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What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye

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Text Comments (23344)
FB I (8 hours ago)
Man, when I was in school Bill Nye was the shit😢
sunny wong (9 hours ago)
Bill Nye the SCIENCE GUY!!!!
Olivia Sage (17 hours ago)
Mekkepekke ́ (19 hours ago)
Bill nye the science guy
Actually Abby (19 hours ago)
jungeun lim (1 day ago)
Is that bill nye the science guy
smol bean (1 day ago)
_Bill Nye, your mom’s a pie_
puppylup 037 (1 day ago)
Muhammad Fiqri (2 days ago)
Jakarta will be dead.... How do i get graduated then? Immigration it is Oh no Europeans hate muslims Well back to Jakarta it is
EmeraldM (2 days ago)
bill nye looks hot
Meme Box (2 days ago)
Bill Nye ur mum is a guy
Ashley P (2 days ago)
The ocean can have Florida tbh
Jassy Productions! (2 days ago)
Bill Nye sure has aged. The voice change, paler skin, wrinkles, grey hairs...I remember when my class and I used to watch his Science videos in class almost everyday. Those were the times.
Bill Nye isn't a scientist.
Christopher allen (2 days ago)
look you people are missing the point like you people do every time .... oooh I'm gonna get my feet wet ...do the math ... the weight of the polar meltwater will soon activate the Pacific ring of fire...do you people have any clue to what that will bring about? ...uhh Yellowstone ...massive earthquakes .. huge amounts of volcanic gasses and ash mixed with salt water steam... ever heard of a nuclear winter? please at least consider a verse from the Christian Bible [ of which 99%or this religion is represented by false teachers spreading God-dishonoring lie's ...the latter part of this verse found at Revelation 11:18 says " and the time came for God to destroy those [people ] destroying the earth" plain and simple in front of our very eyes our whole lives...do you think that the scientific community would tell us where we stand on climate change?????
TSX_ GRIM_ (2 days ago)
Man that man was my childhood
Deceased Fatality (2 days ago)
Lol he’s not even a scientist
xXitzkillerXx 76 (2 days ago)
Bill nye sounds like jacksepticeye
Yeeat Meister (2 days ago)
Like if India is #1.
Mono _sc_831 (2 days ago)
Yeeat Meister oh yea yea and no
Andrew MT (2 days ago)
Colorado's fine 😏
CloroxBleach Daily (2 days ago)
What if all water frozed?
slime& squishies 618 (3 days ago)
Bill Nye the science guy bill bill bill bill
KitgoesKat (3 days ago)
Wow bill looks different
xJack Red (3 days ago)
I came here for the bill nye intro
Night NDay (3 days ago)
You guys sound like a bunch of cucks lol 😂 🤣
Ryan Dempsey (3 days ago)
MasterJr (4 days ago)
What if it would get colder, that would be worse.
Gamingto (4 days ago)
Ice ice baby.
Curly Fries (4 days ago)
ApocScout (4 days ago)
Bill Nye is an idiot. A grown man who still wears a bow tie should tell you something.
ApocScout (4 days ago)
There was a time on this planet when there was no ice. So if the ice melts again it will not be the end of the world. Stop trying to scare people. The planet will adapt and the living creatures will also adapt.
EvokiOki (5 days ago)
°-° i just seen u irl earlier wtf
The Glitcher (5 days ago)
I live in the Philippines tho... and 70 meters?!... *Welp Guess I'll Die*
Amazing person (6 days ago)
If humans didn’t run on money and business first instead of putting the earth first we would be okay for another generation but the earth is dying and we only have shitty humans to blame
MrDEA666 (6 days ago)
This is probably gonna sound dumb as hell, but if the reflection of the sun is so worrisome, why not just paint buildings white? I don't mean to be done for a few blocks here and there, but if done across a few countries, it should have the same reflection effect, no?
Radu Adrian (6 days ago)
I love earth, I believe in global worming and climate change, I feel it here where I live, I try to minimize my carbon footprint, I try to educate myself everyday. But man this Bill fake science guy has lost all my respect for missinforming and lecturing lies that deny human biology just to be more popular and PC. If you want to get informed about climate change there are many others more qualified to talk about it than him.
