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Its Just a Scripted Video To Know How Rich People Treat Poor Ones #2 | john draveq

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Text Comments (86)
E. D. (6 days ago)
Sad reality😵
very nice 😍💖🔥👙
miss baby (8 days ago)
israil pravakachion
Zubair Khan (6 days ago)
Edreis Hassan (10 days ago)
No good
suhel miah (11 days ago)
you doog haahaaa
Didr khan (11 days ago)
اؤستا ارستا (3 days ago)
اؤستا ارستا (3 days ago)
Didr khan رر
Rukarho Nyuthe (11 days ago)
I don't see her as a poor girl.. anyway it's a fun vedio but not this vedio in YouTube ..it's not appropriate for all viewer..
john draveq (11 days ago)
ya,its totally depends on how people consider this video, you said that its a fun video..,if all people will take this video as cool as you, n just take that main point,how some fking rich people treat poor ones..,then it will appropriate for all viewers..
abdo dz (12 days ago)
Fuck you son of beach
Aftab Hussain (12 days ago)
She not Muslim just drahma
Marewabi Nouraddine (3 days ago)
MD bulal (6 days ago)
Aftab Hussain ্
john draveq (11 days ago)
Minhaz (24 days ago)
This is fact in the world poor girl use tha rich guy so sad this time last time in the world wait and watch God panistd awry one
world search (1 day ago)
Sd_forever 93 (27 days ago)
She need money 💵 Because richest mind🧐🧐🧐
I no intersterd
Nes Marcelino (29 days ago)
Nice lesson
Liubka Metodieva (1 month ago)
Liubka Metodieva (1 month ago)
Jessimol Eapen (1 month ago)
Enjoy the video? are you nuts?
Rasid Salmo (1 month ago)
Fake arab girl
jawad kadim (26 days ago)
shi is not arab shi is amrika
Sunil Verma (1 month ago)
Sunil Verma hj.fuarun
fatih baktimur (7 days ago)
shehab parwana (1 month ago)
Not a arab girl she is english
Wazir Khan (1 month ago)
This was just a filmed
Why not full video ???
legend man (1 month ago)
They are actors guys
Abdu Rahman (1 month ago)
Ibrahim KA Ibbi (6 days ago)
this girl nt a muslim just drama animals
Arvinda Kashan (1 month ago)
This not good for any human being this must stop.
proud pinoy (1 month ago)
Thats bad.
Shailesh Patel (1 month ago)
Md Arif (1 month ago)
What is this...
They just make video she is not Muslim
Gunwant Nandeshwar (1 month ago)
Muhammad Salman Khan (1 month ago)
Arab will die after watching this video ! Lol 😂
Sheekh Ali (1 month ago)
No good
Sensual TV (1 month ago)
roni roy (1 month ago)
fggddccvbfur rhoman (1 month ago)
Sensual TV هلو
Austrin Alick (1 month ago)
Homeless girl with makeup? This was clearly staged.
Free Soul aakash (28 days ago)
Deazz Peath (1 month ago)
Hahahaha I thought I am the only one know about that.
Purpose Less (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this?
Purpose Less
Ranjit Yadav (27 days ago)
Hindi sex com
Narsa Reddy Channel (1 month ago)
Vk Patel (23 days ago)
Kare ka Karat have to
saifi303 (1 month ago)
Very Bad message. To HUMANITY. ...
Hanan Saaad (1 month ago)
Very bad
Simon Rayan (2 months ago)
I think they are actors
chelsea tani (1 month ago)
Armand (1 month ago)
Yeah they are actors
ricardo gaspard (1 month ago)
+Purpose Less 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
reginamaria lima (2 months ago)
reginamaria lima (2 months ago)
john draveq wow, this is good to hear.
john draveq (2 months ago)
dont worry, this is scripted, not real.
Ralph SUCCULENT! (2 months ago)
Poor girl I wish I can help her And yes I'm a muslim
Rashid Barre (4 days ago)
Help a ponstar? For real she is not a Muslim she acts porn movies at Arabs exposed. I did my own research after watching this video
Mr Robiul (6 days ago)
+Murni Asyarah Hi
Murni Asyarah (25 days ago)
+60198696698.... hehe only for Friend
BigBoy ButumBo (1 month ago)
Me to bro
Hilaal Cabdi (2 months ago)
Wooow very nice
Hakan hakan (4 days ago)
Let them fuck you like that.
Sophie Ramura (1 month ago)
So bad
Drink Samewater (1 month ago)
Been waye waxaan carabta lgu caynoya
Sanjay Kumar Madal (2 months ago)
Hilaal Cabdi
Randall Chancellor (3 months ago)
Randall Chancellor (2 months ago)
ladylight walker i ment that as a complement to you sweetheart
ladylight walker (2 months ago)
Randall Chancellor evil
Youssef Walid (3 months ago)

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