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Terraria 1.3 - Brain of Cthulhu Expert Tutorial (1.3 Bosses)

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Here is my tutorial/strategy for the new Terraria 1.3 version of the Brain of Cthulhu boss! This is part of the brand new expert mode. Make sure to subscribe for more unique content like this! VIEWER CHALLENGE: 'How often do you die in Terraria?' Welcome to our Terraria EXPORT MODE playthrough, this is the new HARDER version of Terraria with new loot, more challenges and much more! ============================================== FOLLOW ME : Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JamesRobertBenn Facebook : http://www.Facebook.com/ChippyGaming
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Text Comments (270)
With anyone who needs help, the arkhalis is better at knocking away BoC and kills it in like 15 seconds because of its insanely fast dmg output, for the potions, I used an Ironskin and regen potion, I used the jungle armour with the Gi as the breastplate, I used band of regen and campfires as well for regen, for anyone needing help on finding an Arkhalis, find an arkhalis shrine such as the ‘imperial’ seed and you’ll get the arkhalis after a maximum of 10 tries
PyroJayxX (3 months ago)
*summons brain of cthulhu* *3 seconds later* *YOU HAVE BEEN KILLED*
OxiA's Gaming (6 months ago)
What potions you are using?
gdloosemoose (9 months ago)
I use platinum armor
Jordyn Katz (11 months ago)
how do you crsft it
all face (11 months ago)
SUGESTED WEOPENS: WATER BOLT JESTER ARROW - LEAD BOW I GUESS GRENADES IF YOUR GOOD AT THROWING WEOPONS ARMOR - JUNGLE ROTTED FORK- (If you didint get it on the 1-2 crimson heart then use trident found in water chest water chests are found Under water
all face (11 months ago)
I had loads of mistakes in there didint i?
If you have a minion it will attack the real brain so you can use that to find the right brain
Blaise Evans (1 year ago)
whats the thing called that he used to sharpen his weapon
SuperGames (1 year ago)
a bow and jester's arrows are good too!
Edm Station (1 year ago)
Is there any way to do this with an Amazon Yoyo? I've been getting rekt
TheBoltMaster (1 year ago)
Shadow armor from a corruption normal world,the artery,the rotted fork,the ball o hurt(or blue moon after beating skeletron on normal mode) boomstick and tendon bow/demon bow! The hardest part is the first phase and the rest is easy as pie!
Steeve Garneau (1 year ago)
Thanks for this strategy, That help me ;)
GuardianKiyoshi (2 years ago)
I've never used the rotted fork; I always use the minishark for the last stage
DeadMehmed (2 years ago)
would the hunter potion be a good choice for finding out witch brain is real i wonder if the same works with the cultist? :/
DeadMehmed (2 years ago)
just tried, didn't make a difference
Rob Burkhard (2 years ago)
Tendon bow
Rob Burkhard (2 years ago)
Rob Burkhard (2 years ago)
It's better to use tendon
Nurbe (2 years ago)
it would help if i had a rotted fork but ive broke 9 hearts but i got 5 panic necklaces 2 hearts and 2 undertakers
TheTIGSY (2 years ago)
how do you keep it back so far? my rotted fork has 15% increased knock back yet it just goes straight through it and hits me, yet for you it stays at max distance away...?
Dontreadthis (2 years ago)
i know i have to get cthulhus shield and thus kill cthulhu first but damn i didnt realize how helpful the rotted fork is. definitely gonna be my second boss after cthulhu
huldu (2 years ago)
What... you're suppose to stand still when the eyes are dead? I was there with molten armor and that stupid slow molten sword and he destroyed me in that last phase. I was swinging the sword so slow and he was just zapping me constantly. Watching this video he basically just stands in one spot and the brain isn't even hurting him until the very end...
RedLink (2 years ago)
i placed spikes allover the platforms. This slow the eyes and deal dmg.
