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EUROPE TRIP OUTFIT DIARIES | comfortable and stylish vacation outfits

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Enter to win $150 giftcard from Jord watches !➝ https://goo.gl/zJ6Cie WATCH MY TRAVEL JOURNEY HERE!➝https://goo.gl/K12hkV Here is a quick outfit diary of some of the looks I wore during my Europe trip! I went on a 26 day Europe Trip during the summer, so it was super hot! So I definitely kept my outfits light, comfortable and easy. Give this video a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy! COMMENT BELOW, what is you dream travel destination? ……………………………………………………….. G I V E A W A Y ! Enter to win a $150 gift card from JORD Watches ! ➝ https://www.woodwatches.com/g/yt54384 End Date: 10/30/2016 Prize: $150 store credit - Free Shipping - Free Sizing  Open Internationally $25 COUPON CODE : yt54384 Expiration Date: 10/30/2016 ……………………………………………………….. O U T F I T D E T A I L S (similar items to what I wore for what i could find!) ➝➝G E T C A S H B A C K F O R S H O P P I N G through Ebates! (not sponsored) http://goo.gl/l1iJhz Vince Camuto gladiator sandals http://rstyle.me/~93e0I ZARA beige tote purse (I got mine in Europe but here are some similar ones I found online ! ) http://rstyle.me/~93dYY http://rstyle.me/~93dWo ZARA Denim Off the shoulder dress (something similar) https://goo.gl/jGDZ0P High waisted distressed denim short https://goo.gl/riQrZM Short sleeve cotton rose dress https://goo.gl/gpdgQT Toyshop black lace bodysuit https://goo.gl/fMMFxV Black off the shoulder ruffle sleeve bodysuit https://goo.gl/aRO2Hv White off the shoulder blouse ( I got mine in Europe, but here is a similar one!) https://goo.gl/8HTZqb ……………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………….. ➝➝S I G N U P F O R E M A I L N O T I F I C A T I O N S ➝http://goo.gl/V3WrnQ MY WORKOUT ROUTINE ➝https://goo.gl/n93ZhE I LIKE TO DRINK THIS TO BURN BELLY FAT https://goo.gl/t1AyCC ➝➝➝APPS I’M LOVING ! ➝➝➝ (not sponsored) CUPS APP https://goo.gl/UCVOSW Use code: kcya5 ($5 credit when you download the app and $5 credit for using my code and making your first order!) UBER APP https://goo.gl/LuUdtJ Use code: 4m75r to get a free first ride ! ……………………………………………… Follow me on Social Media and I will follow some of you guys back ! :) ➝I N S T A G R A M : http://instagram.com/miss_yanyi/ ➝T W I T T E R : https://twitter.com/miss_YanYi ➝S N A P C H A T :  @Miss_YanYi ➝F A C E B O O K : https://www.facebook.com/MissYanYiBEAUTYnLIFE ____________________ WHAT I USE TO FILM -------------------------- Camera- Canon 70D http://amzn.to/1Px6FuZ Vlogging Camera - Sony a5100 http://goo.gl/r6qIt4 Lighting- http://amzn.to/1Ve3sly Editing Software- Final Cut Pro  M U S I C BY DEAF KEV "Invincible" - provided by NCS music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2X5mJ3HDYE ▽ Follow DEAF KEV SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/atm-dubstep Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ATMDubstep YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ATMDubstep ……………………………………………… Disclaimer - this video is sponsored by JORD Watches, some links above are affiliate links, therefore if you choose to use it I make a small commission at no extra cost to you :) ……………………………………………… For Business Inquiries please contact [email protected] My name is YanYi and welcome to my channel! :) I am a New York City based beauty and fashion vlogger and I make videos about beauty, fashion and everything in between! From makeup tutorials to fashion look books, outfit ideas to DIYs and lifestyle tips to my fun life adventures! Oh and this Asian girl speaks Spanish.. hehe Get to know me  50 Facts About Me Tag :) ➝https://youtu.be/75-AzmwFSBg Join my journey and Subscribe! ➝http://goo.gl/aw2Frr ……………………………………………
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Text Comments (77)
Isabella Logue444 (6 months ago)
I’m going on a tour across Europe and I can’t wait!! Including France, Italy, Switzerland and more!
mimi Peq (1 year ago)
Love everything! We are going on our Euro trip this summer too! excited!
Itsgonnabe Mei (1 year ago)
Your outfits are all sooo cute!!!😍😍😍
Man Chan (1 year ago)
Rita Shah (1 year ago)
From where do you bought last and pink peach colour outfit !?😉😄😄
E. de, mesa,Az (2 years ago)
Love your Style !!!😍😘👌👌👌👌👍👍👍
E. de, mesa,Az (2 years ago)
Love it Or hate it (2 years ago)
What is your lipstick color?
Bluewinter Forever (2 years ago)
I'll be visiting Europe this coming May for 2 weeks, and I try to blend in, so I don't look so much like a tourist. What you wear is quite casual, I guess I'll go with that. Thank you.
Adventures with Amirah (2 years ago)
On our way to Paris for Spring Break this year! WooHoo!!! :)
Kenita Renee (2 years ago)
Love all of these! I'm definitely putting Europe on the bucket list
nr-tour (2 years ago)
you like travel ,
John M (2 years ago)
you're nice looking
Mya Ny’cole (2 years ago)
I want to go to Barcelonaaaaa & Japan ❤
Edselle Mae Ramat (2 years ago)
I just want to go to Disneyland. Haha. Try travelling here in the Philippines! 😘
Illy Junus (2 years ago)
my dream travel destination is Japan
AprilJustinTV (2 years ago)
This video was amaaazing!
