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Lesbians Explain : Bicurious Girls

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Text Comments (608)
Jose Bracamontes (1 month ago)
I am glad I am exclusively STRAIGHT MAN. Me being with a guy? No thanks.
Kari Campbell (2 months ago)
I guess i am an extremely bicuriouse then
Heaven Sutterfield (2 months ago)
I love how honest they are!, I can relate!!
smileyface702 (2 months ago)
Ally is so hot though. Fucking love her tats
Skye 98 (2 months ago)
Had an experience with a bicurious woman a little while ago. She knew I was gay and she was putting out vibes. She was older and married but still tried to take me home
Elīna Krūmiņa (2 months ago)
Girl with pirsing is so hot
James Sibson (2 months ago)
These lesbians are so bias!
Raja1938 (2 months ago)
Lesbians can turn any straight woman.
No Bozos (3 months ago)
Wishful thinking.
West Yorkshire (3 months ago)
There is no such thing as a Lesbian or a Bicurious Woman the only thing any Woman is into is Attention, Affection and Sex and they dont care were it comes from
soda (3 months ago)
I am bicurious because i've had relationships with men but I have been disgusted and weirded out by the thought of having sex with them but I am not disgusted by the thought of having sex with another woman but i've had crushes on pretty much only men in my life but never in a sexual way but when I for example crush on a female celebrity I always imagine making out with her at least but with male crushes I usually just admire them in an aesthetic way. Also people in my life have suspected that I am gay but I don't want to be gay so it's not like i'm having fun and being "wild" or anything while trying to find a woman to go out with.
Youtuber Trump (3 months ago)
I’m a male who’s a lesbian. I love women.
Ps4 Kuttan (3 months ago)
Does this mean that all lesbians are a little straight?
Little Switzerland (3 months ago)
I'm a bisexual. Nice bisexual shaming on this video. Are you also a Trump supporter? The nasty butch is a cultural appropriator. Wow, there is so much bigotry in this video if you were a straight male, I'd think you were a misogynist. I've been hearing this same shit since the 80's. There is a strain in the queer community that refuses to acknowledge bisexuality and heterosexuality.
AlyssaJade Butlin (3 months ago)
You can never stereotype a bi-curious women as people don't wear signs on there heads expressing their sexual preference or sexual curiosity
Shannon Stannard (3 months ago)
Of course there are 100% gay people. There are bisexual people not bi-curious people...if someone says they are bi-curious they are indeed a bisexual. Example: A heterosexual man has zero interest in being with another man. He is 100% heterosexual. People need to stop trying to invent new labels, smooth over or make less of a sexual attraction to the same sex or both. Simple.
Lex W. (3 months ago)
Im bicurious, but im sure about the gay part
loveispeace (3 months ago)
lip stick lesbians are my fav
Music Playlists (2 months ago)
I like girls who look feminine but have more of a tomboy personality the most
ricekristysquares snacks (3 months ago)
I'm bi curious....I am predominantly attracted to men but still have a strong attraction to women!!
Little Boots (3 months ago)
Bicurious girls could be b) discovering that they are indeed bi and struggling or a lesbian and struggling.
Little Boots (3 months ago)
Bicurious girls could be a.) A forl who this they look sexy or makes them look more desirable to the guys. U will notice this a parties when they try to kiss where there are people about.
Paige Werden (3 months ago)
This video just makes me more confused and frustrated wow thanks 😂
A. Irizarri (3 months ago)
That's true. It's not just a straight woman that could be bi curious but a gay woman that can be be bi curious.
Andres Castillo (3 months ago)
Wow I've learned alot from this video!!!!
Franzi Failed (4 months ago)
OK but the porn argument is totally invalid, because the study only tested if the woman get wet, and most scientists conclude that they were only preparing for potential rape (I know that sounds dumb, I don't know how to phrase that). I moist vagina is not as likely to be injured during sex.
mad angus (4 months ago)
Women who are not gay or bisexual shouldn't have sex with other women same goes for men a straight person shouldn't not have sex with same gender
Felix Williams (5 months ago)
I used to think that everyone was straight except for the occasional gay guy. Now I think that everyone is a little bit gay with the occasional straight person.
Yasmine Metayer (5 months ago)
I'm bicurious
Emily Christina (5 months ago)
"we've all got that little inner gay" = pride month mood
Heaven Squires (5 months ago)
I wanna be with a girl but like I've always been with guys and I kinda wanna know it's like to be with one and stuff
david dawson (5 months ago)
Your videos are the best!
