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Making Agile Product Roadmaps Work with Roman Pichler

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We from Agile Practitioners are going to kick off 2014 on a high with this exciting talk by leading Agile and Lean product management expert Roman Pichler. A product roadmap is a high-level plan that shows how a product is likely to grow over time. This creates a continuity of purpose, aligns stakeholders, and facilitates prioritisation. Unfortunately, I find that many product owners and teams struggle with their product roadmaps: The roadmaps are often dominated by features, and the features are sometimes regarded as a commitment by senior management. This talk shares my insights on leveraging agile roadmaps successfully. I introduces a new goal-oriented, agile product roadmap, which combines shared goals and key features into a strategic plan, and provides an umbrella for major releases and product updates. Roman Pichler is a leading agile and lean product management expert, and the founder of Pichler Consulting. He trains and coaches product owners and product managers, and he helps companies create effective product management organisations. Roman is the author of several books including Agile Product Management with Scrum, and he is the creator of the Vision Board, the GO Product Roadmap, and the Product Canvas, three powerful product management tools. To find out more about Roman's skills and services, visit : romanpichler.com
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