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Psychic Medium John Holland in New York City

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Psychic Medium John Holland at the "I Can Do It" conference in NYC. Presented by Hay House Publishing.
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Pixie Girl (51 minutes ago)
He’s great!
Russell g (2 days ago)
This guy is more and entertainer. He asks to many probing questions. Military from a certain demographic it is 50% to drinking well someone in most any family has these issues.
Tanya Hunt (6 days ago)
oh so funny! :) but tons of info too
Christine Brogan (11 days ago)
Omg I LOVE this guy, he could be a comedian. He is awesome🤣
barbieholicable (13 days ago)
I am so glad it was useful to you. Just know that you are not alone, just honor yourself by trusting your inner guidance. I feel so blessed that I was able to be there with my daughter through her journey. But it was all synchronized to aid in mine as well. You take small steps and take time to get comfortable in your spiritual skin, it's ok if you are not advertising your gifts to your family and friends at this time. I found once I had accepted who I was and what I could do and released the shame and fear of being different than my family, they couldn't hold back telling me of the little "experiences" they were having. I found out my dad is a sleeping medium, been all his life getting visitations from departed love ones with messages, and guidance. I found out my brother spent most of our childhood getting prophetic dreams after being visited by a winged figure which he was sure was an angel, he said knowing what would happen and not being able to fix it, was torture so he asked for the gift to be taken away. My sister confessed she sees spirits like I do and has this dark entity that has always been just out of reach but too close to ignore. She has chosen to hold on to faith because she is afraid that to give in and acknowledge her gifts the dark entity will overcome her. I promise you, you are not the only one I your family who has gifts. Thank you for letting me share. And if you ever feel like you're alone, send me and email. [email protected] My name is Martine
Mom Mom (16 days ago)
I’ve always wanted to ask a medium to talk to the spirits about the true history of the Blood of Jesus and why it’s so important . Can you do a video of that please?
Mitsuo Mits (14 days ago)
I always hear the voice of on of my sisters calling me, but she's alive.
Mitsuo Mits (13 days ago)
+barbieholicable OMG! Thank you so so so much for shearing with me your journey. And I just want to congratuate you for doing it for your child. I'm the only one in my family who's having all kind of weird experiences. so I don't say that much. And allow me also to say thank you in the name of your daugter because it's so beautiful to have your own mon guiding you through this. Thanks again for taking your time, I appreciated so so so much. You are a true earthangel☺
barbieholicable (13 days ago)
I have been honestly doing so cautiously for years because of my previous religious beliefs but I only started learning because my daughter was seeing spirits and entities of all kinds. I wanted to help her, so I figured if I educated myself, I could help her where my parents didn't help me. This year, I have gone full force with it. I take classes with like minded people, "my tribe" I called them, what's wonderful about people with our gifts is that we want to find community and validation. I found my class honestly by the friend who gave me the confidence to say out loud I had abilities and they were not from the devil. She introduced me to cards and the spiritual world and with the more I learned the more I wasn't afraid and the more I shocked myself. In the end my daughter learned to love, honor and accept her gifts and made the choices not to use them in this yet current lifetime and fear had no real reason for her choice. But it made me realize that I was going to use mine and have been doing that. It was scary, but thrilling all at once, but one key thing is trust, trusting that you have all you need to receive the message, trusting that you are capable to relay the message. I am working constantly on that.
Mitsuo Mits (14 days ago)
+barbieholicable Oh ok! Thanks for your comment. It hepled a lot. I was never afraid. I always thought that it was my mind playing me tricks. Do you mind if I ask if you tryed to develope your gift? And if is so, was/is it easey?
barbieholicable (14 days ago)
No, but when I was younger I heard my name called a lot in the voices of my loved ones and i was told it was the devil calling me and not to answer, so for awhile I was scared. What I realized it was spirits who knew I could hear and see but was ignorant of that gift, they call us in voices that wont scare us, but it's just them trying to get our attention. It has stopped since I accepted my gift and stop being afraid of it. Just want to say it's common among folks who have the gift.