Eve Speiser (6 months ago)
Im pretty sure im bi but i have a boyfriend that i love soooo much so at the moment im not attracted to anyone else. The confusion is real hehe
decaying roses (7 months ago)
in my o Bi curious should be a sexuality.. its basically saying you cant be bisexual. like say your attracted to guys extremely. but girls you arent in reality at all attracted to. but in porn or stuff like that, its just something there and makes you wonder. i think bi curious should be a sexuality 😐 if you dont like the opposite gender but you wonder, it doesnt mean ur bi or gay if your just curious in my op
Y2Kelly04 (8 months ago)
0:00 was all I needed to hear
Kaylynn Davis (8 months ago)
I personally have been calling myself Bi-Curious since High School (I'm 22). I just don't know. I've never been with anyone, man or woman. As time goes by I'm starting to think I might just be straight and just a little more into looking at women than most straight girls, if that makes sense...
John Wick (9 months ago)
Bi-Curios = because it's socially a "cool and awesome thing."
Hannah Mac (9 months ago)
Bicurious girls are so frustrating
Ruthy (11 months ago)
Animial porn *snores* XD
Jason Smedley (1 year ago)
Only men are truly bisexual. Women tend to be fake-sexual. Women will fake their interest in sex if there is a reward in return for faking it. Why do you think that prostitutes only have sex if they are paid for it?
Jason Smedley (1 year ago)
Most bi-curious girls are putting on an act to get attention. It's about their egos being satisfied with the attention they receive from sleazy straight guys.
FRESNOCHIC76 (1 year ago)
I'm a straight married mom who has always been bi curious but never had the chance but Im still turned on by woman also I'm a sexual human
Angie Romero (1 year ago)
someone that tolds me?
oh yeah yeah (1 year ago)
i think im on the wrong side of youtube damn it
Emma Benoit (1 year ago)
Why do you stereotype bi girls? What do you think they tend to go for? How about whoever tf they want!
Gabby Girl (1 year ago)
I think I'm straight and live with a boyfriend. I have had three experiences with girls where I was the aggressor, I started it and went down on them. one of them was an out lesbian and two were straight girls. the girls were feminine girls but I am attracted to more boyish looking girls. maybe I am a lesbian or bi. If I am bi am I a top or a bottom? I am attracted to butch but haven't experienced it and when I did have those experiences I seem to be the top??? so confused.
FemaleAnimeTrash (1 year ago)
Well my friends always claim that I'm lesbian, I know for sure I like guys but I'm not sure whether or not I like girls why is this so confusing, I'd be completely happy if I was Bi I'd just want to be sure
Nikita Michael (1 year ago)
looool a bicurious girl fucked me over recentlyyyyy so heart broken :(
Spicy Icecream (1 year ago)
I just discovered I was Bi-curious. Whatever that means. But idk, I just looked something up to try to understand it.
big deflater (1 year ago)
holisticmaryjane (1 year ago)
lesbian, gay, bi is a sexual reference. who you are attracted to. Not what you look like in a sense. bisexuals can all looks the same as straight girls. I have known many bisexuals, gays, and lesbians and the girls are still girls and look like straight girls. lol. bicurious is just curiousity and at times confusion on what you like. Nothing wrong with it. The only time you look differ ent is if the girl is more butch or tomgirlish which there are straight girls that have a boyish aura to them.
holisticmaryjane (1 year ago)
lesbian, gay, bi is a sexual reference. who you are attracted to. Not what you look like in a sense. bisexuals can all looks the same as straight girls. I have known many bisexuals, gays, and lesbians and the girls are still girls and look like straight girls. lol. bicurious is just curiousity and at times confusion on what you like. Nothing wrong with it. The only time you look different is if the girl is more butch or tomgirlish which there are straight girls that have a boyish aura to them.
Stacey Staser (1 year ago)
I'm so confused lmao, like I'm into guys, but being with one right now doesn't appeal to me that much, I'm much more interested in girls. I've never been with one but I have a huge crush on one, everything about them just makes me ahhhh but I'm more attracted to them then they're body. I'd do stuff with them but that's not a reason I fancy them? I know I'm not really sexually attracted to girls on the offset but sometimes I am with guys, does anyone know what this is?
GarlicKiss (1 year ago)
Homoromantic maybe?
Lucie Donajová (1 year ago)
You get it completely wrong. I'm bicurious. I know I'm into girls, but I'm not 100% sure if I'm into boys. And yes, I AM A GIRL. You think is't just one side of being bicurious. ( Sorry for my english, not a native speaker )
Dom (2 months ago)
same with me btw. looking at your name, are you Czech?
