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Why 2000 People Died Fighting Over a Bucket

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Text Comments (2931)
Nicholas Meme (8 hours ago)
Sounds like something I’d fight for
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx (10 hours ago)
Last time it was a ladder now a bucket?? Seriously those dumbasses fanatics needs to die like seriously They started a fuckin war because of silly things what on earth is their IQ?
Toast (1 day ago)
I guess you could say... 2000 people kicked the bucket??? :oD
Ethan Cooknell (1 day ago)
You say El Salvador invaded Honduras because of a football game but it was also immigration, and the abuse the Hondurans gave to the El Salvador peoples
Lil pap Pap (2 days ago)
Because you sneaked an add into your video I disliked it
TJ _singer (3 days ago)
When people fight over stupid things....... IT WAS A WAR OVER A BUCKET! How stupid were people....
lairdriver (3 days ago)
They do this in Alabama and Kentucky all the time. News doesn't care.
Zachary (3 days ago)
Someone steal that fucking bucket please haha
Badmoth242 Xl (3 days ago)
Shit bucket
Zoi Andersen (4 days ago)
"We are born of idiocy"
TriggerdArthur (4 days ago)
annoying troll (4 days ago)
And people call our generation stupid
Fire Nut (5 days ago)
Passerino goes sicko mode
Jan Berrios (5 days ago)
How many Toyota Corollas may I buy with that bucket?
wtf chloe (5 days ago)
it contained holy water
T Conger (6 days ago)
"Yep... Thats a bucket"
rob andone (7 days ago)
People are so fucking stupid.
philstorm (7 days ago)
rest in passerino
Saturn314x (7 days ago)
* I haz bucket * * O NO HE TAKE MY BUCKET * *starts world war 3*
The_OG_Patrick (7 days ago)
If your a victim of domestic violence i personally cant help you but i know who can get you on the right track “skillshare” they help with loud arguments or even full blown fist fights whatever it may be skillshare has got it.
RadarBear (7 days ago)
Actually 2000 like u said in the title
Yoickson (7 days ago)
I wish people fought over me like that
Netter Julian (8 days ago)
Stolen from Qxir get out of here
Isabelle (8 days ago)
My bucket
Isaac Rusciano (8 days ago)
The bucket had fresh Mountain Dew
Gabriel Trahan (8 days ago)
“This is a bucket.” “Dear god.”
Yusuf Seedat (9 days ago)
The Europeans were supposed to be civilized. I don't hear about any dumb wars fought by the African barbarians or South Americans. Europeans smh
broly (9 days ago)
Why 8 billion people lost their lives fighting over a toyota carolla
Tacitus Kilgore (9 days ago)
This is like saying the start of ww1 was because Franz Ferdinand fancied a sandwich.
Dabadibadooba (9 days ago)
This is a bucket 2000 people : dear god.....
StickPeopleAndPuff (9 days ago)
A+ music choice
demonpride1975 (9 days ago)
why are we fighting this war. someone stole a water well bucket. what the fuck this is stupid i am out of here.
TheLavaMaker (9 days ago)
"This, is a bucket." "Dear God.." *NO!*
Cheggerhans™ (10 days ago)
0:15 are there any good reasons to kill other people?
wisdoms child (10 days ago)
When you've had a bad day and some stupid shit happens
Will Wright (11 days ago)
Also known as “The War Of The Debo”
LobsterRoast (11 days ago)
1:31 Ahhh yes, Bologna.
Basic YouTuber (12 days ago)
To be fair, that bucket had a fuck ton of treasure in it
p creeper Zhou (12 days ago)
do u know how ww3 will start with a bucket? read more
That moment when you realize that a bucket had more attention than you
Crowd Controi (12 days ago)
WW2 was caused by some angry man with a silly mustache
Ross McCarthy (12 days ago)
this is misleading. Most wars are fought for economic reasons. To say most wars are stupid is to not understand economics relationship in history.
Nugget_of_Faith (12 days ago)
El Salvador invaded Honduras because Honduras banned people of El Salvador living there. They banned the people of El Salvador because of them losing the football (soccer) championship game.
Oryx TheMad God (12 days ago)
this is bologna
skaindu (13 days ago)
Italian war rationale is fascinating
Jacob Salas (13 days ago)
Thats a lot of salt
Joseph Shreves (14 days ago)
Its called a pail you intelectuals get on my level
Baisil Sunny (14 days ago)
So humans were idiots throughout history.....!!not surprising
Pinochet (14 days ago)
Diarrhea at a party be like
FORTNITE LOVER (14 days ago)
2000 African died fighting over a kfc bucket
Linda Gerhardt (15 days ago)
Switched off after add screamed loudly in my face.
