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Lesbian Problems

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Lesbians get a tough rap. So do gay boys. Check Out Gay Boy Problems! : http://youtu.be/aoGbKRs9YG8 Subscribe To Matt! : http://youtube.com/GayGod Get Free Txt When The Vids Up! : http://motube.us/arielleishamming LESBIAN INTERVIEW SERIES! : http://bit.ly/LesbianInterviews LESBIAN ADVENTURES! : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends TWITTER : ‪‪‪http://twitter.com/arielleishammin‬‬‬ FACEBOOK : ‪‪‪http://facebook.com/arielleishamming‬‬ T SHIRTS : ‪‪‪http://www.districtlines.com/arielleishamming SNAIL MAIL : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 _______________________________
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thennek amnar (1 year ago)
#bisexualproblems your partner always complaining about you cheating them with their opposite sex...
No Stop (2 years ago)
Why are all the bisexual people in the comments so judgemental? You guys are saying we're judging all bis to be the same but judge all homosexuals for disliking you. Hypocrites...just enjoy the video about LESBIAN problems.
No Stop (2 years ago)
+Tasha Goodtimez the rest are
Ariel Anglette (2 years ago)
another problem is when a guy walks up to you and starts to flirt .... i hate that ....
Hailey Kiser (3 years ago)
I laughed so fucking hard because this is all true
Shane-Alice Beaudry (3 years ago)
Your also a Lesbian if you understood all of these!😆😇
Andreas fun n stuff (3 years ago)
*goes to party with a guy as date* *goes to another party with same people and has a girl date* person:umm weren't u with a guy me:uh yeah we broke up now I'm with *girls name* person:so your gay? me:no person:so your experimenting? me... *walks away* Bisexual Problems
N. (3 years ago)
Punk Kitty (3 years ago)
OMG MATT. WUT. MAAAATT. Such more fetus xD (did that on purpose.. XD)
tranquility (3 years ago)
Arielle love your bubbly personality. So anyway moving right along..wonder when someone will post a video of women who they have dated who had moderate to severe mental issues. I have dealt with that from someone who used to be a very close friend, and I have reached my final straw with the situation. I had another previous friend who has the same issues. I looked up his symptoms and he has all of the symptoms of BPD Borderline Personality Disorder, she has some of the same symptoms as well. This shit is very much a part of our society, and it seems to be getting worse but no one will address the purple elephant in the middle of the room.
Breedsmoel Jasin (3 years ago)
Heeey Arielle, I LOVE your vids! But I have a question. Would you date a girl that's a magician? Because I have a serious crush on someone and I am afraid to ask her out just because of me being a magician. I'm afraid that she will fall for the magician and her tricks in stead of the girl who's behind it... What do I do? P.S. Sorry for my terrible English, I am from a different country where the language is not so "famous" ThanQ
Soph L. (3 years ago)
The "lesbian problems" in between was my favorite part. 😂😂😂
Sebastian Michaelis (3 years ago)
his hair <3
Rosie P (3 years ago)
The best part is the "lesbian problems" in the background, made me laugh :)
SKCCH (4 years ago)
Wait, are you back in the closet? Last month you dated that girl? *Bisexual problems* It's just a fase, everyone gets a bit curious sometimes *Bisexual problems* I was "bi" too before I came out *Bisexual problems* You're so greedy, can't you just pick one? *Bisexual problems*
Paul Hallett (4 years ago)
Wearing pink socks, lying on bed like a woman, dying hair rainbow and asking girls for jobs that requires a man to do. This guy isn't 100% gay.....he's 10000000000000000000000000000000000% gay.
Jo'Hannah Pasteur (4 years ago)
Gay boy problems😂
AlucardSing (4 years ago)
Falling for a straight(closeted) girl and she wont date you cause she's in the closet :I It's been over a year
Red Dreaded Fruitarian (4 years ago)
OMFG gayest dude I've ever seen and it's awesome! :) 
Sophia Mercer (4 years ago)
#lesbian kid problems.     Getting made fun of at school.
