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Revolution Saints - "Light In The Dark" (Official Music Video)

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Text Comments (528)
Wink Hopson (4 days ago)
This is basically Night Ranger/Journey 2018.....kinda boring to be honest
Magnus Wettermark (5 days ago)
Deen..back stronger than ever.Awesome singer and drummer!!
jedivader13 (6 days ago)
T MOT (7 days ago)
BBC brought me here.
George McBride (10 days ago)
Jack Blades my hero .
Rob Morgan (10 days ago)
Journey, I would you to meet Night Ranger! I think you could be buds!
John Minelli (11 days ago)
Love melodic rock with great voices. Keep it going saints !
steel steel (1 month ago)
night rangers bassist ?
John Moon (1 month ago)
Fabulous! And you can tell these guys really enjoy playing with each other.
Joe Lopez (1 month ago)
Sorry for late reply but that's the way to Freakin' Rock!!!!!!! .....,..Can I Get A Hell Yeah!!!!!.....GOOD STUFF!!!!!!
Billy Dee Cig (1 month ago)
I betcha Doug Aldrich practices a helluva lot.
Billy Dee Cig (1 month ago)
All this song needs is some unnecessary screaming and/or ridiculous growling to completely ruin it
Richard Ray Cross (1 month ago)
Good stuff Deen Love the new band
Kayla Schulz (1 month ago)
Light in the dark means a place you've never been before
Kayla Schulz (2 months ago)
Then it's Revenge
Cookie Gellura (2 months ago)
Seems like they heard Believe in me by JSS
Maruba Silaen (2 months ago)
Maruba Silaen (2 months ago)
Ave Maria Israele
Maruba Silaen (2 months ago)
Maruba Silaen (2 months ago)
Blues Power (2 months ago)
Awesome!!! Made me grab my Les Paul and jam out. Rock and Roll will never die.
Many Manimal (2 months ago)
Rock On !!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
DJ Whaley (2 months ago)
I don't care if he comes up with the cure for cancer, Jack Blades will AWAYS be a piece of shit for the way he treated/treats Jeff Watson. The sooner I see his face on the big screen of the Grammy's with the words "In Memory Of...", the better.
Thais Binatto (2 months ago)
Coisa mais linda do mundo. Muito obrigado por isso!!!
Kristina K (3 months ago)
Wow! Good to see you back, Deen!!! No offense to the current Journey members & fans but If I only have to choose ONE between The Revolution Saints & (The Current) Journey, I'd rather watch a live concert with The Revolution Saints.
Graeme Stansfield (3 months ago)
It's nice to see a drummer be lead singer , reminds me of when Phil Collins used to do it . Not a bad song came across Revolution Saints as an advert while waiting for some of my music to come through . Glad it came through Revolution Saints . A hug thanks guy's.
deborah chapman (3 months ago)
Happy Birthday Deen
Stacy Dale Barendse (3 months ago)
Damn! Doug does not age.
Bradley Elliott (3 months ago)
ibamct (3 months ago)
Bravo! Loving the happy vibe of this. When Deen and Jack sing apart it sounds like Journey and Night Ranger, but singing together they sound like Kansas.
Toni Blakmoore (3 months ago)
You guys need to get it right it's Doug Aldridge on guitar all these comments saying it's different guitar players makes you sound like idiots
Toni Blakmoore (3 months ago)
Holy shit that is Doug Aldridge playing guitar for revolution saints Doug Aldridge played guitar for Ronnie James DIO!!!!
Klstarlight Starlight (3 months ago)
Great song and great musicians!
Heinz Doofenshmirtz (4 months ago)
Jack Blades looks like Bilbo Baggins. Haha!
Radomir-Rasa Petrovic (4 months ago)
Ko je dao negativno, bem ga usrana, nek slusa tehno..... When he gave a negative, I fucking shook him, he would listen to techno .....
Edivanio Leite (4 months ago)
Revolution Saints, I posted your Official video "Light in the Dark" in my personal profile, and the Facebook silenced this. How can i promote your new music, if the FB want only your $$$$?
Assholestar Torme (4 months ago)
swiergu911 (4 months ago)
Journey, Whitesneak, Night Ranger......
David Jenson (4 months ago)
More Journey sounding stuff, but really cool!
Robert Leese (4 months ago)
I can hardly talk on the phone and pay attention to where I'm driving and this guy is playing drums and singing at the same time. God......
Lo compartimos en "Todo Rock Murcia"
Biff Barf (5 months ago)
Home 🤘 run
Assholestar Torme (5 months ago)
やっぱりハードロックが1番好きな音楽だわ 再確認した ありがとう!
Christine J (5 months ago)
Deen... Light in the dark💖
anakina1 (5 months ago)
Damn he should have done Perry's parts. I am stunned everytime I see something he is involved in. Magnificent drummer as well. Always good to see Blades having fun too.
33drummerr (5 months ago)
Deeno is phenomenal, along with Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich, but to sing and play like he does blows my mind!!! Glad he's back behind the kit with the Dead Daisies and definitely need more Revolution Saints!!! 👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jake McCullough (5 months ago)
This is great! Reminds me of something Rik Emmett would write with Triumph
qresus1970 (5 months ago)
It sounds like JOURNEY.
Myra Boyd (5 months ago)
OMG! You guys rock! Keep it coming! Love Love you!