Beatrice Rolande (3 months ago)
Lucie Donajová this is me too.
Maddie tme (1 year ago)
Ally was so pretty in this video
No Stop (2 years ago)
I love this video so much.
No Stop (2 years ago)
I get a feeling so complicated cool? How?
Justine Micallef (2 years ago)
No Stop dude you're everywhere ! That's so cool !
No Stop (2 years ago)
These girls are so attractive
lilian watson (2 years ago)
i found a lesbian girl absolutely hot but it was to the point where she looked like a guy sooo??? idk but i also kinda liked a girl that was girly but I'm strait but bi-curoius and confused help.... and the only one i can talk to about being confused is my sister cause I'm afraid if i told my mom or best friend that they'd just assume I'm bi when i may not be...idk help ( I've always only ever saw guys attractive but every now and then i kinda look at a girl and just wonder so idk if i could be bi but just prefer guys idk)
The couple that were both wearing gray are so cute.
pennylane pixie (2 years ago)
Ive just got to say that brunette girl with rose tattoo on her arm and those green eyes lmg stunning, would make any girl bicurious 😍😍
Sheikh Brinta Siddiqa (1 year ago)
She definitely would!
Morgan James (2 years ago)
Ally Hills. You're welcome. :P
Boneless Chicken (2 years ago)
Ally is so smart XD
Fearless Dreamer (2 years ago)
Is 'bicurious' a sexuality or just a phase? Can people identify as bicurious?... I really can't figure out...
Fearless Dreamer (2 years ago)
We've all got 'inner gay'😹
Kylah Tomlinson (2 years ago)
Question: If you're straight and do not like your body and people tell you to love your female body aren't they pretty much telling you to love another female's body? Even though not all women are the same shape or type.
alyssa bruce (2 years ago)
I am bisexual and I never have been attracted to lesbians .... I have always been attracted to bisexual women and mostly they were not confident about it and I'm not completely our or confident either but I am attracted to guys too but never really has an emotional connection with a guy ...
kelsie the leo smith (2 years ago)
Ok I like all the straight girls that are really hot and it sucks because I'm all alone and everyone knows I like girls and they tease me with it and in the end one of the guys ends up getting the girl.
MissPaulih (2 years ago)
I do believe that there are people who are completely straight just as there are people who are completely gay, however, i wouldn't say they're the vast majority like people seem to think.
Linda (2 years ago)
Hahaha. Most true statement in this video. "They go for the extremes either super hot lipstick lesbian, a stud of their BEST FRIEND" lmao. Yeah that best friend thing.... lol. no comment. hahaha but come on.... I think if your have a hot best friend you can be gay, lesbian, bi sexual, curios and you're gonna try! lol
Geneviève ? (2 years ago)
It's true! I am a straight woman and I think girls are so hot and beautiful and I would sleep with them hahah
James Sibson (2 months ago)
Your not straight fool
Kitty Claire (10 months ago)
ojideagu i was gonna say 😂. You don‘t sound straight at all
ojideagu (1 year ago)
Then you're not straight then are you
Lily Bernabe (2 years ago)
The interracial couple was so cute
starryian007 (2 years ago)
Another gay propaganda video (yawn) Another video on how 'great' gay sex is compared to straight sex. No wonder so many young people are mentally fucked up. Nice little feminist piece too. How fab women are compared to men. (Yawn)
No Stop (2 years ago)
starryian007 you didn't answer my question, dumbass. You're clearly the irrelevant one here. Look at yourself.
No Stop (2 years ago)
starryian007 kys
Ace Spa (2 years ago)
Sounds silly but I find it hard to believe anyone is completely straight. I could fall for either and have.
ojideagu? Could I ask you something?
Roy Mustang Wrong. Franz Ewell wrote ~ _I knew I was 100% gay because I always had attraction toward women and were indifferent toward men. In fact, they seem like they were my brothers or comrades (since I have more male energy). So no physical, sexual, romantic or emotional attraction toward men but just loved women and love only women._ In mind of a lesbian in what attracts them to women and not to men is similar to 100% heterosexual men. Since lesbians have brain patterns similar to heterosexual males. So few people are actually fully gay or straight.
