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Bisexuals Respond To : "What Lesbians Think About Bisexuals"

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Bisexuals respond to what the lesbians think about them. Watch The Original Video : http://youtu.be/xUozcqlhX3w GIRLS in order of appearance : http://www.youtube.com/user/staceybrennan http://youtube.com/heythere005 http://www.youtube.com/user/lezbeontalk http://instagram.com/ms_mujer LESBIAN ADVENTURES! : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends TWITTER : ‪‪‪http://twitter.com/arielleishammin‬‬‬ FACEBOOK : ‪‪‪http://facebook.com/arielleishamming‬‬ T SHIRTS : ‪‪‪http://www.districtlines.com/arielleishamming SNAIL MAIL : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 _______________________________
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MICKIE GEE (30 days ago)
Also, I want to say, I don’t think it’s fair that you ended the video saying Bisexuals need to be better? I think ALL in the Lgbt+ community need to be better regarding unacceptance of others, because everyone has their reasoning why they had a certain opinion on something, usually due to personal experience, and we have to understand that, and also not group everyone together into one judgemental assumption based on an experience with an individual. Not all bisexuals are the same just like not all lesbians are the same. I love you & your channel and I don’t think you meant anything wrong by it; even being bi I’ve been hurt by girls who turned out to be bicurious; but that’s why I’m saying it wasn’t fair to say just Bi people need to be better and not lesbians or gays or the lgbt+ community as a whole. that is not fair at all and frankly kinda ignorant for someone with your intelligence whom I expect more from especially with your usual inclusivity and [at-least-attempted-]understanding. I know this was a while ago so I hope you don’t still feel the same or I hope you didn’t mean it how I took it but still.
MICKIE GEE (30 days ago)
THIS VIDEO IS MY PERFECT REACTION TO THE GAY PERSPECTIVE OF US (bisexuals/biromantics—For ME there’s no difference n didn’t even know there were 2 terms but Nevertheless) IM SO GLAD IT EXISTS
Amanda Payton (1 month ago)
I've been binge watching your channel since yesterday and I'm blown away by how much drama and cattyness exists in the lgbtq community.i thought y'all were super accepting of everything and super chill. I was so wrong! Wow. Whoda thunk.
Xela D (2 months ago)
I do NOT agree that actual bisexual women who have feelings for women is rare...people just mix up experimenting straight women with BI women
Eternal Eclipse (2 months ago)
I'm bi that is just...I am young but yes I do have a girlfriend...I wuv her... :3 :3 :3
Siobhan Kirby (3 months ago)
Also do lesbians feel the same way about pansexuals??
Siobhan Kirby (3 months ago)
Lesbians always talk about having crushes on straight girls. You'd rather like someone who isn't even attracted to your gender over someone who is??
Denni Elyse (3 months ago)
I am so confused. I am more romantically interested in women because I feel deeper connection, more understanding, respect and care than with a male but I also enjoy sleeping with men. Sexually, I’m attracted to everyone including trans men and women. But I definitely fall in love with the “being” not the genitals or the label. Happily, I’m not one to need a box. I’m ok with not being accepted by “groups” and totally understand the opinions of these lesbian women. It’s ok to have preferences but I do also agree that they may miss out on something beautiful because of the stereotyping. Great conversation to start!