Alex Harden (2 years ago)
I massively overbuffed myself and took down Skeletron with the Minishark with meteor shot, the bee gun and vilethorn when he stopped to shoot stuff at me :P
Minish (2 years ago)
After making arena on open terrain (didn't know about that before), consuming buff from fish food and using my weapons (instead of Fork I had Swordfish which was waaaay better) I finally did this and got Crimtane Armor :) now I think it's time for Skeletron and WoF
Minish (2 years ago)
+Alex Harden It's not about grenades, it's about how eyes come to you, I can't just evade their attacks even with arena, then I get slow debuff
Alex Harden (2 years ago)
I'll admit after I tried using grenades to clear the eyes, this guy went down so much more easily. The spear really helped too. I only died one time after I got to the second stage and that was when I'd forgotten food before the battle. More recently with awesome (but still pre-hardmode) gear I took down 3 brains in under 5 minutes. I made a lot of money that day.
Ben Crawford (2 years ago)
how do you even make the bloody spine in 1.3.1?
Ze Rubenator (2 years ago)
+EpicWizna Uh... No they're not.
Ze Rubenator (2 years ago)
+EpicWizna I assume you meant Crimson Altar ;)
Ze Rubenator (2 years ago)
I don't think you can make it, it drops from crimson hearts.
Ben Crawford (2 years ago)
+Rain that's not how to make the bloody spine....
Cris R. (2 years ago)
When he's at the last stage you can tell which one is real if you look on your mini-map.
Grumpless Grime (2 years ago)
yeah, that too.
Rain6T (2 years ago)
+Grumpless Grime Or just pressing tab so the map is over your screen and you can see the real one.
Grumpless Grime (2 years ago)
well, if you really have a very good peripheral vision(like I do), then glancing at the mini-map on the top right side of your screen shouldn't be a problem.
Rain6T (2 years ago)
You dont have time for that
Fuzzy Muzzy Beast (2 years ago)
My strategy is Amazon, various platforms and grappling hook.
chicken anims (3 years ago)
I have no idea what I'm talking about
chicken anims (3 years ago)
What about the cheese of burger boss?
Okseniboksen (3 years ago)
dude... it's not that hard... do it at normal ground level... muuuuch easier.... just sayin'
Ullemann 123 (3 years ago)
Did you disable blood & gore? because the brain didn't split up into differnet bloody parts when it died
Ullemann 123 (2 years ago)
Daniel Stebbing (2 years ago)
+UlGaming - Norsk Gaming I say he did for the younger viewers.
Hello There (3 years ago)
How to Uber-murder BoC's face in Expert: Pre-EoC/BoC, go to the Crimson and smash two Crimson Hearts using bombs Wait for a meteor to fall Use sticky bombs/dynamite to mine all the meteorite Craft a Space Gun and Meteor Armor Put two platforms across the Crimson cave Wreck Face
Familyguyfunnymoments (3 years ago)
yeah, meteor armour+space gun is very underestimated, and is very useful even to early hardmode. the WoF is a joke with it.
TiTanAEfull (3 years ago)
full Molten armor, two Fire imps fighting for me, im riding a Bee to prevent slowdown effect, Waterbolt spell with 40 magical damage spaming the whole cave full, and a Mana Star magnet so i can continue spaming, and a few other accesoires providing me with good buffs and features as a Mage that i am, AND a bunch of good potions, still dying in less than a minute. expert mode my left testicle!
Trent Orange (3 years ago)
Doing this boss fight sucks whenever your color blind :/
Locus (3 years ago)
molotov cocktails and jester's arrows with platinum bow almost guaranteed win
Jaro nordström (3 years ago)
I dont die alot in normal mode. In expert mode I die quite alot. In bosses... Hmm... Sometimes. THATS a great video. Good job! Only Problem with me is sticky granades stick to platforms. Maybe I should use normal granades... Great video! (My language is not English so sorry... :D)
A normal loaf (3 years ago)
How to beat the brain, all meteorite armor and space gun or ruby staff.
