lesbian for a few years, exclusively chased women, and now I've realised I was bisexual. Just repressed my urges towards men due to being extremely hurt and abused by them. This kind of stuff is helpful for bisexuals who are confused on the other end of the scale. Everyone talks about thinking you're straight but in fact you're LGBT. No one talks about thinking you're gay when really you're another end of the LGBT spectrum. Confusion, self-exploration, and the identity journey, happens in many different forms. No one ever told me that it was possible to question your identity after coming out as lesbian... So I was extremely scared, alone, and dealing with my confusion privately. We need voices like this. This isn't the LG community... It's the LGBT.
Emma Howes (2 years ago)
I relate to Lysandres story so much. I still prefer women but yep I'm bisexual.
C M (2 years ago)
It's a brave thing to do, especially if you've been very public about your sexuality before. And I feel for her - she's going to get a lot of hate from some for this realisation about herself. And there will be hard moments. Hell, I still have them now and I've been openly bisexual for over a decade. Some folks just can't grasp the new way someone chooses to identify - me, I first came out as bi in college, after having hid it through school. The reaction was not good, I was told it was weird, sick, gross etc. That I had to choose one or the other. Gossip being gossip, the news that I liked guys too had spread like crazy, so I embraced it, lived as a gay man for a decade. But it was a lie and it was starting to wear me down. I reached a point where I just said "fuck it" and embraced MY sexuality, not others perceptions of me. But even now, over a decade on, I get people go "But you're gay, you like guys!" when I discuss a girlfriend (and vice versa when I mention a boyfriend). It gets real old. She seems strong and has the right attitude. The haters can fuck off - she is who she is and I wish her all the best.
Mandie Meier (2 years ago)
I have already come out as lesbian. but I really think im bi and I don't know how to come out as bi now
Dellen Brochure (2 years ago)
Mandie Meier It seems like a majority of lesbians are like you.
TheBulldozer (2 years ago)
Nope, sexuality NEVER changes, there are no steps to progress towards. What changes is your perception of yourself and whether you accept yourself the way you are or not! But anyhow glad for her that she had just done that and been brave to admit what's been feeling all along.
TheBulldozer What about those who are predominantly gay or predominately heterosexual? For instance Kinsey 1 and Kinsey 5 // bicurious // 90% spectrum Not quite exclusively homosexual nor heterosexual. What are your thoughts on that?
HonBon96 (2 years ago)
Same for me! Except I was gay and changed, I'm not like her that I was always into guys but almost in denial. I was really gay. It is true that people see it as a betrayal and a lot of people thought I was half going back into the closet.
A Z (2 years ago)
Knowing that sexuality cannot be changed but only realized does not make me a bigot. You confusing realization for change isn't my fault. Goodbye Honbon96. Have a great day.
HonBon96 (2 years ago)
That's not a true apology. You can fuck off. I'm not replying again because there's no changing bigots.
A Z (2 years ago)
I'm sorry that you were bullied. I had to go through some backlash too when i changed my label to my true orientation. I'm not saying this to piss you off but it's true. You were always bisexual and you realizing that makes your old label invalid. This is who you are and I'm sorry that the truth makes you upset.
HonBon96 (2 years ago)
Just fuck off. I got bullied for months after this and I'm not going to deal with this bullshit anymore. You don't get a say. You can fuck right off. You're the one with the problem because you're too narrow minded. I know how it was. You don't even know me or knew me then so you have no knowledge in the situation whatsoever. Just because you've never experienced it changing doesn't mean it can't.