EMILY F (3 months ago)
I don’t agree with it being “rare” it’s really not, just the amount of people that fake bisexuality is so high that it seems like the true bisexual people are rare, but it’s not. And I don’t agree with it being more common to have a sexual attraction for girls than a romantic. For me it definitely started as romantic attractions, just like when I started liking guys it started as solely romantic. But both became sexual with all the intensity. For me I never had to wonder if I was bi or not I just labeled myself as straight, up until I started getting these “strange” intense attractions to girls and I’m like what is this? Why do I really wanna be friends with her more than my other girl friends? Why are we reallyyy hitting it off? What is this new feeling?? And that happened with a couple girls. And then I fell in love with a girl who rejected me and played with my emotions lmao she was gay so don’t think it’s the bi girls playing games always, the gay girls can too . She used me to get to my best friend tho I was head over heels for her lol. But people criticizing bi people are so ridiculous to me because it’s like okay I guess I haven’t pined over both guys and girls and gotten my heart broken by both and got jealous over both, like this is so normal to me and people really need to get it through their thick ass heads that just because SOME bisexuals are fake doesn’t mean ALL bisexuals are fake. If I could just choose a side I gladly would so it’d be much easier but I see what lesbians see when they’re attracted to girls and feminity and I see what straight girls see when they’re attracted to guys, and both are super fulfilling in different ways and why would I ever wanna choose a side if I have the choice to have that more options at love? Like I remember being so in love with that girl and my straight best friend would “playfully” make out with her in front of me or cuddle with her and they’d start their own little flirting group and exclude me and I’d be so so so depressed and cry and then later the girl I liked would come back and be like omgg I’m so sorry did I make you feel left out?? and hug me and stuff and I’d feel so so happy that I’m getting attention or any type of thing again and then shed be like let’s make (my best friend jealous) and I’d be like uh okay and she would hold my hand and be all coupley with me and I’d be glowing and smiling like an idiot I didn’t care if it was to make my best friend jealous I thought maybe the girl I liked, liked me and used that as an excuse to get close to me idk I was just so happy like honestly happier than with some guys because girls can be so much sweeter and romantic in that sense, buttt at the end of it ig I wasn’t cute enough or something enough for her to actually like me lol but thennnn I ended up falling for a guy months later and we dated and so that’s literally what it’s like being bi. We can love ANYONE. That’s it. Literally get on board and accept it or join the same mindset as the homophobic people in the back.
EMILY F (3 months ago)
Also you don’t hear me saying all gay girls are bad just cuz I got a big heartbreak from one. There will be more fish in the sea for me :) luckily it won’t even be limited to one gender . I think bisexual people are really really lucky in terms of love, because you get to experience both sides of attraction while most people only ever experience one side. And neither side is better than the other, it’s just different and fulfilling in different ways. For example if I dated a girl and we broke up I might rather date another girl after that relationship since I want that same type of attraction, that is unless a boy comes along and we hit it off and I end up with him. And vice versa. I guess it’s hard to understand that someone could be attracted to both feminity and masculinity if someone has only ever been attracted to one their whole lives. But it’s the same as someone being straight not understanding gay because they’ve been attracted to the opposite gender their whole lives. If biphobic gay people really want equality, then they should stand by that. :-) see I specified biphobic gay people bc there’s already a lot of gay people out there that are rly hip and accepting so I’m not calling them out.
poet moet (3 months ago)
those lesbian women were trash
Lauryn Cade (3 months ago)
People really need to understand that bisexual is not synonymous with cheater
AA Productions (4 months ago)
Though I guess everyone is different, I don't see why having more "options" should in any way affect the depth of all those feelings (including dedication) that happen in whatever relationship you find yourself in.
Haley Kaae (4 months ago)
Oh my god i love you so much! Your so beautiful and do such amazing videos!
INDY Bohanan (5 months ago)
Bro this is so rude the lesbian part
Stormey Roth (6 months ago)
I am a lesbian I happily date bisexuals. In fact they are the only girls i have dated due to lack of lesbians in my area.
DisneyMagicDreamer85 (7 months ago)
I'm bi and proud. I describe it as: I love people. If I fall in love with a person, it's because of who that person is, personality, beliefs, likes, dislikes, sense of humor, hopes, dreams, fears, the works. I just don't base my preference on which genitalia they have, that doesn't matter to me at all. That's how I describe my bisexuality. Thx.
Kms Kitty (7 months ago)
I’m bi and nobodies really cared. I mean, I’ve only ever dated two people. It sounds awful people are being treated badly for being bisexual
Viktor Erkaldt (7 months ago)
2:10 would you say this disqualifies someone as being bisexual? On one hand, bisexual people already face so much erasure that it seems counter intuitive for people who are bisexual but heteroromantic not to identify as bi, but then, at the same time, I'm worried that identifying as a (mostly) heteroromantic bisexual could create difficulties for biromantic bisexual people. I don't want to contribute to the stereotypes of bisexuals being promiscuous, or faking being gay, or lying to gay women. None of those are true, and I don't want to give people a reason to discriminate against bisexual women.
gebirgsjager1367 (8 months ago)
Lesbians seemed closed minded and hateful. And isnt that what the straights have been acting like and what LGBT community been trying to stop? Why fight for equality and then act like the people you fought against?
Fluffy1Poofy Fluff. (8 months ago)
Teri Lynn (9 months ago)
I've never known a bisexual girl to go without a man longer than a month, they like the fact that men are turned on by two bi women going at it at the same time . Is bisexuality really a thing or are they just looking for attention?