J Wytaske (4 years ago)
Mattie is on this vid!
Booziiboo (4 years ago)
The doctor one is way too true hahaha!
coll pukropski (4 years ago)
hey do u get more subscribers everyday like i just wanna know how fast its growing
Livi sama (4 years ago)
If I say to my Mom that I have something to talk about she always goes "Let's make one thing clear, you're not pregnant, are you?". It would probably help if I told her I was lesbian though.
Acelover3000 (4 years ago)
Demigirl problems: People not believing your gender is an actual thing....
purplemutantas (4 years ago)
OMG Thank you! I just looked up demigirl. That's how I feel! I had no idea there was a word for it. Lately I have been identifying as a female leaning genderqueer transsexual. Now I have swapped out female leaning for demigirl.
Arnon (4 years ago)
I'm a gay guy but I effin love this video! *click subscribe*
Abigail Blaszczyk (4 years ago)
Bisexual problems: not gay enough for lesbians, not straight enough for straights. So when we thought bisexuals got everything, they just get more bisexuals
Soph L. (3 years ago)
As a lesbian, my ex was bi. (No, I didn't dump her because she was bi. She dumped me because the long distance relationship didn't work out.) I completely support them.
Rhea Ok (4 years ago)
Bi gurl problem: people often ask me "so do u prefer one over the other" like no. im bi jfc i love both
XfoREVerDisturbedX (4 years ago)
"You can't like more than one gender." "That's not even a legitimate identity." "What, are you a hipster or something?" "It's just a phase, sweetie. You'll realize you're straight eventually." "You're just trying to be 'counter-culture.'" #queerproblems
Dr.Sensei-Hugo (4 years ago)
00:05 Dat face :O
Kara Middleton (4 years ago)
Pansexual problems. People thinking I don't exist and that I'm attracted to pans.
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
Arielle, I love your voice. I don't know, you just have this lilt that makes you sound adorable.
gina hales-owen (4 years ago)
dont ever look at me in any of those type of arguments and violence. youre normally in the car or out the back with my family too and others ok ?
Madyson Hahn (4 years ago)
Guy: "You're too pretty to be a lesbian!"
yourcupoftee (4 years ago)
My sister thought I was lesbian and straight on different days or weeks and she's 11..... Bisexual Problems
Wean Silson (4 years ago)
It's worse if you're a bi guy.  You get labeled gay instantly. 
Yesmine Hines (4 years ago)
yes, just yes
every time I get the pregnancy question I feel like flipping shit. the only thing that stops it is because I've been with my girl for coming on 3 years, and she still hasn't seen my dark side. it's going to happen someday...
gracie kelly (4 years ago)
It was boring
Edgar Allen Hoe (4 years ago)
Marissa Sebastian (4 years ago)
lol me and my girlfriend have actually asked a gay friend of ours to be a sperm donor, funny thing is he accepted. We haven't went through with it yet though.
FroggieFairy (4 years ago)
Femme lesbian problems: No one believes your a lesbian and they all think your just confused. (The first thing my mom said when I told her was, "You should wait to tell your friends, just in case your not a lesbian." WHY WOULD I BE TELLING YOU IM GAY IF IM NOT GAY!)
Amanda Murray (4 years ago)
This is the most epic video! 
Heather Schroth (4 years ago)
Pansexual problems everyone just says ur bisexual when your not. And if u date a man they think ur lying and if ur dating/ want to date a woman they wont or think u will just leave to go be with a man or lying. Also guys think you want to have a threesome. Another thing is guys think if you glance at anyone ur checking them out and they try to show you all the lesbian porn they can google (happens to me all the time).
inertial-reel (4 years ago)
Pansexual problems: Crushes don;t go away unless the person you fall for literally becomes a whole new person in the inside, or you physically remove yourself from their life :(
Charlotte Davey (4 years ago)
OMG Arielle I love your hat!
