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NASA drops bombshell! I hope you dont live in New york!

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Nasa and JPL just released a new gradient interactive map detailing the effects of rising sea levels around the world! Everything's flooded!Although no dates are given, it seems to be a huge warning sign for anyone living in coastal cities around the US! Are they pushing global warming and climate change? I will include the links below to the maps I have used in this video. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JonExArmy Visit my Amazon Social Media Influencer store! http://a.co/225ZUGE Open a Coinbase account with this link, and you and I both receive $10 free after you make your first purchase! https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a12522... Buy me a cup of coffee with PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/JMiller341 Buy me a cup of coffee with BTC: 3AdZUkDAuPu6UsKotYGSYgp3bpjRdZNMUQ ETH Family Wallet: 0x306c4f10C4C560a943a2420BE927FF753d025be4 Fair use disclaimer Fair Use Act Disclaimer. This site is for educational purposes only!! **FAIR USE**. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Links to flood maps! nasa interactive https://vesl.jpl.nasa.gov/research/sea-level/slr-gfm/ https://www.upi.com/Science_News/2017/11/16/NASA-considers-which-cities-will-flood-as-ice-sheets-melts/1641510844986/ http://www.floodmap.net/ http://globalfloodmap.org/ Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Craziejane73 (4 months ago)
Water is a symbol for money. I figure it's really about the big crash that is coming.
Burning Eden frontman (1 month ago)
Craziejane73 are you serious? When has water EVER been linked to money? Global warming is real, do your research! People need to wake up before it's too late to realize that we're fucked
Craziejane73 (1 month ago)
Yes. It is a the age of Aquarius; but the funny thing about Aquarius is that it is an air sign. :D
Coke Caine (1 month ago)
We are in the age of Aquarius
Dunkirk Blanche (2 months ago)
Craziejane73 u know what this is not real this is fake
ManilaJohn01 (18 hours ago)
Jonathan Miller- I certainly appreciate your showing this video. I would, however, like to clarify a few things. At the beginning of this video, you stated that you believed that humans have nothing to do with climate change, and that the Earth has cycles where the poles freeze, and the poles thaw. They certainly do indeed. I'd like to make it clear though, that the cycles to which you refer have historically taken place over a period of many millennia. The current changes which are taking place are doing so over a period of mere decades, and- according to those warning of man's impact on climate change- will ruin our environment before the end of this century. Historical precedent, along with the speed at which current changes are taking place, preclude any possibility that current climate change impact is due primarily to any natural event or series of events. I'd also like to point out that climate change as the public understands it today is currently taking place less than 150 years- just fifteen decades- after the primary phase of the industrial revolution began (approximately 1870) when rapid growth of heavy industry began to take place. I strongly encourage you- and others- to take the time to learn more about this issue, which has such vital significance for the future of humanity. Many thanks again for your posting of this video.
Mike Becket (2 days ago)
climate protection (3 days ago)
Trump is dangerous, this evil old man stopped to protect climate; this odd old man makes America poor again. We hope that benevolent aliens (Pleiadians, …) will come and help us against Trump, the dangerous chief of deep state.
000000 000000 (4 days ago)
The earth is flat! So the round globe is not good. The are Creating all of this Catastrophes!
Arthur Gros (5 days ago)
The atmosphere is constantly being sprayed 💦 with nano sized particles of Aluminum ,and Barium and who knows what else . Ask any firefighter about a Class D Fire , then stop wondering what is causing the explosive West Coast Fires that are so hot they are causing Fire-nados 🔥There have not been Firenados like this since the Firebombing of Berlin and Tokyo in WWII
michael Pedigo (6 days ago)
RELAX MY BROTHER. Know that this is good?😘
why would the eliot crash the economy or flood america they would loose money customers workers control of people it doesnt make sense to do it that way???????
why would the eliot crash the economy or flood america they would loose money customers workers control of people it doesnt make sense to do it that way???????
pat paquette (6 days ago)
We are screwed too. I live in CT.
David Merlino (8 days ago)
A storm is coming
Richard White (9 days ago)
guess this guy doesnt know about Geo engineering and weather manipulation
Art, etc (11 days ago)
The bomb they detonated under the ocean that caused the 2011 japanese tsunami, along with what HAARP did in Houston, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico,etc was just practice so they can finally do the MEGA one in NYC.
