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Why We Destroyed the World's 4th Largest Lake

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Text Comments (4854)
Timothy McLean (2 months ago)
"Stalin! The Aral Sea is drying up." "But we have cotton." "Yeah, but we lost the Aral Sea fisheries." "But we have cotton." "The land left behind is all salty and worthless." "But we have cotton." "Also, there's old toxic waste residue." "But we have cotton." "The wind kicks up _enormous_ toxic dust storms, which endanger the lives of everyone living nearby!" "But we have cotton." "...Including the cotton, sir." "...Shit."
TheLibSoc DaHip (8 hours ago)
Wrong, Stalin died before 1960...
Henry Heyde (1 day ago)
Timothy Mc
tk421missing (20 days ago)
and what do the Irish and Scots do? cut down all the trees that Europeans grew, plunder in North America, slowly burning the land to dust....evil people.
Soviet101frog Hardee (20 days ago)
Timothy McLean B
joel joshua (20 days ago)
Dude that's correct. Humans will realise there mistake
James Ziemba (1 hour ago)
Stalin operated on gut feeling instead of facts........just like Trump.
M Flanagan (2 hours ago)
thank you so much for killing the world if I had a time machine think I can get him then Hitler
yeetus beggin (8 hours ago)
Is this old loot lake?
Henning b (12 hours ago)
That Segway to the sponsor wow
Toastie footsie (13 hours ago)
just because you said "we" i want this planet to die. fuck nature.
Northern Sentinel (13 hours ago)
"We"? I don't subscribe to Collective Responsibility. Take all the blame you like but leave me out of it.
drb0mb (16 hours ago)
ah man we didn't destroy it, matter can't be created or destroyed, we just "moved" it. people get so fond of things and get terrified when something changes... this isn't bad, it's just different
JM FIRELORD (1 day ago)
Name: Aral Sea *4th Largest lake in the world* Seems legit
Adventure Warehouse (1 day ago)
How did I make this lake smaller I didn’t even know it till right now
Momentum Seminars (1 day ago)
Good video!
CorenZ (1 day ago)
Hey, at least it wasn’t the Americans this time.
Mark Garin (1 day ago)
What does he mean by 'We'? I didn't do it
God's Servant (1 day ago)
People are stupid. Save the planet. Kill yourself.
Toastie footsie (13 hours ago)
follow by example cocksucker.
Vikram Mehta (1 day ago)
Don't play with nature...
Luis Donado (1 day ago)
I don't like when they mix a great video with advertisement at the end.
Hale Berry (1 day ago)
Wow I actually learned something new today thx
ThePihvid (1 day ago)
we must shut down the canals then the water could go back to the lake that goes to amudarja but sõrdarja has dried up .
ThePihvid (1 day ago)
i know how to
al8603cl (1 day ago)
California has done a similar thing to what is called The Salton Sea. Not exactly the same, as the Salton is not naturally fed by a river on a continual basis. But, nonetheless it was at one time not long ago one of the largest inland bodies of water in the country and the largest in the state. As it is drying up the health hazards in the surrounding areas have gotten far far worse.
cartmanrlsusall (1 day ago)
This video leaves out out a lot of the reasons they did what they did.
Anomander1 (1 day ago)
downvoted it, since you didnt do a video about the same happening in Murica!
Michael Colapietro (2 days ago)
Oh come on world and liberals progressives it has to be the Americans fault some how its those white Christians from America they are the only ones that could cause that much destruction
mya 65051 (2 days ago)
Is it a sea or a lake
Zweites Reich (2 days ago)
Thanks communism! Very cool!
Moe Wilson (2 days ago)
Crap, humans know how to screw up a good thing.
Toastie footsie (13 hours ago)
it's water on the ground.
Ramon Omari (3 days ago)
Is there a difference between a lake and a sea?
DD • (3 days ago)
because the stupid human like us, *duh*
TheIsmaelIsaac (3 days ago)
What an idiot atheist, I guess it wasn't enough for him killing and torturing 2 millions people.
