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The single biggest reason why startups succeed | Bill Gross

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Bill Gross has founded a lot of startups, and incubated many others — and he got curious about why some succeeded and others failed. So he gathered data from hundreds of companies, his own and other people's, and ranked each company on five key factors. He found one factor that stands out from the others — and surprised even him. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gross_the_single_biggest_reason_why_startups_succeed Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (779)
Team Empowered (1 day ago)
I enjoy watching these types of videos.
Bra bra (1 day ago)
until they get punched in the mouth, not in the face
Cedric (2 days ago)
Then timing is just about solving the current problems people are facing basically.
magnum opus (2 days ago)
This maybe the most important video an entrepreneur could ever watch 😐
黃泓溥 (2 days ago)
But it's so hard to get a timing right...
LAUDIS EX REVEURS (3 days ago)
Awesome speech!
ambrish sinha (3 days ago)
"Uber came at a time when drivers were looking for extra money". WTF. Lol. Drivers always look for extra money. I mean I get what he is saying, it quite obvious and no rocket science. Except, he is trying to forecibly fit his hypothesis in several cases. Its simple. Everone has a mobile in their pocket now. So the more services you can push through it, the better. The more people you can connect and engage, the better. In early 2000, this wasn't the case however.
kashan khan (3 days ago)
Drivers have always looked for extra money on the side. Having said that, yes I believe he he’s hit bullseye with his expert opinion
Tarz Thomas (5 days ago)
I have the idea , I need the funding , and a team
Nils B. (6 days ago)
Make the world a better place I had to laugh because I had to think about Gavin Belson from silicon valley
Mark Angelo (11 days ago)
@1:55 well that's awkward
可樂 (11 days ago)
Timing is the most important ofall
Kalmar Peter (12 days ago)
fucking clickbait
THANK YOU VERY MUCH this is a really powerful part of speech which i have never ever seen before
Jonas Höglund (13 days ago)
He talks to fast...
Man from Nantucket (15 days ago)
4:55 Wrong. Timing the consumer's need to earn extra money was not critical to Uber's success. Uber was first-to-market in solving an age-old supply and demand problem in that market. If the same service was launched 5 years prior to Uber by a different company, Uber would not exist. I'd say funding and execution were tops for Uber's success.
Stephen King (17 days ago)
Fantastic clarity. Thanks!
CooperSkooper (18 days ago)
Basically if not enough people feel they need it yet, don’t try and sell it.
Website Wizards (18 days ago)
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Anant Ag (19 days ago)
Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere.
Hoai Duc (19 days ago)
Not convincing. Look like this guy is using "timing" as an excuse for his failures
Ionut Cornea (20 days ago)
great video !
Eido Askayo (22 days ago)
When opening a startup, you don't have to be the "world-most-success" business. (which are the ones he talked about). Just the experience you gain from this process will profit your own-self, lot's of trail and error scenarios, that's part of the fun!
Flixbus is another brilliant example on great timing
Golden Group (27 days ago)
ViewsBot https://bit.ly/2pm2IDe
Serhan Ozulup (29 days ago)
Timing means Market. Market matters most never forget that.
Ujjal Chakraborty (1 month ago)
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Shawn Arora (1 month ago)
On the surface, those stats seem to have a lot of hindsight bias built into them
saelaird (1 month ago)
All completely subjective..... nonsense.
Dennis E (1 month ago)
ex-post explanations are trivial and teach very little
SnazzyPantz (1 month ago)
Not sure about the notion that entrepreneurs should wait until customers are "ready" for their product before launching it. Customers sometimes don't know they want something until it is being offered to them, and may prove initially dismissive/hostile to new technologies. That doesn't mean that the product will not prove successful over time if it does in fact offer great value.
Laurie Dowling (1 month ago)
straight to the point
tangobayus (1 month ago)
Uber is not a success. It bleeds money like a stuck pig and will never do an IPO. What if we apply machine learning or deep learning to this question?
