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Zack Bauer | Date Hotter Girls: Better, Faster & Easier [HD]

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Subscribe on Youtube: http://t21c.com/W5AZ1g Subscribe by e-mail: http://www.the21convention.com Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/beachmuscles There is no perfect line to say to a beautiful woman. Zach Bauer shows how grabbing a girl’s full attention is the first step in a conversation and that friction in a conversation is just an opportunity to define your game using damage control. This talk explains what to do and how to do it. In this video, you will learn: - The core of F.E.R.A. - How to use statements effectively. - How to control and take responsibility in an interaction. About Zack Bauer Zack Bauer has been a lover of womankind for decades. His shameless shenanigans and fun-loving attitude found a natural home in New York City. After moving to NY after college, Zack turned to pickup and dating advice to acclimate him to the chaotic, fast-paced city nightlife. Zack quickly sifted the positive information from the armchair nerd advice that has no application in the real world. After meeting his brilliant wingman Rob Judge ( http://bit.ly/vbuSLr ), the New York duo challenged each other to push the outer limits of success with women. Together they pooled their knowledge of what did and did not work. After years of experience and an uncountable number of girls, Zack and Rob created the 4-EG system for meeting, attracting, dating, and keeping women of beauty and quality. As Zack and Rob's reputation spread through New York, they began accepting students for weekend programs that helped men realize their potential to date the women they've always wanted. Some of Rob and Zack's students achieved overnight transformations, going from men who were virgins to men who are envied by others—sometimes within a few weeks after program! Students of Zack and Rob's 4-EG system achieved such fast, undeniable success because the system balances 4 natural behaviors rather than forcing men to learn and practice a bunch of new behaviors. Zack Bauer has taught weekend programs in cities all over the world and has spoken at a number of world renowned conferences. Visit Zack at http://bit.ly/vbuSLr ~~~ Download the full audio speech at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=968399 Download the full HD video at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=968400 Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/BxHd/
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Text Comments (121)
leo leo (1 day ago)
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John Cook (1 month ago)
He looks like he just got out of bed, totally unkempt! I don't think that is what women are looking for ;-)
Jake Hudson (3 months ago)
Ring Adding (9 months ago)
He tries too hard. Not my type.
Gordon G (11 months ago)
What is the fact of the matter !?
Robbie Payne (1 year ago)
‘He’s no homo.’... Being disparaging to men with other sexualities means this guy hasn’t got his stuff together. This guy is still a teen in a twenties body or is he in his thirties?
kreyton76 (1 year ago)
presentation sucks not clear no points all do is just talk.....
Sandor Clegane (8 months ago)
you know, its not easy when you are new to public speaking, you know. So, you know. Maybe don't judge until you know, your in a similar situation. you know?
Theresa Franklin (1 year ago)
What is a hot chick .. do not think I fit the bill .. better just look for girl friends
Dustin Strong (1 year ago)
Holy shit! After watching your video I realized THIS is what I was already doing with the women who ended up coming home with me and in whome I had the greatest fun with....and I didn't even think about what I was doing before. I went through all four of these stages without even being conscious of the process. It was natural and I wasn't 'thinking'. It absolutely works. Yes she was doing most of the work and leading things to sex with minimal work on my end. It was the most natural and enjoyable process. From my end, I was just in the moment and enjoying the girl escalating things sexually within minutes of meeting her...I was owning that interaction and amusing my own desires and pleasures...not aggressively or forcefully...but softly...and building up - just taking pleasure in being with her and being sensual and playful. If I was 'thinking' and too much in my head it wouldn't have worked. It worked effortlessly because I was 'feeling' and being fully present in the 'experience'. I was able to meet a stranger and turn her into my Lover within a very short span of time (that day). When I reflect on those experiences it was massively enjoyable for the both of us. It's not game playing. It's pure fun and the most natural thing. Now you have shown me that there is a structure that can guide me to intentionally rinse and repeat that process. Thank you! :) P.S. This has worked for me flawlessly in public in the daytime. I executed this process perfectly at the public library. I really Love that because I don't like bars and clubs. It was one of my greatest feelings to know that I can go to places I already enjoy going to that I low-key and off the radar and have incredible experiences with beautiful girls. This adds a whole new dimension to the way I experience being out and about during the day.
