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My Sketchy Psychic Experience in NYC

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soooo I went to a sketchy psychic in new york city....it was rather odd to say the least, if you wanna hear the story, keep watching :) basically I like to believe in horoscopes and palm reading & all of that stuff! Let me know your thoughts and if you have ever had a similar experience! xo My instagram http://www.instagram.com/MeganParken My twitter http://www.twitter.com/Meganheartsm My last video:
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Melissa Saracino (1 year ago)
Just wondering what you used to make the white noise in this video!
FunTime Nursery Rhymes (2 years ago)
You have to be careful in NYC. I have been through the same experience. These are gypsies and not true psychics and they have to make a quota. I came across a true reader. She was a Christian Physic and everything she knew of my past and present were true and everything we spoke of in her forecast of my education and career and family life came true. That was a great experience for me and now I know some people have the gift, however, most do not.
Runway Solutions (2 years ago)
Carlos Rodriguez (2 years ago)
You're so stupid omg
Gretchen Kraemer (2 years ago)
For some reason I only really watch this when I'm sick EVEN though this is my favorite video you have made
Alma Makoni (2 years ago)
My dear, life is more exciting when you take it as it comes. Never waste money on psychics. It can become addictive. Also, it is all witchcraft, which the Bible does not agree with. If you get impatient, just pray that God gives you patience.
Ben Keen (3 years ago)
Look up syncronicity Megan and that will explain your experience with the necklace and the song etc. sorry you had a bad experience, there are very genuine psychics and mediums out there too😉
Marysol Welch (3 years ago)
My sign says I'm -350 GAY IMA LESBIAN WTF
Ali Sanchez (3 years ago)
I actually paid for the candles around $250 dollars I think here in New York City .. She told me to not tell anyone that I was getting a cleanse Bc that other person's bad energy can affect my "cleaning". After I went back she told me that I needed to buy more candles Bc the bad energy surrounding me was getting larger. I honestly had no more money to keep spending on those "special" candles and She made me swear that I wasn't lying to her! Ridiculous!!!
Dazza (3 years ago)
urrr, well I was once staring at the door and I whisper "If you are here open this door" and it opened whoops. And so then I started messing around and calling all these demons stupid and I found a little note in my pocket saying "Get a hold" I personally believe I will burn in hell but till then I'm gonna carry on being a jerk
xitsbiebzforever (3 years ago)
I have an ex boyfriend who I am still kind of close with and we've been good all summer. No problems no negative stuff and we aren't dating or were trying to get back together but he is someone I wanted to keep in my life for a long time because he's very important to me. He is Buddhist and I guess he asked Buddha to help open his eyes because he's been getting off track with his life lately, and he told me that he recently had a dream where he was talking to a guy that sounded just like him and he knew a girl that sounded just like me. Apparently the guy told him that if he ever met a girl like me that he should leave me alone because I'm not good....I think it's absolutely ridiculous but now he doesn't want me in his life anymore to talk to or interact with. It just doesn't make sense to me because we were hanging out one day and everything was good but we don't talk for a few days and then it's like things changed instantly because of that dream. He even said he no longer cared about me anymore when I have done nothing to him or said anything to him. It makes no sense...
That's so dodgy and I'm sorry you had that experience. You definitely need to get a recommendation before going to a psychic. I've always wanted to see a psychic but had never been until 3 weeks ago. I got a recommendation from my hairdresser of all people and I was blown away by what he said. He's actually a clairvoyant, not a psychic but he did say 3 weeks ago that he saw $300 being given to me or being put straight into my hand out of nowhere and today my mum went to lunch and played Keno and won $640 with my numbers. She gave me exactly $300 of that amount. I really don't believe in coincidences at all. Labelling something as a coincidence is an excuse to dismiss and ignore what the universe is trying to tell you.
issa queen (3 years ago)
I'm Libra to!!