Minty Sweet Twixt (1 year ago)
Ace Spa Incorrect. I know heterosexuals and homosexuals who have always been attracted to one gender and were indifferent towards the other sex. And just so you know I do agree that not everyone's sexuality is fluid however there is studies that being completely homosexual ( Kinsey 6 ) and completely heterosexual ( Kinsey 0 ) is shown to be rather rare for individuals. For me I believe that sexuality is ONLY fluid or at least tends to for those who self-identified as bisexuals, otherwise it remains the same. Those terms “homoflexible” and “heteroflexible” that people who aren't completely sure to their own sexuality. For me being Gay by definition means you don't have any sexual or romantic desire towards the opposite gender. Or in other words you can still feel some subtle attractions but you can never imagined being attracted (100%) to them or be with them. You don't necessarily have to be exclusively homosexual but at the same time you just don't feel the same towards the opposite sex as you do to the same sex if you aren't completely homosexual if that makes sense -- in my opinion. The heterosexual-homosexual numerical rating scale which ranks sexuality from exclusively heterosexual (a "0" on the scale) to exclusively homosexual (a "6"). Rating Description 0 Exclusively heterosexual, with no homosexual 1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual 2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual 3 Equally heterosexual and homosexual 4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual 5 Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual 6 Exclusively homosexual, with no heterosexual X Asexual *What number would you rate yourself on The Kinsey Scale, Ace?*
Roy Mustang (1 year ago)
+ojideagu yeah
ojideagu (1 year ago)
Sure ok I get you. I personally don't find it hard to believe.
Tamyra Viveen (2 years ago)
I just found out today (not after watching this vid) that I'm bicurious
mariah melton (2 years ago)
Straight girls are always two drinks away from being bicurious
Jason Smedley (1 year ago)
Only true in porn or if the woman is seeking to get a reward from a guy. Women will often accept cash to demean themselves in front of men.
Samantha wolf (1 year ago)
mariah melton Hahahahahahahaghahahahahagsjdvah DC ajahahahahahahagsfkefsh dau abahaahahhahd von e uwahahha😧😧😧😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😋😂😂gahahahahahahahah!!!!!
Roy Mustang (2 years ago)
D3ad M3mori3s (2 years ago)
I thought I was watching buzzfeed LOL
Rafaela Scheiwiller (2 years ago)
im bi, but ive never been with a girl... xD would you consider me rather bicurious, because i dont have the experience?
MissPaulih (2 years ago)
In all honesty you're whatever you define yourself as. I personally think that being in a relationsip with a man doesn't make you any less bi (unless you're not sure you really like girls).
Rafaela Scheiwiller (2 years ago)
+DisneyMagicDreamer85 thats a great adive^^ its also not healthy if you always need someone around you to have fun. If you can enjoy being alone sometimes, your outlook on yourself is so much healthier :)
DisneyMagicDreamer85 (2 years ago)
I hear you. It's hard having a different view on life especially one that ppl don't always understand. My experience is that the best thing you can do is love yourself, because when you love the life you'r living, then other ppl will wanna love you too. Those are the friends worth having, the ones that love you for who you are.
Rafaela Scheiwiller (2 years ago)
+DisneyMagicDreamer85 wow thats a long time^^ i broke up with my bf after two years and now im single and yeah... the problem is, i could never go to a girl and ask her if she dated girls or something like this.. ugh im too shy
DisneyMagicDreamer85 (2 years ago)
Same here! I only identify as bi-curious strictly because I haven't had any actual relationships with my own gender. I know that I would be totally open to a relationship with either gender and I could confidently have a long lasting, monogamous relationship regardless of which gender my partner was. The fact is, my last relationship was monogamous and lasted for eight years!
GracieEsMe Herro (2 years ago)
All these ladies are beautiful
KLM NOP (2 years ago)
what I see is not curious people but bisexuals who are afraid to admit it to themselves. being straight is not only liking the opposite sex but not liking the same sex at all. there's no attraction. of course it may be a little different for women, but what I'm saying is once you feel physically attracted by someone of the same gender the appropriate word for you is bisexual not curious. unfortunately there's no other names to make some distinctions. i guess that's why a lot of girls who are attracted by women and even had sex once with them consider themselves straight, but your sexual orientation is not about your sexual activity nor your relationships. it's only what you like. so if you watch lesbian porn it's because you obviously you like it.
