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How to Look Like a Bad Girl

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Bonus video for this week :) Tomboy pushed to the edge. Share your Bad Girl look with me so I can like it! #BadGirl If you purchase em's "Love me for me" powder compact, you get my full sized "Love me for me" liquid foundation! @ http://www.emcosmetics.com/flawless-face ♥ Please Subscribe! http://bit.ly/MPsubscribe ♥ My Twitter: http://twitter.com/MichellePhan ♥ My Facebook: http://facebook.com/MichellePhanOfficial ♥ My Instagram: http://instagram.com/MichellePhan ♥ My Blog: http://michellephan.com ♥ ICON Network: http://youtube.com/ICONnetwork ____________________________ Products used in order Butter London Polish http://amzn.to/1yXVIcT Pillow Plush Cushiony Lip Balm (Berries) http://amzn.to/1twD4G5 Lorac Pro Palette To Go http://amzn.to/1rHO6YN em - Scribble Calligraphy Liquid Liner in Tattoo Black http://amzn.to/1A2U8In Shu Tokyo Lash Mascara - http://bit.ly/1lkfdYY Chiaroscuro contour and highlighting stick -http://bitly.com/1dbIEWG Lipstick in Just Fab http://amzn.to/UqyLzJ This is not a sponsored video.
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Text Comments (7687)
Agneta Rupšytė (3 days ago)
*WHY DO GOOOD GIRLS LIKE BAAAD GUYS, I HAD TH.....* ok. I will stop now...
GIRL STYLE (10 days ago)
Awesome video
B A D V I B E S (10 days ago)
There's no Beauty Blender
Zeynep11karadeli (14 days ago)
Who’s here at 2019 and still a fan
hi iamme (15 days ago)
Girl I was 10 when this came out and I swear Michelle made me feel like the most beautiful girl ever. I miss that.
Vasken Geyranian (16 days ago)
9million now😊
MiKo (16 days ago)
how to look like an idiot
khlyde alexa (16 days ago)
Your voice kinda sounds like barbie.
Hazel Zamora (1 month ago)
Naging jeje naman 😂😂😂
Nayli Qistina (1 month ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
fu ll (1 month ago)
Teyxxiinvb (1 month ago)
Alpha Queen lover (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tips😊
Saleisha Lps (1 month ago)
UZI BEATZ (2 months ago)
Wish I had a gf like that
Yeixing Wu (2 months ago)
I miss Michelle, who else is doing a Mich-marathon in 2019?
Francesca Snow (2 months ago)
Girl she has dark brown eyes
Gaming With Saiya (2 months ago)
I wish I was a bad girl but I have a little girly-ness in me 😓
Isabella Scott (2 months ago)
Three problems 1. I have hooded eyes 2. I’m paler than freakin twilight 3. I’m lazy as f
Holly Lian (2 months ago)
if thats what a "bad girl" looks like, forget it!
Elikawaiipie ! (2 months ago)
I like hip hop look and bad girl but my mom wants me to be a girly girl but I'm not help
Elikawaiipie ! (2 months ago)
Yeah you're right thanks i can wear what ever I want
Banana Orange (2 months ago)
I feel sorry for u . U could either be urself no matter what ur mum says or u could be hip hop and bad without ur mum knowing
FW Studios (2 months ago)
I don't have an older sister or friends to teach me how to be beautiful, you are like my older sister!! You're my inspiration!!
Viika Rock (2 months ago)
Nini games (2 months ago)
this help my a lot thx
Anastasia (2 months ago)
I remember watching this years ago and being obsessed with this video
Edna Manvi (2 months ago)
bad girl using a hello kitty mirror😂
lusi fer (3 months ago)
Bitch do you know girl or boys became bad girl or boy because of there past and i am the one who have badest past
Hmingthani Ngente (3 months ago)
It's great👍👍👍
Kook Bop (3 months ago)
*remember when she invented beauty gurus and makeup tutorials? gosh miss her so much*
• Hey Its Cindii • (3 months ago)
wow bạn rất giỏi trang điểm
Olivia Fawcett (3 months ago)
I'm known as the 'biker chick' in my sixth form and it's so annoying😂
Lucky Sar (3 months ago)
I miss u Michelle Phan 😘 repeating all yOur videos is treasured ❤
STUPED UGLY GIRL (3 months ago)
I watched this when I was 5...
Adrienne Sophie (3 months ago)
This will help a lot!! Some 9f the boys in my school keep saying I'm cute, and one even tried to pin me down and kiss me, so I kicked his ass after school in a fight!
Vivi J (4 months ago)
My go to look 😍
Slashy YT (4 months ago)
Bad girls only need a bit of foundation, dark lip gloss and some mascara. You went so hard on the bad girl look! XD
Evelyne Ernest (4 months ago)
Haha 😂😂😂🤣😂.. I’ve liked it thou!!! 💋💋💋👏👏💪🏾💪🏾. NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE!!
No tengo maqillaje
SungHyo Min (4 months ago)
Monica Ailyn (4 months ago)
Imagine if she redid this look but with Fenty products!?😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕
DEEPIKA DEEPU (4 months ago)
HotCocoaLover (4 months ago)
In the end she just looks like a lesbian 😂👌
Amora Mikee.21 (5 months ago)
I love you Michelle 😍.....you’re really beautiful with but most without makeup....I appreciate you so much Michelle ☺️💕keep always going...
im stupid haha (5 months ago)
MrGloriacarrillo (5 months ago)
Wha contacts did she use?
