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Ultralight Backpacking Rain Gear Solution! Silnylon Hammock, Poncho, Tarp Shelter & Ground Cloth.

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Ultralight Backpacking Rain Gear Solution! Silnylon Hammock, Poncho, Tarp Shelter & Ground Cloth. Contact us: [email protected] Purchase products here: https://www.fireboxstove.com/index.php?route=common/home Poncho/Hammock: https://www.fireboxstove.com/silnylon-poncho?keyword=ponch Rain gear and backpacks generally don't get along. Getting it on and off is a pain, sometimes the rain is intermittent and having rain gear on in the sunshine is not an option. This poncho system solves all those problems. Even though it's durable, it remains ultralight by being multi use as it works as a hammock, ground cloth or tarp shelter at camp. As you can tell, I love mine! I backpack in the Utah Mountains, the weather is very unpredictable and getting wet and cold can mean hypothermia. I take preparedness for bad weather very seriously and feel very confident with my system.
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Text Comments (42)
Jerome Solti (3 months ago)
its like 100 Dollar
flpirate45 (7 months ago)
Kool set up Steve.
Firebox Stove (7 months ago)
Thank you! Cheers!
Christian Guerrero (8 months ago)
Awesome advice sir and thank you so much for sharing.
Firebox Stove (8 months ago)
Thank you for the kind words, appreciate that.
Hunters Moon (1 year ago)
I bought two of these in a cheaper brand. I would never use those as a hammock so might get one of the the Firebox brand. Great review thanks.
HaasGrotesk (1 year ago)
Wow, that's not a bad idea. The problem I'm having and that you seem to have solved is the hassle of taking it on and off. When I put my rain jacket on, even if it's not raining I tend to keep it on cause of the hassle of having to take off my backpack, then my rain jacket, then having to put it in the backpack, then put on the backpack again. This way if the weather is bad it's ready to be used. I have a similar poncho put 18oz is way to heavy for what I need so I'll try to find a lighter poncho. Thanks for the idea!
Joseph Meyers (1 year ago)
I'm surprised the poncho tarp is strong enough to serve as a hammock. I would be really surprised if the ultralight poncho tarps I see on the market are strong enough. In your experience, are there some poncho tarps on the market that are strong enough and some that aren't? Which ones are strong enough to be used as a hammock, in your experience?
Firebox Stove (1 year ago)
The WI Poncho: http://www.fireboxstove.com/silnylon-poncho?search=poncho Is absolutely strong enough. It may not be the lightest, but it's dependable and you don't have to baby it. I love mine!
Hiker in Estonia (2 years ago)
This is genius! I have been searching for a decent rain jacket for a long time now but haven't bought anything as they are so expencive. And I find the put-on-take-of thing very annoying as well. Omg, this is solution to my problems, thanks for the tip!
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
My pleasure! Thanks for watching!
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Ultralight Backpacking Stove Review by Living Survival of the Firebox Nano with mention of the Emberlit Fire Ant : https://youtu.be/zJCgCNQIP7U
Erich F. (2 years ago)
Will other colors be available in the future? We have a spring and fall Bear hunting season where i live and im not sure about wearing a big black poncho. I like the coverage it provides and how versitile it is. Love it, but wish that you had other color options!
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Got ya on the other vid.
Forestwalker111 (2 years ago)
Nice Steve! This is an old Cub Scout technique up here in Canada that I use with my DD poncho tarp. I'm glad to see you using it too brother. I'm like you and hate being over dressed for a party. Lol Be well Craig
Forestwalker111 (2 years ago)
+FireboxStove lol, I wish! I think this is the first tip video I've ever watched where I said "hey!, I know that one!" Lol I'm still awkward in rain gear even with this. Lol The eternal quest to get into better shape. The fun is in the journey for sure! :) Cheers brother C
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Canadians know all the best camping tricks! I was excited about the idea because rain gear has always been so awkward for me when backpacking and this works so well!
TBNTX (2 years ago)
Wow. I think I'll need to get one of these!
TBNTX (2 years ago)
Watch for my order!
