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They didn't see that coming! Comedian scares psychics

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Comedian Trav Que gives some psychics a scare on Twitter. Skeptical New Yorker terrifies 'psychics' to prove they are con artists in hilarious prank video Comedian TravQue put some New York City psychics to the test He walked in shop labeled 'Psychics' and shouted loudly to startle them The women inside got angry and cursed at him telling him to leave TravQue then told the camera he guessed they didn't predict him coming A New York-based comedian proved psychics couldn't foresee what he had planned after he startled two of them in their shop. Comedian TravQue filmed himself prior to walking into the New York City storefront, saying he wanted to see if the psychics had 'inside information'. 'I want to know if she can tell, you know if psychics can tell your future. If she can tell I'm about to do this,' TravQue says to the camera. As he enters the store he makes a loud noise, scaring the women inside the shop. The women in the store, who are nearly launched out of their chairs by the gag, do not find the prank amusing. 'What the f*** is wrong with you? Are you out of your f***ing mind? Get the f*** out of here. Get the f*** out before I call the cops,' they shout at TravQue. He replies: 'I heard you were guys were psychics, I wanted to know if you knew I was going to do that. I guess not.'
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Text Comments (7)
poshko41 (1 year ago)
His whole casual attitude cracks me up. xD
swc19972000 (2 years ago)
That wasn't the way I expected him to scare them. 😆 That's not the way it works, though, even with ones who aren't frauds.
Angry Combat Wombat (8 months ago)
Brans 2468 (1 year ago)
Hahahah call the cops for getting scared
MoOsHw (1 year ago)
swc19972000 What do you mean 'aren't frauds'?
SmallestWARRIOR (2 years ago)
I nearly choked on my coke from laughing so hard
VitalCubeGaming (1 year ago)
SmallestWARRIOR you’re doing coke?? WTF

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