Kenny's World (3 years ago)
i always use jester arrows on the first stage then a yoyo on the second
Silentwolf (3 years ago)
I just kept on farming and making jester arrows, his minions are a good loot source, made a crimson bow and full armor, and the jester arrows destroyed his minions..
vitojoetv (3 years ago)
😆😆Hey guys! Go sub and look at my new iOS gaming channel joeplays24 we will have giveaways fun videos and much more thanks to everyone who go and shows some support also I am doing lets plays with TerrariaHub and Terrariafanatic not together though lol thanks everyone peice😝😝 sorry 4 spam!
Just Frodo (3 years ago)
I started expert mode 5 minutes in i went down a Living Tree and found an Enchanted sword which was SUPER rare and did about 24 damage along with a beam sword-like attack.. it started to feel normal instead of expert after that..
karl mclellan (3 years ago)
Your vids are amazing chippy
Garrett Copeland (3 years ago)
Honestly, I would just use meteorite armor and spam the space gun, but maybe they changed it? I don't see a good reason for you fighting it with gold armor...
MrHazorr (3 years ago)
Damn your boss seems easy compared to mine, i'm full meteorite armor and trying to do the same as you do, but the boss is just one shotting me with no reasons, i can't kill that boss, i've tried with the lazer gun (from meteorite) with sword, spears, magics, everything, he is one shotting me all the time.
fireconquerer (3 years ago)
I subscribed to you =)
Vutrodlak (3 years ago)
good job fighting him with 400 hp. dislike
Sankko (3 years ago)
Shipy (3 years ago)
+ChippyGaming how do you get yhe gold to do the armor? i never find it :C
Mr. Tangelo (8 months ago)
Shipy find platinum it better then gold sometimes there platinum instead of gold
Shipy (3 years ago)
im saying that the gold is very strange (and platinum twice) 
Komqua (3 years ago)
Platinum is the same tier as gold, but a bit better (worlds with platinum don't have gold)
Megamataman (3 years ago)
Molotov>grenades in this fight.
Mada (3 years ago)
Lol I was the 1000th person to like :D
joy boy (3 years ago)
What dye are you using?
Danielle H. (3 years ago)
THANK YOU FOR THIS. VERY VERY HELPFUL. Tried and failed twice, watched the vid. Survived and killed it twice. Ty ty!!!
Random doggie (3 years ago)
why not just wait meteor fall and kill it with meteor armor
jakstrieder (3 years ago)
here's a question for you. can you spawn shadow orbs or make a corruption area big enough to spawn the eater of worlds in a world that started with crimson?
jakstrieder (3 years ago)
+Mike the Butcher I heave a sigh at this, I figured that's what I'd have to do, hmm if I wait till after I Berlin the wall of flesh would the Corruption spread on it's on in the Crimson?
Mike the Butcher (3 years ago)
+jakstrieder I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but I believe that if you make a fake Corruption biome (Dryad sells corrupted seeds during a Blood Moon, I think), and kill the mobs in there, and make a worm food at a Crimson Altar, then I believe you can summon him, though you would have to stay in that little fake Corruption biome...
LikeGdz (3 years ago)
Can you do a tutorial on normal Skeletron and Bee Queen in expert? They are wrecking my butt.
sir_sandvich (3 years ago)
I keep trying to mouse over the mobs to try and check their HP and see how much DPS you're doing to them >.<
LNK RageQuitFails1 (3 years ago)
what was the accessory that you used at the bottom?
Razzfazz87 (3 years ago)
Molten armor, minions out, cloud raining tons of buffs and a forceful (15% knockback) rotten fork.. can't do it. I take way more damage than you do and in the second phase the brain is nearly knockback immune as it just stampedes through my fork attack. "Of course it must by my lack of skill" as my friends tell me, since they knock back it fine. Watching me they don't get it either. Are there more difficulties than expert?
Eric O (3 years ago)
I die so much, I can't even explain how often I die. The last time I went to clean up the gravestones there were literally full stacks of graves, everywhere. the underground was worse. I had to have an almost empty inventory to just collect the gravestones.
MrRapidpictures (3 years ago)
What items are you using for health regen?