N Brown (12 days ago)
Now do you see we are in a Grand Solar minimum. Look to get colder, the global temp has dropped .5 of a degree C in the last 8 months months. No sunspot activity and Cosmic Ray Influx maximum for a couple of decades. Weird weather for sure but not Co2 global warming. Have you not heard of planning for disaster scenarios. I bet there are all sorts of maps in military plans around the world for contingency plans.
Tony Germain (13 days ago)
hold up! LOL you have WAY to much land not affected by this Ice shelf melting by NASA LOL all of canada should be under water and then you pick and choose which parts of Central and eastern US are flooded LOL how stupid do you think people are. water doesnt flow and then say to its self, " wait we cant flood Quebec and parts east, we cant flood parts of ME, NH, VT, NY PA, MD, VA and so on because it isnt on the map designed by NASA ' you are a friggin fearmongering idiot who has no friggin clue what the hell you are talking about .... its almost funny except you have people even more moronic and stupid then you are, that believe this BS. grow up dude
Tony Germain (13 days ago)
flood NY LOL ... what a bunch of friggin morons
Michael Cripps (14 days ago)
Warren Currier (15 days ago)
Jon, were you deep into the whole military intelligence thing? So, an eight centimeter rise (ie., a three inches) in sea-level, will alter the entire planet, right? ..... as you are laughing because people took your word for it.
MILO BROWN (15 days ago)
You sold me at, "you don't even have to look at my ugly mug..." lol. We live on the gulf coast. Looks like we may have a beach front yard.
Rahul jariwala (15 days ago)
You are talking like that's just gonna happen tomorrow
Silver Schooner (15 days ago)
Collusion to Terrify! 80% of world's population lives within 50 miles of world's coastline, so......Terrify! 🙄🤔
Mr H (15 days ago)
The servant of God the Creator of the heaven and earth predicted these 200 years ago.
Nicholas Fanzo (18 days ago)
Beware of all false profits. If you are on youtube spreading scares..you are a false profit.
Nicholas Fanzo (18 days ago)
What are you guys smoking?
Jud Watkins (18 days ago)
NASA & JPL are part of the illuminati don't trust anything they say. It looks like they want people to be in the area that will be hit by Yellowstone eruption.
todd wolfe (19 days ago)
Two words fearporn.
Kpex2016 (20 days ago)
Horse shit.
This guy is a disinformer disguised as a debunker. He pretends that he doesn't go along with the United Nations global warming philosophy, but he mentions the flooding scenario as if it is going to happen as shown, but he says he's not sure when. So he maintains the unsettling nature of that stupid map, so you still think the United Nations is correct, but is only unsure as to when this scenario will happen. He does not mention anything about ongoing global COOLING, or that the ice volume globally is higher than ever, for both summer and winter seasons. He does not mention the much more looming problem of exorbitant food prices in the very near future, as prices have already began to climb for specific agricultural products, and global hail events continue to cause more crop losses right now. That is what you should be focusing on, and you should also be preparing for colder climate year after year, which will continue getting colder especially in the latitudes above the centre of America if you believe him you will do exactly the wrong thing. Stock up on food, water, fuels, survival gear, warm clothing, salt, sugar, mineral supplements, home defense basics, alternative lighting, batteries, and more. The flood is a fake. FOOD & WATER Shortages and EXTREME weather are REAL.
Sierrah Max (20 days ago)
Thank you for sharing.
Blackdog (20 days ago)
BS! If the east coast of any Country goes under water So will the west coast ! Not Just the east coats.
randy daniels (20 days ago)
Fuckers srry
randy daniels (20 days ago)
They lying and y'all be live it its not the earth the government doing all this for the new world order they need one big catrastaphy so y'all dumb mother tickets could go running to them then they gonna put you in fema camps and it will be ww3 plus the holocus again y'all some dumb fucks
pat paquette (20 days ago)
How long before this happens is the next video needed. We all must research and stay informed.
mi T (21 days ago)
2023. ilook atthe future thats were it begins
Debra Gantter (21 days ago)
I live in Oklahoma City.....looks like I get Ocean front property.
Tres Amusant (22 days ago)
If you live in NYC get scuba gear
Oldliver Goodhag (22 days ago)
Give me a break.what a crock .
Steve Newdell (22 days ago)
These things can happen but first other tribulations must come. NYC is going to be destroyed by a nuclear explosion. Later it will sink and never be civilized again. I'm calculating flooding AFTER year 2025, maybe 10 or more years after.
