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We Toured The Factory Of A Car Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Subscribe! https://goo.gl/5JdIrC We got a chance to visit Donkervoort’s factory in the Netherlands and got an exclusive behind the scenes look into how they make their super lightweight and blistering fast supercars. Check out Donkervoort here: http://www.donkervoort.com/en/ For business inquiries email us here: [email protected] Follow us on social media: http://facebook.com/ShiftingLanes http://twitter.com/ShiftingLanes http://instagram.com/Shiftinglanes https://drivetribe.com/t/shifting-lanes-VVn8ij7JRqa6z86AEhxv-w Intro - "Bow and Arrow" - T-Mass http://ncs.io/BowandArrowNS
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warpspeed (8 months ago)
Why ...oh why they did not move the wonderful set of rear lights of the D8GT to the D8 GTO/GTO RS line? They look so much more streamlined and modern than the round ones that they use now...
Mystipaoniz (10 months ago)
yeah sure. Petrolheads never heard of that "obscure" company... Come oooon. What kind of title is that?
DaOneJoel (10 months ago)
Fantastic content, so glad I found it. Great interview, pacing, preparation and questions . Solid 8/10
Russ B (10 months ago)
Great Video!! I really love this car!! I build an exomotive exocet last year, which is registered in california as a replica lotus 7. Building it was really easy and fast (on the road in 3 months). Now that it's turbo'ed, i'm researching carbon fiber fabrication and 3D printing. The other day i was lined up at a stoplight with a brand new McLaren 560 and the owner was asking ME about my car. Got me thinking, what would a $300k lotus 7 look like.. and its the Donkervoort. Super unique looks, amazing CF integration, the interior is inspirational for my car. Of course, i built mine for $16k. Getting one of these in the US would probably be nearly $300k and take over a year. Still, and epic and unique machine. Thanks for posting!
neuronmind (10 months ago)
By far the best Donkervoort docu. So much interesting information here . Thx a lot
Oleg knows best (1 year ago)
Sure I've heard of them, they are right around the corner of my house...
EFA (1 year ago)
What a load of rubbish this video is. The original Donkervoort was a rip off of the Caterham Seven. Make no mistake Mr Donkervoort copied the design of Caterham Cars. The issues with regulations spoken of in this video are not mentioned as there were none. Caterham have sold cars globally (including the US and Europe for years.
neuronmind (10 months ago)
EFA; Spoken of cheap, the Cateringham (w.t.f. donkeyvort) was sold as a kitcar. lol. Donkervoorts always were factory build. They never were cheaper than Caterhams 7 copy. The reason Joop Donkervoort started to build his own "7" was because his customers didn't fit in the original chassis. So he designed a new chassis longer and wider than the original and started his own brand. On the other hand you and your narrow mind would have an easy fit in the original LOTUS 7. ;-)
EFA (10 months ago)
Er I think I am rather more a subject matter expert than you are likely to be. Facts are, Caterham sold the Lotus Seven until 1973 when they bought the rights from Lotus. Donkeyvort were a reseller of Caterham 7s and copied the design as they could produce locally cheaper. Its as simple as that.
neuronmind (10 months ago)
You mean Caterham copied the concept of the LOTUS super 7 designed by Collin Chapman. So did Donkervoort. The only thing that's rubbish is your comment and your lack of knowledge....
stefan koles (1 year ago)
Ty so much for this amazing video....one of the best video
Thomas Douma (1 year ago)
well that was unexpected. this factory is about 15 minutes from my home. didn't expect americans to visit Donkervoort
ShiftingLanes (1 year ago)
NOBODY expects the American Inquisition (said in best Monty Python voice). -Gregson
Jenny Hardman (1 year ago)
another lotus 7 rip off in a party dress! you'd think with all the drugs in the Netherlands they'd have a bit more imagination?
E4T6 (1 year ago)
Pretty cool man, keep your eyes on these guys.. I can think of a couple of other Marks with humble beginnings like this..(think Italians)...

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