Loydd Christmas (3 days ago)
Fuck Donald Trump for the Soviets doing this.
13UB187 (3 days ago)
Europeans... Past and present = parasite.
Mohammad Kiao (3 days ago)
Only human can destroy earth period.
Toastie footsie (13 hours ago)
i would end life on earth if i could.
Gary Anderson (2 days ago)
It will regenerate after the fall of society.
Samson Crosswood (3 days ago)
What’s this “we” shit?
Shiv G (3 days ago)
That's a big oopsie
nunyer beeznaz (3 days ago)
WE diodn't do SHIT !!! THE stupidass russians got greedy,and in their typical uncaring way they destroyed another nations possession. They are alkways about profit for the party,buyt now the party has died a horrible death as was expected of an entity that sends their uncles up front to runs things your way. NiCulturny prevostka !!!
Max Griffin (3 days ago)
"We" didn't destroy the lake. Communists did.
Carl Gustav Tessin (3 days ago)
WE,WE,WE,WE. It was the leaders of the Soviet union that destroyed the lake and Khazakstans leader are doing the same.
Spielzeit85 (3 days ago)
How is this anything like the cobra effect? They never intended to save the lake in the first place. What a weird and incorrect attempt at making a comparison.
Honk Please OK (4 days ago)
The worlds largest lake at the time 🧐
Jack Kanov (4 days ago)
i inadvertently killed off the largest koi pond in my neighborhood by constantly masturbating into it. it was my neighbor and we didn't have fences, the koi pond was under some trees out in the back so no one ever saw i was there in the dark at night. i would sneak over there after the sun went down and jack off about stuff like the cheerleaders at school and sometimes the cute gay boy in my computer lab, i was always taught that being gay was bad but one time he kissed me on the lips in a locker room after school and it gave me a really guilty boner. i spent the next 10 years or so pretending like i wasn't gay at all, but even after i got married i would start looking a porn in the bathroom while pooping to get away from my kids and after i started masturbating on the toilet i would start to look up stuff like "gay love making" and i would get soooooo hard and have extreme orgasms to gays kissing while having sex that i would forget about the time i was in the bathroom taking a pretend shit until my fat wife would bang on the door and say "is your colitis acting up again, are you okay, i need to shit too". it really ruined the moment.
quertbarbie62 (4 days ago)
i fail to see how this is a kobra effect
Lari Kipe (4 days ago)
up next: how the lies of the left destroys EVERYTHING.
Tracy Drennan (4 days ago)
Leftest thinking
J Horne (4 days ago)
Stupid socialists. Destroy everything for the people and short term gain.
Peter Smafield (4 days ago)
We didn't destroy the Aral Sea. The Soviet's did.
Dustin Cordell (4 days ago)
solution remove the dam's
Stephen Paxman (5 days ago)
boo hoo for those ass holes destroying what they had ,,,, suck shit and die
GoDz Plays (5 days ago)
in soviet russia, canal builds you!
Robert Lafferty (5 days ago)
In reference to the title: what do you mean "we"?
Warahoon Apache (5 days ago)
Greed greed n more greed
Swank Mann (5 days ago)
*''Here in the soviet union...''* Subliminal message much?
Ricky Reed (5 days ago)
lol cot ton
I love cotTON
Trigger Happy (6 days ago)
Socialism is the greatest plague in history.
PRADEEP THE GOD (6 days ago)
Stupid communists
DOOM2099 (6 days ago)
central planning at its finest folks...
Derek Derek (7 days ago)
Who is we ?
Faronthefiddler (7 days ago)
We did not do it. The Soviet Union did it.
flessested (7 days ago)
who's "we"?
Sammuel Parris (7 days ago)
We? Oh no, you mean Communism! We, The West, care for nature more than any other civilized society on the planet
Joey Lopata (7 days ago)
We should have called him ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *YOSIF*
Daniel Mills (7 days ago)
Stalin was so dumb.
Samad Kariyaniya (8 days ago)
This is just sad
tojsiabkevua teb (8 days ago)
How dare you USSR!