A Z (2 years ago)
+HonBon96 The only "change" that happened was that you found yourself.
hall0w33nb0y (2 years ago)
I'm like 99% lesbian but would sexually mabye be with a guy but I would NEVER date one I find that almost repulsive and just uncomfortable like I like both sexually but only girls romanticly GOD IM SO CONFUSED
I feel you guys are just sex objects because that's all they want but girls I want to be romantic and treat them like goddesses
knowingforever (2 years ago)
I identified as lesbian when I first discovered I like girls but a few years later I realised I was bisexual. I think it's similar for me in that I had found boys cute most of the time, apart from awhile when I felt I was a lesbian. I didn't think I wanted to be intimate with them tho. It took me a few years but then I realised I did want to be with boys. Sexuality is just so complex! I always knew bisexuality is just as valid as any sexuality. It's a shame some lesbians are judgemental about bisexuals, I know for me personally I'm not like a fake bi, the girls who pretend for attention annoy me, but real bisexuals could be loyal to either sex/gender.
wlee55 (2 years ago)
It always tickles my sense of irony to be made aware of heterophobia.
Pink bunny (2 years ago)
I am bisexual
Pink bunny (2 years ago)
I thought I was hetero sexual but since forever I had atractition to girls... I had two girls I called them ice cold eyes ( I had crushes on them!!!!)
Lili Tse (2 years ago)
This video helps
N The One (2 years ago)
Twinky boys <3
Breanna Solis (2 years ago)
honestly I think that people are allowed to find themselves and she found herself I think its so awesome that she came out as bisexual and this lesbian doesn't think of you any less!!!
lea moreault (2 years ago)
I knew both of them before they knew each other I was so happy when they made their first collab that's hella lit I never knew that Arielle would do a video with someone from the Quebec.
que en (2 years ago)
If you want to understand human sexuality? check out the KINSEY SCALE. Anyway, lesbians are intimidating and they'll judge you if you drop the "B" word. That's the honest to God truth. This is the reason why celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne have came out as simply women who are attracted to other women. Now, with Lauren Jauregui's coming out. I've seen more and more lesbians who have started warming up to the idea that people who are attracted to both genders are actually serious about it and we're not just dong it for attention.
BlackMasamune X (2 years ago)
Clickbait title, She was never a Lesbian, just a bisexual who didn't realize it.
mysonne joyner (10 months ago)
Dellen Brochure (2 years ago)
BlackMasamune X She actually said she had attraction to men before she identified as bi. Huge hint right there.
Thank you guys so much for these videos! For two years of long secrecy has finally come to an end because you and your friends. Arielle inspired me to come out. Im currently 14yrs and a girl and know I'm meant to be a lesbian, I had been confused for so long so thanks! To be honest I kissed I guy and it felt so wrong lol. I came out a week ago and it went better than expected, my whole school knows and Im one of the lucky ones who doesn't get teased(they all respect me which is nice) And to top it all off I already have the gf of my dreams! Shot Arielle, keep it up.
Cathrine Olsen (2 years ago)
I have seriously binge watched all of your videos. you my friend are addictive and hilarious!
Victoria Dudley (2 years ago)
Why aren't we over biphobia yet? Bi women shouldn't be outcasted by the lesbian community. As a bi woman in a long-term relationship with a man, lesbians don't even want to friend me. I can only make friends with fellow bisexuals (and straights who assume I'm one of them **eyeroll**). It's so effing frustrating.
clo (2 years ago)
Important message: Lesbians can't change and become straight. Lesbians are lesbians and they're born this way. Ppl who thought they were lesbian but aren't just made a false assumption about themselves (they unconsciously hide the truth to themselves) and were bi since day 1. Stop being lesbophobic. Lysandre parlait de ses crushes pour des mecs dans une vidéo (entre autres) donc elle est bien la seule à croire qu'elle était lesbienne. Désolé meuf j'aime bien tes vidéos mais t'as jamais été lesbienne, t'étais bi dès le départ même si tu te le cachais à toi-même. Des bisous.
elsa d'arendelle (2 years ago)
I really connected with this girl, Same thing happens to me :)
fraya1022 (2 years ago)
Wait, so there are others like me who went from lesbian to bisexual? Man, this is a relief... I've been called a "lesbian trying to be straight", a "bad bisexual" or "fake bisexual" and other insults about my sexuality ever since coming out to some of my previously closest friends. Thanks for the video, it's really something I needed to watch!