Kaats (9 months ago)
The thing is, bisexual women have a tendency or preference to choose men as longterm partners, idk if it has to do with biological urges to reproduce, or simply because their interest of men overrides their alleged attraction to women. I think its natural for a lesbian to be deterred from dating a woman that loves men, its normal for them to want partners that would see their relationship as legitimate and to want to be with someone that is 100% satisfied being with a woman for the rest of their life. You know? lesbians have the same right to prefer other lesbians as any bisexual woman that prefers male partners.
Marcela Januzzi (9 months ago)
lesbians in that video: yuck bi girls are gross whores that will trade me for dick and give me an std have I mentindo they’re gross? bi girls in this video: yeah totally fine that those women judge out value based on our connection with men thank you so much oh my god yeah I totally understand they say we’re dirty hoes gotta be nice to ppl who say we’re gross :)) me: wtf
Chelous Much (10 months ago)
ThuleDragon 666 (10 months ago)
the blond one is like me, I would go for a gay man rather but if I found a fellow bisexual male that was chill and I liked them then I would pick them as well.
Greninjastorm (10 months ago)
I'm a heteroromantic bisexual, and it saddens me when gay and even straight people think we're lying or faking it and then proceed to tell us we're greedy and invalid. I think all bi people deserve to be loved and heard.
hamster ville (10 months ago)
I'm bi but I would rather be with a girl
ToxikLiz (10 months ago)
“We’re all queer here”
Elmina Holcomb (10 months ago)
I don’t really identify. I think I’m bi, but idk. I like girls and boys, but I’m not sexually attracted to girls and I feel like my sexuality won’t be confirmed and people will be rude. Also, so many just don’t get it. My friend just calls me her gay friend, because I’m not straight. I get discriminated a lot. And then also so many people just assume assume I’m straight, because I’m really feminine.
Keely Villagomez (11 months ago)
I like what I like when I like it what can I say💋
Owen Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
Does arielle know bi guys exist
Gustav (1 year ago)
I am lesbian, I agree on everything that's been said so far when it comes to phobias . The fear and perception that "they're greedy" , " they're confused " etc.. personally as one prefers interest in women. I'd say my opinion again my opinion probably not solely fact and some probably most or again some lesbians would agree on. 1. The fear of a girl being bisexual , she likes two yes. Or she likes all meaning she's open (men women trans etc) that they fear. " Okay she's bisexual but eventually she'll leave me for a man " inner self thought leading to negative instead of thinking of confidence " I'm not good enough" " yeah I can give her the same thing the opposite gender she's attract to instead of . ( Yes people genitals) the dick / penis and her being bisexual , hey she might miss it or gonna get tired of the (fake pen/strap ) or (vags) " so I'm thinking it's an sexual thing also could be a physical thing with some lesbians who like some might agree or masculine and want that image I'm guessing that dominant or aggressive aura some men have (again my opinions probably not fact of all) . 2. Again fear or phobia of being left for a man because as I kinda summed it up in the first point yeah. Physical and sexual desires Again maybe something they should talk to their partners about or conquer themselves and become accepting and learn to be confident and if these things do happen it's completely normal. It's like women dating women . If she leaves for another woman it's gonna sting so why not apply same to bisexual if she leaves for a woman . Ouch if she leaves for a man . Ouch you will still have those scenario as any other typical person being in a same sex relationship heterosexual relationship . We are all gonna feel ouch if we get left for another person . I guess it's more of a sting when being left (as a lesbian ) for a man . But I dunno maybe something I'll continue to figure out in the future . 3. Yes I am a lesbian . Honestly and 100% honesty . I have NEVER been with another woman who just dates WOMEN maybe in my area growing up it's just been hard or not enough searching so. Most women I've dated growing up has been bisexual. Some short term ( and ended on a bad note ) and some long term ( slightly might ended up on a bad note ) I get it cause I've mostly been left for a man and had it thrown in my face. But hello wake up some mean lesbians who won't date bisexuals ( it's ok you don't have to do you but for those who do but are afraid or those who straight up don't care if she is then cool) . There are good people and bad people and you just sadly in your world seem like you had to be subjected to those bad ones who really perceived your image that there is no " rare fish" out there because " they're all the same " and