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3.2 Choosing A Research Approach

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Text Comments (30)
Zuzana Hornakova (1 month ago)
OMG thank you very much! Finally a person that explained it in "idiot-proof" way :D
MeanThat (1 month ago)
za malo :D
DaAsocialNinja (1 month ago)
Thank you so much you saved me from reading several papers just to get the gist of it, your videos are a blessing, easy to understand and concise.
MGUNDA TV NEWS (2 months ago)
appreciation to you!!!!!
Narmin S (3 months ago)
YOU ARE A LEGEND! I read so many things that tried to explain research approaches but I got so confused, you really saved my academic career as well as so much time haha. Thank you thank you!!
Idris Abdullah (3 months ago)
after 5 videos and many articles i finally understand...you da man
C A (4 months ago)
What is a configuration approach?
Saleh Rashid (4 months ago)
GLORIA YAOTSE (3 months ago)
Well done sir
Safaa Altaie (6 months ago)
Thank you sir
chua khailyn (7 months ago)
Thank you so much, yours video really give me a lot of help to understand those definitions. I plan to finish all your video before my final starts . Hope I can do that and get good grades in final
Heimkhemra Suy (8 months ago)
Thank so much, Mean. I have learned a lot from this video. Very useful and easy to understand.
Lutendo Magoro (9 months ago)
Thank you, you explain everything so well
ramy raad (10 months ago)
thank u sir
Manolis Xylakis (10 months ago)
Hi. You mentioned that one truly inductive approach paper that you have found. What is the title of that paper? Thanks :)
Salek Ball (10 months ago)
Thank you so much, I want to know the best research design to this research topic " impact of globalization on local culture" and thanks again.
Haad Ali (10 months ago)
Well my research topic is related to finding most effective method for elicitation... Will it be inductive or deductive?
Ana Santiago (1 year ago)
Subscribed! Thank you so much for this
DJTIF707 (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend. you are the best
Phung Richard (1 year ago)
Ur videos are fu.king amazing :D
Orenthia Dixon (1 year ago)
Abbas Alhashimi (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for your time and effort. My supervisor was amused with the variety of concepts I used, all thanks goes to you.
Milan Zuidhof (2 years ago)
You da real MVP !!!
Nick rro (2 years ago)
You are my hero! Thanks...
Atiende Flora (8 months ago)
KingJames is the MVP forever
Ning Shuang (2 years ago)
thank you so much, yours video really give me a lot of help to understand those definitions. I had exam in Thursday about designing a research design. I plan to finish all your video tonight. haha. Hope I can do that and pass my exam.
Kavita Agarwal (1 year ago)
MeanThat... plz upload a video on Plagiarism...ur videos r too helpful for us
MeanThat (2 years ago)
+Ning Shuang yes, I know those books are smart but they can be confusing :) well, keep it up and if I can help you with something just send me message or comment ;)
Ning Shuang (2 years ago)
aha, thank you again. I did not finish all video yesterday. I was too sleepy last night. I start to watch video now :). I am confused when I read the book about those research theories, but you use some simple and useful words to describe to make those easier, I hope you will get better and better. and cheer up !!!
MeanThat (2 years ago)
+Ning Shuang Well I hope the videos will help you on the exam on Thursday :) And did you really manage to watch whole course in one night? :-D

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