Margo Dickenson (4 years ago)
When Matt said gay boy problems that was the best
CarnageCandyy (4 years ago)
Loving his hair in this video
QJAndra (4 years ago)
It's been real hard for me dating/relationships. (Came out at 15 2001) Once in my dating history I was lucky enough to date another lesbo for two yrs. Butttttt....since last year I've stopped dating (2013). A girl I was seeing left me because her ex begged. That's it he begged. I'm good and fed up, I'll just wait . (BTW this isn't a diss to anyone jus watching this video started to piss me off about this topic in my own life)
TerraUchiha1 (4 years ago)
0:46 - Okay, I don't get the wrist thing at all...
Lara Bettencourt (4 years ago)
I get my wrist hurt all the time, but unfortunately isn't because of too much work out.. if you know what i mean :p 
wolfygirl (4 years ago)
straight girl problem: your boyfriend is gay (happend to a friend of mine)
EmaBear1992 (4 years ago)
When you talk about your lesbian problems to your best friend and she has that look like she's traumatized...*lesbian problems!" Lol
xhunterforest (4 years ago)
nice hair dude. :D
metal10137 (4 years ago)
I never know who is gay and who isn't. I have hit on at least 10 straight guys in the last year.
DJ Fox (4 years ago)
By the way I was kidding
DJ Fox (4 years ago)
Omfg team heartbreak
Ashe Bryant (4 years ago)
Being mistaken for straight by other lesbians because you're high femme. 
eric lou (4 years ago)
Gwenny Llama (4 years ago)
Coming out to your friends: So like, do you have a crush on me??? -.- no get over yourself
Fairest Moss (4 years ago)
I really wish you could do more videos on the Bisexuals like myself, too. ...Well, technically I'm Scholiosexual, but close enough I guess.
purplemutantas (4 years ago)
+Turquoise Punk I wasn't aware of that term. You learn something new every day. But I guess it shouldn't be surprising that people would be attracted to genderqueers. We are pretty awesome after all. :)
Fairest Moss (4 years ago)
That might be because I accidentally spelled it wrong. Sorry about that. :/ Anyway, here's the definition: "Skoliosexual: attracted to genderqueer and transsexual people and expressions (people who aren’t identified as cisgender)"
Alexandra Filion (4 years ago)
I might sound dumb, but I really can't find what Scholiosexual is... what is it?
Jenna Hamilton (4 years ago)
R u really a lesbo
Armin-Senpai ¿ (4 years ago)
Pansexual problems?
TheSnowcaptinQ (3 years ago)
"It's the same thing as being bi!!!!1!1!1111!!!"
nam (4 years ago)
all the feels.
Paper Noodle (4 years ago)
i have strait problems
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
Do tell.
Jenna Hamilton (4 years ago)
Can u tell lush on the gay god Chanel to give me a shoutout please me and my friends are crazy about him and I want to show my friends he gave me a shout out so if you could ask him to give me one that would really mean a lot to me
Samara Henry (4 years ago)
I love you. omg~
Leah P (4 years ago)
haha ".... will you be my sperm donor?"  hahaha
Darwin M (4 years ago)
TyeDye (4 years ago)
My girlfriend went to have sex with a guy to make sure she's a lesbian . . . does that even COUNT as a lesbian problem? Lol real struggles for sure.
♥ Bunnie ♥ (4 years ago)
Oliver Barnes (4 years ago)
Lesbian girl problems: "It's just a phase" "Don't you wanna have kids?"  "You'll never be taken seriously." 
Jenni & Sammy (4 years ago)
Matt! :D
sorou (4 years ago)
Pansexual problems: People either thinking you're bi, or you like pans. Like, for real. Who actually thinks the pan thing is clever. Real talk. 
Christina Kleen (4 years ago)
Omg that is so true lol but really
Vanity Baby (4 years ago)
Oh my god same. Some idiot was like ur attracted to pans....wtf. And then someone was like stop trying to sound different. Ur bi.