Jeanne Stjohn (23 days ago)
Global warming is only going to effect the criminal elite, Hell is a hot world alright!
Jeanne Stjohn (23 days ago)
Evil geoenginearing creates GLOBAL warming, they also create weather distruction! Mother Nature is finished with these criminals who torture HER, SHE will now begin to show them who is in control and defend HERSELF. No flood, this time, too much evil DNA survived! This time fire, Yellowstone the turn on button for HER self-cleaning oven! Turns on the Ring of fire! Its quick and humane, you won't feel a thing! Be thankful, the geoenginears had the opposite plan! Humans were warned for thousands of years, not too bright, unfit for long-term survival. A big change is coming, a new design by the CREATOR! The Mother is preparing a new paradise!
Greg Horn (23 days ago)
Natural Cycle of Life nothing to do with us or anything we are doing. Al Gore and his Mega Rich Buddies are just using climate change as a excuse to get even richer, hell if they cared at all do you think they would all fly in private Jets wasting ton's of Fuel, Polluting the air, while leaving all the light's ON at their HOME'S while their away? Not to mention Al has a Swimming Pool that is Heated and it take so much power to heat it he could heat a Small Town instead, that's just the Pool.
Juan A. Hidalgo (23 days ago)
I think you full of it if you get a glass full of ice let it melt you don't get more water and over runs the glass NO YOU GET LESS WATER NOT EVEN HALF OF THE GLASS so if the ice melts thier well be more land because the weight of the ice well let the land rise up thi GLOBAL WARMING is a bunch of BULL and people like you go around spreading lies
Tonya Whitten (23 days ago)
Remember when NY installed those big flood doors?
Kenneth Bynum (23 days ago)
look up in old science , see where they tell us how it is freezing in the deserts at night, they had a hundred and four F in the tucsun a couple of weeks ago, and i walked these fields all the days, and i ain't ever seen square clouds, or floating rocks - until now - any of the presidential candidates saying anything about putting the trees back?
Kenneth Bynum (23 days ago)
farmer,born 1946 - it is not only real, it's getting worse!
Kim Brede (23 days ago)
Midwest Michigan whereabouts?
marshalllhiepler (23 days ago)
Soon to be beachfront property for sale in eastern Nebraska. Bid early for best savings! (Results expected, but not guaranteed.)
Katie Ellaa (24 days ago)
👏. 👏. 👏.
I live in NY nothing happened
Prototype Dogs (24 days ago)
I'm screwed
fibi Phalange (24 days ago)
The Government will do this with their HARPP machine, wipe out a continent or two depopulate and enslave the rest.
Shirley Young (24 days ago)
What we are looking at with all this catastrophe that is brewing is like the movies: A Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Meteor, Dante Peak, Pompeii all wrapped into one apocalyptic event. I have known all along that something is about to happen.
Mojo Zahedifar (24 days ago)
Just 30 min?
Giverney13 (25 days ago)
NYC will be hit by water so great it brings the idol down. NYC and Rome are sister cities-"big apple" will lose its lustre
Amine S (25 days ago)
it's the Simpsons season 23 episode 9.
Fock Lung (25 days ago)
Definitely a thumbs down👎🏽! There's only ONE! It sits under the star POLaris 😱! There's no South Pole 🤣! THE EARTH IS FLAT, AND ANTARCTICA IS AN ICE RING THAT ENCIRCLES THE FLAT EARTH! 😳🤯
Edith Has a Risen King (26 days ago)
This is not your normal cyclical climate event - it's more like the pleistocene when everything dies. Humans will not survive this. I hope people turn to Jesus, this is the end as spoken from the beginning
Lisa Hubbard (27 days ago)
1600 ton of plutonium in owe seas
@wishfix (27 days ago)
Shall we ask Al Gore what's really happening ? Remember when gore was spewing shite out of his mouth about global warming and rising sea levels ? At that very same time gore paid $9 million for beach front property in Santa Barbera california. GORE knows the truth.
patricia garcia (27 days ago)
For now, they have put a hold on crashing the economy. They are doing other things first like working on the technology. I am a sitting duck. Whatever shall be will be.
leeann bennett (28 days ago)
jer harr (28 days ago)
I most of the time do not use these kinds of words that map is bullshit times 2 the map shows Pennsylvania under water do you understand that Pennsylvania has 2 mountain ranges then it shows all the way to kanas don"t they know kanas is flat all the way to the rocky mountains and also coming out of great lakes only a little ways down the Mississippi river is not really affected that hole area would be underwater . they should do a lot more reach before they post such nonsense. that is only a few things I see wrong with posting.