Radu Adrian (6 days ago)
Fake science guy totally qualified to talk about polar caps melting. 🤣😂
Dun Law (6 days ago)
2:42 70m that's less than 35 stories and a lot of New York's skyscrapers are taller than 35 so if the structure is strong enough to survive the water then it will become Aqua York
Dun Law (6 days ago)
4:56 but it would be warm because it was warm enough to melt the ice
Sophia Huffman (7 days ago)
Europe: hey where’s America? Canada: watch this (inhales) BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY America bursting through the door: BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL
SCP 999 (8 days ago)
1:56 US: **IS THAT OIL I HEAR?**
KitgoesKat (3 days ago)
( lol I did a vid on the "Did I hear oil" Meme vine thing xD ). (https://youtu.be/oxzBjzL0xkI)
KitgoesKat (3 days ago)
Eheheh ok..
SCP 999 (3 days ago)
KitgoesKat US: Oh okay Europe, just thought I heard OIL
KitgoesKat (3 days ago)
Weekly Apple (8 days ago)
salt does melt the ice, so if the Salt water gets in contact with the ice, will it speed up the process of global warming and the melting of Ice? Can you answer this question AsapSCIENCE?
charles khith (8 days ago)
Are you sure about that john
Thedoxin Show (8 days ago)
The man sounds the pewdiepie
Zayton Sirad (8 days ago)
PunnyMegan (9 days ago)
Chris Pacman (9 days ago)
The Clown in Chief still denies climate change😒
Travus Faulkner (10 days ago)
Wouldn't all that fresh water being put in to the ocean raise it's freezing point causing a ice age? That's kinda what I think anyway.
Ruud usedby (10 days ago)
what a crap, what if a meteor falls on earth,..? Bill Nye, the most pathetic lier payed by government! skip this shit!
Frida Michelle (11 days ago)
Yay 😁 it’s Bill Nye the science guy😃😃😃😃😃😃
ShadowBlade889 (11 days ago)
This is sad.. I like arctic animals, there cute like penguins. But, cool bill bye the science guy!
Ruud usedby (10 days ago)
Whoww, you really believe this crap? Get educated, and don't do that by watching an fake actor like Nye! This is to indoctrinate and scaring children, not for adults.
CircleHead 42 (11 days ago)
0:21 3% of gamers are not salty
BAD Productions (11 days ago)
God I love billnye
libertarian teletubbie (11 days ago)
Nid Chikin (11 days ago)
I feel like Bill Nye voiced Rick
Noel Pipkin (12 days ago)
The operative word is “IF”.
IBEJI BENSON (12 days ago)
Seems not to affect Africa much 😂😂😂, just joking
Calvin Chu (13 days ago)
we should actually build a wall around Greenland and Antarctica so that the water wouldn't go into the ocean and rise sea level, and save that fresh water as well. Those are the walls I want.
Aussie Woah (13 days ago)
Realizing all the places in the world could flood, makes me more aware of just how important global warming is. How can we stop this
RC Ayers (14 days ago)
MORE IMPORTANTLY: What if the portion of ice that DOES melt, melts? That is far more important than seeking an absurd extreme (as though we don't know how political the extreme conditions question actually is) that is very likely not to happen for a long time. If ALL the ice is or has melted, then the Earth is being toasted by something hot and big - we have no change in hades to survive. Perhaps the question posed Bill Nye, just an engineer (Not a licenced nor real scientist) is meant to scare people into "trusting" or "believing" in climate change. Yeah - he is, as he does in many of his videos. More entertaining as a Disney flick than science.
DA OG POTATO (14 days ago)
At the start he sounded drunk.
squidly2112 (15 days ago)
Who cares? .. we only have 12 more years and we're all dead anyway .. right Bill Nye? .. the Dumbass Guy .. Pop Quiz Bill, how many genders are there? .. and I thought you were a "science guy"
Kelsey’s Galaxy (15 days ago)
*” BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY”* (Music) *(Science rules...)* (Music) *”BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY”*
VtGs Vortex (16 days ago)
So we all dead
Melanie The Mad Hatter (16 days ago)
I swear when he’s gone imma cry my eyes out
Tanushri Ramsharan (16 days ago)
OMG its Bill Nye! This is my childhood!!
Kamaya Thompson (16 days ago)
Bill Nye is still as sharp as ever!!
The Rosie Chae young (16 days ago)
Bill's getting so old. It's making me sad 😢 THE MEMORIES OF FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE
Ants vtrova (17 days ago)
Bill Nye is a paid propagandist.
