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TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN GTA 5 The 200 best GTA 5 Fails, Thug Life & GTA 5 Funny Moments combined into a best of GTA V Fails compilation! • Submit your GTA 5 Fails & Funny Moments: https://redarcade.com/gtafails • Subscribe for more GTA 5 Funny Moments: https://redarcade.com/subscribe ► More GTA 5 Videos: • Top 100 Funniest Fails In GTA 5: https://youtu.be/z-xvQ4YHi4c • GTA 5 Fails #29: https://youtu.be/coSNek3X9NE • GTA 5 Epic Moments #32: https://youtu.be/gAQVhc11S7M ► Featured Playlists: • GTA 5 Fails: https://goo.gl/TKS1aT • GTA 5 Epic Moments: https://goo.gl/G6ZvNV • All GTA 5 Videos: https://goo.gl/FEJJ79 ✦ Submit your clips: https://redarcade.com/ ► FOLLOW US HERE: • Subscribe: https://redarcade.com/subscribe • Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedArcadeYT • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedArcade • Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+RedArcade ► Due to YouTube’s character limit there was not enough room to list everyone featured in the description. Check out the original episodes for more information on the featured players: • Episode 21: https://goo.gl/rPxlTc • Episode 22: https://goo.gl/cY7SPX • Episode 23: https://goo.gl/5UqqwZ • Episode 24: https://goo.gl/pXrYCr • Episode 25: https://goo.gl/g9pp6p • Episode 26: https://goo.gl/CMl56W • Episode 27: https://goo.gl/cGRMuU • Episode 28: https://goo.gl/xgaTRd • Episode 29: https://goo.gl/hHDdGR Thank you to everyone for the amazing support on this series over the first 29 episodes! We will keep pushing to make each episode better, and to keep you entertained. Special thanks to everyone who submitted their clips, making this series possible! #gta5 #funnymoments #fails
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Red Arcade (1 year ago)
Thanks for all the support on this series! Hope you enjoyed this 45 minute special! • *Submit CLIPS Here!* https://redarcade.com/gtafails • *GTA 5 Fails #29:* https://youtu.be/coSNek3X9NE
DBZ Fightz (14 days ago)
It’s sad that all of these clips were either mods, planned, or things that happen to all of us. If your that desperate for clips just switch to a different game
Isabella Miller (23 days ago)
Red Arcade ajas
Satria Julianto (26 days ago)
+Daniel M. mhc, Box gd f IVR l srdx
Cameron McCrackan (28 days ago)
Y don't U poo yo pants
Daiara Botelho (1 month ago)
A_Night25 To?Dream (2 hours ago)
Whats the music at 17:40?
J LOYAL (22 hours ago)
4:52 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Orbit clan (1 day ago)
6:05 fuck off its not funny
Laid To Rest (2 days ago)
0:19 if you never done this what kind of player are you?
BlueMasterIPC (2 days ago)
6:51 that's messed up!!!!
Ben569483 (4 days ago)
25:12 that clip made me die 😂
10:30 Dont mind me just casually walking here. 😂😂😂😂
Eirin Humphreys (5 days ago)
This clip is so realistic 11:44
Eirin Humphreys (5 days ago)
U made him turn into Jeff the killer 6:18
para todos (5 days ago)
Wath 10:11
Sharkbate331 Gaming (5 days ago)
2:05 lol
nikay is gaming (6 days ago)
23:09 is Nederlands
Steven Zugrovich (6 days ago)
What song plays at 8:19?
Que malo es con el gatito y con el perro no le doy me gusta le doy no me gusta
killaruna34 (8 days ago)
9:55 Neymar jr.
Pinky 382 (8 days ago)
10:54 baha
Tuhokairangi Miller (8 days ago)
Song at 24:05?
CUCHO (10 days ago)
39:34 wtf :v
CUCHO (10 days ago)
34:50 JAJAJAJA almost died
adam parker (10 days ago)
19:04. RIP balls
Limonix (10 days ago)
я понимаю что щас 2019 год свеньи однако таак ... 12:30
That One Dumb Kid. (10 days ago)
fifty vews and 53k likes. youtube is drunk again 🍺
That One Dumb Kid. (10 days ago)
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━║
Dandafryingpan (11 days ago)
Anyone know what the music at 18:13 is?
OliviaC7 (11 days ago)
Why would you kill a dog you evil human! Even if it is a game it still hurt to watch.
AlphaZero (11 days ago)
16:10 / 15:12
Daniel Rivera 200 (12 days ago)
1:30 ahahahah😂😂
vodqc (12 days ago)
12:30 Is this a pig ....
GTA 5 (12 days ago)
36:51 KARMA
I love gta 5 """"""sou brasileiro"""""".