James The Flying Ace (8 days ago)
If there’s ever a problem with the Soviet Union we blame Stalin. The Germans are invading; blame Stalin. The Aral Sea is drying up; blame Stalin. There are disputes among ethnicities in the now independent countries; blame Stalin!
Brett Dawson (8 days ago)
How much different is this than the Salton Sea?
toordog (9 days ago)
This should be fixed and refilled, salton see needs to be fixed and drained.
MissBttrsctch (12 days ago)
I could have done without the snake bit!
Jim Sandy (13 days ago)
We?  I'm NOT a communist and never will be.  The communists destroyed that lake.
Granger Montag (14 days ago)
Tfw Communism is worse for the environment than Capitalism
Steve Haines (14 days ago)
Communists destroy everything they touch
Michael Murphy (14 days ago)
why would they use a salt water sea to irrigate crops? and in a country with so many people, wouldn't the fish supply be more important for jobs and food?
Robert Couch (14 days ago)
Bust open the damns, boom sea returns
the M&M's (14 days ago)
What is the song in the background
Ben Lilly (15 days ago)
Dan Jones (15 days ago)
Great Lakes next
Sagar Ingale (15 days ago)
I may sound stupid here. But please if anyone can explain? They diverted water from river to canals and then canals ended up putting water back in the Lakes?!?! If so then water should go back to canals right? If not the water from canal ended up going where?? Ps: Of course not all water given to cotton ?!?!
penn707 (16 days ago)
The Aral Sea is a breeding ground for dangerous Cobras. It needs to be destroyed!!!!
Hey999888777 (16 days ago)
Ummm, there was no such thing as satellites in the 1960's so how do you explain 1:37 to 1:47 in the video???? I'm sure the lake dried up for whatever reasons, BUT YOU CANNOT CREATE FAKE FACTS TO MAKE YOUR NARRATIVE BRO!!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE CHANNEL! Everyone block this channel!!!!
Think 4 Yourself (17 days ago)
When telling a story use the truth. Stalin had zero good intentions for his slaves, I mean people. He did what he did for control and to benefit the few over the many. It's the greatest lie of socialism/communism. Essentially even nature is not safe from such tyrants. Today the freaks build nuclear plants on our largest bodies of water.
dean hansen (17 days ago)
1:55 The Aral sea had halibut?
CentralCoastCamper (17 days ago)
I don't agree with the "We" in the title. How about socialist communist murdering Russian dictator dries up inland sea.
sahi (17 days ago)
No it's gog and magog. And thair relation to with water. What they are doing now in Israel.
Honestly I learn more from these videos than actual school. You earned a new subscriber!
Andrew Ocean (18 days ago)
So what?
Andrew Ocean (18 days ago)
Somebody needs their asp kicked.
Roger Brown (18 days ago)
I confess I did it.
Frozo 1290 (18 days ago)
Stalin my boi. Y did u do this?
sylveon 69 (18 days ago)
Tfw stalin destroys an entire sea
Ken Collins (18 days ago)
Disastrous.... A total disaster, what a shame! Everyone should know by now.. " it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature."
Joel Johannson (18 days ago)
Cuz were shallow 🤣
Pertinent Paradigm (19 days ago)
Yet another benefit of Communism Libtards, hence the name Libtard.
VZ_ 342 (19 days ago)
“We” did not destroy the lake. It was Stalin, directing loyal Soviets who did it.
Musharrof Hossain (19 days ago)
Camel Tanker (19 days ago)
Rule 1, The Communist Party is never wrong. Rule 2, If the Communist Party is wrong, refer to rule 1.
Mac man (19 days ago)
Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11? : @ William Cooper predicted 9/11: @ In this video: @t The wickedness of Deceit: Exposing the "Jewish" Agenda!
isn't what it is ! (19 days ago)
We dont destroy anything government's do
ani ramani (20 days ago)
this is not "cobra effect"
Brian Berthold (20 days ago)
just dam the canals the water will go into the lake again not that hard to figure out

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