Brody Fisher (1 year ago)
This guy couldn't get pussy in a whore house.
Brody Fisher (1 year ago)
Tony LOL
Tony (1 year ago)
The last contact with pussy he had was with his pet dog....looks like a homeless grub.
ActuallyEayllon (1 year ago)
Wow, never heard so many facts in one video!
Robert cekay (1 year ago)
Yea but whats the fact of the matter.
Ricky Le (1 year ago)
the fact of the matter is - matter is a fact.
Robb Feldhaus (1 year ago)
What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind. Matter is a mental fact, true, but not a non-mental fact. IOW matter does not exist apart from consciousness. W\As for whatever might, ex hypothesi, exist apart from consciousness, we could have absolutely nothing to say about it or know anything about it (obviously) (tautologically). (I'm taking a side in a huge, thousands-year-old debate in philosophy, East and West)
RJ (2 years ago)
This dude has so many facts it's crazy! And they are all of the matter!
Jasmina Mitrovic (2 years ago)
Read Date hotter girls review on my blog before you buy. Go to *josereviews. com/date-hotter-girls-review/* Thanks. Arden.
Artyom Arty (2 years ago)
the thing I dont understand is why 'Gamers" look so much for just sex rather than mutual love. Every guy I know wants mutual love. I want love (and I have it), who are these gamers who want just sex? Ive never met these people. Are you guys so fake that no good woman actually ever loves you?
Artyom Arty (2 years ago)
this is actually very smart, its the naturally intuitive way to pick up girls. Its how men who are successful with women for many years do it. You just come up and be aggressive: you have fun, you make statements, and then maybe ask questions and after questions you keep making statements and keep asking questions, and be physically close to her all the time. Thats it, thats all one needs to know about this "game". By making statements you show you're not a little bitch and you have an opinion and can lead, this really helps if you are naturally an inquisitve/curious person and are well-read cuz most hotties are actually educated
mistertexaz (1 year ago)
Robb Feldhaus Exactly. I think the hotter a girl is, the less she needs to worry about education and making it in life. They get a lot of passes in life.
Robb Feldhaus (1 year ago)
"most hotties are actually educated" lol. A large random sample of women, measured for both hotness and education level, would show NO significant correlation between those two variables. IOW a hot girl could as easily be educated as uneducated; and an educated woman could as easily be hot as not.
Keith Hanson (2 years ago)
This guy is the biggest tool out there.  This filthy hippy needs to shave the beard and cut the hair, and maybe he'd double... even TRIPLE the likelihood that a female would actually want to talk to him. Chicks like confident, strong men.  Alphas.  Strong, assertive confidence will get the girl.  Contrary to popular belief, the meek shall NOT inherit the earth.  They'll get trampled and die lonely; drowning in a sea of hand lotion and crusty paper towels.
Robb Feldhaus (1 year ago)
sir, you are a credit to your gender.
Matlockization (2 years ago)
I have to say that most PUA's couldn't teach their success even if it meant their lives depended on it. And Zack is the best at leaving guys more confused then anyone I know.
Barry (3 years ago)
I appreciate that he is trying to help other guys be more successful with women. I just don't find his information very helpful. I get the sense Zack doesn't realize this is what a lot of guys already do without a lot of success, and that it works for him, not because of what he says, but because he's good looking and gives off a confident vibe. Of course women will be intrigued. The average guy will do better to listen to Nick Sparks and Corey Wayne. Doc Love also gives good tactical advice on dealing with women.
Bryce Tubbs (3 years ago)
Was that Jeffy who gave the opener?
Kaddywompous (3 years ago)
Good stuff but, "the fact of the matter is" he could use some public speaking lessons.