TeleTrans 1 (2 years ago)
+leo gyui It's not quite that simple. Sometimes it's not so easy to sort out one's sexual orientation. I have gone through quite a few orientation labels in my life. Bi, gay man, pan sexual. Most recently I figured I was asexual. But now I am wondering if I am a lesbian. Being a transsexual complicates things. In fantasy land I have gotten turned on by sex with men and women; both as a man and a woman. However fantasy is not reality. So I am not sure if I actually have any desire for sex; let alone sex with women. I may not get that sorted out until I get Sex Reassignment Surgery. Even without transsexuality things can be difficult to sort out. So I think it's reasonable for someone to be curious. Maybe they are sure if they would want to have sex with another woman. Maybe they need to try it to find out. Sometimes you don't know if you are into something until you have tried it out.
Vinter (2 years ago)
I'm 20 and I really don't have a clue if I'm actually bi. I would love to have a conversation with another bi/lesbian girl and also test my waters but I'm really afraid that I may end up being straight after all and having just "used" the person to figure myself out :/
MediocreHaddie (7 months ago)
Vinter I know this comment is ooold, but I just wanted to say: you're not using the person you're experimenting with if you're upfront about it. Just let them know you're questioning your sexuality and you want to test your theory out. That way they know what they're getting themselves into, so there's no reason for them to feel taken advantage of, since you already told them it may lead to nothing and not to expect too much from it, but to look at it like casual fun. Good luck! 😄
S. B. (2 years ago)
+Vinter you know there is nothing wrong with that :). Also even if it didn't work out with that person, it wouldn't necessarily mean you are straight. She could just be not the right person. We've all "used" someone to test the waters, but truly how you feel about the theory of things (if looking at pictures of hot girls turn you on, and/or if you dream about being with a girl) is who you are. Also sexuality is fluid. You could be bi now and then just straight in a few years. It's totally natural :). Good luck in finding that person for you :)
Jennifer Sunshine (2 years ago)
that chick with the nose piercing is frickin hot!  DAMN
Nightsong (2 years ago)
can someone give me a link to this experiment? id love to read details about it :3
Lara Milli (2 years ago)
i have a question: is it a tur on or nice in bed for a lesbian if a woman is flexible?
Lindsarella328 (2 years ago)
Do these girls (other than Ally) have a channel?
Katharina Littleperson (2 years ago)
+Lindsarella328 Marissa Farina. ABout the couple I don't know :)
Charizma Velazquez (2 years ago)
i have a friend that says she is bi curious but she loves to kiss girls but has never gone to bed with one
Polly Dimitrov 666 (2 years ago)
How old is she like 12?
Anna Villa (2 years ago)
I love being bisexual...
theycallmedents (2 years ago)
Ally trying to tiptoe around to not offend anyone XD LOL
neutrino78x (2 years ago)
I think the men being turned by only their sexual preference concept is largely cultural or learned behavior. I recently started watching gay porn about 3 years ago and these days I enjoy it very much, although lesbian porn is still my preference. :)
Bianca Jade (2 years ago)
I love how awkward Ally is about this.
tyler-jauregui (2 years ago)
+I'mnotEmma True hahah
Bianca Jade (2 years ago)
+I'mnotEmma Hahaha yeah
I'mnotEmma (2 years ago)
Isn't Ally awkward about anything? 😂
Kiara DV (2 years ago)
Ally makes me bi curious.
reywolf74 (2 years ago)
She's such a babe
Aurora Borealis (3 years ago)
oh my Ally Hills
Truth Teller (3 years ago)
Birth control is also a major source of artificial hormonal manipulation. They did a study, and women on birth control were more attracted to feminine faces. Watch the xenoestrogens in the environment, as well. It affects your endocrine system. -- which plays a part in the sexuality that you're attracted to. You're being manipulated, girls. The only safe birth control is the hormone-free i.u.d.
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
+kittennsweetiee No worries.  We all need to rant every now and again.  I most definitely think you're straight.  Especially because you said that you kissed girls in the past, but hated it.  I just think that being molested has kind of left a scar on you, and made you think you're confused about your sexuality, when you're really not.  
Ashley Rouse (2 years ago)
+Truth Teller I don't think you are being a smart ass. lol I also have no idea what I am, myself. For now I identify with being straight because my husband is the only person I really desire sexually. I have had fantasies about men and women, but I never want actual sex with a person until I have an emotional connection. I forgot what the term is, but basically you have no actual sexual desire for that person until you build up a connection with them. I have kissed girls in the past but hated it. I am not sure if it is because I was molested by a female in the past, I am just not interested in other females, or if it is because I never connected with a female. But, I also have had sexual "flings" with guys where we didn't have sex, but did sexual activities. They also weren't booty calls, but were people I was kind of seeing or dating at the time. Even then I did not really enjoy it, mainly did it out of pressure. But, so far the man I am married to now is the only person I really have enjoyed kissing and doing anything sexual with. At first I didn't like kissing him, but once we grew closer I ended up enjoying being really intimate. So basically I will never know what I am because it's hard for me to even enjoy being sexually intimate with another person. It is funny because I can fantasize hardcore about someone, but actually being with them feels less enjoyable, unless I am invested in them. Sexuality is such a hard thing to understand. :/ Ugh. Sorry for the rant.
