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How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water Here We Tell You About It

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How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water? Here We Tell You About It
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Text Comments (148)
Katy Phelan (20 days ago)
Can you do a video for beginners
Scott Frostholm (5 months ago)
Salt Sea?
Ground Level -0 (6 months ago)
is it authenticated formulae
Angela Van den Berg (7 months ago)
That must be the worst video published on YouTube. EVER!
Jerom T (8 months ago)
Adrienne (9 months ago)
i4niable (10 months ago)
Not funny
Krishna Rebel (11 months ago)
Young Lion (1 year ago)
I can not understand this video with the robot overlord speaking backwards English;(
James Dickson (2 months ago)
yes that's exactly what it is! hahah backwards English, geez.
Amanda Ponder (1 year ago)
How is this pen writing by itself? Are you a witch? Thanks
Mio Yui (15 days ago)
Living Samsara (19 days ago)
omg lolololol
LunarAtom (26 days ago)
Pankaj Agarwal (1 month ago)
Jaadu jaadu
Fisbon Don Dandala (1 year ago)
Sea Salt???Great.......
Sweetpea (4 months ago)
WHAT A WASTE OF GOOD SALT !! We could use just table salt !!
Madlyn Ziemer (9 months ago)
Fisbon Don Dandala No. Salt Sea
Pak Lem Ranger (1 year ago)
Where's the demonstratin? Just a r****h talk.
John Harrison (1 year ago)
Can they please write these words in a smaller molecular level
yes it works and very essential
Adam 1982 (1 year ago)
I had a glass of water by my bed and left it until the next day... it tasted disgusting
Mojoman57 (1 year ago)
"the bad vibes." totes.
brenda franklin (1 year ago)
2/3 & 1/3 is a whole glass...you cant put another 1/3 anything in the glass.
Johny Truant (1 year ago)
salt sea...?
Dipa Bag (1 year ago)
Here's some negative energy.... If you believe this shit, you're fucking stupid.
what if you used distilled water or drink it
Johnnie Duenas (1 year ago)
I thought only a glass of water?
clickbait not onl a glass of water
#Savage Movement (1 year ago)
pomegranateorange (1 year ago)
did anyone do it? tell em how it went
Gayatri Chatley (7 months ago)
pomegranateorange i did it .. the glass wad fully gasified and colour changed
Matthew Bell (1 year ago)
what did she puut in the glass? was a crystal? agate?
john christy (1 year ago)
Is it works
JENN DE LA TORRE (1 year ago)
great info. easier 2 understand with the words written out. but did u mean 1/3 of each ingredient? bcuz yr recipe works out to 4/3, which Will NOT fit in 1 glass!
stewie griffin (26 days ago)
i believe that is what they meant
TECH TRENDZZZ (1 year ago)
high af
Yahoo123 Forever (1 year ago)
can u tell me in hindi
JITU ROLAND (1 year ago)
Free energy can't be in air it must be on a body
dan wells (1 year ago)
this guy's on hard meth
Sooner Sasquatch (1 year ago)
Ok.... Nope.....
Vince Abbott (19 days ago)
Some people will believe anything.
Saravanan jayanthi (1 year ago)
Axholio (1 year ago)
Salt + vinegar + water = only water.
10GALLEN81 (1 year ago)
Did he say 1/3 sea salt....2/3 white vinegar? The glass is now full. Why does he say now add 1/3 water? BOGUS !!!!
Laxmi Raman (1 year ago)
very nice
gameninja 1232 (1 year ago)
Sidney Bethel (1 year ago)
a spell have negative energy all over me and my kids and my lover
FUN TECH (2 years ago)
chal sale chutiye
mir jamyeel quadri (2 years ago)
oh my god after do that I saw I saw in my room.... ...........
Jess Almannza (2 years ago)
is it salt sea or sea salt I think is sea salt
Dear Science (2 years ago)
mahin fiza khanam (2 years ago)
Sukini Ahmad (2 years ago)
To slow
vijay pabbathi (2 years ago)
worst thing I we're seen
Junal Inocencio (2 years ago)
just a glass of water?.. with apple cider etc.. you should consider where you put it and the time.. wtvr!
Kumori Mikoto (2 years ago)
Umm what are the exact measurements for this? Is it 1/3 teaspoon, tablespoon, cup of each ingredient or what?
Good Vibes (1 year ago)
Kumori Mikoto one third of the container
A (2 years ago)
you are trying to promote blind faith and nothing else. try to make people think rationally.
vineet (2 years ago)
What do u mean "not to reuse" - Is it liquid or container(glass)?
Catalina Williams (1 year ago)
Not to use it for drinking water again
Monica Marcotte (1 year ago)
that what i wonder not to reuse glass ??? im lost
Veenaa Gopala (2 years ago)
vv gud
amaal bashiir (2 years ago)
Anubis Cerberus mwks (2 years ago)
I know...this is sooo frustrating isn't it when you come across the work of someone who couldn't care less about their work quality but expect you to read them diligently! 1/3 sea salt, 2/3 vinegar and fill up the rest with water?