Chris G (2 years ago)
A matter a fact , it's just a nervous tick
Artyom Arty (2 years ago)
no, the contrary. A good public speaker sells himself, a bad one actually sells his ideas. A good public speaker's ideas can be very deceiving
Ricardo8388 (3 years ago)
What a bullshit story.,. if a guy like him with his face and posture and surfer kinda style.. he falls in a large bracket of girls who like him. This whole story to get ppl going and listen to him.. what a fckng joke xD
Ricardo8388 (2 years ago)
+Artyom Arty Not sure if you are this dumb.. but I am telling you that this is good looking and charismatic. Obviously you dont understand what Im saying.. So please refrain from commenting. Also to make my point clearer.. I would believe this shit if he was ugly as fck..
Artyom Arty (2 years ago)
listen stupid, think about it logically. I know you're retarded, but just think about this. If he was HOT and charismatic, would you then believe his method? Would it ever cross your small rat brain that you actually DONT want someone charming and hot telling you how to pick up chicks?
Ricardo8388 (3 years ago)
+Krystian Torres  Nope its just sad that he trys to sell his shit using himselve as an example. Its totally unbelieveble but hey many gullable retards in the world
Krystian Torres (3 years ago)
+Ricardo8388 You mad, bro?
TrevorAugustine (3 years ago)
I have been doing this shit without even realizing. That explains a lot haha.
Artyom Arty (2 years ago)
same. plenty of success. I am just here cuz curious. My motto is go out and find out yourself how to pick them up cuz every guy is different. But if I was a dating advisor, I would simply tell people to enroll in classes and extracurricular activities and visit 3rd world countries
An Unknown MAN (4 years ago)
This video really hitter the spot, tried most of your stuff and it works like a charm. Thank you for sharing it really means a lot to me.
Jason Carranza (4 years ago)
Don't try to be funny the whole time,she'll look at you as an entertainer and there won't be any attraction.
Jason Carranza (4 years ago)
Don't get attached to the outcome.
Anton Ponovescu (4 years ago)
the fact of the matter is that this guy is pretty cool, the fact of the matter.
nikolavgeorgiev (4 years ago)
This guy gives interesting perspective to the whole game, but it's really irritating when he keeps on saying "the fact of the matter" over and over and fucking over again...
guyrelax (4 years ago)
seriously I came down here to comment the exact same thing.
Julius R (4 years ago)
Women don't think in clear cut ways, especially not to most men. Their logic isn't our logic. It's not incredibly simple to attract women, because they have different standards for attraction. The real key is qualifying them, not the other way around. Think spontaneously, not rigid canned openings. You can't convince them through 'reason' why to date or fall in love with you.  
Nico Strasso (4 years ago)
 Didn't hear anything  that  made any sence
Affinity (4 years ago)
Pick up lines mean shit. Making eye contact, walking up to the girl with intent, talking slowly and confidently about whatever is all you need. That's what I got. 
Tim Trihey (4 years ago)
"You have and accent don't you" is a question...... 
Maximilian Stan (4 years ago)
the fact to the matter
MrYounggunxxx (4 years ago)
summarize: 45:00
Sandor Clegane (7 months ago)
You sir are a gentleman
Groovy Shoos (5 years ago)
The like button is serving as a counter for "the fact of the matter is" phrase
Kofi Addison (5 years ago)
this guy is just trying really hard to sell his own material to people by constantly saying how bad other pick up artists are. The fact is 'the game' and 'mystery method' was created a long time ago and yeah it doesn't work as well anymore but it got the ball rolling. Instead of saying why so many others are bad promote your own shit. The funny thing is the stuff he barely promotes is also spoken about in the very same convention by all these other pick up artists he downgrades and they do it better. His friend rob judge does the same thing. they constantly mention each other in their speeches and tell you how bad others are so you only trust them and invest in their product and tutelage. so annoying, barely any content in this speech
A Sparks (5 years ago)
Word to the wise ladies.... unless you're just looking for a one night stand, don't be a bar fly! Zach Bauer: Creating more lesbians everyday ;)
Fernando Covarrubias (5 years ago)
If you guys really want to get good with women, you should search "Coach Corey Wayne" he is the fucking man !!!