Kayla Is Undead (4 years ago)
So I've had kinda psychic things happen to me before. Nothing really significant but non the less odd. -Once my friend and I were walking my dog. We were heading home and it was perfectly clear blue skies. She asks me "hey Kayla when we get back to your house do you want to jump on the trampoline?" And idk why but I had a bad feeling about it. So I said "no" she asked "but why?" And I say "well. What if there's lightning?" She gets confused "there's no clouds in the sky even?" Then we just keep walking and all of a sudden off goes a boom of thunder and it startles us. We were in a bad part of the neighborhood so we thought it was someone banging on something. So we started running. Then it randomly starts sprinkling rain. The thunder continues. We get back to my house and were in the back yard talking to my mom it's still sprinkling rain. My moms is upstairs on the porch and were on the ground. Then all of a sudden lightning strikes. My friend and I bolt into the house scared sh!tless. What's weird is I was kidding about the lightening when I had brought it up. That and lightening is rare where I'm from.- So yeah weird moment. I've had more psychic experiences but this one was by far the freakiest.
Chloe Ellen (4 years ago)
I'm a Libra to! 😝♎️💋
Alexa G (4 years ago)
can u make a video on the worst gift or embarrassing moment ever ~love u Megan~
Reign Carter (4 years ago)
Meghan Marie (4 years ago)
Never go to phychics in nyc!! haha , im telling youuu now
ivefeltsobadforsolong (4 years ago)
I was at a flea market a few years back and as my family was walking past a table of fishing gear, the wind started blowing, knocking one of the fishing poles down and it pointed right at me. I didn't think too much of it, and kept walking. I had to pee so I went but in the bathroom stall, somebody dropped $50 on the ground so I took it. Feeling like the fishing pole was a coincidence, I took my family out to a fish dinner using the money I found. But, at this place was where my brother found his future girlfriend of 6 years. I never knew why the coincidence helped my brother when signs pointed to me, until looking back I realize how that girlfriend became my closest friend and helped to restore the brother-sister relationship between my brothers and I that was crumbling each passing day.
Araceli Lopez (4 years ago)
Is am a Libra too !!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊
Quinn (4 years ago)
Ok this is going to be something actually really sad but I love u meg so, in 2012 my grandmother passed away from cancer and about a year lateer I was in a gymnastics class and I sar this woman , I frist I was just like ok its just a coincidence but believe me or not my grandmother was in a cair watching me but it was for about 2 minutes so its not like she was there the whole class or anything but that just put me to tears as well as maby 2 weeks ago or so I went into my homeroom and I have a postcard from my grandmother but I got it when I was 8 wicth also put me to tears and the card said"i love u dearly and even know im fighting for my life I will always love u"and she was fight cancer from when I was 2 to 2012 when she passed but idk but im still in tears thinking about how she must miss me even tho she might not be able to see me go down the aisle ik she will always be with me .
Lil Gem (4 years ago)
Leo and libra, Were super compatible!!
shaun griffin (4 years ago)
Psychics are the worlds oldest con and you and your friend got con I would never go to a psychic. Ever hear the term buyer beware? That's exactly what it means even if some are real, things are best not knowing.
Megan Pasalic (4 years ago)
Studies were shown that play reading is complete bullshit, so if you're ever asked to pay money for a palm ready about your "life line" or whatever, its a scam
lilacshine9 (4 years ago)
I'm not the least bit surprised because I don't believe in psychics at all. They just guess & ask questions to come up with everything. Plus they're overpriced & just untrustworthy. I've never been to one though & never will.
Elizabeth Morales (4 years ago)
Megan.. i am glad u are not easily swayed.. i am surprised to learn u believed in psychics to begin with, but at least it is obvious you are intelligent enough to learn as life throws things at u.
Theonlydays (4 years ago)
In the summer of 2013 I went to Croatia with three of my girlfriends. There I met a guy. I'm normally not that quiet, but I was very introverted this evening, because I felt some weird vibes coming from him. Something told me, that this encounter was going to change my life in some way. I should add, that I had a terrible, terrible breakup that year. It was with my first love, whom I'd dated for almost 3 years. So I connected with that boy from the holiday, but we didn't exchange last names, numbers, or adress. When I went home, I got the answered from my uni applications. I ended up not being excepted by my uni of preference. Again, something told me, which other uni to chose and which city to move to. So I entered this other university. Well, turned out he lived near by the city I had to move to. We got in contact. Now we've been together for more than a year. Plus, we moved in together a couple of months ago. I later got accepted to my first university of preference and so we moved to the capital city..... That had to be more than coincidence.
