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Wonder Woman turns Isla Fisher into a Lesbian [1080p] Gal Gadot Movie

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My previous Two and a Half Men HD channel was taken down twice. But I decided to upload this video again as other users are uploading my content without my permission. Do support this channel instead. Thanks. Gal Gadot and Isla Fisher are trying out Sexy Lingerie, and Gal's Wonder is turning Isla Fisher into a Lesbian. Subscribe for more Hot Girl Scene! Scene from Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)
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Text Comments (2639)
Drillosophy 101 (14 hours ago)
Her body is crazy.
Five Cents Matter (1 day ago)
And that’s hysterical.
Wayne Eaton (1 day ago)
My lover needs a guy who has a bigger cock than me, I am 8 inch cock shaved smooth.Help me with this problem for her.
marroni ugelli (2 days ago)
She was on that like Isreal on Palestine.....
LUIS FRANÇA (3 days ago)
E tem gente que diz que ela parece uma tabua...
Girlene Sousa (3 days ago)
Fredy Escobar (3 days ago)
qui herobideosparamayores
Nordi Mejia (4 days ago)
Ok... i admit... I FAPed
Nook ! (5 days ago)
Welp...I'm gay
Jess Connelly (5 days ago)
Yummy for my tummy😜😜😜😜😜😜
I'm pretty sure Gal Gadot could turn a typewriter or my old Ford into a lesbian.
אוראל שמאי (6 days ago)
Kyle Goyak (6 days ago)
Jesus fuck Gal Gadot is tall
سيف الحلفي (6 days ago)
خاص مفتوحhttps://youtu.be/addme/7CZOniPHQM60iQFP_qRHTsRQ0nlcaQ
MystiqueBlue Neon (6 days ago)
As i read the title i knew it was gonna be kinky stuff but man that ending surprised me
SiannanIsTheBest (6 days ago)
Holy fuck she could stab me and I’d say thank you ❤️
jasonx409able (7 days ago)
I wish to smell between her ass cheeks just one time! 😂😂😂
Mario Jerome Chavez (7 days ago)
Wouldn’t mind if I see lesbians kiss or if they ask me to do it with them.
محمد حمص (7 days ago)
اوووف بس من البنات. بس شو هالمسخرة شو انعدمو الشباب لحتا البنات يبوسو بعض. نحنا لساتنا هون ها وشفايفنا احلى.
Amy Alice (8 days ago)
I think she just turned me into a lesbian too. Well played, Gal. Well played. 🥰
Cold Duck (8 days ago)
I would like hit that tagteam!!
Auto W (8 days ago)
Jiga (8 days ago)
I don't think the another woman was acting
Mattia Binotto (21 hours ago)
Thats kinda when you know its good acting...
Joaquin Robertson (8 days ago)
She’s tall asf
Weapons Of Warfare (8 days ago)
She gonna look that way cuz she is 5'10 and the other woman is 5'3
Delroy Williams (8 days ago)
Yes, you are living a lie for real and also living for your father, the devil in hell and that lifestyle, that act of insanity, homosexuality is going to take you straight to your dad, satan in hell's fire, your final destination, your home....enjoy your ticket to hell, ms. Fool..
Adam Rangel (8 days ago)
Click bait. I though this was porn lol
Sequoia Spencer (9 days ago)
Didn’t know how I ended up here...but I don’t regret it 😂
Tony Montana (9 days ago)
No wonder Sasha Baron Cohen is always smiling these days
Tony Montana (6 days ago)
A rich, funny idiot married to a hot ginger who snogged the face of Gal Gadot.
because he's an idiot?
Aphyrius (9 days ago)
Barwan wolf (9 days ago)
The other woman too is a good actress ♥️💛
UNCLE CHOPPER (9 days ago)
Ing direct lol
Ibraheem Rao (9 days ago)
Favorite part 1:50
Lizzie Brooks (9 days ago)
Why so many dislikes
Chris Kimble (9 days ago)
she makes me straight oh my
Azrael (10 days ago)
I'm a lesbian.
Arlex Mosquera Botero (10 days ago)
Q rico seria ver a gal Gadot en una cinta lesvica
Ibraheem Rao (11 days ago)
I wish I could bang and spank the life of those two ladies
Ibraheem Rao (10 days ago)
+Mail plus they forgot get down to their bras and panties and makeout
Mail (10 days ago)
Ibraheem Rao facts
Søul (11 days ago)
*Gal, all i ask for is a handshake. Please lemme shake your hand😵*
Patrick Tyler (11 days ago)
I love that "kAaRRen" at the end.
Chris Anderson (12 days ago)
That woman is beyond words for beauty good god she is amazing!
Ibraheem Rao (9 days ago)
They forgot to strip down to their bras and panties
Hot Issues (12 days ago)
Watching gal Gadot trying to act sexy is more funny she comes off more as a silly girl rather than a sexy
Sop Saiyan (12 days ago)
Gays🤢🤢🤮 Lesbians😶🙂😆😍
Gal Gadot is PERFECT
Cutler Gross (12 days ago)
More like Wonder Woman turns Superman’s wife into a lesbian
David Zepeda (8 days ago)
Amy Adams is Superman's wife, not Isla Fisher. They look alot alike, though.
Game Bros (13 days ago)
a body like that could make a girl gay. Wait it did!! Get the reference?