I've thought this to myself for the ones I've been serious about but again my opinion some probably haven't overcame that or " grew up to an understanding point " so it might take some time or it might never happen ( can't force anyone to think the same ) but. Again these are all my personal opinions and a bit of my back drop as to why. I believe this might be some of the big TOP hits with a woman. Or lesbian women dating a bisexual woman. You guys said yourself amongst yours there are the " not really bisexuals who give you the bad image" same for women who are like ugh I'm tired of men they're all bad I'm gonna date women. There are bad guys in straight relationships bad women in straight relationships . Bad lesbians and the bad apple bisexuals and those who perceived to be any of these " sexual orientation or preference" and it makes it hard for those who are and generally wanna show interest that " hey this is who I am and no I won't do this " . Currently I'm dating someone whose bisexual and would I make her confirm to the ways of lesbians . No because she's not she's not either or nor. She's bisexual she likes men and women and I wouldn't change that about her and make her feel like she has to choose which side of the spectrum to live on. That's like trying to force your lover to like something only you like because you like it and they have interest in it so they have to like this and this only. Yeah she likes John's yeah she's been with men yeah she's had sex with men . Okay I've had sex with women ? I like vags ? So...what's the difference. They're just genitals ? In the past did I try to figure out my orientation ? Of course, only way you'll find out right ? Point is. If I get left for another man . Ouch if I get left for another woman. Ouch if I get left for both (trans) still ouch. Unless the whole scale is true again something I'll search in the history of some preferring one x said gender over the other when it comes to certain commitments or pursuits being it more of sexual and romantic or vice versa . Okay cool. But these are my opinions I can only assume maybe that's the like mindedness of some to none . Again I thought well I'm lesbian ..I've felt this way maybe in our heads this is why ? Haha but feel free to add on to the list or base your opinions sorry if it wasn't much. On the side note I personally don't believe anyone should have to have the feeling of not being true to themselves and having to confirm to the ways of either side of the spectrum. Being perceived as something your not and then perceived as an object of fantasy or sexual desires . When it comes to the sadly true but harsh expectations of society and the community and the perception of is. Like that's basing a book by its cover and I think our parents told us not to do that. Just cause it looks like it's a duck and quacks like one , is it truly ?
Jessie Martinez (1 year ago)
Fucking Thots. I'm a guy and this upset me. Wtf
The whole "bisexuals like dick therefore I can't date them b/c we disagree on it" is dumb af. That's how literally EVERY straight couple works...
BunnyBrains (1 year ago)
I've been called, by a number of people varying in gender and sexuality, as "The worst kind of bi girl". I am a hetero-romantic bisexual. This statement makes me feel invalid and can eff with my self-worth at times. BUT part of me understands and can respect why one might feel that way. It still sucks, though... :( Sometimes I think that maybe it's a matter of me simply having not met the right woman yet. However, rationally I know it's far more likely that I'd just rather be in a relationship with a man... IDK :/
Llynya90 (1 year ago)
Well, yeah, it IS a bad thing that we're expected to be "better" in order to prove ourselves. Mostly because we're doing nothing wrong. We're judged by who we're attracted to, which is, frankly, not right and it's the judgmental ones who need to reevaluate themselves.
Maria Makes Music (10 months ago)
The Bible says Adam and Eve so I do both.
Kekeliz (1 year ago)
I'm a straight woman and I've dated Bisexual man and didn't have a problem and never once did I think oh I don't have a dick so they r just gonna ditch me for a man cuz they committed to a relationship with me so they woman to be with me for me and I don't see an issue cuz if they want a dick there's strap on
Raptor 8600 (1 year ago)
I'm questionable, but if I realize I'm a bisexual, then I'd be a romantic bisexual. Looks are nice, but the personality is what I like. A boy or a girl can have an attractive personality, in my opinion. I can see that there would be a bunch of bitches that would just love to have sex with both gender, but for me, I completely disagree with the 'I'm bi so I want a dick in my mouth and a pussy" because I'M ONLY FOURTEEN I'M NOWHERE CLOSE TO WANTING SEX LIKE HELL NAW You get what I'm saying?
mitchell (1 year ago)
I masturbate to guys and girls. I would love to have sex with a guy or girl. I have no particular prefrence. But I'm confused, greedy, and dumb.