DanceDiva234 (3 years ago)
Once my mother used a Oujia board that have her the initials of her future husband. She met his 2 years later. Paranormal things like this make me believe everyone has a soul mate.
Lindsey E (4 years ago)
This may sound stereotypical and cheesy but if you're searching for answers and feeling unsure about what choices you should make going to a good church and developing a relationship with Jesus works. So much more effective to pray every night than check a horoscope that is written just like those women told "fortunes"
Emeline West (4 years ago)
God has the answers.
azealia divine (4 years ago)
Libras for life home girl ✊💕♎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaitlyn Trout (4 years ago)
Please don't go to any of that stuff because it's not true it's a lie and please please don't read your horoscope because it's not good to do
Mona Shark (4 years ago)
Omg I can understand what you're saying you don't sound crazy at all this video really helped me with some personal issues thank you
Mona Shark (4 years ago)
Omg I'm a libra too 💖💖
Jazelle Vlado (4 years ago)
Ok I'm the girl who you ask do you know Meagan loves makeup and I say no and you got mad ok jinx
Abby Earley (4 years ago)
Megan, So a while ago, I watched your video on the guy on a plane. It was weird because I had a flight the next day, and i have the same attitude as you when it comes to flying.Of course, a really cute guy sat next to me on my flight. I would have never thought about saying anything to him, but after watching your video, i felt like I had too! I did and we had a great conversation. You and I literally had the same exact experience. That moment was so weirdly coincidental, I felt like it had to be more than just random. It changed my outlook on "signs", as now i truly do believe that there is more to those little coincidences. And its weird that This was the only video of yours Ive watched since then, and you were talking about those little signs with your necklace and everything. Like you were a part one of those weird coincidences for me, and I totally agree with you about everything said in this video
Jordyn Connell (4 years ago)
I know this is irrelevant but I love your lip color in this video!!
AshleyMermaid95 (4 years ago)
serendipity :)
Tapuwa Hama (4 years ago)
Libra nation.👌
Nina Mills (4 years ago)
I wonder if we went to the same place
Nina Mills (4 years ago)
moody peacock (4 years ago)
Then she wanted more money but my mom wouldn't give it to her. So she put sometime of curse on her and she had her period for a full 3 weeks. My mom hasn't had her period in 3 years because she's on birth control. Isn't that freaky
moody peacock (4 years ago)
She followed us to Walgreens and made us buy her a gift card with $160 on top of what we already paid her
moody peacock (4 years ago)
Me and my mom were told that we were both ment to have 3 kids and someone special who's name started with a J
moody peacock (4 years ago)
The same thing happend to me and my mom! She locked us in here house until we payed her
Bianca Manning (4 years ago)
Hey Megan! :) I'm Bianca from Australia. Just felt to share a little of my journey with you. I used to be really into spiritual things such as psychics, wicca, elemental candles etc.. They were cool and had some power. Then about 5 years ago I had the opportunity to ask God into my life and become a Christian. From that moment i've experienced true joy, peace, hope and overwhelming love from Jesus. God has revealed himself to me numerous times and he is so real! :) I've seen amazing miracles and supernatural healings. I've also had Christians prophesy and get words of knowledge for me, which have been so accurate and specific in my life. God longs to speak to us, he us pursuing you and he loves you sooooo much :) so do I! Anyway haha bless you girl! 'delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart'
troeler (4 years ago)
one thing that really made me feel strange, I once met a woman who was really into astrology. we talked for a while and then she said "you're a libra, right?" and I said no, because I'm a cancer. then she calculated my ascendant/rising sign and it was a libra. that kind of freaked me out :D
mazg95 (4 years ago)
Hey, do you happen to be studying psychology in college? You seem like you would be really interested in it as a course!
shelbykatherynn (4 years ago)
I definitely think some things aren't coincidences. I always feel like maybe they're signs, you know? When I was with my ex-fiance a few years ago we had hit a rough patch. Things hadn't been going well the last few month or so then all of a sudden every time I would get off the phone with him (if I was in my car) Carrie Underwood's song Good Girl would play. Literally every.single.time. After about two weeks of that I got the hint and broke off the engagement and relationship all together. Best decision I ever made. Definitely pay attention to little things like that though. It'll help you out a lot when you're trying to make life changing decisions.
