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1.1 What Is A Research

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Text Comments (14)
mosab basher (1 month ago)
i need your help
monalisa ampa (1 year ago)
thank you so much! you save me!
Andreas Betshomon (1 year ago)
Can i learn from these vids how to write essays like review literature as a pschology student ? because i never found similar vids for the psychology students
Mind Light (1 year ago)
Andreas Betshomon I
Andreas Betshomon (1 year ago)
Great thank you :)
MeanThat (1 year ago)
Yes yes I know this very well...even though Sweden has great education system, I still see a big possibilities for improvements. I will hopefully in upcoming two months have time to do new course (probably a continuation of this one ) so stay tuned and good luck with your papers ;)
Andreas Betshomon (1 year ago)
Great vids though , I will start get my hands on some of these vids because we are going to have many papers to write as psychology student! Great examples about how to do the hole process from the start to the end , Really gives an idea how to do it because at the universities they suck at teaching their students how to do it, They just say this is what you have to do and the deadline is 20 jan , Good luck !!!
MeanThat (1 year ago)
No, I make these videos instead of stuying Swedish :-D

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