The Orxel Gamer (3 years ago)
How did you get that pet bunny I  want to use it in my world!
Komqua (3 years ago)
He has collectors edition, http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Terraria_Collector's_Edition
crap i got the brain down to 100 something health and then i mess up and fall to my death
Synth505 (3 years ago)
depends whether it's a boss or not
lycankingq (3 years ago)
Using spikeballs can help thin they eyes as well as pin point the real one
ghast the gamer (3 years ago)
Please make a video of the NPC fighting I play the console verson of terraria and I want to now how they fight and what they use please
An Entire Ham (2 years ago)
+ghast the gamer The NPCs don't fight back in the console version yet.
noobgamer2340 (3 years ago)
im so bad at the expert version of him, thanks so much for this guide :D
GmrFreak (3 years ago)
If you find a pink slime make like 30 Molotov's and use that to take out the eyes. Its super easy and works well, after the eyes are done just use a spear like he did in the video.
Ryan McIlroy (3 years ago)
Is 1-3 coming out on iPad
BigPepe (3 months ago)
Ryan McIlroy 3 years later
Memes (3 years ago)
wendye (3 years ago)
I found a bit of an exploit with the help of a few friends for killing bosses, doesn't work as well with the brain, if you are able to kill the King Slime, he will sometimes drop an item called the Slime Saddle. It summons a slime mount that does damage when you jump on things. This mount is a few pixels under 4 blocks tall, so if you stand in a 4 block space and hold the jump key, you will jump around 10 times per second. If a boss stands on you here, they will take insane DPS.
John Smith (3 years ago)
you didnt find that...its all over youtube
Patrick Campbell (3 years ago)
how do I get 1.3 on my computer tell me pls
Leo (3 years ago)
MY ANSWER TO THE VIEWER CHALLENGE I don't die anymore. Except on the pumpkin Moon like 2 or 3 times.
Basty (3 years ago)
I could say, it would be really funny with 4 people on server fighting this boss :/ :D (more people == harder bosses, Like Eye of Cthulhu had ~10 000 HP xD that was crazy :D)
Zach Murphy (3 years ago)
Chippy, team verso for me 1.3 comes out 12:00 PM. (I live in central time.) But it's 1:00 and I don't have it. D: I don't know why not, by the way, I have the steam version. Plez help! ;-;
Zach Murphy (3 years ago)
+Zach Murphy Ignore that "team verso." It's a typo.
Squiggly Line (3 years ago)
im updating rn :)
Some Bunny (3 years ago)
Infused Raindrop (3 years ago)
At what time will the update be released? Please tell me in EST
Nuka Cola (3 years ago)
Instead of granades i use the bee gun, really effective and the minions drop mana stars so you can pretty much just spam it. Probably very good with the new Bee Queen accessory drop.
iggy hoderny (3 years ago)
rad video!!
Dozenford (3 years ago)
30 minutes until 1.3 is free to the public! Super Hyped
SerialBull (3 years ago)
+Kilrkid Gaming Nope, coming out in an hour.
Hatless Magician (3 years ago)
Red, Cenx, everyone, seriously!? You couldn't make the brain immune to knockback in expert mode!? That's the only thing that makes it so easy to kill! Come on!
Familyguyfunnymoments (3 years ago)
that would be nearly impossible, as you would need to build a large bridge thing to do it, but you cant mine the crimstone. explosives arent precise enough to do it, it had to still take kb
100+ deaths in terraria
DebilMs1 (3 years ago)
Nicereddragon123 (3 years ago)
How do you get in expert mode
SerialBull (3 years ago)
+Nicereddragon123 You make a world in Normal or Expert mode in 1.3.
Lowcaged (3 years ago)
I die atleast 1 time a real life day
McArthur Alford (3 years ago)
its the 30th but I dont see 1.3 anywhere and my game aint updating.
