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When You’re A Girl Questioning Your Sexuality

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Text Comments (14037)
Satan (2 hours ago)
I'm 19 and I still don't know 😞 ... I know for sure I like guys, emotionally and romantically. But when I look at girls they look like beautiful flowers, and I'm afraid to think about it. Their lips look so soft and their hugs are so warm, the feeling is sweet...but I dont know how to tell if this is romantic, or if I just have an overactive imagination.
I used to be really visibly uncomfortable with touching people unless they were my family, and now I still am uncomfortable just a lot less uncomfortable to the point where I can do it, for now I'm saying I'm bi but I really honestly dont know
mag maggie (11 hours ago)
Oooof this is middle school me
Zab (16 hours ago)
I watched this video at least twenty times while i was questioning. i'm so happy i figured it all out. BEING GAY ROCKS!
I just took 3 "Are you gay/lesbian quiz?"'s and got gay/lesbian all 3 times.
Erin Curran (1 day ago)
This is one of those videos that no matter how many times I watch it the ending just almost makes me cry I love this video
Rachel Phoebe (1 day ago)
Please can I have a cute friend like Hannah
gia obr (2 days ago)
I watched this when I was 11. now I’m 14 and realized I’m pan last year. nice to see all the signs were there before lmao
Dont Ask (2 days ago)
Im in such a pickle... I think I'm questioning but I don't really know if im questioning! Im f*cked. Like srsly I get nervous thinking about my sexuality. I. Just. Don't. Know... My bestest friend in the whole wide world just came out to me as pansexual today. Me, her mom and her grandma are the only ones that know and that made me think about my sexuality. I remember at a specific time like a year ago or smth, I started thinking I was bi or pan. But I just don't know. And I think I have a crush on my friend, (the girl that came out to me). I don't know help me😭😓
Ludivine Lvl (4 days ago)
hindsight squad (4 days ago)
I am a gay boy and this is so dawn relatable ... hope one day I come out :)
Mica heart (5 days ago)
Why is everyone so hot?
Jeon Park Jara (5 days ago)
I’m straight but I’m gay for some people😌🌈
Aeldra Yukino (5 days ago)
mkay so idk what i am anymore. i found out i was bi in 4th grade. and now im questioning. im debating wether im still bi, or if im a lesbian. i mean, i’d look at a picture of a hot actor or a fictional character and be like “i’d be straight for that dude” but then, i haven’t had any real male crushes in a really long time... i really need help lmao— plus, i cant talk to my family about it because i havent come out to them
Witchly Glee (6 days ago)
1:40-1:59, Lol when ppl think you like them just because you're lez or bi
I've only dated guys but I've liked guys and girls and I've talked to one of my friends and she said it's probably just a phase but I'm not really sure. I'm just kind of confused I guess.
Olivia Hood (6 days ago)
I am an 11 year old bisexual girl and and I haven't come out to anyone because I'm terrified
Daphné (6 days ago)
I always wonder why I am always the one that no girl gives hugs to, but this video made me realizie it is because of how I act around them just like anna
TheGymnastSisters (7 days ago)
Girl: take my hand you lesbian Me: well you mofo here we go😂
Hannah Perez (7 days ago)
Wow. My name’s Hannah and I’m questioning my sexuality wowie.
RainbowsFromHell (7 days ago)
I was getting the “I know what you are” vibes from twilight lmao. But actually my heart broke
Elliot Nowak (8 days ago)
0:03 Why is she eating a banana with a fork and knife?
Yuri D (8 days ago)
I think I’m bi because there is a girl in my college that I think is really pretty but I have a bf so yeah
404_NotFound (8 days ago)
I literally spend all day listening to people make gay jokes, it takes all of my willpower not to slap them.
Jemliac心臓 (7 days ago)
404_NotFound what type of gay jokes?
Mietta Kerper (8 days ago)
Im 12 years old, and I live in Hungary. I never had a boyfriend, just little crushes (mostly on actors and singers xD). Lately I started to think more about girls, but not like real love, just "oh, she is pretty!". So I don't know if I'm bi, lesbian, or just a curious straight girl...
xo fallen angel xo (9 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that one chick had a banana on a fork?
Gabby Ramirez (9 days ago)
I feel like I might be bi :/ but idk I’m scared
Toda Rainbowツ (4 days ago)
Gabby Ramirez Sis, don't be. It's ok.
