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Lesbians Explain : Dating Bisexuals

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Women who date women can be just as ignorant as anyone else in the LGBT or straight community. Let's see how we can treat bi girls better. Ashley's Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn2gzxkxe0c Past Bi Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUozcqlhX3w&list=PLmgzFAjGn8-7--BPLs9THUvnNJtGd3jO2&index=10 Vlogs : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Private Session With Arielle : http://ariellescarcella.com Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB Tumblr : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr Snail Mail : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Cave Beast (1 month ago)
Wow that person with Lebanese flag on her arm is a real hypocrite XD get's possessive over her girlfriend yet she has cheated on her, she is an odd one for sure.
mxxa mx (2 months ago)
Just because I bi doesn’t mean I’m an asshole who’s going to cheat on my So Like sure I understand the doubt, but the way it’s worded makes it sound like. Being bisexual = cheater
big deflater (2 months ago)
bro bro bro, dreadlock girl. FIX YO HAIRCUT THAT'S A HORRIBLE CUT
Summah The *Vegan* (2 months ago)
Just wanted to say that I LOVE that the ad before thos video was a gay men condom ad. Love when ads line up to the video types.
what T (3 months ago)
I’m a pan woman and it’s always really hurtful when lesbians bash on non lesbian women. Bisexual people get so much unwarranted crap from both straight and gay people. You just can’t win.
Snake (3 months ago)
So she's territorial, but she's also a cheater? What an irony. And people say bi girls are not to be trusted...
Jett Jo johnson (4 months ago)
lesbians should never date at transgender woman unless she has been all her life and had SRS. and respects other genetic female lesbians by being upfront about being trans.
DOBE DOBE (4 months ago)
The girl with the red nike shirt was looking great lmfao 😂
Eliza Maya (4 months ago)
I disagree... I dated a full lesbian (gold star) and I’m Bi and I was alllwaaays always top
Luciana S (4 months ago)
does anybody know the name of the girl in the red? i was intrigued by the lebanese flag tattoo on her arm because i’m lebanese too
Amanda Meacham (4 months ago)
Loooove the chick in the red shirt, dump that nasty bitch and call me!!
FIRE-ICE HOT-COLD (4 months ago)
I think there's no such thing as a full straight woman, and thus all women are sexually attracted to other women. I mean women do emotional bond with each other in way they can't with men or men with other men. Women also feel more comfortable around other women than they do with men. And women trust other women more than they trust men. Also most women feel comfortable doing stuff with other women like holding each other's hand while walking, snuggling with each other, sleeping in the same bed together, kissing each other on the cheeks or lips, and being naked around each other. Also most women think that a other woman's body is attractive, and thus have no problem saying that other women are hot and sexy. I'm pretty sure that any woman would have no problem doing sexual stuff with another woman. Also most women often say that a man's body is gross looking, and most women often say that a penis is gross looking. So I do think that all women are bisexual or lesbian.
Renske050 (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn2gzxkxe0c I think everything that was missed in this video is summed up by this statement: 10:04 (in Ash's video)
Kimberly Cabanas (5 months ago)
I love this. You have good content Arielle. I'm glad I stumbled onto your channel. I get to hear lots of conversations I've never been exposed to. Personal growth.. POW.
Corrupt_STk (6 months ago)
Chloe is my cuzin
Emma Cat (6 months ago)
I'm a bisexual who prefers to practice monogamy. I only like dating one person and one person only. It's cool having the option of dating either women or men, but it doesn't mean that we are greedy, or that we will cheat. I prefer to just date one person exclusively. I might date a guy, or I might date a woman. I'm just gonna see what happens.
Viktoria Kelemenic (6 months ago)
The blond girl, and girl with the septum are really attractive
fake shadow (6 months ago)
ewwwwwwwwwwww where are these creature came from disgusting
natchnieni0 (6 months ago)
Monogamous types. Oy. Relax and go poly! (LoL, whatever. I'm poly. You do you.)
HonorableMention (6 months ago)
I'm a lesbian. Every girl I've ever fucked with has been bisexual! Js
Helena cif (6 months ago)
I'm a heterosexual female but I allwaaaays tell my bf not to be cocky, because I have many bisexual friends who say girls do it better!!!! muahaaaha girls are the BEST !!!!