Max Tan (1 month ago)
This guy started a lot of companies but I can't find his networth on google. Hope his speech is worth something.
DeepSpace12 (1 month ago)
Came here for the wrong Bill Gross.
Vaclav Haval (1 month ago)
"The number one thing was ... " @ 3:36.
Trinder3467 (1 month ago)
But how would one know what is the time and how to catch it so that the competitor doesn't take your idea first? For example, more and more people want banks to diminish and use apps only for any transactions they have. But no one seems to fund that idea, to actually create one and only bank that is exclusively online. Now it's the time and nobody's going for it. Maybe it's not worth it financially? How would you know if you don't start and maybe fail. So, these factors are good, but in practice, it may not apply all the time.
Simon Inglis (1 month ago)
Everyone quotes Mike Tyson, but isn't that just a paraphrase of a much much older quote? Helmuth van Moltke. 1880, “No plan of operations reaches with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main force.”
prime lasitha (1 month ago)
For Uber and Airbnb, I don't think timing really mattered.. technology was there for them, idea changed everything..
James SMITH (1 month ago)
it s true .thanks
Downswing Player (1 month ago)
I can't see YouTube taking off.
Lone-Wolf-XCII (1 month ago)
Very interesting! Thank you for the speech and the post!
Enzo Galicia (1 month ago)
MODESTO (1 month ago)
Starting a business is like (double dutch)jump roping. You have to time it perfectly when to jump in.
Brian Cordero (1 month ago)
I’m going to become successful :)
Pracha Technologies (1 month ago)
This information is required for every young entrepreneur, and this is what we did @ http://prachatech.com/
Timing is super important. But what's probably even more important is getting magazines, TV and big names talking about your brand. Good luck with that
Fergal Downes (1 month ago)
Heyo man, pretty cool video that you have here. I subscribed.
Shuraa Business Setup (1 month ago)
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Paresh Dave (1 month ago)
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Dor Tan (1 month ago)
I do agree that timing should be #1 on the list. Through personal experience I was going to launch a business in the Medical industry but hold back my launch for 7mths because I knew the government was making changes to the Medical bulk billing. If I hadn't follow my intuistion I would have lost everything. I have re-model my business idea and now hoping to launch in the next couple of months. Fingers crossed my timing will be better 2nd time round. God Bless you all.
Jeff Martinez (1 month ago)
He doesn’t need me to agree with him, I’m just a small mouse trying to get my piece of the cheese but he’s right.
Santi Li (1 month ago)
Perfect! Timing is not only for startups but also very important for people, if Satoshi publish his paper in 2000, I think nobody will care about that
jinjinnnhu haha (1 month ago)
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Lazor Lord (1 month ago)
Steve Job did not wait for the world to be ready, he pushes innovation and concept and then changes the buyer, not the product. by challenging people expectation, you lead the demands instead of following it. but that, of course, is not the safe way to take. but when business stop taking risk movie become all the same, music sound the same, and product stay the same.
Maik Lok (1 month ago)
You start a company every 3 months? 100 in 20 years?
timespaice (1 month ago)
Wrong first is how much tax u pay and how much u can fraud. Air Bnb no tax, Uber no Tax, Google no tax, Amazon no tax. For exemple : Facebook fr : 540 millions and pay 1,2 millions tax Google fr : 1 billion and pay 6,7 million tax Uber fr : 250 million and pay 1,7 million tax
Kevin A (1 month ago)
He built that many billion dollar companies? What’s his net worth? Is he a billionaire?
Naveed Alam (1 month ago)
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ticoesrico (1 month ago)
I am sorry but I think it is hard to belief exactly what he is saying. Timing is way to subjective and prone to bias. Take Apple as an example. Extremely successful company that never believed in conducting market research because, as Steve Jobs himself believed "people don't know what they want'.
harshitha V GOWDA (1 month ago)
It's true because if a person doesn't have a time sense he can't come through any things
Doc Holiday (1 month ago)
Citysearch was a success?
Phantom (1 month ago)
You need me.