Lucy Davis (13 days ago)
Has anyone noticed how fucking tall she is!!😂
Jack Wright (13 days ago)
Lol this isn’t even a Wonder Woman movie😂
Jack Wright (9 days ago)
Gaming Uploader no it’s not
Gaming Uploader (13 days ago)
Jack Wright but this is wonder woman during man of steel
Havok Reaper (14 days ago)
This was horrible wonder women like superman
John Lester (14 days ago)
Gal Gadot could turn me into a lesbian. And I'm a man....
Tda32 B42 (1 day ago)
tan ut (8 days ago)
J Dragon
Barwan wolf (9 days ago)
Maurice Simpkins II (9 days ago)
John Lester (10 days ago)
+nathan crawford 👌👍
Travis Wolken (14 days ago)
What's the actresses name that played Wonder Woman?
Anna Regina (14 days ago)
Gal Gadot. It's also in the title of the video, dude.... geez
Travis Wolken (14 days ago)
So hot!
Clementine's Thigh Gap (14 days ago)
حلو عسل حبي (14 days ago)
اممممم يخبل اريد بنت سحاقية
Dimas_Gaming_Chanel (9 days ago)
what a coincidence... I just wrote the same story about my ex girlfriend.
Bigpapi malayasia (15 days ago)
Marc Capano (15 days ago)
Wow she is tall
Christine Geffroy (15 days ago)
Gal amazine beautiful girls so hot sexy
Drisha Otto (16 days ago)
Gal se me presenta así y sólo le diría una cosa: Tomame.
Ananda Araujo (17 days ago)
Whats name the movie?
Juan Esteban Marin (17 days ago)
Fatima Ndiaye (17 days ago)
Vous etes des pute salop
Agostino Speranza (17 days ago)
Isla is way more beautiful then gal
Tareq Almutawa (18 days ago)
It looks fake
blood scratch (18 days ago)
You though I was not subing
Erwin Meza (18 days ago)
Sicario Frank WELL
Umu Najax Cadeey (18 days ago)
Isabella Alves (18 days ago)
Lesbian motbherfucks!
Rigel Smith (19 days ago)
You can't turn someone into a lesbian that's not how it works but this is hot
Kyle Rees's (18 days ago)
people who are straight can go gay for certain people. I've seen it.
max l (19 days ago)
Que madres es esto we
Keyla Mara Pontífice (19 days ago)
so sttt
Sexy Angel (20 days ago)
She's sexy.
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Riley Smith (22 days ago)
44M views??? Wow..
un G (25 days ago)
quiero que me manden un cero tel b
Zamasu- Sama (26 days ago)
Am i the only one thats not thirsty for this?? The whole comment section is about lesbians and how dudes got turned on by this lol I question humanity /: Everyone only turned because her looks , that ain't right boys and gals o_o just makes you show your truthful self as to why you date your partner ( because of her/his looks ) >_> my opinion on how these look at my point of view after watching this video 🤔
קרים מדינה (26 days ago)
gal gadot is fucking hot
علي السجاد (27 days ago)
الي تحبي العير تجي ع الخاص ٠٧٨٠٧٥١١٥٥٣ فايبر والواتساب ممكن بنت تجي ع الخاص
Sra Lujá (27 days ago)
O no she into me gay now Whyyyyyyy?
Ana Nascimento (1 month ago)
Boureima Sore (1 month ago)
Lesbienr. Africaine
Luciano Leggio (1 month ago)
@Luciano09480407 Gado'e sul mio blogger molto carina e gentile
Femia Violet (1 month ago)
Mwaaaaa lovely
Unknown Unknown (1 month ago)
One she a fucken man so duh no wonder it turns you on a real woman don't carry her self like that
Chandbaboo Baboo (1 month ago)
حسين علي (1 month ago)
Masrouri Ismail (1 month ago)
Hi friends to buy the original wonder woman poster : https://www.ebay.com/itm/362562917650
LIVE IMO CALL (1 month ago)
Nce tooo
Giuseppe Marchi (1 month ago)
Buongiorno vorrei vedere del seno
Shabana Khan (1 month ago)
Daniel Wardle (1 month ago)
The ending with that nervous karen
Maureen Kelly (1 month ago)
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Chico Alvarez (12 days ago)
marcelo amaral (13 days ago)
Sembarang Sembarang (18 days ago)
sex belanda
Hameed Khan (22 days ago)
+tyler denaro ji
Josue Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Mejor que un hombre le meta el hueb8 en el cul0
علي جمال (1 month ago)
اعشق المتعه انا من مصر ده رقمي ٠١٢٠٤٣٨٤٧٨٦
Julian Montoya (1 month ago)
Lesbianas . Rechazan la verga!!
Ali Raza (1 month ago)
Marry Ellen (1 month ago)
OMG she has the charm just like my Mistress Barbara . When Mistress likes a woman. Some how she charms her into sex. One day at a club. Mistress seen a beautiful brunette with a guy. Mistress walked up to her and asked her to dance. They danced two dances. latter Mistress spotted her going to the ladies room. Mistress followed. I walked in a bit latter. They were kissing. I was told to block the door. I peeked in. The Brunette was licking Mistress's pussy. The next Friday The brunette showed up at Mistress Home. Mistress began to train her as one of her slave girls. Now she is one of Mistress willing slave girls just like me.
KALU CHIOMA SUSAN (1 month ago)
What's the name of the movie
عرفان محبان (1 month ago)
جوووون چه هیکلی داره

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