Mitsuo Mits (14 days ago)
+barbieholicable You mean like a bad spirit?
Damon Hockey (18 days ago)
"Im seeing 3rd, is he third..(wait how many kids 4 no 5)...no second...yeah cos im seeing not 1st or last" You may even be well intended but maybe selling used cars would be a more up your alley.
TrickOr Trump (6 days ago)
"Who has the last name Flower or Baur or Power or....." "My husband is in the flower business" "DAYAM! Look how good I am!"
chunkafunk81 (19 days ago)
robert white (19 days ago)
Readings start at 31 30 if you want to cut out all his crap.
Always Learning (20 days ago)
Hahahaha!!! The clairsentience thing & people thinking you work in a store! Soooo very true!
J B (21 days ago)
I have seen some mediums do one on one sessions and give scarily accurate details including being able to see and hear the deceased. Almost like having a conversation with them. They convey information that no one should ever know that is between the living and passed individual. I know psychic mediums are real and do really convey messages...that being said, I feel like this guy is either making things up or he's very amateurish and not properly developed. He keeps things very generalized and often gets events or names skewed. Most other mediums I have seen work do not work like this, they actually can request that family/friend come forth and give 100% accurate information to validate. There are some great mediums out there, use common sense of discernment and choose those who are more tuned and developed. We are all psychic indeed; however, unfortunately we don't all know how to properly turned our vibrational energies to pick them up visually or aurially.
Mary Shuvani (14 days ago)
J B when you have to entertain the audience & simultaneously talk with spirit it’s a difficult juggling the two. Ppl want eye contact & entertaining to be enjoyable to watch on stage. Which can sometimes make the medium rush or be quick so there’s no pauses otherwise the audience gets bored. It’s extremely daunting in front of so many ppl also.
0z, Ltd. (22 days ago)
He’s a carbon copy of John Edward! Weird.
Sandra Ainsley (23 days ago)
This is how I too work as a medium to channel the info. As a a medium, I take my time to get the message. I need to find my way by asking questions for direction when in contact with spirits. I'ts like talking to any human spirit dead or alive. You take different amounts of time to get to know them and their dynamic with and their message to others. :)
Chuck Elson (24 days ago)
First thing, he checks his ear buds ('say hello to the person next to you'). His plants (the ones with the microphones) are in the audience asking their "new friends" lots of questions and flagging the best ones for the con artist to pick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vIaXyQoLH8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH0zTYTY7K8
Paige Lee (28 days ago)
Thank you 😊 much love ❤️ I'm always learning with my abilities. My dad sends me pennies all the time
Indra Ragoo (29 days ago)
MrDavenez (1 month ago)
My Bday is Dec. 4Th Lol
MrDavenez (1 month ago)
How is Janice last name spelled ? My last name is spelled Cline ?
Earth Angel (1 month ago)
Hi Mr. Holland - I once went to my brothers house to meet his new (Moved In) girlfriend - and she had hung a large picture at the top of his staircase. I walked in and said: "I Don't Like That Picture." - shortly afterwards, no one wanted to go to that house and she has taken over his home. I saw things in the picture that did not look right, but to other people (it was just an ugly picture) - Many times I feel strange, and also hear people walking around me, that I cannot see. My name has been called many times.
bababluelotus (1 month ago)
come to India please
julia nearing (1 month ago)
Hi I am writing because my biological mom passed away and she came to see me after she passed away but she didnt come alone so I need to know who came with her and why also I have a brother in prison because his baby daughter was murdered and I need to know who murdered her and why so I can help my brother
Donna Anderson (1 month ago)
I just lost my Cairn Terrier ... I KNOW he's still here!
z power (22 days ago)
Donna Anderson My cat that died two years ago still comes to visit me by walking on me, and my bed and settles down for a nap by my feet.😃
3r1c4 M4R13 (1 month ago)
I try to talk to them but they don't talk back. I'll help you spirits, what do you need? Nothing. Lol still open and optimistic though =)
Mel Vern (1 month ago)
Too much humor which is fun, but too much, bs, not enuf psychic activity, readings. He's an ENTERTAINER first and foremost.