Louisa Ruby (4 years ago)
I am so glad that someone else out there really does take their horoscope and astrology to heart. I honestly think that stuff really is accurate and it's nice to see someone out there not bashing it. 
gpuch97 (4 years ago)
I'm not a risk taker at all but i decided on a whim to go to australia with my school and I'm super excited
Candace Major (4 years ago)
the reason they make you make an appt is because they look you up to find all the information they could.
Christina Fruth (4 years ago)
Yay I'm a libra too 
Sarah Elaine (4 years ago)
My mom got palm read years back because her friend was in to that and did it for her. It actually told her that she was going to have a daughter and she was going to be born november 25 1994. later that year she thought of it and said HA! it's not true, i'm due February 2, 1995. Then a few short months later, I was actually born premature. I was born on november 25, 1994. so the palm reading was right. always fascinated me but also creeped me out. 
BostonBarbieDoll (4 years ago)
I'm a Libra =) When is your bday?
SickSadWhirled (4 years ago)
Sometimes I get strong feelings or images in my head and then something related happens to me or I see it on tv. If you think about it the power of thought Is amazing. You can send good or bad vibes to a person and I believe it truly affects the outcome of a situation. That being said I believe some people can pick up on these vibes or thoughts. Also, some people can't lol you need an open mind and the ability to think logically
Leah (4 years ago)
one time my best friend and I were walking around town just talking and we started rhyming stupid words and eventually we both said Casablanca at the exact same time... sounds dumb but it was totally out of the blue and just made me realize how in tune her and I are to each other. she's my best friend of almost ten years and she means the world to me.
tweety34ful (4 years ago)
Not sure if you believe in GOD but ask him what he wants you to do HE will lead you.
glitterglosslyts (4 years ago)
i think those little coincidences always mean something too! a few years ago i met this guy and i really wanted to start talking to him, but i was kinda nervous about it, the next day in class we were given our books for my econ class and all the people who'd had your book from the previous years would have their name signed in the back, and i looked in the back of mine and saw his name. so i had been given his book from the last year, and i took that as a sign. and also we started dating after that and there was this song that i heard in a movie and it reminded me of our relationship so i kinda labeled it as being "our song" but never mentioned it to him, then a few nights later we were at dinner and the same song came on the radio!
natalie r (4 years ago)
love reading my horoscope and I'm a libra too!! get the app astrology, it's purple with a white A it's awesome!
AmandaKristine (4 years ago)
I love that you also believe in signs, I really take that so seriously! The guy i'm dating now started out that way. We met at a bar up at school one night, and I wasn't even going to go because I was super sick and had class early the next morning. But I did go and ended up talking to this random guy. His friend was talking to my friend, so he was just being a wingman. But we hit it off and ended up talking all night. The crazy part is that it turns out he lives 5 minutes away from me in my hometown. Our whole lives, we'd lived so close and never knew it. We figured out we went to a lot of the same places, and did a lot of the same activities when we were younger. We even had mutual friends. Not once did we meet, though, until college. I take it as a sign that we were supposed to be together, but not until we were both ready. And the timing couldn't be more perfect. I don't know if he's just meant to stay for a little while, or forever, but it definitely makes me believe in something bigger than me.
Becca Lyn (4 years ago)
God will guide you
Aqua 93 (4 years ago)
I have had this long complicated history with this guy, I won't go into detail about it because it's too much of a long story.  Anyway one day I was actually writing a song about him on my laptop because I missed him and then a few moments later he logged onto Skype and started talking to me...It was so weird that it almost freaked me out a little.  That has happened to me a few times, he has been in my thoughts and then all of a sudden I just happen to hear from him.  I always thought deep down that we are so similar that we must be in sync with one another and maybe those were the signs telling me what I believe is true...maybe he is my soul mate, I don't know.
