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David Bowie - Fashion

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I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG DAVID BOWIE DOES. If you like rock and want more of it, i have all songs from various bands on my channel!!! Please check out my channel, subscribe, rate, and comment =)
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Laura M (7 days ago)
David Bowie.. your a true legend. R.I.P.
ernie mora (7 days ago)
Pumping Numbers (24 days ago)
Ziggy was an effin alchemist. Sheesh
Diego aros (27 days ago)
Beep beep!
Alejandra Pacheco (1 month ago)
Energia al cuerpo 🌟😵
Amara Wiley (1 month ago)
RuPaul - Supermodel
sexobscura (2 months ago)
Listen to him or don't listen to him *BEEP* *BEEP*
Lucas Laino (2 months ago)
Fashioon its so good. A perfect view about fashion itself.that repetition effect that has in it masses and everyone follows about it without question it.and its like the music.repetitive.that of perfect.brilliant
eulesssucks (2 months ago)
My ultimate favorite song of his!
Jojo Eselu (3 months ago)
i was at work when he passed I coudnt stop crying actually left work due to this
hermanschwartz65 (3 months ago)
Kasim Sultan, on Guitar...he's a Staten Island guy...
Andy JS (2 months ago)
I thought it was Robert Fripp.
Annmarie's Youtube (4 months ago)
Very good 😁
maybe human (5 months ago)
Rest in Fashion
Jaiden DePrez (7 months ago)
Sound at 0:00?
Jaiden DePrez (7 months ago)
Solstice Ella (9 months ago)
my favorite song by David Bowie he's my favorite singer!! R.I.P David Bowie
Eliseo Garcia (9 months ago)
fuck, two years Space-Man left earrh.
Doctor Laga Raga (10 months ago)
Decile a lady gaga que componga un tema con esta escencia y espíritu musical!!
Armando Art (10 months ago)
Así es, la canción completa, y no como hacen algunos que le cortan el solo de guitarra que es lo mejor
internetmaster1 (1 year ago)
the epitome of weirdness I FUCKING LOVE IT.
Bruno Santos (1 year ago)
This song is just perfect.
Awolfx (1 year ago)
Listen to me, don't listen to me, talk to me, don't talk to me, dance with me, don't dance with me, noooo...
Le Burger Vegan (1 year ago)
I really like this song from him and I love the guitar !
ROBERT ROMERO (1 year ago)
Did you know RIP also means ripping to your computer?
Alexandre Cassmiro (1 year ago)
saudades eternas do genial david bowie
Alexandre Cassmiro (1 year ago)
eterno camaleao do rock david bowie! descanse em paz!
Southernburrito (1 year ago)
Ya I think I'm giving up on women's fashion. It's more catered towards the gay community now. It's not done for guys like me. You won't find me where I have no value, not for long.
THE COOKMEISTER (1 year ago)
THE COOKMEISTER (1 year ago)
Daniza Barr (1 year ago)
My DB <3<3<3. Live in our <3
Hrvoje Bubić (1 year ago)
fripp at finest
Dennis Stampley (1 year ago)
tippycanoe99 (1 year ago)
Bowie and his genius...
Bryan Jeske (1 year ago)
Bowie is the fashion !!!
psychickitty1 (1 year ago)
a year. we miss you still, Starman!
MANUEL XAVIER (1 year ago)
Gonzalo Rosas (1 year ago)
Happy birthday David Bowie.. We miss you.
TheBfunky17 (2 years ago)
Why you Whitees Hate The Funk so Much,.. When yall are The Best at it???...Sometimes???., LOL!!
thetopherhaslanded (2 years ago)
Was so awesome to hear slipknot play this before their gig
SHEIKH STIFFLAC (1 year ago)
fuck yeah bro true respect among musicians young and old fast and heavy
Eric-Jason Egan (2 years ago)
Jason Goldthorpe (2 years ago)
Darschelmarschel TV (2 years ago)
vici du sahneschnitte du bist so geil
Julie Southward (2 years ago)
Love ya David Bowie rest in peace
Julie Southward (2 years ago)
Love ya David Bowie rest in peace
WPHILADEL (2 years ago)
was a lil wore out on my way 2 lunch @ Nordstroms & this was playing while I was walking down along Runway like hallway... U know my Naomi/Giselle Walk kickd In Strong!!.. RIP
Michele Elkins-Hoffman (2 years ago)
I am still in awe of his raw brilliance.  He will forever be a piece of my heart.