Scott Elam (7 months ago)
hey arielle, love your channel. provides a lot of "food" for thought. not much on labels for whatever is straight, gay, or bi. but, what I do know is that I've always been a fan of the vagina...we used to be very close back in the day. being a "straight" guy, in my years of having various female relationships, the only woman who ever affected me deeply was a lesbian...man she was awesome, she's also the only woman who ever broke my heart...I still think of her from time to time to this day and this relationship was over 40 years ago. anyway arielle, keep up the good work and best of luck to you
ashley blaze (7 months ago)
Idk how I ended up to this side of YouTube. It’s 3 am and like, idk man. I’m a girl with a girlfriend, But I’m a bisexual, with a female preference, dating a pansexual with a female preference. It works out tho
Doololly2001 (7 months ago)
What I find interesting is that when I first came out, I came out as bisexual and then as pansexual, and now i solely identify as panromantic homosexal (aka LESBIAN). So it's odd to watch videos of bisexuals cause its like when youre talking to a group of people you used to hang out with and you're getting along fine and know what's going on but you also feel as if you are watching from behind a glass wndow,,, does that even make sense?
karlee weeg (7 months ago)
I’d love to date a lesbian
karlee weeg (7 months ago)
I’m bi sexual
karlee weeg (7 months ago)
heartSLB lol not even for the sex. I feel like a woman is going to appreciate me more than a man.
heartSLB (7 months ago)
karlee weeg fucking do it. You'll love it cause is gooooood
Why Me (7 months ago)
Idk why that one girl in the pink bathing suit stayed with that other girl. Like if she cheated on you leave her! That's horrible.
TheBadEraLover89 (8 months ago)
Lol, all the bisexuals in the comments are offended :v
EpicNoob1337 (8 months ago)
hey all look like losers
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ (8 months ago)
Not a SINGLE introvert. Why?
Alli Johns (8 months ago)
I love this video!!! I watched it right after the older one, which was really painful to watch tbh, and this one made me feel so much better. The responses in the older one were pretty hurtful, but this one was much more positive.
Sergio Fernandez (8 months ago)
I had a bisexual girlfriend... and yes I was jealous when other girls hit on her. If you love her, its not cool for her to be with others girl or boys its not cool.... oh and by the way, we fought and broke up, and this super attractive lesbian went after her.... and she still said she wanted to go back with me... so, that stereo type that a woman can steal your girl is BS, a guy can definitely win the love of a girl even if your competition is another woman.
Collin Andrews (8 months ago)
I honestly have a problem with the girl that says she’s forced guys into giving her head.
Missdgreat Art (9 months ago)
territorial??? like what are we dogs? gonna lift my leg and pee on my gf 😐
Denise Sir Ritter (9 months ago)
they are all dick sucking sluts
Skyy818 (10 months ago)
But is also okay if us lesbians just don’t want to or choose not to get with a bisexual right? I my self find it hard to but doesn’t mean i hate bisexual and bi’s get all defensive about it to saying that because we or i find it hard to get involved with a bi i hate bi’s is not even like that. Why would i make my self date someone i know ama have issues with trust & jealousy or knowing they like d too etc etc. Idk is complicated as fuck. I think we just date who we are comfortable with and who fucken knows maybe we do end up with a bi or not etc.
Koifish (11 months ago)
this makes me so happy bc ive always been scared of the lesbian community because i thought they'd push me away... but im glad u made this vid <33
Marie Eyre (11 months ago)
what are the names of girl in pink bikini and girl in red tang? or their ig/youtube??
So Specially Me (1 year ago)
Still love watching this video. Would love yo see a followup video of these women .. and if they r still dating bi women?
Bo Rood (1 year ago)
While in college I was approached by a lesbian couple who offered to pay me money to impregnate them both. The shorter butch lez was behind the whole thing, she had never been with a man, was late 20s or so at that time, the taller femme lez already had an out of control brat from her time being with men. I had no intention of getting these two nutjobs pregnant, but the money came in handy and the tall one was kind of hot, and the short one was not vomit inducing. So after a couple of months of threesomes, the shorter one caught on that I was faking it and called off the deal. About a month after that she calls me screaming about how the tall one left her for a man. Now she wanted to renew the deal with me just getting her pregnant. By this time I had grown weary of this farce, and i wasn't really interested without the tall one anyway, so I said no thanks, but wished her luck. She got irate and continued screaming. She had a full scale meltdown, and told me that men like me were the reason she was a lesbian. It took all that just for a gay to finally admit they are not born gay.