Dellen Brochure (2 years ago)
fraya1022 Of course there are, there's a theory of there not being any true lesbians and every woman can be attracted to men in the right circumstances. There's a reason people always question lesbianism
fraya1022 (2 years ago)
Wait, so there are others like me who went from lesbian to bisexual? Man, this is a relief... I've been called a "lesbian trying to be straight", a "bad bisexual" or "fake bisexual" and other insults about my sexuality ever since coming out to some of my previously closest friends. Thanks for the video, it's really something I needed to watch!
Sevine Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Hell, I'd be way more afraid to turn around and say I was bi after being out as lesbian for over 2 decades now. She is brave and badass. It's like studs/butch/whatever millenials call them who are bi... they are out there, but almost all are on the DL because of the hate they receive from, guess who? LESBIANS! So apparently we (lesbians) are mean, lol. :(
Glen Jones (2 years ago)
just get yourself a steady boyfriend and leave the lesbians in the past, I don't think they will care if you go play house with a man.
Kyle Simpson (2 years ago)
I don't blame the lesbians, don't fool around with bi women , let her ass find a man
Rosita Rose (2 years ago)
she looked nt convinient to talk about it. hmmmm
Nicole (2 years ago)
Thought I was a lesbian, am now definitely a bisexual girl! Yaaaay
T Mystery (11 months ago)
GONE CHANNEL Destroy males and females?? The fuck are you on?
Jolanye Fuentes (2 years ago)
+MEMESTUDIOS Oh o3o I thought u were gay u3u Well them =3= I shall keep playing league xD
GONE CHANNEL (2 years ago)
Jolanye Fuentes Im not gay weaboo
GONE CHANNEL (2 years ago)
Jolanye Fuentes How am I gay? Your lesbian though. Your part of the LGBT community
GONE CHANNEL (2 years ago)
Jolanye Fuentes Oh I hope you dont say you spelt female wrong. I did it purpose
Ale Pinho (2 years ago)
And Arielle, do you think it's ok to promote this person as if she deserves a medal for not being a lesbian? What is your intention?
Ale Pinho (2 years ago)
Bisexuality doesn't exist, you are either gay or straight, this girl has always been straight, but had some psychological block or some issue towards men.
Alex Frei If that is true then being gay is indeed a choice 😄 💖💜💙 = ❤💛💚💙💜
BlazeTheWolf (2 years ago)
My Ex came out as Bisexual after being a lesbian two days after this video came out.
vania lee (2 years ago)
legit thought that was Amy ordman in the thumbnail
Janice Cole (2 years ago)
I'm a straight trans girl and recently there was a girl that told me that she loved me. how should I tell her that no interested in her that way
Juliette Cash (2 years ago)
There's nothing wrong with being bisexual but this girl was never a real lesbian. Real lesbians don't change their sexual orientation. She even said in the video that she always found men attractive, she just didn't date men because she was afraid of them, not because they were men. She's also very pretty too which furthers the stereotype that femme lesbians are fake. I'm sorry that femme lesbians and bisexual women get shit from the actual lesbians, but there are "lesbians" out there like the girl in the video that makes it hard for the real lesbians to be taken seriously. She was never a real lesbian and I wish people would get that through their heads.
Mila Space (15 days ago)
Amaretto Punsch Lesbians aren't "fluid " homophobic peace of shirt! I'm a lesbian and I find men sexually pretty disgusting, I would rather have sex with a radiator rather than a man LOOOOL
Mila Space (15 days ago)
Amaretto Punsch Her sexually don't even charge, she only changes the label. Have you watched the video?? She declared pretty clearly she has always find men attractive and she was attracted to them sexually but she was a little intimidated by them, so she identified herself" lesbian ", but she has NEVER been homosexual in the first place but has been bisexual all the time ,because she has ALWAYS find men sexually attractive. She just mislabeled herself, her sexuality isn't changed at all. She just changes the "labels" and mislabeling themselves.
