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Salt & Sage "Things"

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I am apart of a wonderful band unit named Salt & Sage. We've recently let loose a video for our song "Things". I adore this song and wanted to share it with all of you wonderful people. I do hope you enjoy. www.saltysage.com Shot in beautiful San Francisco, California. Directed, Edited, Shot, and Everything else by Louis Tovar. Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Clark Mastered by Piper Payne.
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M. Ameziane Renak (2 years ago)
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!
MaggieAnn Jarman (2 years ago)
Started my morning off with this wonderful song !
Ponce Solo (2 years ago)
beautiful melodies and harmonies. well put together. we get so caught up in the concrete jungle we forget the simpleness of life. Let's get back to our roots and the joy and wonder we shared as children...great song David and Vessna
Shanny Mac (2 years ago)
I said it six months ago, please be a band again! You guys are amazing!
MaggieAnn Jarman (2 years ago)
♡ !
Shanny Mac (3 years ago)
Im seriously depressed. Please make more songs together ;(((
Shanny Mac (3 years ago)
Do you guys have your lyrics posted up anywhere?
Arianna Love (4 years ago)
Hi Ms.Vessna! Love your band! Sounds just like it did in class!
incholer (4 years ago)
Beautiful tune brother, you guys sound awesome together would love to hear more from Salt and Sage, got some ideas .....
usudu123 (4 years ago)

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