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Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

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Text Comments (63)
Jim Tyrrell (1 month ago)
heya BBB I too love this JM frag but it disappears quickly on my skin I w ll layer it with ESCENTRIC MOLECILE #1 in order to push it this is a beautifully constructed scent for those of us who love fresh/aquatic/oceanic fragrances WS & SS isnt cheap so I also bought a clone from ELIXIRS OF EDEN for $30 it is spot on this is a great smell for the tropics JIM from MIAMI BEACH
Devin McLean (2 months ago)
Went back and randomly tried this with Molecule 01. . .s**t was heavenly; I might be on to something lol
Nico Miranda (3 months ago)
Yup. It fails when it comes to the performance. They should release an intense version of this one
Africa Dunn- Taylor (4 months ago)
I agree it's one of my favorite Jo Malone fragrance but it doesn't last. I think it's one of the scents that mix well with the other scents. I use it as a base.
Matt McCaleb (4 months ago)
Have you got your nose in English Oak & hazelnut yet?? If so, what do you think?
JaneMichelleTv (6 months ago)
Oh also have you tried Jo Malone Dark Cedarwood & Juniper??
JaneMichelleTv (6 months ago)
I wear this JM scent most often. Love the saltwater & driftwood. I always thought it stopped performing, BUT I think it just doesn’t project very far. I always get comments when working close with people-they say “you smell good!” But that’s long after I stop noticing it at all. When I’m not at work people won’t notice it unless close by. It’s a good, clean, daytime scent. It reminds me of a watery, cleaner version of Fierce. Have you tried Eight & Bob Original scent? I’m so curious what men think of it. I haven’t heard anyone say this but to me it smells like old school shaving cream/like barbisol should smell. A little powdery but not crazy (cuz I cannot stand powder).
coolasianbro (7 months ago)
Every Jo Malone cologne is weak, even the "intense" performs really weak. I tested on a Jo Malone shop. It only lasts 30 mins to 1 hour. It's not olfactory fatique as I can still smell my other fragrance that I own.
19mterry (8 months ago)
Obsessed with this fragrance as well lacks performance breaks my heart! But I have two bottles so I’ll spray it every 30 min Hahahaha
kouji omega (9 months ago)
i love this video
Bryan Blackburn (9 months ago)
By far my fave JM frag. On bottle 3 now. Works very well with my skin and clothing tho it does take an extra spray or 2.
Liz Graham (9 months ago)
Love this one but doesn’t last for Nada on me. One of my favs along with Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Myrrh & Tonka.
Jerk Exboyfriend (10 months ago)
Performance is weak. Beard is correct about it not being offensive. I use it before church, office, gym.
Crazyyy rl (10 months ago)
Suggest Best jo malone scent for men? For like 19y/o
Shana J. (11 months ago)
I agree. The smell is great but the lack of projection and lasting power are atrocious. Great video. One video and I'm now a BBB member 🤣.
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for stopping by
Serge Rabaev (11 months ago)
Cool video bro Good looks✌️🔥
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks and thanks for watching!
David Sanford (11 months ago)
Excellent scent. I bought it a while back and my wife uses it more than I do. Great, but I think it leans feminine
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
It's Kyuu (11 months ago)
Check out PARFUMES EN VOGUE YouTube channel.. very nice videos. Ive never tried Jo Malone
Mrrr. G (11 months ago)
This smells amazing but like you said, the performance is complete garbage 🤦‍♂️
Official LXRY (11 months ago)
My mom owns this fragrance... After i got her Creed Love In White she still likes it but doesn't love it the same #ThePowerofCreed
Betty Murphy Grumpus (11 months ago)
Fuck Jo Malone, performance sucks
A Scented Soul (11 months ago)
Thankfully it lasts on me because it’s one of the few fragrances that I’ve actually repurchased! A great scent that more need to try! Enjoy
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Great smelling juice
sérgio Teixeira (11 months ago)
Fenomenal scent from JM. Despite the originality, the performance is not that great, try and blend it with some molecule 01, sometimes that helps...
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
i'll give it a try
Scott Piper (11 months ago)
Jo Malone? More like OJ Malone, since it's criminal that she charges that much jack for weak performing fragrances.
StangGT Fan (11 months ago)
I already hit the goddayum bell man. Wochyu talkin about? XD. Nice review man. Hope to get my nose on this fragrance soon.
Karlo Petrov (11 months ago)
It sounds like it will be fit for use at the beach? I didn't understand what season is it for?
A Scented Soul (11 months ago)
Karlo Petrov is honestly say both warm and cooler weather. Salty and fresh. Sounds weird but was done very well
Sean r (11 months ago)
Smelled this fragrance before. Great review.
Sean r (11 months ago)
Big Beard Business Your welcome.
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks and thanks for watching!
Black Goliath (11 months ago)
This fragrance is spot on Only issue is longevity Solid review
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks and thanks for watching!
Alex Chu (11 months ago)
I have performance issues too. I just spray more. Originally kind of regretted purchasing this before, but now I find it is one of my best scents
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Its an amazing scent. Too light to drown people out.
Mughfucka Gaultieri (11 months ago)
Fuck yo 📦!
Love Incorporated (11 months ago)
Ordered a sample of this and Pomegranate Noir two nights ago. Looking forward to trying it.
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
marlonious76 (11 months ago)
Wood and Sage are the perfect combination. Have to get my nostrils on this one.
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Let me know your thoughts when you do.
Rudolph Leake (11 months ago)
We back aggaaaiiiinnnnn!!!!!
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
fitz 90 (11 months ago)
Not my type,jo malone,their perfomance bad!
Robert Laws (11 months ago)
Still think Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka is better.
A Scented Soul (11 months ago)
Robert Laws definitely!
Eddy Torred (11 months ago)
Quickly cause it's being discontinued
Robert Laws (11 months ago)
Eddy Torred I have to put my nose on that one.
Robert Laws (11 months ago)
A Scented Soul I think its the best Jo Malone scent
Eddy Torred (11 months ago)
Robert Laws amber &patchouli
Dilman sky (11 months ago)
Big beard business Top notes are: fuck the box, all hail the beard Middle notes: hit the god damn bel, black cap Base notes: epic background music, epic voice, love
IntelligentHooliganProd (11 months ago)
The reformulated version comes with additional top notes of woods due to the new background.
BIGJOSH BROWN (11 months ago)
jet sky lol
Fatmac Mac (11 months ago)
We back lol
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Francisco Guajardo (11 months ago)
First. Good review
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Nicholas Jordan (11 months ago)
Just tried it 2 weekends ago
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching!

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