Pamella Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Hiii, I'm Pamella from Brazil and I'm bissexual too and I'd like know which is definition of STRAIGHT GIRL. Because I don't know that. Ps: I like all the videos.
Luis Lomeli (1 year ago)
Alpha Omega 65 sends a message to our gay community: (Before you get upset, you should know we are great friends of the LGBTQ community. We fight for you even if we have to put pillows over the faces of people like Pat Robertson or throw another “vibrator with spines” to Jimmy Swaggart. We fight for women’s rights, Planned Parenthood. We love all the hues inherent in our humanity. We don’t know what ignorance is!) We have studied “homosexuality” for over 30 years. We have interviewed 1000’s of gays and lesbians. The brain is the sex organ irrespective of body parts. We are not talking about “friend feelings” here. We are talking about passionate sex drives. In our study, we only found five bisexuals. A woman is bisexual if she enjoys kissing the penis, a man’s lips, enjoys being penetrated dripping wet to orgasm (with no pain experienced) and if she too enjoys kissing a female’s genitalia, kissing the breasts, desires birthing and also at times desires to penetrate (thrust) using prosthetic devices or allows to be penetrated only with prosthetic devices through another woman. To be bisexual, this behavior must be present. Many lesbians marry men “wanting to be normal” or because there were unaware of their innate orientation. Lesbians rarely, if ever, enjoy sex with a male. Once such women discover their attraction for women, they often dump their husbands but rarely their kids. Married women don’t become lesbians. They were always lesbians that suffered great torture when they tried to be with their husbands. Such a married woman was never bisexual. Shame and guilt should not exist for being heterosexual, transgender, gay or lesbian. Her kids will adjust normally if properly educated and the preacher is kept away. There is nothing wrong with having two “dads” or two “moms.” If such lesbian ended up with kids, her new lesbian lover may often get jealous when she sees her ex-husband visit her kids because she finds his penis threatening especially if she is into penetrating her with prosthetic devices. A lesbian lover can outperform any macho man even if he is as big as the terminator while she has none. If my Lupita gets a taste of lesbian love, she may never return to me. I am frightened, though I measure myself every day just to be sure! Gay men often marry for the same reasons or to “appear normal,” or “to appease mother” but they rarely enjoy sex with women. A woman married to a gay fellow should never use the Bible to torture him as I have seen many times. God did not write the Bible. Men in cave did that forgot women. Many gay men say they are bisexual so that they feel “less queer.” There is no sin when a gay male sticks carrots up his butt to get the pulse going. Guys don’t forget that at the market there is a menagerie of produce. The least desirable sexual orientation for this society should be the heterosexual male, look at all those “deadbeat dads?” and global warming! Naturally, brains of the same gender repel each other; it is difficult to truly love that of the same. A lesbian is with another lesbian by default but naturally she prefers a heterosexual woman. A gay male is with another gay male by default but he prefers a heterosexual male. This is in part why their relationships are so unstable because iso-genders repel. If humans consisted of floating brains (no bodies), lesbians would rarely match up. Love would be perfect. Homosexuality does not really exist. Religion has imposed it upon us. God is expressing his sexuality through us. God is HLGBTQ. Many gay male couples eventually lose their sexual drive for each other and become friends in the manner of two women or two men in the case of lesbians. Couples of the same gender are inherently unstable as has been seen for a long time. Married women often complain that their husbands want to enter them through the back door and that their husbands don’t seem to find the vagina. In our study, over 90% of heterosexual men have wanted or have penetrated their wives through the back door. Heterosexual men enjoy penetrating gay men and are often seen doing so in special circumstances, dorms or army barracks. Once I saw two heterosexual guys doing each other before going out on the town in Texas. This is most natural but for over 2000 years man-made religion with all that fiction has fought against the natural through shame and guilt. Religion has caused great harm to our natural being in order to divide us to collect the dime. Our sexuality is our sexuality and is beyond reproach. Often when a couple looks for a third sexual partner, one of the two is a “homosexual.” There are many reasons why God designed lesbians and gay males as such. Men like to hang around men, especially once they marry, and with a gay male they get an added bonus (sex) while they