TrevorAugustine (3 years ago)
This guy right here^^^^^^
bjaminstaples (4 years ago)
Hell yeah
Firstname Lastname (5 years ago)
Bottom line if you go to this much trouble for strangers, you're desperate.  No female is worth that much bullshit.
steelydon19 (5 years ago)
This guy isn't an interesting, captivating speaker- how does he get dates, aside from an attactive look and virile voice? (Yawn- sorry, guy, but learn how to lecture or hold court!) His content doesn't sound that bad or that good to me at first. I should hear him out, but it's too long at first- over 51minutes? I get a lot more just listening to my perceptive, empathetic psychologist for only half an hour a week! Then there's my social worker, who's like a more mature, wiser (though younger) sister to me, who supports my dating renaissance.
mateushhh (4 years ago)
That's funny cuz I really liked his speech
Thanh Newby (4 years ago)
+John Doe Well said.. he's probably just natural and confident. @Matt: Look into the one on *"BetheBadboy(dot)c0m"...* I went through a period where I was reading every PUA guide I could get my hands on.. that one was the most helpful by far.
SimonSaidNOTHIN (5 years ago)
Why don't you try this out before judging this guy's speech?  Good job liking Steely Dan though!!
Nathan G (5 years ago)
No he's not the most eloquent speaker, but he definitely understands what it takes to create attraction on a primal level and because of that, I guarantee that he's getting far more success than the guys who think routines, pick up lines,  and cocky funny routines are going to give them results. So if you keep listening to those guys you will keep getting frustrated. He teaches guys how to keep women wanting more and how to destroy any chance of them flaking. If you want more success with women, take his advice, if not you can go back to the PUA's and see where that takes you. 
steelydon19 (5 years ago)
One of the hottever saw (in a dating profile picture and her words about herself and what she's looking for in a date and in a man to love- had an amazing mind (and was super gorgeous to me, much more than a pretty, memorable face. She wore a scarf alluringly, and it was beautiful in itself, multi-colored chiffon pastel, "dreamy" stuff that got me going. her mind- she was a direct and friendly but no-nonsense-talking psychologist who was focused, insightful and open to men- self-respecting, but all good, open attitude about meeting quality men. THAT's sexy- an absence of bad or overly noxious and toxic selfish, spoiled princess attitude. (how many women really like bad attitudes in men, "even" glamorous "bad boys"?!) a confident woman is a hot woman, and a "sleeper", a woman who's increasing her confidence and testing her wings- she's THe hottest. i was friends with such a woman, and if circumstances had been different, I'd have found the nerve or courage, my confidence to have asked her out. We admitted to mutual chemistry. I was loyally, exclusively dating another woman, sometimes happily (not yet sexually permitted, but my girlfriend let me know that she was open to sex, (a lot) later- not, as it turned out, six months into the relationship, but nineteen months in, she came to me and invited me to have sex if- when -we'd both feel ready, she picked a date when we could be alone (she had two roommates  in a halfway house.) my best "move" or "having a little game" is simply to come out of my shell. I'm an attentive (not good, but interested) listener, and romantically open women love a man who cares to listen at length to them. I ended up in the friend zone a lot, but I didn't always strike out romantically, either. Conversation- open talk- is SEXY! Many women know this and work it so well! ;)
rasmioche (5 years ago)
jesus christ... from 1:20 to 4:00 he said "you know" 32 times.... could be used for a suicide drinking game, but i can't watch it for an hour. 
John Cook (1 month ago)
That shows a lack of intelligence!
FatalDutch (5 years ago)
Not even 3 minutes in and can't un-hear it ...
alucard2d (5 years ago)
The fact of the matter is...