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
If you do, you won't regret it! They are made next door by people who take great pride in the quality of their products.
Don Milligan (2 years ago)
great poncho
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Thanks Don!
sameold77 (2 years ago)
Nice product.
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
jKat zz (2 years ago)
Nice tip! And so many variables to make this work. Appreciate (thumbs up)
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Canesser (2 years ago)
Have had my eye on Perry's excellent products for some time (it's just that nasty US $ exchange with a weak Canadian dollar that holds me back), you'vemade a great case for it with the versatility the poncho offers to the whole outdoor experience. My only problem with ponchos in previous storms is in high storm winds. If there is no way to secure sides you tend to end up getting wet anyway and wearing it around your head lol. If I remember correctly Perry has a way to secure sides.
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
They do snap down the sides and 12 tie outs so I would think something could be done
Firdaus Aziz (2 years ago)
What backpack is that Steve?
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
It's a Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian with an upgraded belt. Most comfortable pack ever!
Finn Green (2 years ago)
. . . 1:24...teamwork. nice. was just about to press send regarding hey! how about the pup... nice system winds... maybe not and that scenery never gets old... . . . . sign me: Northeast aka congestion and general mayhem... . . .
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Thanks! In high winds I would probably sit and wait it out somewhere. I hate wind!
John Lord (2 years ago)
Yup! Reason why I use tyvek instead. All the said uses and multipurpose options.
John Lord (2 years ago)
No website link options. Actually, no poncho in this design. If you want better "no-poncho" option with the tyvek tarp/tent/hammock, ... then consider Home Depot, and buy a tyvek painters (with hoodie) zip up suit. Works excellent by itself, in brush and wet grass, rain storms, snow blizzard, no need for gaiters. Great winter white stealth hunting suit (can paint in RealTree for other hunting season camouflage). Mere ounces, wearing ruck or hiking pack over it. Folds to 1" x 6" x 6". Home Depot, buy a 1 gallon white mesh paint can strainer, and use for mosquito netting on head (!) 3 for $3 vs others $10 each! Go to Dollar Store and buy $1 shower rain caps (3 per pack) to put over boonie hat and head keeping you dry. Can easily modify the painter and hoodie suit into ghillie camou suit. Same options for ghillie the tarp/tent/hammock into a ghillie camou design. Other tyvek lengths make into tree stand, land stand, duck blind, and ghillie options with camou paint and brush. Lighter, stronger, less costly than canvas tarps, can make vertical razor cuts in blind for peek out rifle positions, rain proof, wind resistant, warm but no overheating, no wind noise on fabric, and ghillie up into superb camou hidey hole. If you use long length of tyvek, can make into family tent design, Cut 9x21 feet for 3 person triangle shape pyramid, 9x28 feet for 4 person square design. Infold upper edges (and velcro patch) together hanging under tree limb or pole-standing design. Or make into long linear design, each person sleeping along a long fire, as the 03/3-6/6-9 foot open or closed edge. Just a private person watching YT vids for past 15+ months and making 60+ different innovations for my own bushcraft and prepping needs. Mention them for others making their own. I don't send photos of my gear, but could send you photo of drawings, that you can duplicate.
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Cool, a Tyvek poncho, hammock, with tie outs for use as a tarp shelter. Can you send a link?
Jacqueline (2 years ago)
I knew that must be a Perry poncho! I own one and love it to death. It is my winter survival shelter, add a candle lantern with a mylar poncho liner and I will surely survive the night. Thanks for sharing and great idea on attaching it to your pack!
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Yes! Thanks Jacqueline!
dalton vickers (2 years ago)
That is a great idea. I like the way you use it. Thanks for the video
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching Dalton!
PA Z-BIRD (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing Steve! I've been doing a lot of cooking on the Firebox a lot of videos coming up check them out if you ever have a chance just wanted to stop by and say hi
PA Z-BIRD (2 years ago)
this is just my first burn more videos to come I'll send you the links thanks again Steve
Firebox Stove (2 years ago)
Cool! As you finish them send me a link and I'll promote them! Thanks!

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