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nwa fuck the police hq

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Selene (2 years ago)
u can never be too black to listen to this.
Pamela Adams (1 day ago)
Alivia Randazzo Agreed. Music has no colour. Everyone is entitled to like what they want and music shouldn’t be put in boxes.
Pamela Adams (1 day ago)
Justin Reyes It’s not about skin colour. It’s poverty and being the underdog. I’m Scottish and white as can be but I relate a lot to NWA. When people start saying stuff about skin colour and who can like what and what not because of skin colour that’s just as racist. Music transcends all that skin colour and sexist shit, so if you like any kind of music as a human that’s up to and every right of every human. Peace 👌🏻
Camilo Restrepo (5 days ago)
Uhh I’m a white Colombiano but fuck the police because they arrested my wife for being Colombiana. Fuck the USA for letting there army rape Colombian children from Cúcuta and sell it as pornography
Too white*
Axle Holt (12 days ago)
i am not black but hell yea brother
Raij Patel (13 hours ago)
Astaraina (18 hours ago)
the biggest tragedy is white people singing this song for amusement thinking it makes them "edgy". it is NOT for us to sing it aloud as if we could ever understand what police brutality has done to black Americans. it is only for us to listen.
Nico Hidalgo (1 day ago)
Lutz Luca (2 days ago)
Christopher Martinez (3 days ago)
This is what rap is supposed to be, back then it stood for something, we had NWA, Tupac, biggie smalls, now this pussy generation has Kanye West, lil pump, what the fuck happened since the 90's?
Rking R (3 days ago)
Just cry policeman
ÖKÜZ BOY (4 days ago)
Dannyc123 (4 days ago)
## DW ## (4 days ago)
Anyone came back to this song after Ice Cube released arrest the president
trn5cnd (4 days ago)
Lou Messier (5 days ago)
EZ E was Hillary Clinton’s biological son. Dr. Dre is Hilary Clinton’s biological son.
TheWidow (5 days ago)
Fuck the police and fuck the alt-right
Jose Hernandez (5 days ago)
Fuck the 👮 police 😤
Good Dog (5 days ago)
Who’s here after arrest the president
Camilo Restrepo (5 days ago)
Fuck the cops they arrested my wife for being Colombiana. They probably arrested her because at all our concerts she say fuck the United States Army for raping Colombian children from Cúcuta and selling it as porn
Kevin Boyles (6 days ago)
Fuck tha police! 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 fucking pigs 🐖 oink 🐷 oink 🐷
Yeshua Echevarria (6 days ago)
Anyone here cuz of south park
John M (7 days ago)
I’m a middle aged white guy and this can not be ever portraited any better than this. 100% true. Fuck the police. I have never hated anyone in my life until people started filming the pigs. Now because of the way they act towards our black friends and some white people also, I hate cops. They could be laying on the ground dying and I would not bat an eye. They earned the hate.
Yermi Scott (8 days ago)
You know what's more sad that this shit still fucking happens
Yermi Scott (8 days ago)
2018 fuckin police
francisco trejo (9 days ago)
FR!G (10 days ago)
Blare this in London.
Angel Of Death (11 days ago)
Fuck the Phillippine police! 👇 Motherfuckers
Gamer Mobile (11 days ago)
2019 from morocco
Jayden Slaughter (12 days ago)
South Australian cops pay crims there a joke Holden Hill, Elizabeth and Port Adelaide pay the leader of the pedofile ring dogs my daughter's husband thats a Shame Job on the entire police departments in Australia for the past 21 years plus!
Bunch of Cops in Australia need a bullet
Axle Holt (12 days ago)
think think iam going kick your ass
Cinimod (13 days ago)
rip eazy e
Easy oh Land (13 days ago)
*0:29** fuck the police 👮‍♀️😂😂😂😂*
Owen Brown (14 days ago)
J Ketcham (14 days ago)
Fuck the Fire brigade?
Pim Vaartjes (16 days ago)
I am way to white for this
freefireindo nesia (17 days ago)
2018? Wkwkwkwk
Fender Strat (17 days ago)
Sudha Saini (18 days ago)
I know that there r some dumbass cops,but not all cops are like that.
yakikadafi (19 days ago)
Dedicated to officer tenpenny
ūžį yt (19 days ago)
Fuck the police!
Miguel Flamenco (19 days ago)
Fuck the Police
DIMA #BBM (19 days ago)
Ryder is it you (EAZY E)
Big Smoke (20 days ago)
My dog heard this and now is a dawg
Azsy (21 days ago)
I feel old, who else?
