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Random Funny Kpop Pictures :D

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i got bored ^^' its not that great sorry o.o... SHINee, 2PM, 2NE1, T-ARA, B2ST, SUJU, Big Bang, MBLAQ Songs: 1) Smile Boy (Rock Remix) - Lee Seung Gi Feat. Kim Yuna 2) Fantastic - Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)
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Yearofthetiger1998 (6 years ago)
what show and episode was teamin on at the end
Korimizu18 (6 years ago)
crushpetals (6 years ago)
Wtf at the end Jonghyun was staring at his butt like he was at a strip club!!!O~0 That's too much And he looked like he "wanted" him, too!!
vampvladknight (6 years ago)
TaeMin at the end -3
Christine Powers (6 years ago)
Taemin at the end made my day :D
Dara B. (7 years ago)
2:56 fucking cute Donghae! <3
Vall key (7 years ago)
SHINee :D <3
SujuBabo44 (7 years ago)
These macros were hilarious! I had to pause the video a couple of times to show my sister some of this stuff.
BreezyJhooti (7 years ago)
lmfao "minho knows how to keep his hos in line"
emily4674 (7 years ago)
where can u get the picture at 0:06? the one with 2 pm
jujia7 (7 years ago)
hahaahhhah omooo!suh a funny ssshh xD b2st and shinee pics r just effin' hiarious hahahhah! and minho's catwalk pic..is from a Andre Kim fashionshow??!!!?!? omo he looked sekkhsi :P
slothvagabond (7 years ago)
@doll2anna park bom was an exchange student when she was 12, and she graduated in Bethel , Maine? from high school, then she studied psychology in Boston...
ilovekpop11 (7 years ago)
lmfao junho:would megan fox stop calling me?bitch im not rain
Tasheka Myers (7 years ago)
I kinda disagree with 0:58. Actually Hyunseung is Jun Hyung's !!!!!
MidnightHour14 (7 years ago)
I was dying at how well the Shinee ones flowed lmao like it was a story line or something XD
B Martin (8 years ago)
@KishimaruInuzuka thanks ^^
B Martin (8 years ago)
What are the songs?
angelkaoi (8 years ago)
where is that last tae gif from? OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOOD. /dying rn
Cindy Huang (8 years ago)
LOL i want eunhyuk's shirt :o
Hallibane (8 years ago)
whats the second song being played?
MsSunhappy (8 years ago)
bahaha, this is fucking funny! stfu bitch, im prettier than you! xD
slothvagabond (8 years ago)
1:42 ...LOL!!!!!!
jabbers23 (8 years ago)
omg!!! thank you soo much this definitely made my day
dudeddles1204 (8 years ago)
omg i love 2:45 poor ONEW!! come with me!! =)) JongKey and 2MIN <3 <3 <3
Nesnie Rún (8 years ago)
@KishimaruInuzuka what's the keyword?
Nesnie Rún (8 years ago)
where can u have it? this is freakin' funny. Can i have the image in 2:51?

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