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How to make Sea Salt Locking up Spray

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This is how eye make Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Rosemary/Sage infused locking up spray for accelerating the locking up Process. Ingredients:Water (boiled) Sea Salt Rosemary/Sage Spray bottle
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Jaden (1 year ago)
If i have the little balls at the end of my hair should i rip them out? will that affect anything? ive been ripping them out
Mi Truth_3 (1 year ago)
Why haven't you came and visit me? So we can collaborate! But what are your length goals? What are you doing to achieve it? Also will you ever separate any of your locs?
FreeFormPrafet (1 year ago)
wats up eye am now taking Questions For the next Q&A vid eye make, ask me anything, Peace
Jaden (1 year ago)
aw thanks man!! but it was meant for the vid. But thanks man. Keep up the awesome vids bro!!
FreeFormPrafet (1 year ago)
ill answer in the vid more in depth but the short version is salt water rinses and rosemary rinses, boil the water add the herb or sea salt let it cool and rinse or soak your locs from root to tip twice a week for abot 4 weeks depending on how bad the dandruff is, ill answer in vid too just didnt wanna leave you hanging, Peace
Jaden (1 year ago)
How do you get rid of dandruff on locs?

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