Lapis Lazuli (1 year ago)
As a straight cisgender female this is all very eye opening for me. If you can not tell from my profile picture I am Black, and as a minority, a women, and working class I have a lot of shit stacked against and I tend to want to educate myself on other minority groups issues. I am from NYC, and we are a very gay friendly city and state so I am in contact with homosexual, transsexual, transgender, non binary, and many other people who don't identify as straight or cis. One of my two best friends is pansexual and the other has had sexual (not full blown sex though) encounters with women so LBGTQ issues are important to me, just like POC issues, just like disabled people issues, and any other marginalized group. I watch these videos to glimpse some understanding as a straight ally and I was so shocked at the side eye/hate that bisexuals get. I did some more digging and found it was even worse for bisexual men (and I admit I will not willingly date and bisexual or pansexual man, maybe some type of issue or prejudice I need to work on myself smh). As an ally I try to promote equality for LBGTQ people and watching this video has shown me that the gay community has work to do on the inside as well. This was informative and eye opening and I hope all the ladies involved are doing okay. Oh and um... gay people are fucking MAGICAL lol
Kate Black (1 year ago)
But lesbians loooove straight girls.... Huuuuuge double standard here.
Sarah J (1 year ago)
Can I first address the white girl wearing dreds? Enough with the cultural appropriation, honey bear. You're gonna get your ass kicked. Second, I wanna say something about biphobia in and out of the LGBTQ community: YOUR SEXUALITY DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR CHARACTER! IF YOURE AFRAID A BISEXUAL WILL LEAVE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP, GET OVER YOUR INSECURITIES
lexa griffinn (1 year ago)
its ridiculous when some BI people judge LES people,LES people judge another BGT people or whatever,like omg cmon! we are in this together! we are even in one freaking community called "LGBTQ" cmon :/
Surrealism Sarah (1 year ago)
Great video, my bisexual girlfriend is everything to me! -a lesbian who once was put off by bi girls because almost all of the other ones I've met would use me for sex
Aweta Noah (1 year ago)
I'm not even sure why this is even an issue. There are clearly more bisexual women than there are lesbians. So that means the real question is why does it bother bisexual women so much if a lesbian wants to date a lesbian? It's always been that way so why is that viewed today as a problem now? Ok so we added a B to the cause a number of years ago, now we have a reason to hate on lesbians who want to be with other lesbians if they don't be with us? Being apart of the community doesn't just like magically entitle you to lesbian vagina you know lol. It entitles you bisexual vagina. But if you end up with a lesbian so be it. So please, let's end this acceptable modern day form of lesbian bashing nonsenses. Bisexual women have way more bisexual women to choose from than lesbians do lesbians. Grow up. It's unattractive when bi women don't like bi women and bash lesbians for it because they won't date them.
Katherine Miller (1 year ago)
When I hear a girl is bisexual I'm like "ok cool, she's still cute, it doesn't change anything" biphobia amongst gays and lesbians makes me so angry.
Kat Tak (1 year ago)
Yup, I could have sex with women all the time but I don't see myself dating a women.
Samalia Poteete (1 year ago)
I'm bisexual. But I don't like relatioships at all. I love being single but that's not the same for us all.
Nikol Kleinová (1 year ago)
What a stupid question: "Do you think is OK for a lesbian to be turned off by the fact that someone likes penis?" First of all, why call it by genitalia; can't you say "man" instead? And why someone who likes men should automatically like penises.... there are thousands of women who are with a men and they don't like penises, or they never seen it, or they accept it, but they are not crazy about it... ITS LIKE YOU ARE TRYING TO TURN ALL OR BLACK OR WHITE AND THINGS ARE MUCH MORE COLORFUL ARIELLE SCARCELLA!!!
Emma Dionne (1 year ago)
"If you're with a bisexual there's always a chance that they'll go back to a guy" Well if you're with a lesbian there is always a possibility that they will go back to an ex girlfriend... there's no fucking difference.
Sanchita .R (1 year ago)
am I the only one who thinks Arielle wud rock a bob/pixie?
It's LGBT L = lesbian B = bisexual G = gay T = transgender Stop discrimination the second letter is bisexual
KAY BEE (1 year ago)
Mike Frisinger (1 year ago)
I've dated plenty of bisexual women and one of them cheated on me I don't dislike all bi girls because of her all these women are mad because they got burned so they are going rip on bi sexual chicks
IsraeliXdude (1 year ago)
It seems like bisexuals are smarter.
lemon lad (1 year ago)
And then there's me, if I hear somebody's bisexual, I go "o shit I have a shot"
Lucy (1 year ago)
"We all like vagina, what's the issue?"
