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Backlog Refinement Meeting - CollabNet Scrum Training Part 2

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This module covers the hidden fifth meeting that's essential to success at Scrum and other Agile approaches. Subtopics include how to recognize well-formed Product Backlog Items (PBIs), a team effort estimation game, decomposition of large PBIs (e.g. "epics") into smaller ones (e.g. "user stories"), acceptance criteria, definition of done, Product Backlog prioritization, and team self organization. This is an interactive, scenario based module. The learner observes a simulated team and is prompted to help them as they face various challenges. See the entire series! http://www.collab.net/ScrumTrainingSeries INVEST by Bill Wake http://xp123.com/articles/invest-in-good-stories-and-smart-tasks/ Definition of Done http://blogs.collab.net/agile/2008/10/14/suggested-topics-for-definition-of-d... Agile Manifesto http://AgileManifesto.org For the full quality, interactive version of this video, see: http://www.collab.net/ScrumTrainingSeries Find a Scrum class in your city: http://www.collab.net/services/training/agile Scrum Reference Card: http://www.collab.net/sites/default/files/uploads/CollabNet_scrumreferencecard.pdf Example ScrumMaster's Checklist: http://www.collab.net/sites/default/files/uploads/ScrumMaster_Checklist.pdf
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Text Comments (27)
Danilo Novaković (10 days ago)
This is one of the most entertaining 10 min+ learning videos that i have seen in the last month. Thank you very much CollabNet! :)
Prathap Prakash Rao (16 days ago)
Nicely explained. Thanks a lot for this useful content. One question, effort estimation is included in Backlog grooming meeting but it has to happen in Spring planning meeting, isn't it? Also agree that it's up to the team on whichever they are comfortable with.
omirrrr (20 days ago)
Good and yet also cringeworthy
Ezinma88 (1 month ago)
This video was really excellent. I'm so ready to lead my first backlog grooming session.
Hariom Sharma (3 months ago)
really great helpful video. simple to understand.
Rafael Requião (6 months ago)
Ethernet Exploiter 6 mauehauehameauhahahahahaha
Greyback (8 months ago)
Good video but, your voice makes me sleepy
Adam Cancel (1 year ago)
this video was funny remind me of work dilemas lol
Jorn Van der Wal (1 year ago)
Fingerfly yo pants
Ponyist Péter (1 year ago)
Man... I want a pony too. :) Awesome video, thank you for teaching!
Bus Lan (2 years ago)
"Do you mind if i play with my phone until you guys start talking about testing?" that was funny
Souleymane Thiongane (2 years ago)
"Dude I am not working for you ..." Is also very funny :)
Souleymane Thiongane (3 years ago)
looked at this video and other related one again and again ! very informative. Thanks a lot.
Venki R (3 years ago)
this is really a great video, thanks for such.
Krzysztof Daniel (3 years ago)
Shape of this blue balloon with grades is bit unfortunate.
Saadhu (3 years ago)
awesome !!! very well done and explained about Agile.  Great job.
cuiyun GAO (3 years ago)
David Brown (4 years ago)
A well produced and written video, bravo.
Nischal Ramgopal (4 years ago)
Mark Stoddard (4 years ago)
The 'E' in INVEST requires a PBI be worthy of great respect?
Jyoti Iyer (4 years ago)
Great Informative Video. Lets move out of the traditional PM Approach
Lilian Lee (4 years ago)
A lot of time product managers in financial management organization are not technologically savvy. People in general, anyone, not only product manager, when one speaks about a great idea in fifty-thousands foot view, the idea seems straight forward and simple. This video explains how to conduct a productive backlog grooming sessions could help product manager to dive-in, further breakdown feature in needed detail and prioritize. Great video...
Kamalakannan Elangovan (5 years ago)
hey, That's a nice video very informative and concise. Good effort
Katze Cat (5 years ago)
It must work on Ethernet Exploiter 6!
acche2 (5 years ago)
"dude, I don't work for you." doesn't follow by "oh, ok". :) Great line though
Michael James (6 years ago)
Hi -- I've been a Product Owner also and didn't intend to make him seem like a nitwit. I went through this again, and am guessing you're talking about 8:00ish where the PO is initially reluctant to prioritize because he just wants it all. From what I've experienced, that's the normal impulse of someone in his position, typically under pressure from other people. I'll think of more sympathetic ways to show this challenge in future material though. Thanks for the feedback.
Jeremy Blanchard (6 years ago)
Being a technologically savvy Product Manager I don't appreciate the depiction of the Product Manager as a disconnected nitwit. Otherwise, thanks for the video.

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