Moisty (21 days ago)
strahinjagov (21 days ago)
I have a feeling that Ice Cube has this song on loop in his car all the time
kan kankavee (22 days ago)
Bahattin Çelik (22 days ago)
Mitty Ahmed (22 days ago)
Mc ren
Master_YT - Free fire (23 days ago)
Raij Patel (23 days ago)
Fuck the police and fuck everyone else, you are all cunts I love you!
the last kebab bender (24 days ago)
Tac (24 days ago)
I always give state pigs the finger....when their not looking
MrStreamyTV (24 days ago)
0:30 when a cop shoots you on gta for looking at them.
pizza king (25 days ago)
0:30 cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
David Pinto (25 days ago)
David Pinto (25 days ago)
Fuck Ocala police department redneck idiots
Billy McCarthy (25 days ago)
Fuck the Crown!!
0:29 #Ownmckendry
Justin Bellini (27 days ago)
When you drink coke out of a pepsi brand cup.
Çeto (27 days ago)
Oskaras__ (28 days ago)
4,3 dislikes fucking police officers
Joe P (28 days ago)
Kaden Reed (28 days ago)
i fuck girls
Kaden Reed (28 days ago)
I'm wight
Berta Perez (28 days ago)
Fuck the police
Arvid Saikoff (29 days ago)
Hej jag heter Arvid och jag ör Bög jag lovar
tino Rodriguez (30 days ago)
Rip easy e
4018 ?
Team ski Lalp (30 days ago)
At first ice cube hates cops but then he is a cop
gilad galili (1 month ago)
Harun Musa (1 month ago)
really nigga
Andrea farr (1 month ago)
Fuck the police
Naw Haqqi (1 month ago)
I've just requested this song on the CBC radio in the theme of "law songs" Waiting.. for my handcuffs
utsavman47 (1 month ago)
popo cabrera (1 month ago)
Tugh life😎
Gustavo Maldonado (1 month ago)
Pacos Culiaos!
Cup cake 990 (1 month ago)
This song is for badass
Muselk (1 month ago)
i like how ICE CUBE is plays as a police officer XD
Miyamoto musashi (1 month ago)
Mc Peruna (1 month ago)
EASY MOTHERFUCKING E! Police only dislike XDD.
Joey Jor (1 month ago)
still fucking the police 2018
Ernestina Jacobo (1 month ago)
Funk the police
Matthew d Hayes (1 month ago)
psych osis (1 month ago)
Chuffry Chuffington (1 month ago)
This song inspired me to live
TizianoBC (1 month ago)
fac te polz xddd 7u7
madara uchiha (1 month ago)
ReUploaded Vids (1 month ago)
I accidently played it at a kids bday oops
reb 1999 (1 month ago)
fuck the police they’ll stop natural selection from KILLING MANKIND
Argad Argad (1 month ago)
Most of the officers in my country arrest prostitutes, and when they are off duty they go fuck the prostitutes.
UndeadPotat0 (1 month ago)
That's vague.
Argad Argad (1 month ago)
4.3k Butthurt white
Helen Murphy (1 month ago)
Cooper Robinson (1 month ago)
What the fuck happened to rap music?! Before rap lyrics and lifestyle was about slapping hos, blasting someone, getting blasted, drugs, uzis, AKs, Mac 10s, the hood, snatching bitches weaves off their head, 64 impalas, getting high, murder, shit about pigs, the flag, bloods, crips, knocking you the fuck out, fucking your bitch, drive bys, armed robbery, getting jacked, getting jumped, prison, being a menace to society... Just to name a few. Now the fucking fag shit they play now is for fucking queers!!! Now the garbage today that is so fucking stupid and retarded that is a bunch of emotional, on your period, cock sucking, gay, bull shit is so fucking dumb that I rather go deaf permanently than listen to douche bag crap like Drake, talking about going to the club, meeting a stripper, fall in love... WHAT KIND OF RAP IS THAT????!!!! And all this God Damn Fucking Bitch 9ine, can't even use real fucking words, and what kind of Fag names his shit song Cummo??!! What is a fucking Cummo???!! Bitch 9ine Fag your not even Fucking rapping!!! Legit or fucking queer name he has!!! Really you pussy? Legit you little fucking bitch, Stop with all this emotional shit, just want to talk about fucking peace and anti guns you sensitive vagina!! 2 Chains you think your a bad ass mother fucker in your songs, but when you and your bodyguards are out in the street and someone steals your chain, of course you run like a little bitch!! This is some of the many problems with rap today !!! #FuckThePolice4Life
Nahuel Rodriguez (1 month ago)
oodaglom (1 month ago)
I do love this song. I grew up poor white trash and remember when it came out. Cops hated us too and harassed us. I think I was 12 years old when a cop pulled a gun on me and threatened to shoot me. I’ll never forget it. That’s why I love this song. 😁
Arianna Coffield (1 month ago)
you don't have to be black just to listen to it. but at the same time its tell the truth about all the things that happened back then is all stated in this. and it was supported by the 1st amendment.

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