Jazzy Mcjayjay (4 years ago)
I have an intense passion for astrology and used to have passion for psychics until last month. The psychic that done my reading was not a random psychic you would find on the road or anything; he was my parents close friend and was a very known international psychic of South Asia. He used to travel for business companies, solve police mysteries often is on television in Indonesia and solved a case that went viral. Anyway, he had dinner with us one evening and told me I was going to break up with my boyfriend in october. I cried and waited for the day it would happen to prepare myself (I was actually very prepared; emotionally distancing myself and talking to other guys) but the 1st of november 2014 I woke up in the arms of my handsome boyfriend after a wonderful halloween. I do not believe in psychics anymore. No matter how famous and good they are. 
Giana Scotto (4 years ago)
I'm a Libra as well and those "little coincidences" always happen to me!! 😂 mine are very similar to your experiences too!!!
K P (4 years ago)
Just an interesting Bible verse about psychics... (not to judge anyone, just thought you or anyone who is searching for the answers could refer to this bible verse and could take comfort in knowing that God is the only one with real answers. God wants us to turn away from these things)... "There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God" Deuteronomy 18:10-13
So_suweet (4 years ago)
Sorry that happened to you but I went to a psychic in September and she was so accurate. It made me feel so much better and cleansed.
yanatje92 (4 years ago)
I also believe in little hints from the universe.  that might be silly but they comfort me in some way :)
Ellaine I (4 years ago)
this video is almost as long as your last video. It's a sign! lol
helloitsbo (4 years ago)
What's the name of the song?
Kaitlyn Jones (4 years ago)
I care deeply about you Megan I have been so inspired by you since your first video. But I feared up watching your last video, I felt scared for you love😔
Kaitlyn Jones (4 years ago)
Megan I agree with the girl who commented before me. You are so loved and so special you do not need a freaky psychic woman to get ideas about your future this woman and possessed and are filled with bad spirits. Jesus is the truth the way and the light, he will guide you and direct you Megan he has his loving arms open for you whenever your ready. He knows your whole life, he created you in his perfect image❤️
Ann Cee (4 years ago)
This one is one to read. TRUST ME. 6 years ago I was on my YouTube homepage and I clicked on a video from a girly collab channel I was subscribed to. The girl in the video was actually a replacement for another girl, and she had really awkward features! As I was reading the comments, I read one that said" you're funny (looking)" and I replied with "hahhaa". (Not nice I know). After that I clicked "back" to the YouTube homepage and clicked on another video from another channel I was subscribed to. This channel was a group of male teenage hip hop dancers. As I read the comments, I noticed a comment that was bashing on the male dancers. I was going to reply and defend the dancers, until I realized... The username of the comment looked awfully familiar.. I then clicked "back" twice, so that I ended up on the video I was on just before. And guess what, it was the SAME USERNAME. I immediately clicked on his channel.. an saw he lived in the same CITY as me. I messaged him. To cut this story short, we were same age, he went to the school next to mine, and lives a few minutes away. We've been together for five years.
onnaliese furbay (4 years ago)
My try reading the bible. It helps me understand life. And church helps break down what everything means because sometimes it's a little complex. :)
Lorelei Jones (4 years ago)
Astrology is a load of malarky.