Gizzy's Travels (1 month ago)
1st one was ok.... few questions.... 2nd one was a bust way too many no's and a huge amount of questions and a lot of reaching...
Colleen Ranieri (1 month ago)
Dam...flower bower..bower flower..it all came together..✔️✔️
Colleen Ranieri (1 month ago)
Going thru a tough time lately...was at my late fathers house, my mothers still there. Just trimming a small bush & a good size yellow butterfly flew right by me..my father loved yard work..today, my vacuum went on by itself..after I was using it..I laid it down, shut the door over, 2(?) mints later, IT went on..I was in the other room.. maybe I hit the off switch wrong..idk, just sayin..
Colleen Ranieri (1 month ago)
Same thing w/ the butterflies last month at the condo in WPalm..I was cleaning the tiles ~ walk way to the front door..& yellow butterflies..2.. he loved his Condo & keeping it tidy.. loved planting flowers around the front yard.. oh..John just said FLOWER ..I was talking about flowers.. idk..someone’s last name..
Sharon Lee Maher (1 month ago)
peace625 (2 months ago)
OMG you are great!!! I LOVE you!!! thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Franz K (2 months ago)
I´m afraid this guy is a magician, a mentalist. This does not sound authentic at all. He´s doing a lot of talking an asking, both women give him plenty of information.
Diana Ceesay (2 months ago)
I've been getting dimes for YEARS... and everything else mentioned. ♡
Natsy (2 months ago)
What I find so amazing about mediums in general (not singling out John Holland especially) is that none of them - actually none - ever seem to bring through any 'communication' with a person's spirit guides. Since we are all supposed to have them, you would think some message from these 'higher' beings might be possible (not to mention more beneficial) rather than so-called communication with one's aunt Mavis or uncle Cecil - or the like!
Mary Shuvani (12 days ago)
Natsy I’m an avid book reader so I’m definitely buying it thanks 🙏🏼
Natsy (12 days ago)
+Mary Shuvani M Lanar Keene is/was the author. The Psychic Mafia you will probably find on Amazon.. If you do read It, I hope you find it interesting. Cheers!
Mary Shuvani (12 days ago)
Natsy will search for the book. Thanks I was booked up in UK for demonstrations this year & cancelled everything I told a couple of the church leaders why & they basically weren’t interested in cleaning up the churches All they care about is bringing in mediums who fill the seats Well from what I personally saw ethnics & Black ppl are outnumbered in the church & circles etc When they do attend They’re not treated as equals I was always leaving circles & church with damage rather than uplifting vibes You’re face colour background if it’s not white isn’t going nowhere but to put money in their hand The bitching you described is exactly how it is & why I left too Yes I’ve returned to my Orthodox Church also They practice what they preach
Natsy (12 days ago)
+Mary Shuvani Yeah I have also noticed that none of the mediums are black or of ethnic origin. Is there anything new under the sun eh? I was attending a spiritualist church some years ago, but left after only a few weeks when the bitching started. I thought, well, if they are prepared to be like that to one of their 'own,' (i.e. white woman) then God knows how they would act towards anyone of a different ethnic background.! That aside, have you read the book by (I think it's an O Keefe) can't think of his first name now. He wrote the book called 'The Psychic Mafia'. The author admitted he was using trickery to give messages to people from so-called 'deceased' loved ones. The book was an eye-opener really. I thoroughly recommend it! You might be able to find his full name!Mediumship has become like any other cut-throat business. If spirits really do communicate, I am surprised anyone of calibre on the 'other side' would want to use mediums who are part of this industry to communicate with living people. As for myself, I have seen better standards of behaviour at my local Christian church. As for black African or Caribbean mediums, maybe they keep their spiritualist practices and traditions within their own communities; and who knows, maybe they are the more genuine and successful ones. I am only guessing of course.
