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New Lastolite Panoramic Background QF 104

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Need a background wide and high enough for a model or group to pose? Look no futher! I was involved in the development of the New Panoramic Backgrounds from Lastolite. They made a few brand new exciting covers: Limestone & Granite. Check them out in this video. Soon for sale at your local Manfrotto/Lastolite dealer
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Nathalie_filmt (11 months ago)
Hi Frank, i'm a mobile photographer so I'm actually searching for an "easy-built-up" solution. So this is my question: is the frame easy bulit up?
Frank Doorhof (11 months ago)
Very easily
Hi Frank we have been using the granite for since it came out and love it. Do you think there are more creative backdrops in the lastolite pipeline?
Frank Doorhof (1 year ago)
I sure hope so
R Hdez (1 year ago)
Awesome Frank. You should bring one or more to PSW 2018
Frank Doorhof (1 year ago)
Maybe they have them there

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