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
+kittennsweetiee I'm in no way trying to be a smart ass, but I just think that you're naturally bisexual. 
Ashley Rouse (2 years ago)
+Truth Teller Honestly, I have always been more attracted to feminine faces. I have always been pretty turned off by guys who seemed extremely masculine. Like being super hairy, extremely muscular, rough skin, etc. I always thought men who appeared more feminine and acted more feminine were extremely sexy. I have only been on birth control for about a year now, but I always have thought like this. Even with my husband I thought one of his sexist features was his long eyelashes. I really like how he has a strong combination of feminine and masculine features, it is irresistible. That is probably why people are obsessed with "pretty men", they are like the perfect combination. That is probably why a lot of women desire gay men, even though we can't have them. lol
Truth Teller (3 years ago)
The hormone-free one is the copper i.u.d.
Truth Teller (3 years ago)
Most women are just easily brainwashed and follow the herd. It's been nothing but a lesbian fest -- everywhere -- for the last 20 years. On TV, radio, Internet, movies, etc. This allows women to lower their guard and think, "Well, the media seems to think its okay and the 'in' thing to do, so maybe it's okay to give it a try." Trust me, most older women have absolutely zero interest in women and that's because they weren't brainwashed from a young age to think its okay and normal.
Black Phillip (2 years ago)
Yeah, you're basically right. Fifty years ago, women were mostly straight? Now? I can't even think of one straight female western celebrity under the age of 35.
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
+hellomyfriend4427 Yes, it is.  Sorry.
hellomyfriend4427 (2 years ago)
Not true, sorry
juanina trese (3 years ago)
yey allyyyyyyyyy!
Leah Burke (3 years ago)
tbh I don't think there is a certain look but then again I wouldn't know I was dating this 'bi' girl for over a year she planned a future with me then she dumped me saying she was straight and now she got a bf hugs anyone XD
Kenda's Corner (3 years ago)
Wow so true
Alissa Gilbert (3 years ago)
So I have had a couple girlfriend but have never really gotten to home base with any of them. I would like to know if lesbians still consider that bi curious? I've rarely been attracted to super butchy girls, more androgynous or femme women whom are usually pretty established in their les/bi identity/. I'm also married to an awesome guy now so I am just curious because I probably won't ever experience the girl on girl action so I am burning for an answer lol.
Pixie Girl 33 (3 years ago)
Arielle, you are Amazing, first of all, second of all, have you done? or would you do a new lesbian going into chatrooms/dating sites tips/etiquette? I don't know, I am currently experiencing it for the first time and the first day, I got, frost bite and the second time was so intense, that I almost starting doubting myself again and thought nooo I must be bi!!!??? Confused can you help???
Troy S (3 years ago)
There's no such thing as 'bicurious'. If you have a crush, and some sexual attraction towards a member of your own sex, then you're bisexual, or homosexual. The very fact that you have an attraction means you're not straight.
Poke 900999 Poke 900 (2 years ago)
Thanks :D
Halo Halo (3 years ago)
ally is so kiewwt..
Heaven Cabrejos (3 years ago)
My thing is that I don't know what I am when it comes to knowing that. I have only tried dating guys and Never with girls. I'm demisexual so how they look doesn't exactly play a role. It is simply their personalities that attract me and then I think... "he is so handsome... she is so beautiful" with all sexes. Not just men and women. But again, I can't tell because I've only been with guys and Demisexual. Only have 1 guy I have ever been sexually attracted to. and I have had a couple crushes on girls from knowing them for forever. so.... I'm confused. Whatever. It is who I like! :)
TheYasminThing (3 years ago)
I find a person attractive in the way they think and act, in their personality. Their gender is of less importance. I have for instance dated guys before, and now I have fallen in love with the most amazing girl... I don't know where this would put me on the scale of "sexuality", but then again, it isn't that important... what I'm trying to say is.. you do you boo! Do whatever makes you happy and love to the fullest.
VF (3 years ago)
+TheYasminThing it looks like you may be pansexual, that means you fall in love with the person for who they are but not for their gender, whatever that is :)

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