Kayloni Thaiesha (2 years ago)
I want to visit nyc again but out of the country id love to visit Spain Italy Vietnam and Thailand :) other than the watch what would you say was your go to piece of clothing or accessory?
Aja V (2 years ago)
Dream vacation is Italy... But my daughter and I next year we're going to Baltimore, DC, Virginia, Phillly, NY & Canada 😉🖖🏼
2beyou (2 years ago)
Lyanna Veloz (2 years ago)
I so want to visit the Maldives <3
itsSusan (2 years ago)
My dream travel destination is South Korea & Japan! :)
carmen De zayas (2 years ago)
Relax and comfort fashion 👍🏻💯
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
oh yeas girl !!! too much walking in Europe lol !
Anecia Evans (2 years ago)
My next travel destination is India!! I'm excited to vlog my experience :)
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
omg!!! please let me know when the vlog is up! would love to check it out :) I want to go to India !
Jessica Anne (2 years ago)
❤️ them all Hun x
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
thanks babesss!!
mjaytrick11 (2 years ago)
Where is your medium tan handbag from?! I love it!!!!
mjaytrick11 (2 years ago)
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
it was from Zara and I got it in Europe, but I found a similar one and linked it in the desc box :)
Ana (2 years ago)
Really cute pieces, love your style
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
thanks hunnnn!
mmyowful (2 years ago)
Can you please link your outfits 😍😍😍
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
I linked what I could find similar just now! A lot of stuff i wore I either bought in Europe or it was already in my closet! lol
ohmybettygoodness (2 years ago)
You're gorgeous! Love the outfits and your editing! Where do you find the music you use for your vids?
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
thanks hun! I just updated the desc box with the music !
Justin H (2 years ago)
Yeah, some of those outfits would definitely look good on me. Lol. My dream travel destination would be Paris with you for our honeymoon. 😀
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
omg I went to Paris! i vlogged it to !! it's such a beautiful city !
Shyla Angela Maniego (2 years ago)
I want to go to Peru!
Shyla Angela Maniego (2 years ago)
Gorgeous as always 😍
Shyla Angela Maniego (2 years ago)
Cinematic style lookbook pls 😉
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
coming soon ! :)))
Eva Chung (2 years ago)
You look amazing, girl! I wish I stayed in Europe for a month like you did when I went, haha. A week was wayyyy too short, everything felt so rushed. Super jelly!
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
oh yeah ! a week is definitely wwayyyyy too short! I definitely feel blessed I was able to stay that long !
Dennisse Rivera (2 years ago)
My dream travel destination is GRECE <3 ... But I would love that my next travel will be to Central America like Costa Rica, Panamá... or wherever I can...:D
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
omgashhh Greece is in my bucket list !
Saumya Sogani (2 years ago)
i love how you put in so much effort in editing your videos!😍😍 they are superbly edited.
Saumya Sogani (2 years ago)
MISS YANYI I have been trying to film and edit videos myself but i am not even close to being as good as you! Really good job. I hope you get whatever you have been trying to achieve!
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
thank you so much!! I am so glad you enjoyyy :)
Saumya Sogani (2 years ago)
i love how you put in so much effort in editing your videos!😍😍 they are superbly edited.
Kristen Marie (2 years ago)
I'm dreaming of walking the beautiful beaches of Hawaii! :)
Kristen Marie (2 years ago)
Same! But Pinterest makes it look SO good!
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
ooooooo Hawaii is always a good idea! I havent been !
Arlene Gallardo (2 years ago)
Where did you buy that first white top from??😍
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
I got it in Europe! but I just linked something similar in the desc box !
Usman Ali (2 years ago)
2:20 u look beautiful in this dress
Usman Ali (2 years ago)
im traveling to turkey in dec.
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
that's amazing ! have funnn!
Jennifer Ruiz (2 years ago)
Absolutely love these videos!!!! Great job!
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
OMG me too! but it's so expensive over there I've heard !
Jennifer Ruiz (2 years ago)
My dream travel destination is Dubai
Lennys StepByStep (2 years ago)
still feels like summer in NYC! hehe
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
haha it actually does
Chris Page (2 years ago)
Tulare California
Hinata Nanase (2 years ago)
I'm going to Japan for the summer! I'm so excited! XD
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
that's amazing!! Always wanted to go to Japan !
Sweetiie Beauty (2 years ago)
Hi welcome back ☺️
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
hi hunniiiiiii!! :)
Eylin Lsp (2 years ago)
I'm going to Wisconsin next month😍 btw i love your hair ❤️
Eylin Lsp (2 years ago)
Thank you!!
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
thank you so much!! and have fun in Wisconsin !
dumaconvic (2 years ago)
Where did u get ur outfit?
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
I linked what I could find similar in the description box! :)
Amy Meader (2 years ago)
I'm leaving for Los Vegas in two weeks and have no idea what to wear any suggestions.
Amy Meader (2 years ago)
Thank you... Miss Yanyi, It's been a while sense I have been.
MISS YANYI (2 years ago)
never been there! But I heard it's really hot so I'd say dresses all the way LOL

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