Jeon Park Jara (5 days ago)
Gabby Ramirez same here😕
Hailey Minos (9 days ago)
Girl: Isn't he so hot?? Me: No, but that chick over there is- Girl: o h
Ava Lily Bell (9 days ago)
this is ME
NightWolfxo ` (9 days ago)
I'm sorry but her friends are SUPER annoying 😂 i didn't realise yapping on about boys 24/7 was a requirement for being a girl 😒
I’m bi it’s just I really nervous about coming out.
Alina Hazime (10 days ago)
that was cute
Shubhani Basnet (10 days ago)
this was so painfully relatable
Daniah-mia Bien-Aimé (10 days ago)
I am really lost i think i will never fall in love
Li4rz (10 days ago)
me around my mom "hey when you grow up and get a HUSBAND you'll get married have children and everything" like seriously do you really have to bring that up I'm lesbian and I even told her D:
Lemon Gerard (10 days ago)
So I’m lesbian, and everyone at my school acts like I’m a disease. I hate it so much. Everyone talks about me and hates me. I just wanna be set free if you know what I’m saying.
Toda Rainbowツ (4 days ago)
Lemon Gerard I totally understand you. And I hate it.
KellaFoxxyNicole KFN (10 days ago)
SOOO freaking relatable..
I am Not okay (10 days ago)
Literally me for a couple years then I accepted who I was and what I wanna be. If anyone is struggling it’s always nice to tell the person closest to you.
MAJA ROHLIK (10 days ago)
Im a lesbian im honestly 12 years old i have a gf and she was my bff like 6 years from now...since i didnt think about having a partner i didnt notice it but its almost teen time i need somebody...😂
Shirley (10 days ago)
Stupid video. *ALL GIRLS ARE BI*
The ending was so sweet <3
Curly haired Hazza (11 days ago)
I’m confused too
Sienna Skoros (12 days ago)
My friends don’t have crushes other than celebrity crushes so when they say they don’t like anyone I immediately remember how annoying boys in my class are 😂
Breyer Loves (12 days ago)
When I told some of my friend I was Bi,they stopped asking me to sleepovers and it really hurts bc I don’t have a crush on any of them...but before I found out/told anyone we would all change in front of each other and everything. And when I told my bestfriend I was Bi,she said she felt really betrayed I had to lied to her and that I saw her changing...Any advice?
Katie Bruce (12 days ago)
3:22 omfg I didn’t think this video would be that realistic but like that situation literally happened to me
soft emo (12 days ago)
I'm gay but it's not that I can't see what straight girls find attractive to men. Some boys are actually very cute, I just can't picture myself being in a relationship with them🤷‍♀️
Rubyy Ridvaniyyih (14 days ago)
Am I gay if I watch this?
innerbloom (12 days ago)
only if ur white
Tomato Stew (14 days ago)
This is so sweet, shows that good friends will be there for you no matter what
Creative Dreamer (14 days ago)
1:41 Hey, I didn’t know I was in this video!
Vannesa Tori (14 days ago)
Im like 90% straight and 10% gay
You're actually bisexual . Sexuality is complex and bisexuality is a spectrum. You can be bi and be 50/50 or have a preference for one gender, but being straight or gay means you only like one gender and therefore implies that you're not sexually fluid. Salutations from a fellow bisexual female!!💙💜💖
mae (14 days ago)
Hannah...aRe YoU nOt sTrAiGht?! I’m sorry but I found that part hilarious.
A y u s h (15 days ago)
After years of going through articles about sexuality, and reading about stuff. I finally think i get it, I sexually identify as a POTATO.
Tea Time (15 days ago)
I dunno I don’t think that I would really enjoy being with a girl but I definitely am able to recognize when a girl is beautiful and attractive. I don’t know whether to call myself straight or bi. I’ve never had a crush on a girl, never dated a girl, and never experimented with a girl. I truly think I’m straight but hey you never know.
Clara-Louise Purcell (16 days ago)
Anyone tell me how to talk to my friends about me being a lesbian 😔 i've been holding it in for so long i cant do it i need to release the truth 😓
Unicorn Princessa (17 days ago)
I hate gay people they are disgusting
im ok (16 days ago)
Kayleigh Darden (17 days ago)
That made me feel happy at the end
don't mind me (17 days ago)
"aRe yOu nOt sTrAigHt?" Lmao i'm dying 😂
alice (18 days ago)
thanks buzzfeed, I"m crying in the club rn
alice (18 days ago)
Ariana V (18 days ago)
Is it just me or is their reaction to her saying she's questioning her sexuality really horrible. Like, they just brush it off like its nothing. Those feelings were probably bottled up inside her and she was so confused. As a friend, the least you can do is make some kind of deal about it, like: that's fine, I'll accept and love you no matter what.