Lina Jean (1 month ago)
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GoFitGet (1 month ago)
great !!
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Lonar India (2 months ago)
Yes time is money even for company
Ram Babu (2 months ago)
Hi hello Sir good speech so all countrys welcome s you are all supporting our department any ideas any company build in Amravati in AP India
Adams Clark (2 months ago)
I agree with your point and find it very interesting and helpful. After checking out your video i find out other video on multiple Value Propositions for business and brands. Please have a look on this https://youtu.be/-GsL3SJgRRQ
Nathaly (2 months ago)
I want to start a company but I'm scared to take the risk
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Inverse Education (2 months ago)
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Selfmade DC (2 months ago)
If this didn’t inspire you then you can’t be human.
Namit Prasad (2 months ago)
Cometh the time, cometh the idea.
Jagrat Adhikari (2 months ago)
Timing is obviously the most crucial thing for any business. Cause it's important that your market needs your product no matter how good the idea is. So right product at the right time.
Ji Chian Quah (2 months ago)
useless video, tends to be teds motto to hv open ended crap these days on youtube.
tran nghia (2 months ago)
Thank you for your advice!
Dallas May (2 months ago)
I like this video a lot. His advice basically comes down to "The more important skill in business is being able to foresee the future". Well, yeah.
An t (2 months ago)
Abe Lee (2 months ago)
this method of analysis is very very poor. Not even scientific merely one's subjective perpective. Why don't you rate all those 5 factors for startups today and see which ones succeed and fail in the future?
As Tony (not the tiger) says, "Success leaves clues." While I don't agree entirely with his analysis, I will say that if you have a startup, you ignore this information at your peril. Good luck to you!
SUGAR DOLLAR DADDY (2 months ago)
There are some invention or startup which are timeless. Example : google. Whether good came 1800, 190p, 2300, it will have change the world.
A A (2 months ago)
Don't feel ashamed of quoting Mike Tyson...he is a great thinker of the modern age.
Darren Kaplan (2 months ago)
Bill, Love your story/talk and it was refreshing to hear your ah ha moment Mike Tyson story. This is a great example of how first time founders who are starting to raise venture money in silicon valley have an advantage when they have great coaches and mentors. Your Mike Tyson example fits in with how Angel investors and Venture Capital invest in companies. VC invest when they see traction and validation and paying lighthouse customers. I think this tedtalk is a great example of how no matter what stage you are at, Founders need to nail sales execution and close their first 10 customers. VCs and Angel investors see over 5,000 pitch decks a year they invest in 5. They will invest in a strong team that can prove people will pay for the product. Angel investors and VCs will notice. So add this to your next VC milestone before you go out to raise money. I hope this helps. Darren as noted by http:///www.thesprintsquad.com
Daniel Rojas (2 months ago)
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Keith Larsen (2 months ago)
So, Don't invent a new horse drawn carriage next to Henry Ford's work shop? Don't invent a new candle next to Thomas Edison's workshop?
Arjun Kumar (2 months ago)
Just amazing ❤
Thanh Hằng (2 months ago)
Damm, he spoke really fast!
Mat Cahill (2 months ago)
So timing basically means filling a need of the current year
Gorilla Jones (2 months ago)
Nothing really useful here. Common sense. The biggest factor outside of having a great product is luck, plain and simple. There are thousands of really brilliant ideas that never flourished just because of bad luck.
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Hue Lu (3 months ago)
Those aren’t startups... and none of those are famous...
Soumya Darshan Rauth (3 months ago)
Understood about the Airbnb and Youtube, but what about the Instagram?
Christ Julius (3 months ago)
I really enjoy plans from woodprix.
peyman kheiri (3 months ago)
very informative. thanks a lot
William Chamberlain (3 months ago)
The Romans used to give offerings to Fortuna to remind themselves that luck, and sometimes fate, contribute significantly to everyone's success or failure: no browser codec upgrade -> your video platform fails.
Ritesh Kedar (3 months ago)
The Bill was quite Gross.

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