go to war, hunting or fishing, something a wife would not do. Nature designed the gay male to fulfill a heterosexual male’s excessive sexual drive because in that manner the marriage would not come apart since another woman would want the man’s paycheck or entrap him with a baby. Heterosexual women should be with lesbians but ignorant society has for too long denied them that perfect love that doesn’t burden them with kids. It will take us 10 to 20 years for this behavior to become accepted as normal through our Alpha Omega 65 temples. Lesbians serve two important purposes to heterosexual women, a female friend, and a sexual lover that doesn’t burden her with another baby like drones do; heterosexual women should take advantage of having meaningful relationships with lesbians. Kids will do just fine. In San Francisco, I slept next to 1000 naked “queers” and I learned that it is not contagious. Darn it! The “homosexual” was made for special reasons that include birth control. A man wanting to enter their wives through the anus is a form of birth control. The anus is much more erotic and sensitive than the vagina. Otherwise, birthing would be too painful. Why is the clitoris outside the vagina? Religion wants excessive birthing to grow vertically at the expense of poverty, misery and global warming. If you are looking for Lucifer, look no further than the church around the corner. A lesbian is a male with a female habitus. When I first married, I wanted my “boy” to be a lesbian. He would have never left me and he would forever want my company, as we would compare notes about women. A gay male is a woman with a male habitus and he should be treated like a lady. A heterosexual male could easily seduce a gay male couple without the other one becoming jealous. In fact in our study of the subject of Elton Johns and Ricky Martins, such couples would vicariously enjoy the other having sex with a “real man” and would comment, “Can I get my turn?” Lesbians and gay couples are really good friends but can’t really be cerebrally passionate. They are together because of the façades. In 20 years, once we get rid of religion and the stupid fictional stories of Adam and Eve, Isaac by the fire ready to be set afire (child abuse), Noah’s Ark, penile mutilation (Abraham), Lot and his daughters, that women came from a man’s rib, it will become normal for lesbians to be with heterosexual women and for heterosexual men to be with gay men. It is all in God’s design. We must accept what we are so that we can begin to thank God for making us as such because nothing under the sun was created by error. We share our greetings to all of those in our gay community. Help us lobby medical schools because those individuals are failing to teach medical students that love is between two persons and they stand on the side of drug makers instead of patients. As soon as we bury the old Bible and bring forth Lomeli’s World Holy book, the world will become free of shame, guilt and sin. Alpha Omega 65 temples are inclusive of all believers and we are not out to kill our Muslim brothers or burn the Aztec’s sacred books! (Follow us on Facebook! We started a social revolution.)
Selene (1 year ago)
I'm a female bisexual and I honestly would prefer my partner to dump me for a male. It would mean that in that moment he/she wants a relationship with a guy (a.k.a. a person that has some characteristics that I don't have because of his gender). I won't feel like it's my fault, because I'm clearly not the person for them But if they'd dumped me for another girl, then I'd feel worse, cause it would mean that I lack something that she has that it's not as easily explained as in a case with this "gender differences". It may seem silly, but I strongly believe this.
Kaats (1 year ago)
the miniscule amount of bi women that actually want to be with women should date other bi women, that way when they both inevitably leave eachother for men no one is hurt lol.
Apus100 (1 year ago)
We need both kind of orgasm..and when you get it a the same time :::OMG!!!
Mzeye (1 year ago)
I have no problems with bisexual women. I just want them to know what they want. If your into me be into me.
g 1 (1 year ago)
We should stop yousing bisexuals as a sex toy
Ren M (1 year ago)
Why is that girl wearing a bikini?
Lune Vermeil (1 year ago)
My ex constantly worried I'd leave her for "a real lesbian" feared she wasn't gay enough for me. Broke my heart the world taught her to think she wasn't good enough becuase she was bi and I a transgender lesbian. Like, it's people, souls, personality. Not who they can and can't fall in love or even lust with. As long as they love you while you're together, that's all that matters.
Elmina Holcomb (1 year ago)
Very rude. Hell no. I am not into threesomes. When I date someone I focus on them. I like people for who they are and not their gender. Yea you are a girl and can’t compete with a guy in a gender way, but you can compete because bisexuals have a capability of liking both genders, but not everyone.