Gotcha Hahaha (17 days ago)
Yo bill u need hairdye Yu getting old
ordinary LOL gamer (18 days ago)
As if we are screwed we got tech that can prevent this and we even developed nukes, AI and we even got a car in space. Do you really think this flood can stop us?
Isabella Frazer (18 days ago)
Bill sounds like a old jacksepticeye
Alex Durdan (18 days ago)
why are we listening to bill nye btw? half way through... click
Alex Durdan (18 days ago)
is this the same for the antarctic ice sheet? oh its the complete opposite... btw melting fresh water ice into sea water does not make the water level rise... its pretty simple science.
Armando Segrera (18 days ago)
cool. io
Danar Ganiadi (18 days ago)
If all the ice melted, my coca cola will be hot
inoita11 (19 days ago)
How much would the whole earth need to warm up to melt all of the ice like he is suggesting? Seems like he's going absolute worst case scenario to scare simpletons to thinking "OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!(if the worst case scenario happens)" And then brings "Who's gonna pay for it?!?!"....I thought this was about saving the planet, not how much its gonna cost.
George Orwell (1 day ago)
If you thought it was about saving the planet, you haven't been paying attention in class.
Trigger Troll (19 days ago)
Two yea s later. Nope
Elmo * (20 days ago)
BILL...BlLL...BILLL...BILL...BILL..............BILL NHE THE SCIENCE GUY 🧪 I loved watching Bill in school...
Elmo * (3 days ago)
MR. GAT3R Thanks for finishing the song 👌
MR. GAT3R (4 days ago)
Elmo * Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Bill Nye the Science Guy (Science rules) Bill Nye the Science Guy (Inertia is a property of matter) Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill, Bill, Bill, (T-minus seven seconds) Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Phone User (20 days ago)
You have been busted stop trying to scam morons.
Master Chief (21 days ago)
Humans need to *Chill*
This Is Mii (21 days ago)
He sparked so many memories
Matthew Krafft (21 days ago)
I believe you are completely incorrect about humans coming from ape like species do you have any evidence that we are from apes way long time ago it's impossible for humans to come from apes because if they did come humans came from apes there would need to be a ape like being similar to us now and having more now like then so are there any apes now like us still living I am not referring to humans I am referring to what evidence of current apes that humans evolved from
Lucy_ (22 days ago)
my childhood
holang gasi namu choi (22 days ago)
7k dislikes thing global warming is fake.
nerdie new (22 days ago)
Best solution: sahara desert
D S (23 days ago)
fallen angel (23 days ago)
Why not do it like bioshock underwater citys
Đąscoŕpïon Belleza (23 days ago)
julian bishop (23 days ago)
This is SCAREMONGERING!!! CO2 is NOT having a huge impact on climate. The arctic ice cap does shrink periodically but grows back again. However, the antarctic ice sheet is much denser and is NOT in danger of disappearing! Sea level are NOT rising more than a small amount each year. Please DO NOT LET THESE people scare you as bout so called global warming. Nuclear WEAPONS are the REAL threat to humanity and our planet!!!
ThatOneGuy (24 days ago)
My god it’s bill nye the science guy...
Poemi10304 (24 days ago)
Would Trump believe Bill Nye? 🤔
diamond Slayer none (25 days ago)
Not true alkaline water has a trace amoubt of salt
Glitch Fox (26 days ago)
Oofpacito Schieri (26 days ago)
We’re all gonna die
HoldTheReggae (26 days ago)
just a small correction, Sao Paulo would actually be fine, it is not a coastal city, it's 760m above sea level and probably would be the first place everybody would go to for safety, you were probably thinking about my city Santos (which is a one hour drive from Sao Paulo), it would be the first place to be screwed 'cause it's an island at sea level
MathPhile (27 days ago)
Bill Nye is a liberal fool. The earth has heated up exactly .8 of a degree in 100 years. He is one of the elected "elite" that feeds us full of Bulls...t.
João Prado (27 days ago)
Sao Paulo is 760 metres above sea level, how is that coastal
Anonymous Error (1 month ago)
How about we just start mining the glaciers and melt them down in places and turn them to water them bottle them sell them so we should mine down most of it and it would save a lot of land and so the water doesn’t drown us so the water we drink then we do that over and over so over the years it happens faster so then the ocean can become more fresh a little bit and it’s a win win and the currents can be the same and we don’t DIE IN WATER and the bottled water will be call FIJI 2.0

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