Mary Shuvani (13 days ago)
Natsy agree nothing better than your own experiences but a medium is like a telephone line used by the spirit world to give messages etc I’ve worked for years in the industry but this year walked away from it & all other mediums as they had the wrong ethics the mediums I worked with were more interested in fame & bitching Because they’re just interested in themselves I believe they don’t connect with who they’re supposed to The information is incorrect their egos get in the way They’re not necessarily fake They just puff themselves up Think they’re better than what they truly are I know of many amateurs parading as experienced but they’re not The not so good ones are generally still developing or talking with other entities who are masquerading as the deceased etc Basically there’s some good ones but many just think they are What they’re not doing is coming from the correct spiritual knowledge they just pretend to. I had many psychics come for a reading or one class then copy me go out & lie & say they’re experienced Anyway the industry isn’t what it’s cracked up to be I experienced a lot of racism within it too have you not noticed the “famous” mediums are never ethnic or black? I have considered writing a book on the reality of the industry It’s not love & light The true psychics & mediums are hidden from the public You have to seek them out This is a business So there’s always corruption & greed The ones who make the most money are great business ppl or come from a marketing background
Tracy (3 months ago)
Yeah I’m clairsentient my guts are always hurting and people always ask for my help. Stores or otherwise. It’s all good though. I feel some powerful energies all the time. Especially from mother Gaia.
Ether Steele (3 months ago)
Im on my friends tablet , her profile ... but homie , you are so much fun to watch . Im so glad I found this , and i cant wait to dive in and watch more ! Im JP Pryer . Love you thank you
Spookychris01 (3 months ago)
This guy asks a lot of questions.
Kyana Harris (3 months ago)
Oh my gosh, this guy's hilarious. Brilliant.
Debbie Johnson-McNutt (5 months ago)
I was drawn to those TV shows also
John Kaufi (5 months ago)
Go to a Spiritist centre (Spiritism after the Kardec doctrine) and you will get readings/information of similar quality. This service should be provided for free.
walkernick86 (19 days ago)
Franz K when you actually do some real research into the subject, you will understand that communicating across different vibrational realms is much like two people trying to have a conversation underwater! I.E very very difficult! For both mediums and the none physical entities! Therefore the easiest way to get points across is through symbols and feelings. It ain't like talking to someone on the bloody telephone!
gypsyscometotown (1 month ago)
everyone reads differently, that is what he was explaining
Franz K (2 months ago)
This is called "cold reading", not "communicating with the dead". He´s asking questions all the time. It is rather obvious. I´m disappointed, because I liked his book. My Dad used to be a magician. (Dad, I miss you so much, but I´m afraid there is no afterlife and I will just have to remember what you have taught me.) I´ve seen mentalists, really good mentalists, at Magical Congresses. They all could make you believe that they were communicating with ghosts. If you really had contact to dead Uncle Ducky, he would say: "I´m Uncle Ducky." or "Hi, it´s me, your uncle." Not show you a rubber duck, which would make me think of a person with a rubber ducky fetish.
Julie Krambehr (5 months ago)
Love your work John. I have a deck of your awesome cards. Hope you can come to Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.
zelene oci (3 months ago)
And Perth...still Australia.
Lin D (5 months ago)
Hi ...I love your Hay House radio show! Thank you for your work!
Lynda Adams (5 months ago)
Snap we have the same birthday. I'm in 1957.
Patrizia Ferraris (5 months ago)
M M (6 months ago)
Your energy is just fascinating 💓💓💓 God bless you!
J. Divine (6 months ago)
YOU ARE AN AMAZING SOUL! Thank you for all the teachings, LOVE & LiGHT ALWAYS!
J D (6 months ago)
J D (6 months ago)
Hey I don't care what in the coffee goes in long as you get the coffee 🤑🤑🤑🤑
J D (6 months ago)
This guy makes me miss the East Coast ohmygod he is so real
J D (6 months ago)
Dermot Gillespie (7 months ago)
He is very like John Edwards psychic medium when he stands side on
Jessica Norwood (8 months ago)
John how would I go about to get a reading from you. I have been looking for an amazing and legit medium for a long time. I would really appreciate to hear back from you
Mikel Meyers (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for uploading this! I loved it!!
thereddragonband (9 months ago)
Great presentation. Thank you for the upload. 😁

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