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Psychic Medium John Holland in New York City

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Psychic Medium John Holland at the "I Can Do It" conference in NYC. Presented by Hay House Publishing.
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peace625 (8 hours ago)
OMG you are great!!! I LOVE you!!! thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Franz K (4 days ago)
I´m afraid this guy is a magician, a mentalist. This does not sound authentic at all. He´s doing a lot of talking an asking, both women give him plenty of information.
Diana Ceesay (8 days ago)
I've been getting dimes for YEARS... and everything else mentioned. ♡
Cathy T (15 days ago)
A fool and his $ are soon departed. Hes a better stand up comedian than he is a psychic medium. "Do u understand that?" His favorite phrase i do believe. 😂
Natsy (20 days ago)
What I find so amazing about mediums in general (not singling out John Holland especially) is that none of them - actually none - ever seem to bring through any 'communication' with a person's spirit guides. Since we are all supposed to have them, you would think some message from these 'higher' beings might be possible (not to mention more beneficial) rather than so-called communication with one's aunt Mavis or uncle Cecil - or the like!
johnhollandpsychic (20 days ago)
Great comment! There are all types of mediums. Some are best at connecting with those in spirit. Some are more tuned into spirit guides. A bit like doctors who can specialize in different things. The purpose of a medium connecting with loved ones who have crossed is to prove the continuity of life. Depending upon individual needs, some may find it more healing to connect with a loved one in spirit rather than a spirit guide. Hope this helps.
Tracy (27 days ago)
Yeah I’m clairsentient my guts are always hurting and people always ask for my help. Stores or otherwise. It’s all good though. I feel some powerful energies all the time. Especially from mother Gaia.
Ether Steele (1 month ago)
Im on my friends tablet , her profile ... but homie , you are so much fun to watch . Im so glad I found this , and i cant wait to dive in and watch more ! Im JP Pryer . Love you thank you
Spookychris01 (1 month ago)
This guy asks a lot of questions.
Kyana Harris (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh, this guy's hilarious. Brilliant.
Debbie Johnson-McNutt (3 months ago)
I was drawn to those TV shows also
John Kaufi (3 months ago)
Go to a Spiritist centre (Spiritism after the Kardec doctrine) and you will get readings/information of similar quality. This service should be provided for free.
Franz K (2 days ago)
This is called "cold reading", not "communicating with the dead". He´s asking questions all the time. It is rather obvious. I´m disappointed, because I liked his book. My Dad used to be a magician. (Dad, I miss you so much, but I´m afraid there is no afterlife and I will just have to remember what you have taught me.) I´ve seen mentalists, really good mentalists, at Magical Congresses. They all could make you believe that they were communicating with ghosts. If you really had contact to dead Uncle Ducky, he would say: "I´m Uncle Ducky." or "Hi, it´s me, your uncle." Not show you a rubber duck, which would make me think of a person with a rubber ducky fetish.
Julie Krambehr (3 months ago)
Love your work John. I have a deck of your awesome cards. Hope you can come to Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.
zelene oci (1 month ago)
And Perth...still Australia.
Lin D (3 months ago)
Hi ...I love your Hay House radio show! Thank you for your work!
Lynda Adams (3 months ago)
Snap we have the same birthday. I'm in 1957.
Patrizia Ferraris (3 months ago)
Milena Misic (3 months ago)
Your energy is just fascinating 💓💓💓 God bless you!
J. Divine (4 months ago)
YOU ARE AN AMAZING SOUL! Thank you for all the teachings, LOVE & LiGHT ALWAYS!
J D (4 months ago)
J D (4 months ago)
Hey I don't care what in the coffee goes in long as you get the coffee 🤑🤑🤑🤑
J D (4 months ago)
This guy makes me miss the East Coast ohmygod he is so real
J D (4 months ago)
Dermot Gillespie (4 months ago)
He is very like John Edwards psychic medium when he stands side on
Jessica Norwood (6 months ago)
John how would I go about to get a reading from you. I have been looking for an amazing and legit medium for a long time. I would really appreciate to hear back from you
Mikel Meyers (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for uploading this! I loved it!!
thereddragonband (7 months ago)
Great presentation. Thank you for the upload. 😁

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