Leona Fox (1 year ago)
I hate how hard it is being bi. It's hard. Hate the labels.
Cassidy Sommers (1 year ago)
Who's the cutie in the black button up? I can't find her anywhere and she's cute as hell
Maddie tme (1 year ago)
this is sad, my crush is a bisexual, and I am a lesbian and I dont think it is right to discriminate just because they like another gender other than your own. my crush is also my best friend and I couldn't think not loving her just because of who she likes as well as girls.
Rosa (1 year ago)
Thanks for that video! I also think that your sexuality has nothing to do with your sexuality! So saying bisexuals are greedy?? I mean what does that mean? That doesn't make sense!
Scott Johnson (5 months ago)
Now ask a straight guy when he sees the hottest chick at a party and turns out she's Bi, a majority of them [myself included] would be stoked
so im lesbian , i feel bad for the shit that bisexual girls go through , i couldnt imagine. i know for me i have in the past dated a couple bi girls , so no hate but i dont think id ever date a bi girl again
i dont dont wanna feel like their " experiment " ya know ?
Whomst-d (1 year ago)
Can us bisexuals stop being discriminated against by our own community?!? 💖💜💙
Laura B (1 year ago)
It all would be easier if we dropped labels and just went on the basis of mutual attraction. You love who you love, sexuality shouldn't be able to get in the way of that.
Robin Ghoshal (1 year ago)
can you do or have you done a guy version?
audrey loving (1 year ago)
i'm a lesbian but i kind of like the girl with the green plaid shirt and i do not totally agree with other lesbians on some point
Angie Dauber (1 year ago)
Am I an invalid bisexual because I'm more sexually attracted to women and romantically to men?
Arianna Dal Bosco (1 year ago)
I don't think so! Even if you have preferencies, if you like both, you like both!
Amaretto Punsch (1 year ago)
Yes get them girls! İ am so glad this Video exists. Btw. The girl with blonde hair and black shirt is really cute
- yasmin (1 year ago)
i'm bisexual and i'm fucking proud
Ana Levcovitz (1 year ago)
This video made me so sad I got tears. As a bisexual, people have tried to push me into a box my whole life. It has not been a privilege, trust me. Everyone thinks I'm attracted to twice as many people as normal when really it's hard for me to find anyone that understand, tolerated, and God forbid loves my sexuality. I have been labeled as bicurious, promiscuous, a liar, someone who follows a fad, etc. Denying someone's reality is the quickest way to mental illness. I have first hand experience. You would think that Lesbians have gone through similar circumstances and would embrace diversity but instead some of them do the opposite. It's as though they have had to prove the legitimacy of their sexuality for so long that it affects their ability to accept other types. I understand that many lesbians have experienced being forced to like guys, or pretend, or even ignore their natural sexuality in order to make others happy. I think sometimes they hate men so much because it's a way to legitimize their attraction to women. It's a way to make a hetero world understand why they refuse to conform. They fear that accepting bisexuality, or the spectrum of sexuality, will raise questions to their own legitimacy. Like, "what if you tried to like men?" This is further confused by many Lesbians journey. Many used bisexuality as a stepping stone, and feel quilt about lieing to themselves or others in the process. They need to respect that it's not always a stepping stone. what they said is hurtful and discriminating. It it is the same as a black person who is racist against hispanics. If you think about it bisexuals are a minority compared to lesbians! We have fought so hard to be seen, heard, embrassed as a reality. Accept that the difficuty lesbians have in being attracted to two genders is the same difficulty a bisexual has in being attracted to only one. Stop the hate.
Ana Levcovitz (1 year ago)
This video made me so sad I got tears. As a bisexual, people have tried to push me into a box my whole life. It has not been a privilege, trust me. Everyone thinks I'm attracted to twice as many people as normal when really it's hard for me to find anyone that understand, tolerated, and God forbid loves my sexuality. I have been labeled as bicurious, promiscuous, a liar, someone who follows a fad, etc. Denying someone's reality is the quickest way to mental illness. I have first hand experience. You would think that Lesbians have gone through similar circumstances and would embrace diversity but instead some of them do the opposite. It's as though they have had to prove the legitimacy of their sexuality for so long that it affects their ability to accept other types. I understand that many lesbians have experienced being forced to like guys, or pretend, or even ignore their natural sexuality in order to make others happy. I think sometimes they hate men so much because it's a way to legitimize their attraction to women. It's a way to make a hetero world understand why they refuse to conform. They fear that accepting bisexuality, or the spectrum of sexuality, will raise questions to their own legitimacy. Like, "what if you tried to like men?" This is further confused by many Lesbians journey. Many used bisexuality as a stepping stone, and feel quilt about lieing to themselves or others in the process. They need to respect that it's not always a stepping stone. what they said is hurtful and discriminating. It it is the same as a black person who is racist against hispanics. If you think about it bisexuals are a minority compared to lesbians! We have fought so hard to be seen, heard, embrassed as a reality. Accept that the difficuty lesbians have in being attracted to two genders is the same difficulty a bisexual has in being attracted to only one. Stop the hate.