Truth Spoken (28 days ago)
So where is there to go??
Truth Spoken (28 days ago)
They hv killed all of America
Andrew Coleman (29 days ago)
Well I'm sorry you aren't better informed. Man IS responsible for climate change. Without man the earth's carbon cycle was in balance. Since the industrial revolution man has been dumping CO2 into the atmosphere or into the carbon cycle. The carbon sinks of the world took up what they could but CO2 in our atmosphere is rising at a rate never before seen in the geological record. That CO2 amount has risen with our CO2 emissions. The correlation couldn't be more obvious.
assault and battery (29 days ago)
Don't take any notice of anything NASA says...
crazyfisho tezza (30 days ago)
You have the same thoughts i do concerning climate change
FREE REPUBLIC (1 month ago)
Pedro Delesma Jr. (1 month ago)
The Day After Tomarrow Is The Closest Related To Newyork Flooding But Also Freezing Over So I Mean If You think about it ... If The Goverment Could Have People Evacuate Major Citys... They Would Most Likely Take Over Our Homes , Schools , Restraunts......
Sam Mullins (1 month ago)
Someday I lookup inches depth for 8 centimeters. I don't think enough ice snow ever existed to melt and submerge any cities except in Holland of Europe.
George Manus (1 month ago)
This was written 2000 yrs ago in the bible Mathew 24. It is the signs of Jesus is going to come back,but first there will harppotzo,or some people call it the rapture. If you think the earth is bad now,just wait when millions vanish.and the gov is gonna say the "aliens"got them, which is the fallen angels,aliens are demons,if you want to excape call upon the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and you jonxarmy believe he died for your sins and you believe he raised from the dead 3 days later ,repent for all your sins and ask for forgiveness and he will,and you will be saved and go to heaven and get raptured to excape all God's wrath ! This is only birth pains ,but after rapture it's gonna be he'll on earth,Satan will be the one controlling the earth,if your not saved and baptized please to so,I love YOU bother and I want you and ypur children and I want to see y'all in the kingdom of GOD not In the fire with Satan! Get yourself and your family saved,I pray that you do! GOD BLESS your family! You can call me if you want more info,Amy,4049914105, I never:put my # out there,hope to see you soon!
Ent Itie (1 month ago)
Man has bein destroying the ozone layer allowing more heat to occur the earth is over heating it will end in fire water and ice and it is not trumps fault this has bein spoke of for many years now I have known for 22 yes what was going to occur
aubrey Aubrey (1 month ago)
They are pushing everyone out of the coastline and they have set fema camps on barges all across the coastlines
aubrey Aubrey (1 month ago)
New movie on Netflix that is worth a watch, especially when knowing how the occult works ( they believe they have to show us their plans before carrying them out but they do so indirectly through media and entertainment) the movie is called “in the end” (it’s around those words lol it may be worded a tad bit differently but it has a huge actor in it) and it shows the beginning destruction of America and how it will happen. It’s also weird because earlier this year the “human bureo” was made with Nicholas cage and it showed how America was after all the chaos, or rather what happened to the people who survived and stayed in the USA. Sources have claimed that God has given them visions of America’s judgement and it eerily mimics these Hollywood movies. I’ve also had a dream of what is to come. Just know this, God will judge America and this is our future!!! 1. Just to describe the aroma here, everyone else believes that America is the beast system and with every new president, they believe they are the antichrist. 2. God will judge America before the antichrist truly arises from the ashes ( Phoenix reference and watch I pet goat 2) 3. The government will be involved but why? Because they are all satanists and do HIS work 4. America will be attacked by another entity ( but it will be orchestrated by our government so yes this is planned people!!) 5. The west will be gone and then the east coast 6. They will declare world war 3 7. They will continue to hit us with weather weaponry, and basically America will burn to the ground( except very few places will be deemed as safe) 8. God will save a select few 9. After the fall of America the rest of the world will believe that the evil that has corrupted earth is finally demolished and eradicated 10. The real antichrist will rise in the east 11. The war will end and he will reign in power 12. Then the mark of the beast I know fema camps will play a role in this and from my dream at least, I was shown it will happen directly after America is attacked and they will use foreign entities to do their dirty work. But that is all that I was shown. Also, America will make you believe Canada is not safe, bc of the air, but it will be safe ( verified in both movies). Regardless, we can’t run away from what is to come. America will fall first and then the rest of the world, so the only thing we can do is help spread God’s word and have faith and believe in him!!! God bless P.s I do plan on making a vision dream video I’ve had three dreams all relating to end times and remarkably enough, after thorough searching, I’ve found that other people have had similar dreams.