Amaretto Punsch (5 months ago)
Excuse me but you define lesbians as they are like a hard stone that never get into a new shape. As they say in the video sexuality can change any time and that counts for everybody. There is no such thing as "real lesbians" do not change themselves.....lesbianism is not like an assasin clan of ninjas where people get called traitors for changing their mind. It is a sexual orientation and it is fluid.
T Mystery (11 months ago)
Juan Lopez You can fuck right off. Female homosexuality is just as legitimate and REAL as male heterosexuality and homosexuality
Clef Gar Do you know anything about the Kinsey Scale? Heterosexual Scale Kinsey 0 👈 exclusively Kinsey 1 👈 primarily Bisexual Scale Kinsey 2 👈 Kinsey 3 👈 Kinsey 4 👈 Homosexual Scale Kinsey 5 👈 predominantly Kinsey 6 👈 exclusively *0 being the most exclusively attracted to the opposite sex and 6 begin the most exclusively attracted to the same sex.* The heterosexual-homosexual numerical rating scale which ranks sexuality from exclusively heterosexual (a "0" on the scale) to exclusively homosexual (a "6"). Rating Description 0 Exclusively heterosexual, with no homosexual 1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual 2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual 3 Equally heterosexual and homosexual 4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual 5 Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual 6 Exclusively homosexual, with no heterosexual X Asexual *What number would you rate yourself on The Kinsey Scale, you guys?* Y'all can rate your sexuality based upon the full range of different levels at any rate by whole to in-between ranks. For instance : 5.0 – 5.9, 5.5, 5.8, etc.
bbhmm (2 years ago)
I never considered being BI bc I felt a stronger feeling while being with a girl... well I only felt it stronger bc back than It wasnt as accepted as now
CoCo is at it again (2 years ago)
I'm bi..... sooo bi.....and I'm female.... I like guys and girls. Have a great day!
emily rose (2 years ago)
I did the same thing. I thought I was totally one hundred percent gay but I wasn't. I REALLY wasn't. I love girls, don't get me wrong but guys are just so hot... Anyway.... When I had to 'back step' a surprising amount of people were totally fine and almost didn't care. But, as always, there were some people at my school who called me a slut and an attention seeker. This was back when I hadn't done ANYTHING sexual. This was 8th grade. Now I've done stuff with both genders and I'm proud of myself. I have been romantic with both genders. I have loved both genders. I would be lying if I said it was 50/50 but that doesn't mean the love I had with each gender wasn't equal. Also, people find this funny, I'm more romantic with girls and more sexual with guys. Anywho, I really get where she's coming from. ❤️
Catherine Duplessis (2 years ago)
Cuties ! <3
Romy VDD (2 years ago)
Lysandre uhh YOU'RE SO HOT! K, bye.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lynild (2 years ago)
The difficulty, I think, going from homosexual identification to bisexual, that many Lesbians have a hard time to accept is, that there is fear, that more men will think they can "turn" lesbians because they knew that one lesbian who became a bisexual. Personally I recognize that fear, but also I am totally on board on the "sexuality is fluid" bandwagon, that recognizes that You don't have to feel the same way all Your life. Personally I live as a lesbian and act as a lesbian, but also recognize that nothing is set in Stone, and I could meet someone who won me over and weren't a cis woman. And therefore I willingly classify myself as pansexual, with lesbian tendencies :-)
May Booth (2 years ago)
I had the same experience! cheers to you, Arielle, for including this to your channel. its totally valid and for a while I thought I was a freak! you rock. ☺
Bitch Lasagna (2 years ago)
jcomprend rien
She is hella cute. Like I can't stand it cute.
GreyNotGray (2 years ago)
Kate lol tru
I was referring to the girl next to Arielle ... tho I've always thought she was drop dead sexy lol
GreyNotGray (2 years ago)
Kate which one of them...(I think they're both hella cute)
BriaAndChrissy (2 years ago)
Aww love this!!
Jordan Clark (2 years ago)
Omg, I thought I was the only one, this is amazing Thank you!

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