Sharpened Blade (1 year ago)
I'm bi My friends support me but why do people see my sexuality like that?
Memes Life (1 year ago)
;-; I'm hurt man. I hope people understand that we aren't confused. That we like guys and girls! That's it!
plasticwrapcharlie (1 year ago)
I love the tacit prejudice toward those who are experimenting but unsure and especially toward those who aren't a strict 3 on the kinsey scale. This is why I'm not out and if I were to talk to any legbutts about my sexuality I wouldn't go into my dating or sexual history or preference, because I would only be written off. I hate this fucked up planet.
Avygayl (2 years ago)
I really lost some respect for Ariel because of the first react video... this 1 isn't so amazing either
That Girl (2 years ago)
It is fluid. I was a bisexual and the vast majority of the time had a romantic interest in men only until a year or so ago and WOW did I fall hard romantically for a girl. Ever since then it's been happening more and more like some glass wall was shattered. I'm 23 by the way.
Tacit Dionysus (2 years ago)
I'm a straight male who is good friends (and sometimes more) with a pretty bisexual girl. Her best comment was 'I slightly prefer girls, but guys are so easy, whereas girls take soo much work'. My answer was 'I hear you sister'.
Anjel Sicard (1 year ago)
Tacit Dionysus "And sometimes more" Lol. The lies males tell on social media. 😂
Shade Aristotle (2 years ago)
I've dated several bisexuals. My girlfriend is bisexual.... I admit that I have had that little twinge of worry at the beginning that I was just a phase or an experiment, but I'm no more concerned about her leaving me for a man that I am a woman. Every day I just try to be the best person I can possibly be and worth her love, that seems to nip all the insecurities in the bud... Bisexual or not.
Arianna Dal Bosco (1 year ago)
That's really sweet! It makes me feel a lot better, idk why ^^
notsodelicious (2 years ago)
this so sad to hear : we're not greedy, we're not experiencing either, we are just bisexual. I mean, it's not because I'm bi that I'll be more likely to cheat, and likewise, it's not because I'm bi that I'm not in love with my partner... why would we have to prove ourselves more than others ? If I like you and you're a guy, then let's build something, and if you're a girl, let's build something also ! It's a fucking CHOICE we've made.
pungiaan (2 years ago)
Yah, liking men in a sexual way, too, is a big thing to disagree with. But... What's the problem? For example: Alex and Luca want to bake a pie. Luca is into pumpkin pie but also into apple pie. Alex is no friend of pumpkin pie and just likes apple pie. They can have totally yummy apple pie together because they both like it. Why has it to be a problem that Luca also likes something different? She can be totally happy with the one option they both like. If Alex would be against it, she would be against a basic form of diversity.
pungiaan (1 year ago)
+Alex Frei yeah I get your point. Some way you are right, nobody has to date anybody if he/she doesn't want to. And I don't want to force anybody to do that. That would be totally crap. There are different ways of looking onto this theme and what I wrote is just my personal. But: "bisexuals should stop winning"? I don't think in LSGBTIQ* community it's about winning or loosing, being better than others or something else... We are (or should be) a big community without hate, permanent conflicts or grades in it. It's not about winning at all.
Ale Pinho (1 year ago)
People can choose whatever reason to not dating someone. If she doesn't want to date bisexuals because they like dick, that's her right. Bisexuals should stop winning.