CrisGamer605 (12 days ago)
LLAMA LEA LLAMA (13 days ago)
The ambulance is coming now, well here it is RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU now that's the reason you called then
Hougan (14 days ago)
6:44 Song name pls? :)
Amoni Chatman (14 days ago)
This is my favorite video of gta ever
Miki Maxa (15 days ago)
JamesLetsPlay124 (15 days ago)
Not the dog anything else but plz not the dog
Random Stuff (16 days ago)
10:34 lol
Fastorm Channel (16 days ago)
Wow...this is a super video! Congrats
Hunter Gillian (16 days ago)
I hate that he killed the dog
Skylar Thompson (16 days ago)
Trash Gamer (17 days ago)
Great vid
Chris Hardy blue sheep (17 days ago)
7:12 what is wrong with him
Lil_Chris (18 days ago)
34:52 lmfao that scared me🤣💀
Marek XD (19 days ago)
TimeOfEliya (19 days ago)
9:56 neymar
Owen Wyatt (19 days ago)
Why would he do that to chop
JAKE CULLEN (19 days ago)
0:07 who else saw the van coming like if you did reply if you didn’t *or don’t do any and your just a DICKHEAD but YEAH!*
Bennett Siegel (19 days ago)
12:25 that laugh do
24:18 Niko it's Roman xDDdxDXDXDdXxd
FBI * (20 days ago)
14:00 that's soooo funny lmaoooo
Techolics (20 days ago)
34:48 I cried
WAIKERZ t (20 days ago)
5:36 puase it and he dab
kat (21 days ago)
Spiderkid Happy (21 days ago)
Patrick Delrue (22 days ago)
9:58 : Neymar?!😅
nanne van Heerwaarde (22 days ago)
Only the beginning made me pee
*Lady Voldemort* (23 days ago)
7:19 Oh gosh that's too funny or me... 😂😂😂😂😂
Xanno (23 days ago)
that ending was great
Fabian Mireles (23 days ago)
Basics (24 days ago)
Paramedics are on route *flattened by ambulance * Fast service I didn’t even finish the call
King Cash (24 days ago)
DeXxXuS (24 days ago)
10:01 you could use Neymar
BIG BORE HIPPO (24 days ago)
19:25 killed me
AcePROGAMERZZ (25 days ago)
10:00 was Neymar
rashid travolta (25 days ago)
عالی بود
olivia (25 days ago)
Did I actually spend 42:06 minutes of my life watching GTA fails No regrets:)
Kinsey Barnes` (25 days ago)
*HeLp I CAN'T FREJAIJGNB BREATHEE HHSGHFJRHRGJDHJRHRIDUDJ* Edit: 8:55-9:16 Jesus Christ this woman's invincible.
ChuckleBones (26 days ago)
13:00 American Cops
scar predator (26 days ago)
When I was hunting elk with that guy I got killed by a cougar
Anne Isaac (26 days ago)
And they are all funny
Der Welpe 11 (27 days ago)
You stupid motherfucker Killed the dog!!! I have 2 dogs you Dumbass
Michael Kline (27 days ago)
22:48 how to stick a landing pro stile
ChampionEgy YT (27 days ago)
Is it just me or does GTA V have sharks in the ocean? I've never seen a shark in GTA V.
I'm already Tracer (27 days ago)
0:23 insert iceberg and titanic music
boiii34 Stahl (27 days ago)
nevermind its repeated
boiii34 Stahl (27 days ago)
I think its just you
2:04 that was me in the jet btw
CyberCypher (28 days ago)
m a.h (28 days ago)
0:28 music name please
marti quevedo neyra (28 days ago)
Why? T-T 7:05
Lilly Roccisano (29 days ago)
Ur a fuckin funny guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kiko da cachaça (29 days ago)
199 fails no 200 !
mat henry (29 days ago)
10:00 Neymaarrrr
Yanis Anheim (30 days ago)
Tro bien 👍😂
mélanie bourget (30 days ago)
Drafted xl (30 days ago)
30:54 Jesus walking on water
Joey Goble (30 days ago)
That’s a chop that’s not cool
Kine Fox Five (1 month ago)
only human (1 month ago)
holy shit, it's funny !
XaNAx _ (1 month ago)
12:23 no dies please
Sandro (1 month ago)
Jaja me iso reír mucho... Jaja me encanta..
1:39 Forward Grabs in SSB in a nutshell
Six Ben (1 month ago)
look this https://youtu.be/k61r-eS2US4
Sarah Symons (1 month ago)
18;37 lol
flamingo fan man Jeffy (1 month ago)
10:05 wasn't even GTA
Bobby Jr (1 month ago)
2:04 2:10😂😂😂😂😂
Ezra van Dijk (1 month ago)
Le chaton thug (1 month ago)
Svp regardez mes vidéos je regarde déjà les vôtres elles sont trop cool
YTPlayz (1 month ago)
7:57 LEL

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