Wesley Hard86 (5 months ago)
so monstros
Mark Plavecki (5 months ago)
This must be a supergroup aye?
DealioTV (6 months ago)
Kick ass
Pål Zachariassen (6 months ago)
30 years to late ,,, very expencive video ,,
chickimac1 (6 months ago)
Music is not dead after all!
David Rey (6 months ago)
great vibe , good energy
oki pribadi (6 months ago)
Kinda missed this kind a music. Great band!
heavy metal enthusiast (6 months ago)
SUPER !!! 10 OUT OF 10 !
KEN5423 (6 months ago)
I want Blades as lead vox.
Werner Kellner (6 months ago)
Wonderful !
Lynda Howard (6 months ago)
This is really amazing!
Kelly Hassen (6 months ago)
Rock on. LOve it. Super Group
Mad Moose67 (6 months ago)
This band is amazing... I've got to have their CDs... I've not been this excited about a band in many years
TruthUnderFire (6 months ago)
Jose Matias (7 months ago)
Música lindíssima
Outback Rogue (7 months ago)
Derek on drums...enjoy this!
after I heard a few of these songs, it inspired me to write this song and music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glj6h9BTSFQ
Andre Ono (7 months ago)
very good
Scott Robertson (7 months ago)
I love how they change up instruments. Something new, something refreshing. Awesome tune!
Scott Robertson (7 months ago)
That is such a refreshing song, it's so good to know in fact there is still some great 80's music still left out there to be recorded yet. This is going to be the new super group to bring it to you too! In your face and loving it. Revolution Saints is the best new band in my eyes!
Grace Antonio (7 months ago)
Deeeeeen!! Ressurected Saint hahaha! So happy for you and congratulations to your band too! LiveLoveLOL😁
Pat (7 months ago)
I love this song. You guys are awesome. Deen, I find it so inspiring that you sing as well as you do, and can do so WHILE playing drums (which you also do very well). You're honestly one of the most underrated singers and drummers in the past 30 years, and as a singing drummer, you're unmatched. Congrats on pulling through some very tough times. It's a long journey (I know personally) that almost never quite ends, but you look and sound great! It is wonderful to have you back. Keep rocking. I've seen you over the years, but what you have brought to us with Revolution Saints is something remarkable. All you guys really deserve a huge THANK YOU. Your music is so pure and it puts a freaking smile on my face every time I hear one of your songs. So Deen, Doug and Jack, great work on both albums. This band is a gift.
NextSongs4God (7 months ago)
Is that Aldrich?
Low Light (7 months ago)
Yeshua HaMoshiach - Jesus Christ is LORD - HALLELUJAH !!!
Darren Diggle (7 months ago)
Is this the same guitar player from Whitesnake ? help anyone please
1Rockdad (6 months ago)
Little late but yes it is
Debbie Jones (7 months ago)
Deen sounds great, Jack not so much. Love them anyway.
Hartmut Sattler (7 months ago)
Great band, great guys, great song.
Mauro Leonardo Mondal (7 months ago)
Awesome! 😍
jose davila (8 months ago)
Oye ver mi canal YouTube es Jose Davila Cuando puedan Claro
Tony Marinelli (8 months ago)
What a concept, we have singers who can actually sing and an amazing guitarist. Of course the haters will call this 80’s music, I get it, in the 80’s you had to actually sing and have a mastery of your instrument and have the Ability to play an awesome guitar solo now and since Grunge hit music and shit.
Ruud Kuijpers (8 months ago)
Love it Dean
Anthony Rivers (8 months ago)
Making those drums his bitch does that violate his probation?
rodger deering (8 months ago)
Very awesome tune for sure! But WOWSA!! That solo Doug ripped was a MONSTER solo! Just wow...outstanding job from the 3 of them.
Steve Howard (9 months ago)
Happy Asian New Year !!!
Lael Destan (9 months ago)
Deen is my favorite Ozzy Osbourne drummer ever. Jack, I miss your team up with Tommy, Ted and Michael. Doug, Killing the Dragon is one of my favorite songs by RJD.
Xavier Lee (9 months ago)
I love this band!!!! Make a live Blu-Ray!!!!!! I want to buy it now!!!
Jose Illa (9 months ago)
Love to see that Dean is back and strong! Great voice!!
Andre Ono (9 months ago)
omg very good
tonepoet (9 months ago)
This kills. A supergroup that is not boring (finally!) but chooses to shred notes. I like it.
Paul Mcguire (9 months ago)
Russian, super👍👍👍!
CODY HANS COLE (7 months ago)
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Canal Do CK (10 months ago)
algum brazuka ouvindo esses feras?
Rob Racey (10 months ago)
Love this song! I remember.
Zotube (10 months ago)
Awesome 👍
c wilson (10 months ago)
Incredible song... Hook....solo....vox.....thank you
andrew jackson (10 months ago)
wonder what inspired this song .ie the story behind it?
BorKa43 (10 months ago)
Harry Castellanos (10 months ago)
Deen Castronovo is back bitches. Go rock on!!
Jeremy Thomas (10 months ago)
Crush 40? That you?
mike ulibarri (10 months ago)
Jackie B. Always brings a song to the music. Happy I found Frontiers. Thank you.
Joseph Dow (10 months ago)
Most uplifting song I've heard in decades. Heads up WORLD-ROCK IS BACK

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