Grace McCarter (2 years ago)
I died at 5.25! 'I'm not biphobic' 'She's not biphooobic' 😂
geewhiz747 (2 years ago)
wait a minute arielle, WE bisexuals have to be BETTEE for YOU lesbians? WTF does that even mean? And furthermore, why don't YOU guys have to better for US? Don't write off an entire group of people bc of a few bad experiences. I don't judge all lesbians bc some of them got me all butthurt. I mean what if another LESBIAN lets you down? Are you going to try to date men now? like wtf. I'm tired of lesbians acting like only THEIR experiences and emotions ought to be validated... I find you biphobic dykes hilariousm After all the struggles you've had to overcome you would THINK that judging bisexuals for their orientation would be hypocritical...so much for unity
Black Phillip (2 years ago)
Bisexual women are basically lesbians anyway. Hardly any 'bi' women are attracted to men. In short, a bi woman will never cheat on a woman she's in a relation with, but *will* always cheat on a man she's in a relationship with.
Fifth Dimensional Imp (2 years ago)
I knew how lesbians react to bisexuals. thats why i always tryin to not tell girl im bi. to not scare her off. I think that lesbian look at us as cheaters. they think that at one moment we like them at another we like men. thats bullshit. i mean we do enjoy our realitionship with girls. like other lesbians or stright ppl does, like other god damned people do. this is so tiring. I'm bisexual and i preffer girls. we're not fukin cheaters that you think we are. it only depends on personality. PLEASE GET IT!
Janice Cole (2 years ago)
does any bisexuals relationship end up in marriage?
Anjel Sicard (1 year ago)
Laura Dalcin Lorenzi They only marry males.
Laura Dalcin Lorenzi (2 years ago)
Janice Cole yes
Kiteralla (2 years ago)
That one who said there is always that chance she's gonna go back to a guy so that's bad . WHY DOWS THAT EVEN MATTER . Fall in love with a persons personality not gender
ari (2 years ago)
bisexuals who aren't "romantically bisexual" are suffering from compulsory heterosexuality which it also happens to bisexuals and not only gay men and lesbians. This entire video is disgusting and I started crying because y'all don't ever get tired of tearing bi people down. fuck y'all
rawr_its_an_emo XD :3 (2 years ago)
I feel like I am bisexual but I do not feel like I like I look at boys like a lover
Fritzlo Philemon (2 years ago)
boring. hey guys someone tell me bisexual women have sex with dogs is that true
Sabrina Rosa (2 years ago)
Why can't us all humans just get along and accept each other majjdjfjdjdj
thank you for this video - kills biphobia to the ground
Life is Nalu (2 years ago)
I'm bi and my girlfriend is a lesbian
Gabrielle White (2 years ago)
I just started crying without realizing. It's so unfortunate that there is discrimination against in the lqbtq+ community. This entire community was built to accept and trust, so why hate?
Raspberry_Pi_961 (2 years ago)
Okay. Let's get this straight, NOT ALL BIS LIKE DICK IN THEIR MOUTH! I'm bi, and to be completely honest, that is so unsanitary and disgusting. I never want anything like that near my face in ANY situation.
bgoodnow (7 months ago)
Raspberry_Pi_961 I'm like the opposite! I like giving head, but I get all weirded out when a guy wants to go down on me! I don't have an issue with girls going down town, because in my experience, they're just better at it, and we all like what we like! You do you😋
Daniel Field (1 year ago)
Anjel Sicard Me? Okay then.
Anjel Sicard (1 year ago)
Raspberry_Pi_961 Don't worry about him. He sounds like a pig who never gets laid.
Amrydgaf (1 year ago)
Raspberry_Pi_961 😂😂 unsanitary
Grace Pugh (2 years ago)
I came out as bi a couple weeks ago and then I watched that video and all my little bi dreams were crushed
Taurus Vibes (2 years ago)
Wow despite all the hate they go through they still hate in bi people :(
Taurus Vibes (2 years ago)
it woud take a lot for me to finally date someone i truly liked and I wouldn't even think about other people
Fraser Brown (2 years ago)
why all bi women? wheres the guys?
NiNjaGiRl (2 years ago)
Ok but really though im a lesbian like i know im going to marry a girl one day and a gay boy wil marry his hubby?? But bisexuals how would they choose or would you guys carry on dating a boy and .or girl the rest of your life??
Brooke Adrianne (2 years ago)
It is very upsetting to me that this is still an issue. What about older women who have been married and have children and/or grandchildren and are coming out for the first time? Where is the understanding and compassion in our community. I don't judge anyone as long as you know what "monogamy' means. Remember, as long as we live in judgement in our own community, we have no right to ask the straight community to understand and respect us.

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