Mijevys Rosario Naranjo (5 months ago)
😎😎😎😎😎😘😚😻💪💋💋❤👀👍👍👍💟💞 💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤. ❤ 💙❤💙❤💙❤💙💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤ ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙💙❤👣💙👣💙👣💙👣👀👀💋
Jaime Wong (5 months ago)
Every body has SO MaNY LIKES and I’m like .................oookkkkkk😂😂😂😅😅😅
towiii Aany (6 months ago)
I heard you like bad girls.. *Winks with both eyes*
Moonlight MSP (6 months ago)
Oh god be back oof
choi khun (6 months ago)
Back here in 2018 cause i miss ya mish
C X (6 months ago)
Like the tough but im still cute look.... Hard to pull off
Farha (6 months ago)
The positivity omg i miss her so much 💜
Allie Mueller (6 months ago)
yes i’m a bad boy so i like bad girl?
Ann 01 (6 months ago)
You look so pretty and bad, I love this look❤
kiiseuu (6 months ago)
michelle is still that beauty community queen
Heart Hailee (6 months ago)
When i cant copy the makeup 😢
Annika Froyum (6 months ago)
Ur contour is KILLER
mohua hossain khan (7 months ago)
no no no today I understood that not only Rihanna is charmeleon but our very own michelle phan also... You are so good at transforming. wow
gabby artiles torres (7 months ago)
whats the bgm?
ThatOneWeirdDuck (7 months ago)
You teach us to be a bad girl but you sound so kind XD
bhutton02 (7 months ago)
Does anyone know what contacts she used?
Hannah Dennehy (7 months ago)
forgot how much she used to piss me off
faroshscale (7 months ago)
So....dark lipstick?
eve mcquistan (8 months ago)
Who is riana
M (7 months ago)
eve mcquistan Rihanna the singer
Nicole O (8 months ago)
Totally rockin
Mary Dominique Dupra (8 months ago)
my top fave Makeup video of Michelle Phan. mish.. come back already.. we miss you😢😢😢
SwaegInDepressed (9 months ago)
Act and look badass,but use a hello kitty mirror👍
Dream Catcher (9 months ago)
This is in Rihanna's liked videos playlist.
Anushka Godhwani (9 months ago)
Michelle was literally my childhood, I mean, I was 7 when I watched my first video filmed by her, (Tinkerbell) and I just get a flood of memories!!! love you Michelle!
0:42 "Because I need to change my eye color to match RiRis, Rihanna has hazel green eyes" What kind of sentence is that??!
Slayit Snii (9 months ago)
Aish you're my favourite youtuber 💘💞💘💞💗💗💛💜💓❤💋💋💋💋💋
Beretts The Player (10 months ago)
Already on Vogue
CelticRaven G (10 months ago)
Not a fan of Rhianna but I love this look . Those eye shades are beautiful.
aGirlNamedApril (10 months ago)
Wow, those green contacts look great on you.
Sarah Nagi (10 months ago)
This is who I want to be when I grow up. This. Is what I choose. This is meeeee
Mico Nation (10 months ago)
I’m a boy and I don’t know makeup but we’re u contouring with lipstick?
Dior Edits (9 months ago)
Mico Erfe its a contour stick.. They both look very similar
Minecraft Pros Nova (10 months ago)
OMG I Love this vid
2K19 (10 months ago)
What's the song
Ashley Sy (10 months ago)
"How to look like a bad girl"(Later on in the middle of the video,) *use hello kitty mirror*
I love it
taiga okami (10 months ago)
an asmr pioneer
Synthix (10 months ago)
The smile finishes the look perfectly lol
Irish_ Lou (10 months ago)
What's song in the intro??? Plss answer
Emma Osteen (10 months ago)
Her face is to flawless
Haha wow haha I drooped my swag haha haha haha ihaxiasdiasdfuiadshiasdhasd[9uhasf [jhoasdjho[asd
Alexis Grey (10 months ago)
I love how she said 'very nice' in that funny voice lol
Princess Antonio (10 months ago)
When are u gonna post?? I miss ur videos😭💗
ilike unicorns (11 months ago)
Or like tomboyish?
TruMu92 (11 months ago)
Instead of rings how about brass knuckles
sweet.but.demonic (11 months ago)
I was obsessed with this video in 2014 I wanted to be edgy so bad
Arense Auresø (11 months ago)
Sorry......50% fighter 5% naive 30% Bad girl!!!! 5% cute little girl girl 10% survivor!!!!
Eleven (11 months ago)
Sam (11 months ago)
We're missing you queen
Léala Valentina (11 months ago)
The whole bad girl thing has gone from this to insta baddie now
Princess Marshella Horman (11 months ago)
She looks like a Chinese actress with this look (I forgot her name)
Fancy_Just My Style 111 (11 months ago)
채운Amy (11 months ago)
Jimins dimple (11 months ago)
I don’t wanna annoy people with mentioning BTS in a video that isn’t even related to them but she reminded me so much of the no more dream era.

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