P sage (5 years ago)
You guys are missing the boat here.  I listen to all the RSD stuff and its good....but there is a lot of talk about "present to the moment" kinda stuff.  The truth is this is most likely, all ya need to know to game women.  All the talk about hiking in Hawaii is not what you need, even though its interesting.  Just sayin...focus on the process right?
apv3176 (5 years ago)
thefascinatingballer (5 years ago)
this guy is really aweful actually. i feel bad for the people the pay for lessons from him. the things in his speech were nonsense. not everyone should have a pickup company
thefascinatingballer (5 years ago)
this guy really is kinda very basic. not really worth the time he kinda sucks
Mitchell Borchardt (5 years ago)
The fact of matter is that looks incredibly matter which you can look at it as a negative or you can better you're looks by changing your hairstyle for a modern fashion one, stylish clothes, good hygiene and just being smooth and confident with your looks
0g8g8 (5 years ago)
Remember that he is talking about bar/party environment and not day game!
slackdave (5 years ago)
Where's the "the fact of the matter" counter?
ramon zwiggelaar (5 years ago)
@Joker 14 minutes in and im done. What a piece of bullshit and just one big promotion of their own programs!!
Jok3rDicE (5 years ago)
14 minute in and this fucking guy just complain on game methods! wtf
Denny Sensation (5 years ago)
Lots of Facts in this video
Zedi (5 years ago)
fact of the matter is
Wetjessie (5 years ago)
Try approaching Swedish girls, they are all fucking retarded, unless drunk.
Lucia Amelia (5 years ago)
This sucks
Daniel Bjorndahl (5 years ago)
relation to jack?
XstickboyX (5 years ago)
The fact of the matter is....
jacobs246 (6 years ago)
you summed up whyat i was about to say
eazykillz1 (6 years ago)
The fact of the matter is.......
TheFr00zen (6 years ago)
He looks like Jesus
OMGianni (6 years ago)
this actually works in daygame, it's just harder because you feel creepier, and that's what makes it creepy, the way you are feeling, nog the method.
JP (6 years ago)
(continued from post below lol) I realized there are more effective ways of getting girls, ways that allow you to be completely natural yet you can still have a structure. Fuck using scripted routines and DHV's. Open direct with strong eye contact, voice projection, TONALITY, body language etc.. then make statements about her, tease her, be playful. She WILL respond with positive emotions and that's when you isolate, build rapport and get her aroused
JP (6 years ago)
I did MM for 9 months and although I DID get results and thought it was the only way to go at first, it just didn't feel right. After reading Rob and Zacks 4-EG book and using there FERA system, getting girls became fun and easy. I wasn't trying to solve some fucking puzzle of knowing if I was in attraction, qualification, comfort etc... 2 years ago I would have said NO this is all wrong but after being in the field for a whi
Invader Zim (6 years ago)
im kinda confused. i need to go into a bar get a girls attention by tapping on her shoulder, say nothing for 2 seconds while smiling. say a statement like "pudels are ferocious" or some other statement then the girl is seposed to become interested in me and ask who the fuck am I then u get interested in them and u say something about wanting to fuck them but cant at the moment and then u r seposed to take her to the bedroom. All of this in the span of what ? 10 mins? please explain
bahamut99zero (6 years ago)
And the fact of the matter is.
JWinston25 (6 years ago)
The funny thing is, most PUAs here don't realize what he's trying to get at. And that makes me happy :))
BeverlyHillsXak (6 years ago)
why is he explaining like its more complex than it is? just summarize it..
Morris Jamison (6 years ago)
The fact of the matter is that this speech is fucking awesome!
DarcProjekt (6 years ago)
"I was born that way." or "It takes one to know one" I use the first because agreement frames are harder to get back at. It's very disarming
JML689 (6 years ago)
I totally agree with that. Nowadays I feel the direction of our community is moving away from "Trash each other, im better than you, don't do this, don't do that" sorta thing, and focusing on giving the students and people learning about improving their lives with women with healthy and applicable advice
Ben W. (6 years ago)
What game does is tick boxes. Girls are looking for certain things. I started out with mystery method, and it helped me understand game and did improve my game. However now I've switched to just being natural because I understand female psychology enough to tick boxes without having to act in a way that isn't congruent to myself.
