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What the World Will Look Like When All the Ice Melts

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What will the world look like when all the ice melts? Many experts believe that water levels in the ocean are rising as ice melts due to higher temperatures caused by climate change. Right now, over five million cubic miles of ice exists on the surface of our planet, which one estimate says would take longer than 5 thousand years to melt if global warming rates continue. An interactive map created by National Geographic shows what the world would look like if all the ice on Earth melted and added to the sea levels. Estimates show that this would raise the oceans by 216 feet, flooding coastal cities and creating shorelines that are deeper inland. The East coast of North America, including all of Florida would be underwater, along with the west coast cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, California. Parts of Europe would be devastated by the Atlantic Ocean covering London, the Netherlands, and most of Denmark. Although major cities in Egypt like Cairo and Alexandria would become part of the Mediterranean Sea, the continent of Africa would be least effected by rising sea levels. In Asia, the country of Bangladesh with a population of 160 million would be entirely wiped out, and in Australia, the thin coastal band around the continent where four out of five Aussies live would be underwater.
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Learn Progress (20 days ago)
It’s not true , if u get a cup of water and put an ice cub in it then fill it up to near the top your see that when the ice cube melts the water stays the same level as the ice was already in the water
Darren W (8 months ago)
Think the 5000 years to melt is way off. Try 500 years,or less
KippyFilms (1 year ago)
They need to stop polluting our planet and start thinking about others. But people don't care about our planet and are too hooked on money and nothing else. Why can't we all just work together so life can be much easier! Humans are destroying our planet!
Jacqueline walker (1 year ago)
Africa, thanks for giving up the secret where to go
Jacqueline walker (1 year ago)
there melting the Antarctica purposely.
Glad I'm in Kansas
adriana flores (2 years ago)
would laredo texas still exist?
good to know AFRICA will suffer less damage due to the ice melt
Little Heath (3 years ago)
if all the land ice in the Antarctica should melt tomorrow the ocean levels would rice by only 17cm. To verify this Do the simple maths and calculate it yourself.
Quentin Potter (3 years ago)
But as far as there map what it looks I believe the models part way wrong
TRAVELZILLA I.am (3 years ago)
thanks for showing South America...200 million Brazilians are loving this much information about the future of our region.
Sorcerer Vaati64 (3 years ago)
Wait, how is Africa least affected?
Meagan Marie (3 years ago)
so does this mean Houston would be underwater?
freedomfightertwo (3 years ago)
If you are in New York or Australian cities on the east coast, watchout! A wet future is coming. LOL
Constant Honesty (3 years ago)
Ok, let's play ball in your ballpark -- assuming Human-caused Global Warming is real (which it isn't) and assuming all the Earth's sea ice melts (which it won't)...the net sea level rise would be ZERO. in accordance with the well established Archimedes principle the sea ice is already displacing the sea level to account for its volume.
Jonathan Gwynne (2 years ago)
+Paraplegic Goat CH4 is the third largest contributor to the Greenhouse Effect behind H2O and CO2.
Jonathan Gwynne (3 years ago)
+Daniel Zuniga CO2 doesn't reflect sunlight, CO2 absorbs it, well more of it anyway. The Greenhouse Effect warms the earth by about 33C. Average global temeraures are about 33C warmer because of greenhouse gasses. What are they? The big one is H2O. Water vapor. That's abouy 95% of the G.E. Next is CO2. About 3.6%. But about 3.5% of the CO2 warming is from CO2 that was already here. The CO2 humans added to the atmosphere accounts for about 0.1% of the warming - or about 0.04C of warming.
Daniel Zuniga (3 years ago)
global warming is real what makes you think it isn't have you ever heard of co2 and reflecting sun rays causing waaay to much greenhouse gasses?
UKish (3 years ago)
this vid is all wrong the ice melting would cause the sea levels to shrink ice has a higher density then water.
