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My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend

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LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT. If you can relate :) Written, Directed, Edited by Leenda D Leenda D Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Leendadproductions Instagram:http://instagram.com/leendadavenue Twitter:https://twitter.com/LeendaDong SNAPCHAT : LeendaDee My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend Big thanks to these lovely people! Videographer Willy W www.photosbywilly.com Jacob Fu Music Music By: Samuel Kim Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/samuelkimmusic Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/samuelkimmusic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samuelkmusic http://samuelkimmusic.weebly.com/ Boyfriend - Eric http://www.facebook.com/eric.jw.li.model Ashley - Janice Joosetema Instagram: @JaniceJoostemaa Twitter: @JoostemaJanice www.janicejoostema.blogspot.com Bro For Life - Joshua Fu Twitter: @thefumusic Instagrams: @thefumusic Youtubes: /thefumusic Linda's Friend - Levi Sophia Instagram:http://instagram.com/levi_sophia Motorcycle boy - Nick Wang Instagram: @78RS15C http://instagram.com/78RS15C
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Text Comments (12982)
TheMasterChief117 (1 hour ago)
Does Ashley have an Instagram?
TheMasterChief117 (1 hour ago)
Ashley is the hottest woman I have ever seen
pablo ortiz (1 hour ago)
Loves this 😁😂🤣😍 both are cute
Lethia Mensah (8 hours ago)
My best friend has been around since 5th grade and I'm 23 now...this is top relateable!!! My boyfriend's never mind, but his girlfriend hate me and I just want them to be happy...
昼夜逆転マン (14 hours ago)
2:50 what did she say??? i couldn't listen well I'm an international student please tell me
Nick Sibrian (21 hours ago)
I wish I could go way back with Ashley too 😏
Kenneth Addoh (1 day ago)
Trinh Tran (1 day ago)
Dan and riya
Blue Koshinomi (1 day ago)
The asian girl is hotter. 😒
thoughtsinabox (1 day ago)
I am shipping the two girls gg. Threesome works too
zo om (3 days ago)
gosh girls are evil
Sadije Latifi (3 days ago)
Sadije Latifi (3 days ago)
Elon Baartar (5 days ago)
I have to say the acting was superb
Ungregistered User (5 days ago)
hahahaha, I keep watching the ending! 😆🤣 “Josh is right again!” 2:49
Ungregistered User (5 days ago)
I wouldn't let anyone ride with me on my motorcycle unless that were also wearing a complete set of armor, *+1 for wearing a helmet.* Even though the head is *rarely/barely* hit in an accident.
This Sucks (5 days ago)
Tharealraptor (7 days ago)
Girls waking up from their OWN Dreams, can end up being angry, at what you did in the dream. Seriously No joke, i tried it happening once 😂 So the video is really realistic. 😂
83_Bismuth (7 days ago)
26 million views for this crap are you kidding me
James Naguit (7 days ago)
Why's this on my recommended video list?
atilla duman (9 days ago)
this must be pornhub's video title.
tupacamaru2 (10 days ago)
There’s no way he coulda got with that anyway. He’s Asian.......
Yay Area (10 days ago)
It’s simple really , he just needs to bang his best friends brains out and see if he truly has no feelings for her. If not the girlfriend has nothing to worry about.
Omar E (11 days ago)
why are they eating with chopsticks?
Ben Parker (12 days ago)
Hilarious concept
Jake (12 days ago)
I watched a video today of a woman saying that she has no guy friends because it just invites unnecessary shit into the relationship and that's kinda true. Eliminate any temptation and the problem is solved.
pimpin ken (13 days ago)
China town............mothafucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Chinzah (14 days ago)
Lol My boyfriend is my bestfriend Period
OticllYT (14 days ago)
I though her name would be something like yeeyangang
Lloyd Nielsen (14 days ago)
Ride share Adventures (14 days ago)
“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
FACK TRUMP (15 days ago)
I have a best friend! But the side story is that I love her and she loves me. That’s as far as we got on our relationship. She does get jealous easy but it’s cute to me. I love her still. She’s my best friend. I see us beating together in the end. But she’s cute. :)
Mehedi The Vick (15 days ago)
Nisc video
Mehedi The Vick (15 days ago)
Nisc channel
James GM (15 days ago)
Just me who thinks the girl friend is actually cute asf
put it in my sock (15 days ago)
I call BS on this one
Mikhail D'costa (15 days ago)
That guy has a Queen's University tank!!
Master Chief (15 days ago)
Omg!!!! That face when she first came up I’m dieing here
Mark Loeffler (15 days ago)
This has some the most awkward unnatural acting I’ve ever seen
chungvee (16 days ago)
When you hear him say “wow” I immediately think of a Sims characters voice.
Ariana x (16 days ago)
Oh shit
Royal Prince (16 days ago)
I didn't like the double standard attitude the Asian woman was being, and I didn't get how it was he's fault that she needed to hit him while he was asleep.
Tunes & Lyrics (17 days ago)
This was hilarious lol 😂
John Pickering (18 days ago)
Leenda is def my cup of tea. Shes gorgeous
Fluffy172 (18 days ago)
My life
Maria GYT (19 days ago)
Like si ves esto en español
Christopher Smith (19 days ago)
The asian is hotter anyways!!
Zilleyon (13 days ago)
Ching chong, your oppinion wrong.