Jimmeh B (1 month ago)
Yeah, climate change is a cycle, yeah, it's happened thousands of times before, yeah, it's a normal function of the earth, only thing is, it's happening thousands (maybe not thousands) of years earlier than it would were it not for humans.
cat (1 month ago)
The map was just white. Not clear enough
DRE Tv (1 month ago)
No! New York is not going to be flood it's going to be nuke!!
Mary Nyabuto (1 month ago)
Our God will always protect us from all this evil conspiracies
samantha cotham (1 month ago)
i'l start building my boat looks like the uk is gone
lisa (1 month ago)
You are diceved
shift intohigh (1 month ago)
Well that’s just great!!! Who is Wendy Williams?
Illidan Stormrage (1 month ago)
Lol heliocentric believer oooooook next time post the picture with a ballon full of water , will save you time and reading my garbage
Kenny Rogers (1 month ago)
A million hits
Elizabeth Marks-Graham (1 month ago)
This still has me nervous but the government does play a part in our extreme weather so it may be legit
Christian Butler (1 month ago)
this is fraud you have to realize that all over this globe there are millions of miles of dried Creeks Lakes underground rivers that have lost much of the water table so when you think about it all this water when it does happen will eventually go somewhere this is for mongering at its best I've been in every state in this country you have no idea the amount of dried lakes and River beds streams and Creeks not to mention the underground lakes in the underground Rivers where the water table has dramatically dropped all his water that is going to melt back into where it's supposed to be and let's not forget in the Bible it says and the water shot forth from the earth okay if it came from within the Earth will go back to within the Earth and then possibly happen again this is just fear mongering not to mention all the man-made waterways to Carrie where are raw sewage are Rainwater runoff water so you're only going to be flooded for a short period of time think about it all the dried Lakes all the dry creek beds not to mention the banks of the Mississippi River you think the bank is just where the water's edge is not to mention the Susquehanna River which runs through a mountain the riverbank is 40 feet above the Waters Edge in some places and in some places in the Mississippi River the highest part of the bank is a hundred feet above the water so you're not going to it's not going to be as bad as you think
Donald King (1 month ago)
I don't have to worry bout new York flooding. I live in Louisiana. Every flood map produced by anyone always shows Louisiana completely understand water.
Rcae (1 month ago)
People not worrying. People living their lives and hoping for the best.
Rcae (1 month ago)
New York is at risk. A lot of water around NY.
Rcae (1 month ago)
I believe man do a lot of manipulation with climate etc...
K R (1 month ago)
Grand Solar Minimum
JT Lynn (1 month ago)
Trent Payne (1 month ago)
Ur an idiot
Jacquelyn Diamond (1 month ago)
Diggin your take on things— they are however impacting sea levels as they are busily excavating a few ancient sites that require them to steam/ melt the ice sheets via tunneling deep into the continent scarfing away more ancient high tech, supposedly. Great topic that needs more attention so maybe some viable solutions can be considered.
Samuel J (1 month ago)
I used to own a Monte Carlo exactly like that faded blue one and never ended up in a river.different times 34 yrs ago.
T. Soprano (1 month ago)
I agree! This planet will shake us off just like a dog does fleas before we shake it off or irritate it too much!👍😁🙏
Mary Amezcua (1 month ago)
Don’t trust google or nasa, they are under globalist influences
Brent Bunnell (1 month ago)
Good FUCK New York I hope trump is there when it happens
Damon Morrow (1 month ago)
The day after tomorrow or waterworld
Glenda Jeres (1 month ago)
It was in the Simpsons, new york under water an the poles where totally shifted an we all know they prediction r on point.
Watachee Runningfree (1 month ago)
This guys a ducking moron with a capital “M”!

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