Thomas Pedersen (2 years ago)
He was a talented man. The people from good homes are talking this year.
flowerpink33 (2 years ago)
Still listening 2016. My favorite song by the Original Lizard King
Malacoda (2 years ago)
Slipknot opens to this song now R.I.P.
jasmineflower (2 years ago)
this makes me feel so glamorous lol
TravelinBand747 (2 years ago)
Great song. THANK YOU David Bowie for the music, the innovation, the awesomeness that you shared with the world.
Lucas James (2 years ago)
0:05 The more you get into the song the more this sound disappears
Damián M Lagunas (2 years ago)
Bowie & Fripp
Suzie McGraw (2 years ago)
Im onley 2 and I love him ): rip in peace
synthsound one (2 years ago)
Just watched Gagas tribute performance of this song ..Had to come and listen to the original..The Karaoke version was awful...
Jessica Hans-Jorie (2 years ago)
Lowkey gettin' Gaga vibes from this
Suzie McGraw (2 years ago)
+Jessica Hans-Jorie Actually you're getting Bowie vibes from Gaga.
LAZZI (2 years ago)
i love this song
Baylay jay (2 years ago)
all I can think of is Clueless, aww. such brilliancy. you will be greatly missed.
gabriel reale (2 years ago)
the best artist
Andrew Brunnette (1 year ago)
Prince ?
kelle Thomas (2 years ago)
We miss you David . :(
EDH 1970 (2 years ago)
thank you to mtv for doing a Bowie tribute section today, just reminded me how totally awesome he will always be.
Louise Jones (2 years ago)
wow, his music was just awesome
Christopher Hiatt (2 years ago)
GREAT guitar riffs !!
Christopher Hiatt (2 years ago)
Had to hear this. Been playing in my head all morning.
Shane Inkster (2 years ago)
Awesome 80s 1980
Shane Inkster (2 years ago)
Rest in Paradise from your fan Shane
Tatania Fluellen (2 years ago)
RIParadise...I'll always dance when I hear this!
Theodorus Rex (2 years ago)
Brilliant song...
MegaSean45 (2 years ago)
My favorite song from him! Entertain God for us, Mr. Bowie! :)
Sean Ingram (2 years ago)
R.I.P. David Bowie :)
Tinkaluisa (2 years ago)
I remember the first time I saw "Clueless" and they used this song. I knew right then it was going to be a good movie.
Nate Broadus (2 years ago)
When you listen to David Bowie's entire catalogue, his musical brilliance is apparent. Who would have imagined that this, Fame and I'm Afraid of Americans could come from the same mind? RIP to a true genius.
Chantholli89 (2 years ago)
I have been singing this non-stop. R.I.P David Bowie.
Arthur Workman (2 years ago)
I love many songs of his but this far is my most favorite and I could listen to this a million times over.
Kris Untch (1 year ago)
Me to bro!!! We are the goon squad and we're coming to town!!!
Ur Driver (2 years ago)
i just mentioned on another post that the Videos of Fashion @ Ashes 2 Ashes are his best and go hand and hand
taiwan elisa (2 years ago)
same here today
psychickitty1 (2 years ago)
+James Kirkpatrick same here today
James Kirkpatrick (2 years ago)
+Arthur Workman I concur. I had this song in my head today, and I just had to listen to it now. Greatness ....
mrbrockpeters (2 years ago)
Sounds a lot like Talking Heads' "Burnin' Down the House". R.I.P. David Bowie.
Jason Goldthorpe (2 years ago)
mrbrockpeters they sound very.talking heads 77 album.great minds alike
Arthur Workman (2 years ago)
+Kane Alson But as the saying goes there are many great artists who copy and are influenced by others of their peers. It's been going on throughout musical history since the dawn of music's first arrival and it's not slowing or stopping by a long shot. Good example is the great Prince era when every artist and group copied his dress style and his music. Just as the late great Micheal Jackson. Both great musical influences. And people still do it today 
Arthur Workman (2 years ago)
+James Devlin Oh no you're very misdirected my friend I'm purely making a statement. Many people do have a tendency of mistaking re done new versions as being "that" new artists new song that's the point I'm making. Case in point many people today listening to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" automatically assume that when they hear Under pressure that Bowie and Queen are the copy cats. As with a few other artist's songs. It's easy for many of people to get so caught up in social media that they totally forget to seek out who originated what song first and whose the copy cat. Not saying all but there are many. And yeah Byrne I forgot during his many numerous interviews respectfully mentioned that he too was highly influenced by Bowie as well. Like they say one great influence - influences another and so on and so on. Case in point the late great Micheal Jackson and the still very funky Prince.  
