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Agile Planning - Product Roadmaps Part #1 - Creating a Compelling Vision

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A product roadmap is an extremely useful way to describe how a product is likely to evolve, to align the stakeholders, and to acquire a budget for developing the product. But creating an effective roadmap is not easy, particularly in an agile context where changes occur frequently and unexpectedly. During this interview, we discuss the tips to create an effective roadmap. The next video https://youtu.be/wWFQzQp1eek Video on Progressive Elaboration https://youtu.be/pOqXkVLbuHM This also talks about strategies suggested by product planning experts such as Roman Pichler.
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CodeLabs (1 year ago)
Good work. use either sound filter to remove noice on PP or use Lav mic :) noice is disturbing :(

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