destyni reed (4 years ago)
Physics are demoniac
Hanna Render (4 years ago)
I have always thought about horoscopes, and not wanted to believe them, honestly it seems ridiculous. But its so hard to ignore something that is true every time it's read. Watching your video made me check, and once again, it relates to exactly what is going on in my life. Mind blowing. Can't explain how much I love watching your videos, you are such an inspiration and I hope to meet you one day. Lots of love megan! <3
katielynnxo93 (4 years ago)
Here's a pretty freaky psychic story of mine, it's kinda long but a good one: When I was 10 years old (I'm 21 now), my mom and I went to visit some of my family in San Diego California. It was early October, the end of summer, and REAAALLY hot down there and windy. We were visiting my grandma, my dad's mom, and a bunch of aunts uncles and cousins. I  was extremely excited because my grandma's house was my absolute favorite place to be, it was this little cottage on the edge of a cliff all by itself down a windy dirt road in the countryside with a beautiful view of mountains and it was all tranquil and had a little creek and orange groves and palm trees and it was just beautiful. Needless to say I was ecstatic to visit and thought no one was as lucky as I was. When we arrived at her house, the second we got down the windy dirt road and her house appeared through the trees, I had a sinking dreadful feeling. I couldn't explain it. I wasn't excited to see her house or be there anymore, I didn't even want to be there, and I felt sick to my stomach. We went inside and greeted my grandma and I felt horrible. It wasn't sick like the flu or something, I literally just felt a cloud of depression and dread over me at all times at her house. I told my mom about my weird feelings, and I also suddenly said to her, "Mom, I don't think I'm going to see grandma's house again. I feel like I'll never be back here again." and she was disturbed and told me stop thinking like that, i think I made her nervous so i didnt mention my feelings again. After the trip, I was relieved to be home and the dreadful feeling was gone. Here comes the freakiest part...one week later early in the morning, my uncle called my dad and said there had been wildfires all through their town and neighborhoods, and burned a majority of the houses down and lots of people lost their farms and houses, and lost of people lost their lives. (luckily none of my family died). But, my grandma's beautiful cottage burned to the ground. And I was right, I never did see her house again. My mom screamed and dropped to her knees, crying, when she made the connection that I had predicted I would never see my grandma's house again or be there again. I don't know how it happened or why I felt that way, maybe it was the feeling of oncoming danger or death...maybe the devil...but that dreadful feeling was never something I want to relive again. I definitely believe in intuition and psychic predictions.
Dazza (3 years ago)
I am 99.9% sure that I am haunted by the devil so yup
Madeleine Wilson (4 years ago)
That gave me chills!
xollammmaxo (4 years ago)
wow that is so crazy
juli pepper (4 years ago)
when is your birthday I'm a libra too!!!!!!!!!!!
LilyBeeYourself (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing! What a trippy experience ahhh
Claire Smiith (4 years ago)
My boyfriends grandma goes to psychics a lot because her husband died a few years ago and she likes to hear if he is doing well. Recently her good friend told her about a psychic who had like a "sixth sense" and could contact the dead..so she ended up calling the lady and they couldn't get a hold of each other for some time until one night that week she called back. The psychic (who had never talked to his grandma and knows nothing about her) started talking to her about things that nobody could guess or know besides her husband. She then said that he was singing a song and when she asked her what song it was it turns out it was their song that played at their wedding. There was a ton of more crazy things I had the chills when she told us! 
Luísa Vaz (4 years ago)
I've always wanted to go to a psychic just to kinda test if they'd tell me something real or just a made up story
Grace Hager (4 years ago)
I love that you shared this story. I've been wanting to see a medium since my dad past away in the end of August. I've been debating whether or not to go. I know if I go and really feel like I have a message from my dad I will feel amazing. However, if I go and end up feeling scammed it will only make me feel worse and perhaps doubtful. Do you have any advice?
Zoë Lyn Behar (4 years ago)
thanks for sharing your story! very interesting :) i hope all works out for you!
Amberlodge1 (4 years ago)
I noticed the rings on your left hand and wondered if you are married?
Yael (4 years ago)
I agree with previous comments on this video; whenever I was at a bad point in my life and didn't know what to do, God showed up and helped me. My faith seriously safed my life. Read your bible. Pray. Love. God's gonna lead you.
Equestrian (4 years ago)
physics just say anything they don't actually know
Tori andrews (4 years ago)
one of my friends was severely anorexic, and she was sat in the car one day as her mother went outside to the shops to go buy something, keeping in mind that my friend was in the car the whole time, as her mum walked out of the shops this old lady ran up to her shouting and crying at her 'your daughter will get better, i promise, these flowers will bless her' and all of this stuff and then she said 'remember the month September, and i promise everything will get better'. All freaked out buy this her mum just bought the flowers in case there was any chance of it being true, having said that my friend recovered from anorexia that September...