Thomas Pedersen (2 years ago)
+mrbrockpeters Before you get too teary eyed watch, Dancing in the street, with Mick Jagger. Oh it's so gay.
James Devlin (2 years ago)
+Arthur Workman And vice-versa Bowie got a lot from Byrne too, believe that. They were friends, it's called influence. No "copying" needed. Both men were influenced by Eno as well. You sound very defensive about a harmless comparison, just enjoy the music mate. No need for musical snobbery, Bowie wouldn't approve.
Sadie Jones (2 years ago)
I love this song so amazing, RIP David 😢
Nicole C (2 years ago)
Legend....you will be missed
FreeThinker73 (2 years ago)
RIP "Ziggy Stardust"........
errol kim (2 years ago)
hey Adele, you've torn your dress and your face is a mess!!! modern music, I hate you so!!
elvis presley (1 year ago)
she is a ripping cunt
Jude Gold (2 years ago)
fantastic tune. RIP DB
Angel Garcia (8 months ago)
To lazy to type his name
phil wiggins (2 years ago)
this day is horrific.....R.I.P tears freely flowing
Tyler Parker (2 years ago)
mcpartridgeboy Honey I am pretty sure that is an opinion. Also I mean Blackstar did very well so I'd say it isn't that great of an opinion either.
mcpartridgeboy (2 years ago)
+Lolita Dolli his body did, his contribution to society and music died in 1990 !  
mcpartridgeboy (2 years ago)
+phil wiggins you fucing numbskull bowie died in 1990 don't morn him, his work lives on, who cares when his body died his contribution to society was gratefully receive up until 1990 !
What-If Machine (2 years ago)
+phil wiggins Ugh, right? I've been randomly breaking down in tears all day.
Robert Prenzel (2 years ago)
We will not ever forget you, master
Alexandra Pana (2 years ago)
RIP David Bowie. One of my favorite songs from the talented David Bowie
Shteve67 (2 years ago)
Can't believe he's gone. 😓
Chris Yanke (2 years ago)
RIP David Bowie you will be so missed forever!!
giovana giglioli (3 years ago)
Gonzalo Rosas (3 years ago)
David Bowie is the fashion.
TheRubberStudiosASMR (3 years ago)
Love the guitar distortion in this!
Daniel De Villa (1 year ago)
It was his birthday on May 16. What a guy. He also played the guitar riff on "Heroes".
Erich Diebold (2 years ago)
RIP David you will be missed
Lauren Moldowan (2 years ago)
+TheRubberStudiosASMR robert fripp
Erich Diebold (3 years ago)
+TheRubberStudiosASMR Crank it up!
jimmy page (3 years ago)
what a great song
Chris1313 (3 years ago)
They do it over there..not here..so go fuck youself....lol...love this guy :)
becky m (3 years ago)
by far one the most sexiest songs ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yummy
becky m (2 years ago)
+jimmy page sexy cause he IS,,love adore this song,,thats all..:)
jimmy page (3 years ago)
+becky m Sex? I dont see what you mean by that, but it is satirical
LAURA WOODS (3 years ago)
The fashion world SUCK'S
LAURA WOODS (3 years ago)
I agree 
jimmy page (3 years ago)
+may summerswaters wow, they worship people like the Kardashians
Garrett Johnson (3 years ago)
Robert Fripp's lead and Carlos Alomar's rhythm guitar work on this is awesome!
Charles law (3 years ago)
This is a classic Music at its best
brent smith (3 years ago)
Most of my favorite Bowie songs have Fripp on guitar.
lone violist (3 years ago)
Wild guitar work here.
eradeziel (3 years ago)
Love the guitar work in this song, always one of my Bowie faves :)
Jackie (3 years ago)
Many say Changes is Bowie's theme song. I say its Fashion.
Nicklaus Kindelberger (1 year ago)
Erich Diebold Oh....Damn, that stings.
Erich Diebold (2 years ago)
Happy Birthday David!! 70!!!
becky m (2 years ago)
+Erich Diebold i love bowie,, and this one and fame are my top two songs by him that i love
Erich Diebold (3 years ago)
+becky m Or Fame 90!
becky m (3 years ago)
+JackieAlvah1 this one and Fame,,,:0
Marco Dellorusso (4 years ago)
To me this song is about the superficiality of trends, and how they are ultimately meaningless. What's cool today, is forgotten tomorrow.

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