Felicia Gal (18 days ago)
0:03 why is she eating a banana with a fork 😂
Nicole Spruill (18 days ago)
I legit am not attracted to anyone at all. I am so confused about it??😕
2015: bro I'm not even lesbian or bi 2016: why did I come back to this video 2017: wow ahem. I'm bi everyone. I love this video 2018: mother I'm bi, this is why *shows this video* 2019: welp I think I'm lesbian, got to tell mom mother again. I love this video! ♥ one of my first lgbtq+ video's I watched
oBviouSly_ kiwi (20 days ago)
Question: If you dont know your sexuality but think your bi, if you say somthin is that coming out? But like tell mum or nahh? (Idk if this makes sense?) Im 14 btw 🙂 advice plz
Isabelle Lauer (20 days ago)
i relate to this so much... the silence, the fear, the everything honestly... this is really accurate
That One Shy Girl (20 days ago)
engrtun (21 days ago)
Man, this girl act so freakin well.
Bella Moonstruck (21 days ago)
This was so me in middle school
Vio 2.0 (22 days ago)
That's soooo f cute
M W (22 days ago)
Ughh... I wish my friends would make that conclusion, 'cause I'm wayy to scared to come out... Idbdjdjdvksjv
frank iero (22 days ago)
a r e y O U N O T S T R A I G H T ?
moonbyul’s grease (23 days ago)
if i get 15 likes i’ll add my crush on snap. (i’ve never talked to her, and there are only small moments each days but there are lots of those small moments that shows she could be interested.)
AKWARD UNICORN (23 days ago)
I need help. I am twelve and I think that I am biaexual. My family is extremely supportive but theyt do not know. I qm a girl and I generally like boys more than girls, but still sometimes crush on girls. I am just not sure about,my sexuality.
Anaiah Rodriguez (24 days ago)
Tiger141421 (24 days ago)
I’ve never related to anything more especially the hugging and stuff because it feels wrong
Bunny (25 days ago)
I’m 13 and I’m definitely bisexual I stayed mom I might be bi she looked at me and said no you are a perfectly normal girl you are watching to much tv! Don’t talk to me I was broken I don’t think she will ever except me
Why is this me tho
fiona baley (26 days ago)
Lesbian is so wrong no one should be encourage to be in the lifestyle
Loreta Lemus (26 days ago)
Was that Morgan Adams ??!!! Lol 😂😂😂😂
Luna Jae (28 days ago)
For me coming out was texting my friend that I’m queer and then getting texts I know are most likely kind and supportive but not answering because I feel ashamed and weird, like I’ve just broken a friendship.
Hi There (28 days ago)
I came out by showing my friend this video.
Who else is straight and bored watching this
smores SC POP (29 days ago)
The sleepover part is literally me. Idk what 2 say when my friends ask which boy I like
Arianna ThePiggy (30 days ago)
I'm a lesbian me and my girlfriend got paired up with a few popular girls for a project and all they talk about is boys it's really annoying
Jazzy H (30 days ago)
I am pansexual and am too scared to tell my parents......please help me
BeatleSurfinGymnastics (30 days ago)
My sexuality is confused
NoName Child (1 month ago)
Honestly shes super pretty 😂
Emma Reethi (1 month ago)
Also you know that horrible feeling when someone says ‘are you straight/gay/pan/etc’ when youre questioning and you don’t know what to say and theres just an awkward silence and then you either tell the truth or lie through your teeth :’)
Emma Reethi (1 month ago)
this gurl is me right now, like ive been questioning since the age of 9 and currently 14 and still dont know...i am 70% sure im bisexual though XD
00 (1 month ago)
I watched this like 3 years i thought am I a lil gay then? Nahhh and now I realised
Lu Guzmán (1 month ago)
How do i come out as bi to my mom???🏳️‍🌈
Recently (1 month ago)
Totally relateable
Pineapple Immy (1 month ago)
Does that girl have a banana peel on her fork at 0:03 😂😂
Spooky Jim (1 month ago)
I'm bi and proud
輝くshine (1 month ago)
im pansexuallll
XxFlaming SoulxX (1 month ago)
I'm gender fluid tho
Cazt6789kc Dritten (1 month ago)
I know I’m bisexual but yet I still question myself. I doubt myself and I don’t trust myself. That’s something I have to get used to.
Alfonso Hernandez (1 month ago)
Im gay but i havent come out yet

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