Crying Chitoge (16 days ago)
Jesus peed in the bucket
Stephen Malturin (16 days ago)
Soccer War is still dumber. Central America is just one big fail waiting to fail even harder.
chit cheung (17 days ago)
Read more
Tomato Sauce (17 days ago)
Where is that bucket now
Alexis The Legend (17 days ago)
As a homestuck... I’m very disgusted
JG Studios (17 days ago)
I don’t care what other people think I’m fighting to the death for that bucket
Resolvelution Tension (17 days ago)
Wait what?
Shadow The Ninja Fox (18 days ago)
3:07 imagine after the battle, the soldiers just said "lmao guys it was just a prank see the camera's right there bro"
Sir Prize (18 days ago)
Buckets of fun!
WeldinMike27 (18 days ago)
Bucket war.... Nah. Spaghetti Bolognese. That's something I could war over.
Heroguyisred (18 days ago)
Pissed off Bolognese...
tehjamez (18 days ago)
I stopped watching when you said "essentially". The clickbait worked but I'm out--cya fa99ot
ratatwang uwu (18 days ago)
I want it now. *Declares war on Italy*
Kate ? (18 days ago)
And I thought I was petty
tenchimuyo69 (18 days ago)
I've read theories that the bucket was actually just a war trophy after the fact, not the cause of the war.
sombatcm hpres.o (19 days ago)
That must've been a nice bucket.
Giancamillo Guglielmi (19 days ago)
Bologna merda
William Hough (19 days ago)
The title reminds me of half as interesting
Wyrmshadow (19 days ago)
The Austrian story is really fucking funny.
Abstep Royal (20 days ago)
Yes the bucket was the final straw but it wasnt the bucket they were fighting over. Its more like they wanted to be taken seriously and stealing a bucket was basically saying you guys are so worthless all you have of worth is this bucket. Disrespected. Ultimately it was the events from the past that really started the war. Kinda like Washington and Canadas pig war. Everyone started a war over a dead pig but it wasnt the pig persay but the fact that land that was though to be united states was also thought to be Canada. And the pig was supposedly on some farmers land and he shot it dead. Then the pig war started.
SpasmFingers (20 days ago)
To be fair that is a pretty cool bucket
Professor Mobius (20 days ago)
When in rome
Anti Peanut (20 days ago)
Well I'm not surprised
Vyacheslav Lisiy (20 days ago)
Bologna in a bucket sounds pretty gross anyhow
H k (20 days ago)
John wick's dog
rand0command0ttv (20 days ago)
Nice seamless transition from informative video, to complete advertising shill @4:42 Take my dislike.
Itz Yoie (21 days ago)
Thought you were talking about the bucket cave in rust and how people fight to get a tool cupboard down
Seth Lankford (21 days ago)
The 1920-something Duck War in the state of Arkansas is a pretty interesting conflict that really no one knows about
Just Saying (21 days ago)
I should move to Modena...
crippling anxiety (21 days ago)
Imagine dying for a freaking bucket
ser junkan adds ham (21 days ago)
Should've just use 3 iron
The Bender (21 days ago)
The bucket contained hentai
Chad Burnette (21 days ago)
But remember, the U.S. Civil War was 100% about slavery, and nothing else.
Sir Prize (18 days ago)
Fighting to prevent people from owning other people is still a hell of a lot better than fighting over a wooden, nasty *bucket.*
Munib Ahmad (21 days ago)
Why do i suddenly feel urge to die fighting proudly for that bucket!? Give it back!
Ewelina Michał (21 days ago)
Sorry, I know that humans death isn't reason to laugh but i can't stop my self. Why we are such ridiculous specie which is seeking for dumbest reason to kill each other instead of building our common wealth and discover space? Humanity is capable of great deeds but wasting its potential for destroying it self.
lolmanboss (21 days ago)
And now imagine if you stole the bucket from the museum XD i bet its worth 1000's of Euros right now HAHAHA
lolmanboss (21 days ago)
To think that not only skyrim has magic buckets XD
Sh1ttyMuffinLmao (22 days ago)
I'm actually from Modena and...YES WE FUCKING WON YOU WANTED THAT BUCKET HUH? Your bad Bologna...your bad.
Kidkratos ki (22 days ago)
I want dat bucket!!!
Creed 2 (22 days ago)
So this just a prank war........
Oh Yeah Yeah (22 days ago)
Emu war. That is all
But the bucket can have unlimited water
S (22 days ago)
Die fighting over a religion is the stupidest reason. And most people died for it than any other wars. God has a way to weeding out the stupid from the population.
Mikania (22 days ago)
It's a nice bucket tho
Mikania (22 days ago)
The kettle war. Look it up. Ships fighting. 1 casualty: kettle with soup.
Joshua Siefert (22 days ago)
Bologna? Tastes good on my sammich
bradley pyne (23 days ago)
Its pretty easy to say
William Howell (23 days ago)
Men, this is a bucket Dear god There's more No!
Average Gigel (23 days ago)
Poor bucket

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