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Cute Cartoon Tenth Doctor Who Regeneration

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Just a quick bit of cartoon practice - David Tennant's Tenth Doctor regenerates into Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. The audio clip didn't quite fit the video, so rather than recut I just went for some blatant advertism! Speaking of which, the webcomic Totally Crossover can be found at, believe it or not, www.totallycrossover.com Music clip by Murray Gold, Doctor Who is owned by the BBC, etc etc etc.
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Text Comments (3)
Jacob Strock (6 years ago)
Nice job man. It's funny because the only thing that really changed in this was the hair :P
Zephyr (7 years ago)
It's awesome! Short, but awesome!
Bren Tenkage (8 years ago)
not bad, keep up the good work, BTW YOUR COMICS ROCK!!!!

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