Revolver Oshawott (19 days ago)
Dudes and ladies who say 'guys and girls can't be just friends' = I can't trust myself to not develop an attraction to attractive people, so I'm gonna blame it on nature so I feel like my mistrust and devaluation of the opposite sex isn't actually my problem, but a problem inherent to all humans, thus abdicating myself of all responsibility in my inability to see others as more than sex objects Saying there's no such thing as men and women who are friends is placing your own immature hangups over the notion that all people deserve human decency and some semblance of regard. Like, how do y'all do it? Do you just treat members of the opposite sex like they don't exist, or do you just force your romantic partner to police every communication with them? 'Cause it's gotta be one or the other
Catalyzt (20 days ago)
Her chest is as flat as an ironing board lmaoo
La tribu Astrale (13 days ago)
+Zilleyon *I do what I want.. bye stay in your fantasy* 😆
Zilleyon (13 days ago)
+La tribu Astrale can you stop writing with bold letters? And no, the average breast isn't HUGE, but still she has way smaller then average.
La tribu Astrale (13 days ago)
+Zilleyon *?? A common breast is not huge for information*
Zilleyon (13 days ago)
+La tribu Astrale lol come to reality
La tribu Astrale (16 days ago)
+Catalyzt *proof*
Clockwork399 (21 days ago)
Sexy hot mom in bikini..............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhzFrta8B0k
ThatOneGuy (21 days ago)
The title could be a pornhub video it sounds so wrong
Ramen Supreme (21 days ago)
I would of had a threesome long ago.
Grim Loxz (21 days ago)
I don’t buy it homie... You never thought about this chick even once sexually??? The only way I would believe dude is if his “best friend” actually USED to be a dude...
Shutter (22 days ago)
This is depressing cause this happend to me
Purp MG (22 days ago)
This was in my recommended like 1yr ago why is it back
orlando perez (22 days ago)
as she ride away on the motorcycle, he hangs out with his hot friend
orlando perez (22 days ago)
to keep your girlfriend on her toes
macks fox (22 days ago)
The jim smirk at the end classic pam
Lenny Face Joe (22 days ago)
Honesty, if my gf ever hit me out of jealousy and not the truth, I would just break up and save me the trouble of physical abuse 🤷‍♂
Dwayne3007 (22 days ago)
Why was this recommended to me..... My best friend is called Cordell just sayin
Jack Arcade (22 days ago)
The fact he chose you over her explain everything.
Mr Right (22 days ago)
This girl is so hot ( best friend )
Hader Than Uthought (23 days ago)
i dont have girlfriend :p
He wears Romania's flag.
vSik cnt (23 days ago)
Shitest thing I have ever seen
xd D. Chelson (23 days ago)
This is cringe
Nathan Freeman (23 days ago)
My ex would have puked on me immediately if my best friend was that hot.
Harvey Grant (23 days ago)
No HETEROSEXUAL man can be "just friends" with either chick in this video. There is no way a guy has a beautiful "just friends girlfriend" and hasn't thought about f*cking her at least once, because it's human nature. Instead of being jealous, it would've made more sense for her to question his sexuality.
Artur R (23 days ago)
Where can I find her on pornhub?
Savage Noona (23 days ago)
How about a threesome?
Muhammad Awais Ajmal (23 days ago)
Don't even think about it.. 😂😂
The Meta (23 days ago)
What's is the girl friend social medias?
Burnt Bread (23 days ago)
How the f##k did 26 million people wach this and didnt subscribe
layka (23 days ago)
The titles a mouthful fuck. I was stuttering reading it in my head
Catherine Louise (23 days ago)
*How unfortunate that her funeral is only tomorrow?*
Phillip Lemmon (22 days ago)
What th are you talking about?!
golf le fleur x (22 days ago)
Roman Empire (23 days ago)
Sir Kartier (23 days ago)
What happened
tuewyto (24 days ago)
why the guys crown its in color form of romanias flag?
SoLTronkV (24 days ago)
Wow the first time i saw this video was 100k views..now its 26 mil.. good job leenda
Jaynelle Delgado Cruz (24 days ago)
lobo playbr (24 days ago)
Corna e corno
Ayaz ofluoğlu (24 days ago)
Why is this video has 26 Million views?
yo soy felo (24 days ago)
I feel bad because this thing happened so many times to me I can't get a girlfriend because they think I'm a fuckboy :(
քʀ ʊռă (24 days ago)
Why this boy have a romanian "crown" flag on his shirt?
Civious (24 days ago)
2:21 wtf was that
lol ol (24 days ago)
The Asian is hotter
Sodapop Jukebox (24 days ago)
Damn how do you not get jealous I can blame her at all
Tony Jablonski (24 days ago)
First off,. On one in the video is hot.. next video please. Also, jealousy is a disease. No vaccination from the medical community yet.
HunlD0Z (24 days ago)
These hoes aint loyal!
Iaurtel (24 days ago)
Abi Talent (24 days ago)
he has the romania s flag colours on his t shirt😂
Emmanuel Allen (24 days ago)
Guys can't be friends with attractive women
Isac Black (24 days ago)
Rlly ??????????
Luis Q (24 days ago)
Y was this on recommendation but I'm definitely showing this to my friend ayden lmaoo
I thought she was gonna turn lesbian
Michael Bryant (24 days ago)
Those sluts certainly bumped cunts later.
davftf (24 days ago)
demon for sure (24 days ago)
I still will choose the asian chick men..cause she.s tight while the other 1 might be subway tunnel.hahahagaga
The Greek (24 days ago)
...its 10x worse with Hispanic women man...for fuck sakes..
American Prepper (24 days ago)
She's totally bangable
META 19991 (24 days ago)
Why do i keep getting this as recommended ??????????

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