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The Style Off | Zara Men | Episode 1

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The Style Off | Zara Men | Episode 1 2 Ways to Style a Bomber Jacket | The Style Off | The Tailor Fitted & Carl Thompson My channel offers men's style, fashion, lifestyle & travel advice plus general vlogs on the inner workings of my life! This week I challenged @TheTailorFitted to a style off where we met face to face to test out each others fashion taste buds and apply our own twists on identical items. In this episode we styled a subtle floral print bomber jacket from Zara. Who won? #Oli or #Carl You decide with a comment below! Check out Oli's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/thetailorfitted Shop the Bomber Jacket From Zara here: Currently reduced from £49.99 to £29.99 http://bit.ly/29cHtuG Follow me: Instagram: @HawkinsandShepherd Twitter: @Carl23B BLOG: http://www.carlthompson.co.uk
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Text Comments (18)
Michał Wróblewski (16 days ago)
Can I choose both :D?
Thai Dinh (3 months ago)
Palace_Pro (1 year ago)
Dean Spence (1 year ago)
I like them both, maybe not the green stripes but a plain white t-shirt instead, Oli for Day, Carl for night
Irving Nolasco (2 years ago)
Damn those bomber jackets are 🔥🔥🔥
Ygjose (2 years ago)
What size did you guys buy
Ygjose (2 years ago)
+Carl Thompson Thank you great vid by the way
Lanier Smith (2 years ago)
Black Tee and Black Jeans are my signature look! You both look great so I am split.... but If I have to choose I would go with Classic Carl. Bravo.
Suresh Mukihal (2 years ago)
Lanier Smith
A B (2 years ago)
where in london is that? good video, good chemistry between you two
Erin Kaye Ozga (2 years ago)
Karolina Lach (2 years ago)
I am a big fan of this black jeans :)
Joshua Mendoza (2 years ago)
Carl 💯
Bummagi Richtig (2 years ago)
#Carl he definitely won!
Bummagi Richtig (2 years ago)
Bummagi Richtig (2 years ago)
Bummagi Richtig (2 years ago)
Renato Rios (2 years ago)
bravazo 👍

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