Milo375 (3 years ago)
+Megadud Oh, whoops xD
Megadud (3 years ago)
+Milo375Gaming This one is wrong here is the correct one:http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150630T13&p0=179&font=cursive
Milo375 (3 years ago)
+McArthur Alford http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150630T14&p0=179&msg=Terraria+1.3+Update&font=cursive&csz=1http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150630T14&p0=179&msg=Terraria+1.3+Update&font=cursive&csz=1 There ya go :D
Seb Glass (3 years ago)
McArthur Alford (3 years ago)
+Milo375Gaming well how long till the 30th in north America??
Mitchell Allen (3 years ago)
I die a decent amount that's why most of my characters are softcore
Luke F (3 years ago)
cant wait to play today
Gruz (3 years ago)
Question: does the treasure bag drop for every player or is it a single drop?
SerialBull (3 years ago)
+HEY_CROSSCUT I believe it's a single drop. :P It's coming out in an hour, so we'll see. It shouldn't be too hard to beat the boss you have already beat with multiple players even though the health scales.
SpookyCookie95 2 (3 years ago)
I have a terraria on mobile and I usually die about twice every hour I play or so I don't play much but when I do you can't get me off of terraria.
Mac Sharpe (3 years ago)
I don't always die but when I do, I die a horrible death.
Komqua (3 years ago)
I don't always die but when I do, I respawn.
James Perrott (3 years ago)
That's cool
I dont die alot, but when i do it is either bc of overconfidence or stupid mistakes. So, about once every hour
Moonium (3 years ago)
+gino deinum A lot
Squigly (3 years ago)
+gino deinum atleast you are not my friend who died so much during the frost moon that our town is COVERED in his gravestones
Nyanator (3 years ago)
+gino deinum XD
Spectral Scum (3 years ago)
Question- I am deafeted every 5-6 Terreria days
Tazmeme (3 years ago)
I die always when killing the bosses. I'm too impatient to get good gear. Otherwise I don't usually die very much.
Alessandra Bastianini (3 years ago)
Ok thanks :)
coiledAgent (3 years ago)
+Alessandra Bastianini The crimson is an alternate corruption that appears on some worlds. They're mainly the same with a few differences in loot and difficulty. Neither is truly better or worse than the other, and to get the best of all the loot, you need to have one world with each. And yes, you can finish the game with crimson instead. All that really changes in progression is some loot and what one of the bosses you fight is. (You, with the crimson, will be fighting a giant brain, named "The Brain of Cthulhu" whereas if you had Corruption, you would be fighting a giant worm, named "The Eater of Worlds")
Alessandra Bastianini (3 years ago)
I have crimson......but a friend told me i couldn't finish the game without corruption.........i've just started playing this game so i don't know a lot about it.....
coiledAgent (3 years ago)
+Alessandra Bastianini Well I mean if there's a crimson instead then you're all good, but if not then Terraria borked.
Alessandra Bastianini (3 years ago)
+Cease Crismon is it bad if the corruption biome didn't spawn in my world? do I have to create a new world or just build it someway? (sorry for the bad English)
Runemaster (3 years ago)
I die all the time in Terraria....
TheBlueHairedPear (3 years ago)
+ChippyGaming Do you have the collectors edition of terraria?
Joshua Rutterbush (3 years ago)
So that grinding wheel... is that the melee buff item, like the ammo box and the crystal ball?
Zeppelans (3 years ago)
yep, and you can fing a bewitching table i the dungeon now, which gives you 1 more minion slot
Michael Nim (3 years ago)
I love the ammo box...
Dillon Zloczewski (3 years ago)
Do the treasure bags only drop in expert mode?
Dillon Zloczewski (3 years ago)
SerialBull (3 years ago)
+Dillon Zloczewski Yes.
Soap Bar (3 years ago)
OMG Terraria 1.3 is looking awesome.
Hector Gomez (3 years ago)
In terraria i die sometimes just because im not carefull, oh and chippy im happy that u reached 100th subscribers
Nemora (3 years ago)
These are coming out VERY fast, don't blame you.
TheYouUnited (3 years ago)
I'm so hyped I couldn't even sleep last night......!
JPomz (3 years ago)
+TheYouUnited Ikr XD

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