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Halloween Trick or Treat - 20+ Minutes - Hey Duggee - Duggee's Best Bits

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Duggee and the Squirrels hear a spooky noise. But where is it coming from? It’s time for a 20-minute Halloween adventure! 🐾 SUBSCRIBE TO THE SQUIRREL CLUB: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToHeyDuggee Halloween Trick or Treat - 20+ Minutes - Hey Duggee - Duggee's Best Bits Where is the spooky noise coming from? Duggee, Betty, Tag, Happy, Norrie and Roly investigate. Here are some ideas on how to spend your Halloween.  Don’t be silly Squirrels, the dark isn’t scary! It’s perfect for playing. Duggee and The Squirrels show us how to have fun at Halloween! It’s time for activities. Watch as they make shadow characters, catch ghosts, play in the dark, scare away dragons and spot invisible aliens. All in their best Halloween fancy dress! There’s no such things as monsters! But there are spooky appearances from some scary beasties including Hedgley the hedgehog, Enid the cat and… the flying Squirrels! *Watch More* Hey Duggee: Badges: http://bit.ly/HeyDuggeeBadges Hey Duggee: Best Bits: http://bit.ly/HeyDuggeeBestBits Hey Duggee: Mini Episodes: http://bit.ly/HeyDuggeeMiniEpisodes *More about Hey Duggee* Welcome to the Official YouTube channel for HEY DUGGEE! Duggee is a big friendly dog who runs The Squirrel Club - a place where kids take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures & earn activity badges all along the way. Get set for laughter, learning and exciting activities. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToHeyDuggee Find Hey Duggee on HeyDuggee.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more fun!
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