Glen Jones (1 year ago)
bi girls are like straight girls, it's only a matter of time before they miss the penis , and go running back to the next man that put the moves on them
Ashley DiVenere (1 year ago)
You could tell how salty the girl in the pink bikini was about getting cheated on :(
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
I was super annoyed by the girl in the red shirt. It always seems to be the cheaters who are the most jealous of their partners. Like "she's a flirt" really?????
No Stop (1 year ago)
Jane Doe well...always? Not always but sometimes. But yeah.. She annoys me too.
BeeGee 7 (1 year ago)
Is the girl in the pink bikini Lover Cindy?
lithium (1 year ago)
she really managed to be biphobic 30 seconds in, amazing
wtf your ugle dut is funny
Daniel Dhygu (1 year ago)
why do most of the bi girls wear nothing
Amanda Gallo (1 year ago)
Just wondering why so many people are lounging in their bedroom in a bikini.
CocaineDragon (1 year ago)
I loved this video.
ileana guerra (1 year ago)
Why in every video one girl wears a bra?
Scott Spiegler (1 year ago)
If the girl wearing the red Just Do It shirt cheated on her girlfriend, why didn't the blond in the bathing suit just dump her? Who needs that crap in life? She seems, if I may say as a straight man, attractive. If I was her, I'd tell Ms. Just Do It to take a hike. I'm sure I am capable of finding someone who will love and respect me more.
Kaats (1 year ago)
Scott Spiegler uch typical predatory male commentary on subjects that have nothing to do with him.
hidenseeker424 (1 year ago)
Pink Bikini and Dreads got some ISSUES. Jealous cheater who "thinks like a man" and the "only real bisexual". Please. Give me a break. Queer women are PEOPLE in relationships, wtf is this crap about only bisexual women are promiscuous and more likely to cheat?
Josephine Bournes (1 year ago)
Why do so many lesbians look like they shower 2-3 days a week? Soap and water ladies???
audrey m. (1 year ago)
i'm not even bi, i'm a lesbian and this video made me super uncomfortable... like the questions were all so awful and they seemed like they were targeting the bi partner in the relationship. for god's sake we're all women who love women stop spreading harmful stereotypes about bi women
mk doss (1 year ago)
All the cringe, all the biphobia, all the misconceptions, all the dismissal.
sherine Berzig (1 year ago)
Évelyne (1 year ago)
lol the lesbian cheated on her gf with a straight girl but you still think bisexuals are cheating sluts
Bryels (1 year ago)
I was excited for you to make this video again, hoping it would be better than the last one. Still wasn't better, still feel excluded.
marsha okhiria (1 year ago)
you need a more serious video concerning bisexuality. “the stigma on the ones who love is neither black nor white,” is intensifying everyday.
Nicki (1 year ago)
I'm bi but I'm more into girls romantically,sexually and emotionally but with guys I'm not sexually and romantically attracted just only emotionally. Like as in they are going to be stuck in the friend zone so basically I just want to date girls ha I'm probably closer to being a lesbian than being bi
Kite Crawl (1 year ago)
Love ya, grrl!!
AlienVIBE (1 year ago)
lawd that white girl with the dreads 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Linh (1 year ago)
I'm bi and have experienced being cheated on, I don't think that's something to bring up in this situation because the girl who cheated looked so ashamed and that was like a year ago. She shouldn't be continually shamed for that, understandable to be angry at your SO right after and a little while after they cheat but if you love them you'll drop it. Besides that, loved the video.
Kenny James (1 year ago)
You'd think the Lesbians should know by now they can't compete with a man. Bi women love penis, they are not gonna give that up for a strap-on. It's all about sex, as Tina Turner says What's love Got to with it. Nothing it all about sex.
No Stop (1 year ago)
Kenny James different account. Same bs said.
Peter Pan (1 year ago)
u are so gross looking gril
Ginger L Grant (1 year ago)
when will the lesbians learn, you don't date some girl who like men, You seen how Anne Heche Dumped Ellen for a man. Why date someone with a dildo when you can date a real man with a penis Love had nothing to do with it, It's all about sex
No Stop (1 year ago)
Ginger L Grant get out
IAm3.14YearsOld (1 year ago)
3:32 oh fuck thats tense And lmao "one time" one time is PLENTY ENOUGH honey
Artemis (1 year ago)
Does it seem weird to anyone else that the white dreadlocks girl has tattoos in Arabic along her arm?
