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2 X Volvo S80 V8 AWD

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Friend's magic blue and my white V8 leaving in style
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Jacek Chmiel (10 months ago)
Would you mind sharing your exhaust setup on a white volvo? Soounds great
Jacek Chmiel (10 months ago)
AlPal664 Great. Thanks for quick response.
AlPal664 (10 months ago)
No drone at all. Rear cats hardly make a difference, still passed emissions test with a solid margin.
Jacek Chmiel (10 months ago)
AlPal664 Any drone inside the car? I have the same mufflers and would like to get some extra sound. Any negative effects of remowing the cats?
AlPal664 (10 months ago)
Secondary cats and and resonator deleted, Heico Sportiv mufflers and tailpipes.
canihavesomenamehere (1 year ago)
Damn I want to take out my S80 V8 right now.. Only 4-5 months until summer -_-' I need more of these videos :D

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