Shivani Reddy (2 years ago)
What is salt sea???
arundathi reddy (1 year ago)
Shrikant Bhavsar (2 years ago)
kiki Dee (2 years ago)
dis days its irritating..all videos are in writing mode instead of showing objects used in video like water..glass...etc
Orinoco Loco (2 years ago)
1/3 + 2/3= the whole amount.
Leonardo Nelson (2 years ago)
robert hook, you're right.
giannis pritsis (2 years ago)
no bad energy anymore. donald is here..
Don Berry (3 months ago)
right on!
Anonyomous KING (2 years ago)
Is this an indicator or a neutralizer?
Madhurima R (2 years ago)
Anonyomous KING an indication of negativity
Dileep Kumar (2 years ago)
what to do if negative energi is available
Seeker Guy (9 months ago)
Dileep Kumar sell it on eBay
T. Upton (1 year ago)
Dileep Kumar... smudge by burning sage...
Rohit M (2 years ago)
Dileep Kumar - daily puja at home removes all bad energies...
Jag B (2 years ago)
You can use camphor and Benzoin resin to dispell negative energy
Rishi Kishore (2 years ago)
did he meant sea salt by salt sea?
James Dickson (2 months ago)
yea this video is full of typos, not good.
abdelhadi nadif (1 year ago)
Rishi Kishore the grocery market sea salt not table salt
Jennifer Davis (2 years ago)
Rishi Kishore coarse sea salt
PavlovsBitch (2 years ago)
Apple Cider vinegar IS discoloured anyway.
PavlovsBitch (2 years ago)
100% still coloured regardless.
Jennifer Davis (2 years ago)
PavlovsBitch make sure you use organic.
dilin gosar (2 years ago)
1/3 plus 2/3 fills the whole glass where to add water???
Carmen Ortiz (2 years ago)
Try putting water on top of salt, what to guess what happens to the salt? lol
Ramesh Valecha (2 years ago)
What is salt sea?
Jennifer Davis (2 years ago)
Ramesh Valecha coarse sea salt
Jennifer Davis (2 years ago)
Ramesh Valecha sea salt
TREX LEX (2 years ago)
how about the bad vibes FARTS.
milkjuice04 (2 years ago)
how do you cleanse the energy?
Catalina Williams (1 year ago)
milkjuice04 apparently by doing it over and over until your glass mix is clear
X outpost (2 years ago)
and thats how you invite jinn to the house?
waxy bayona (6 months ago)
Muslims verses non-believers versus muslims? Hey get your act together.
Quietus (6 months ago)
mohima Begum Dont call him stupid just because he doesnt believe in something. I can call you a fucking retard for using the wrong form of you're right when you called him stupid. Pathetic.
Felicity Messer (6 months ago)
X outpost maybe...
Bernard McAvoy (7 months ago)
X outpost You are quite right. It sounds like magic, which will certainly attract jinn.
des895 (2 years ago)
see salt?
bithika das (1 year ago)
des895 o
Aiman Call (2 years ago)
I love that marketing: 'thank you forwatching' BEFORE I was ablt to do it. Yeah, subscribe, like, and what more? just don't tell me what to do so I'm happy to do it - otherwise I will act as a mirror
tman55575 (2 years ago)
You think they could put it in layman's terms so we could understand it!!? it's aggravating and now I know my room has negative energy in it!!!
Vitor (2 years ago)
1/3 +2/3 will be full
du lai (2 years ago)
Vitor BB .. I think he forgot to mention dissolve the salt into the vinegar .. then fill the rest of the cup up with water
Jennie Spooner (2 years ago)
salt sea ?........... do you mean sea salt ???
Kay Souvannakily (2 years ago)
I don't get ta toilet water part at ta end.
Narrainen Shamila (8 months ago)
Kay Souvannakily ob
arundathi reddy (1 year ago)
Adivo all adobo srihari vasamu
oksills (2 years ago)
Does that mean you DO get rest of it???? Who thinks this stuff up? More importantly, why did I listen to it?
WendyLeslie (2 years ago)
Kay Souvannakily think it mean flush it away in toilet
Nomad Wizard (2 years ago)
Cover 1/3 with salt....what does that mean ?
Jennifer Davis (2 years ago)
vaughn parry use organic apple cider vinegar
Bette Dominguez (2 years ago)
I wanna try this and I believe can anyone tell me please?
Saikat Mukherjee (1 year ago)
If anyone feels that he is positive in mind all negative energy goes away....as in a living body the energy level transforms to both positive and negative depends how u take..........
Bette Dominguez (2 years ago)
Are the measurements in TB spoon or cups?
Noel Cielo (2 years ago)
it says a third of the container, but measurements are off. :59 lol!
des895 (2 years ago)
I assume teaspoon.
Regina Ghattas (2 years ago)
Does this really work?
Brandon Kurewitz (1 year ago)
doug perry (1 year ago)
Jennifer Davis (2 years ago)
Regina Ghattas I had tried it and it does seem to work, positive things are happening again!
Show Cat (2 years ago)
ridiculous waste of time
jerome poulin (1 year ago)
not worse than looking an indian serie
Carmen Ortiz (2 years ago)
Yet here you are, watching the video that says what it is all about.
Countmaster0 (2 years ago)
nice topic but the same ole writing it out as you speak it.....gone..fuck this shit

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