Leonelkys (1 year ago)
I'm bi, and pretty active in sex and most aspects ...though, I find these lesbian ladies sooo freaking hot! I mean, the girl with the dreads has this irresistible mouth, body, etc. ...the tattooed chick is just on fire! she remibded me a little of Laura Prepon😍 ...and the other girl, gos, so sexy! I woudn't mind at all being HER bottom😂
i hate you , bitch (1 year ago)
did anyone see that adopt a brat sugar daddy ad
loonafanclub (1 year ago)
This video wasn't any better than the other one tbh.....:/
zhuzhupetlover6673 (1 year ago)
The couples look like each other.
Korok Forest (1 year ago)
I'm bisexual, (mostly into girls but you know) I'm no pillow princess, I'm a switch but when I'm with a girl I always make sure she gets off before I do! I honesty hate when people say bisexuals are pillow princess because most of us aren't :/
elena (1 year ago)
Omg, this girl with the red top has a lebanese flag tatoo ?😍❤🇱🇧
Victoria Holleigh (1 year ago)
the girl with dread locks and red shirt was hot as fuck omg lady-boner
Emily Ryan (1 year ago)
Did the bigots from the original video ever apologise?
Rathiga Velalagan (1 year ago)
The girl with dreads is soooo HOT!! But her gf shouldn't hav embarrassed about cheating.. it was a year ago and just move on.
IglooDweller (1 year ago)
I think the biggest fear about bisexuals is that they'll run off with a man when they want kids-- and 99% of women want kids, so it feels inevitable. And that's also why men aren't as worried that their bisexual gf will run off with another woman.
creepella016 (1 year ago)
i consider myself bisexual.. and theres nothing wrong with it but if i had to put on porcentage of wich i like more i would say i like more girls than boys.. i even could say i only watch girls on the street.. when a boy pass by me i avoid eye contact xDD
Fenrir Walker (1 year ago)
Humans are soo funny and sad. We are all born try-sexual. Most of us know right away which we prefer, some have to experiment, and others will never know because they are too scared to try. Pigeonholing yourself is the fast-track to depression and suicide.
TheMausymaus (1 year ago)
Bi girls, the only reason lesbians get shitty around you sometimes is when they're insecure people to begin with. Lots of people are super insecure, it seems. Some of us, me included, really don't give a hoot if you're bi.
I did truly madly deeply loved this video. Thank you so much 💓
Aishani Pole (1 year ago)
It's easier for bi girls to date men because of social pressures & norms and that adds to all this
Grace (1 year ago)
it's sad that this video is so focused on sex rather how their relationships work. a lot of the questions were very leading. all in all very unsatisfying.
Amber Ianetti (2 years ago)
fuck this ignorant bull
Maximum_ Buttitude (2 years ago)
Yaaaaay thank you for getting the bi acceptance message out there! I'm bi and it's SO HARD to connect to lesbian women for all these mentioned "stereotypes" about us in the community. I'm a "one person at a time" relationship kinda girl, I'm not a cheater. I'm also more of a top in any sexual relationship. Trying to initiate with lesbians I'm attracted to is difficult when they learn I'm bi. I've actually had lesbians laugh in my face when I came out to them; it was really hurtful, being emotionally open and vulnerable at that moment. Straight guys think all I want is to have threesomes with them 😒 the only people to be truly supportive are my straight girl friends and fellow bisexuals 😔
Delilah (2 years ago)
The woman with the cupcake top is so gorgeus!
Naima Mohamoud (2 years ago)
the girl in the red shirt had the Lebanon's flag as a tattoo on her forearm was she a arab
cOmInO (2 years ago)
CHEEEEEERS FOR THE LEEEBANESE BUTCH MAN gurl im also a Lebanese butch living in Lebanon and have a bisexual girlfriend. 💪🤘👍 Love the tattoo 🇱🇱🇧🇧
lily saunders (2 years ago)
The girl with the black hair and tattoos is so hot 😍

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