Tierra Koch (4 years ago)
I loved this video because I'm obsessed with the psychic world and anything along the lines. I like to tell people I'm psychic because I can predict something before it happens like this one time, not anything huge, I was playing yahtzee and in my head I could guess what the dice would say and it would happen. And when my fiance didn't believe me, he needed a certain number, he shook the dice and I said the number, then it happened and he did it again, I repeated the number and it happened. It might just be a coincidence or maybe I'm an amazing guesser, but it's happened a lot. I also go with my gut feeling a lot. If I have a bad feeling, I won't do something and usually, more times than not, something bad happens so it's reassuring. 😊
chica879 (4 years ago)
Megan, try the website Oranum.com for a psychic reading over video. I've been on that site quite a bit over the past couple months but be very very careful which one you trust to read you! For me, I've gotten a lot of accurate answers from one or two psychics on the site.. But I'm as young as you are and I'm still very skeptical!
RomeoSaveMe (4 years ago)
Megan I've just got to say I just love watching your videos, I just feel that taking a few minutes to watch your videos at the end of a busy day is just so relaxing, especially when you just sit down and chat To us like you would a friend, so thank you! I also love hearing about people's experiences of psychics and mediums, although I would never go to one myself as I am scared that they would influence my future. Like if they say something could happen, or I will meet a certain person (generic statements) that it would influence me to make decisions based on what they say that I wouldn't have made otherwise and so it looks like they have 'predicted the future' but really their comments just changed the decisions I made based on what they told me as I would be looking out for those signs. (If u know what I mean, confusing I know!) haha but just a little theory I have. I'm also a firm believer in everything will come good in the end and work out as its supposed to and that life is a plan but you get to the end result by making a series of decisions along the journey. And it's okay if those decisions don't work out at first, or aren't the right ones, because in the end they will all lead to whatever is meant to be for you! So don't worry about the future, everything will work out as its supposed to be :) Sending love from England!
Kallie B (4 years ago)
It's conformation bias. All psychics say the same stuff & you think they're talking about you but you just pay attention to the stuff that's true about you & don't pay attention to the stuff that doesn't match.
Kallie B (4 years ago)
Horoscopes & psychics are all part of pseudopsychology
Ingram091 (4 years ago)
Got to say I'm not to surprised that the psychic in NYC ended up being a scam artists.  I honestly think there are people like this out there but there are far more people making false claims in order to do only one thing part you from your money.  I had met one a long time ago that was a gypsy women that just seemed right cause she was very straight forward when it came to our reading.  She wasn't shy about a shared environment and indeed encouraged it.  What you experienced was definitely a scripted high pressure reading designed to keep feeding the money stream.  Just my feeling on this.  Typically carnival psychics have more credibility then that kind of place. As the gypsy culture tends to follow a typical carny lifestyle.  I definitely believe in feelings or some kind of energy that connects those that care for each other together that helps us all through times of doubt.  We can be very close or even distant strangers, but there is still connections in some way that the universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it, allows our souls to feel each others pain and each others love.  Its a matter of having an open heart and not being as self centered as so many seem to be anymore.  Does it mean it always helps.  I honestly don't know.  I hope so, and in the end that's all we ever have isn't it?  Hope.
oomidnight001 (4 years ago)
666 likes illuminati confirnedddddddddddx jk
Vianey Larios (4 years ago)
Honestly in my opinion there's no one else you should go to or ask advice other than GOD's. Praying to him will always give you the answers and guess what its FREE and he won't require you to buy anything other than your faith in him!!  
Mary Alice (4 years ago)
I used to and sometimes still can think of a song, like maybe it's stuck in my head or something and I'll turn the radio on and the song will be playing. It's always like whoa that's weird lol
Natalie Velazquez (4 years ago)
You should look into chart reading instead, that goes more in depth about a person's personality and maybe things that they would be good for
Natalie Velazquez (4 years ago)
I want to read your birth chart so bad
Evelyn (4 years ago)
I'm also a libra #teamlibra
GetFitwithJay&Nic (4 years ago)
Hi Megan! I am really into Astrology and I think more of what you'd be interested in is someone reading your birth chart! Your birth chart shows where all the planets were when you were born, and that can tell a lot about who you are as a person! Theres a great interactive one on the website alwaysastrology that might be able to give you some info. You could also look into a woman named Alyssa Sharpe here on Youtube to help you understand your chart better :)

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