ToothDoc (2 months ago)
routines/line are just specific examples of bigger metaconcepts... they are ok to use when just getting going, like learning specific phrases when first learning a language..when you understand grammar/syntax, the metaconcepts of language, you can say what you want in your own way... So coming up with your own style of things to say that result in the desired end goal will work for you much better than any specific thing you read/watch
lsant (6 years ago)
Not be confused with Jack Bauer?
Fix Undfoxi (6 years ago)
thought the same, you know?
RazvanPt (6 years ago)
Brandon Sobjack (6 years ago)
okay, yes. girls responded to you that way because you are handsome. it wont work for everybody. in fact i think you are setting a lot of people up for failure.
utterlyexiged (6 years ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH i have to stop watching all these videos and just get the fuck out there and approach!,all this information is cramming up my brain to the point i freeze up while approaching through trying to figure out the best approach.im going back to basics natural style like i used to do.Ill come back to these vids when im opening more consistently!
Pablo Strong (6 years ago)
i hate it when puas contradict each other
S Touch (6 years ago)
if u see a girl you're attracted to, then you say "hey, you! remember me? we went to the same school together...then tell her come here and give me a hug" it works lol
ishotthesherifswife (6 years ago)
someone help me answer, how do you recover from -why are you being so wierd?
006sick (7 years ago)
14 minutes talking shit about mystery method, etc? WTG? get a life, I'm not defending the MM, not at all, buy come on! clearly what this guy is doing is telling you that he and his "friend" are special, like they are not like the other coaches out there. Besides if you waste so much time talking shit about others it means you've got no material and you're making people hate other trainers with some things that (i guess) make sense so that convince you more easy. I don't eat that shit
bangbangTT (7 years ago)
Yeah, but the thing is picking up ladies is no fucking interview dude.
M. (7 years ago)
It's all pua stuff. -Assume attraction -Make statements, not questions -Tension creates attraction It reminds me of the shock and awe opener, but less direct. Do some weird shit, and then act normal.
Jjjazzj4 (7 years ago)
@JML689 it's totally true. but just like not every natural is that douchey, not every PUA guide is that useful. i think someone who goes out all the time, and learned everything through experience; gets frustrated listening to a bunch of board posts about kino, negs, and stuff like that. it's a different style. and in all honesty, reading up on both, i think zack bauer's method works the best, in terms of pointing out what you're doing wrong and preserving your own personality.
JML689 (7 years ago)
Have an Open-Mind, dont fall for negativity...Understanding is key
JML689 (7 years ago)
The problem is, guys like Zack here, wanna make money. Yes, zack probably has great guy and gets laid...however he wants to make money and competes with other pick-up artists who wanna make money too. So what do they do? trash each other, by giving exagerrated examples of their failures using "routines" like the one he used. I dont wanna go on about this, but its something i feel needs to be said. theres alot of great PUAs out there, and those clouded by greed and need to trash to make money
JML689 (7 years ago)
i hate guys who trash the "pick-up community", particularly those who consider themselves naturals, trash other methods and actually some of these techniques they used can be correlated to the same ones traditional pick-up artists use, just giving it a different name. Stuff like Mystery Method, if you read the entire thing, it really helps, and has alot of useful knowledge if you take the time to understand it. It has a universal application into all styles of pick-up.
You know.
Juan Franco (7 years ago)
i'm kinda bored with this guy, smile dude!
Gripen85 (7 years ago)
@kilemons Aye if you wear that here in Europe everyone laughs at you :D he's a cool guy though. Should just loose the thingy :P
21 Studios (7 years ago)
@kilemons Yeah, with a loaded gun in it =). Google "concealed carry".
Simo Nedelchev (7 years ago)
I didn't get the fact to the matter?
Diego Aravena R. (7 years ago)
the fact of the matter is...great info
thMuska (7 years ago)
"Why are you being weird?" When I hear that, I hear GAME ON!
Bodeswell (7 years ago)
Hey Anthony, any chance you'll tell us when you're releasing the talk by Richard Nikoley? :D

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