Jonathan Gwynne (3 years ago)
+UKish More than 90% of the ice on the planet is on Antarctica. it isn't possible for it all to melt but, if it did, it would raise sea levels dramatically.
Quentin Potter (3 years ago)
U kish the densetiy may go down but there's still a large volume of extra water so that's why it will rise its like u got a full. Bowl of water and u pour more in it will over flow due to misplacement u add ware on water and it has to find some place to go so it go's were it can
UKish (3 years ago)
the majority of the ice is under the water very little is above it
nihil1 (3 years ago)
+UKish Neither Greenland nor Antarctic ice are immersed. So melting adds water to the oceans and levels rise.
Jacob Sheldrake (3 years ago)
+UKish Well if you want to say that but ice is definitely less dense than water. Dude a quick google search will save the embarrassment of saying dumb shit like that -___-
mmtot (4 years ago)
No warming for 18 years now.
nihil1 (3 years ago)
This is just not true, please try to inform yourself without attaching emotionally to a point of view. Go for the papers, not websites. If you have any minimal knowledge of math, you should reach the same conclusion as any scientist.
mmtot (3 years ago)
sorry 18 and a half years!
mmtot (3 years ago)
Easily researched to be shown as true.
nihil1 (3 years ago)
+mmtot False.
Cameron Young (4 years ago)
Oh shit!
Cali Truck Driver 101 (4 years ago)
i dont want this to happen its scary..all natural disaster bulslhit like hurrican katrina etc. reminds me of that movie they made on hurricane sandy, called the day after tomorrow. fuck i hope this doesnt happen
Rebeka Galvan (4 years ago)
We need to start using less cars and factories think of the kids
Melvin Arthur (4 years ago)
This wouldn't kill us off but Survival would become harder for us humans..
Filiberto Gutierrez (2 months ago)
We can just move cities near the beach further in and problem solved 😂😂
xXPorcelinxxRoseXx (3 years ago)
+UKish It would if it continued to rise higher each time.
UKish (3 years ago)
humans have survived all these years a little water rising wouldn't do anything
Stealthy147 (4 years ago)
said the cat
SuperSilverRage (4 years ago)
im so excited....another 2012 bullshit
SuperSilverRage (2 years ago)
+Amarex I am not American as well. I only assumed you were because of your rudeness
Amarex (2 years ago)
+SuperSilverRage I am not American like you, sorry.
SuperSilverRage (2 years ago)
+Amarex why dont you make yourself useful and make a change in the world and vote for Trump. Oh wait, youre underaged im sorry go to bed and read cat in the hat.....
Amarex (2 years ago)
+SuperSilverRage I am not looking for a good response like you did for 7 days, I am just sitting here admiring how the brain of an autistic person works.
SuperSilverRage (2 years ago)
+Amarex hahaha thats your response.....pls dont reply back for you obviously need your pampers changed
zazzion (4 years ago)
Using this for a presentation at school, thanks man!
Leo List (4 years ago)
And WHY would you do that?  As the level of sea raise is well within normal
Kevin Fowler (4 years ago)
Saying a culture would be wiped out is ridiculous. We have 5000 years to move to higher ground. 
Ravikant Upadhyay (5 years ago)
i want to watch 3D animation not image
MaxGunter92 (5 years ago)
you forgot to mention about nuclear stations. The planet not gona be habitable anymore and in ruins, mostly water on earth and everything in high radiation
UKish (3 years ago)
nuclear power stations only emit radiation if they blow up they are much better then any other power source we have atm 
Leo List (4 years ago)
Try using your BRAIN. This BS says we are talking HUNDREDS of years, so in your world even with hundreds of years to move stuff no one does?
Gina Christy (5 years ago)
Japan? Will that be underwater too?
Lucy Foster (5 years ago)
Uk ?
ott yehal (5 years ago)
how much of it will evaporate?
Bob Smith (5 years ago)
poios xestike
George Kosko (5 years ago)

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