Catie Palermo (4 years ago)
I've heard people say it means you're attracted to cooking wear in general. I always just say I'm bi if I don't have time to explain. XD
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
I thought you were attracted to bread. jk
Matt101Vgettio (4 years ago)
you have really nice teeth 
Sarah Liebson (4 years ago)
Being a straight girl sucks because you can't truthfully say you're gay to get horny straight men to leave you alone :(
Shannon Gindorff (4 years ago)
umm they usually don't go away.
Cindy Marquez (4 years ago)
Mattew face at first
Max A (4 years ago)
I'm bi and so when I was dating a girl everyone I told blurted out "YOU'RE A LESBIAN?!" When I told them #biproblems
George Lorenzo (4 years ago)
That was horrible lol.
Sylvia Hernandez (4 years ago)
I totally love you. Just putting that out there.
Larkle (4 years ago)
I laughed so much at "will you be my sperm donor?"
Adonis Kasey (4 years ago)
AmazingHannahOnFire (4 years ago)
Bisexual problems Men think you want a threesome Lesbians think your a whore Straight people alway think you have a crush on them Nobody takes you seriously Bisexuality is a real think not a selfish sex-obsessed think
Nay Nino (2 years ago)
+Blackisthenewblack lol
zian (2 years ago)
+Blackisthenewblack I'm very late replying lol
zian (2 years ago)
I just want you to know not every lesbian thinks that. It's mostly just stereotyping what most people are doing to you guys. Most of my friends are bisexual and I have no problem with it. I don't think they just want sex or anything, but since when did one person's opinion matter. okay bye! have a nice day/night!
AmazingHannahOnFire (4 years ago)
That guys hair is fucking awesome ^_^
OtakuPrincess (4 years ago)
+Otaku Chan NUUUUUU!
Anime Lover (4 years ago)
Yeah it did look awesome his hair doesn't look like that anymore :c
keziah cary (4 years ago)
Me: that boy is so cute Person: oh girl he's gay Me:shit! Straight people problems!
thennek amnar (1 year ago)
keziah cary bi people blessings :3
Breex Oinkz (4 years ago)
break up from a long term relationship and when you are ready to find someone else, theres no one xD
TimothyCake090 (4 years ago)
Bisexual problems: people don't believe we exist 
aricatawesome (4 years ago)
Seriously, why is that? It drives me crazy!
MoonRiver (4 years ago)
Sometimes I forget my own girlfriend exists (she's bisexual)
sam Hayes (4 years ago)
I'm not sure if I'm gay
B Rook (4 years ago)
Straight friends wanting to know if I think they are attractive. >.< Such a stupid thing to ask!
Brinya Kydd (5 years ago)
Finley Horner (5 years ago)
Pansexual problems:  "So...basically you're attracted to everyone?"  "Isn't that the same as bisexual?" 
krellous darkone (5 years ago)
i like both videos and hes cute
IMALA39 (5 years ago)
(my personal) lesbian problem is, that my hole friends congratulate to me for being a lesbian (since my coming out 2009...) every time I´m on a party it´s like this: "oh, I´m so happy that you have no problems with your sexuality and that you proud of being a lesbian"
Alex Wolfe (5 years ago)
this video is awesome i love it soooo much
BlackLilly12 (5 years ago)
I would just like to thank you for the new hair idea x w x
MZV REID (5 years ago)
Boy: your single. Girl: No I have a girlfriend. Boy: Oh will can you have a boyfriend. Girl: I'm a lesbian. Boy: Damn,  
Megan Feldhouse (5 years ago)
that beanie tho
Naomi Friesen (5 years ago)
I don't know if this happens to any other straight girls but about 80% of the guys I have had crushes on were gay... #straightgirlprobz
ladylovespie (5 years ago)
Sperm donor! Lol love it! XD
Niggy Grubby (5 years ago)
GAY GOD :O My god xD
realAniram (5 years ago)
Asexual Panromantic problems: not wanting to get into a relationship because it can't last if it doesn't have sex and there's like no chance that if you even do have a 'one' they will be ace as well.  But craving a romantic relationship.  :/ Ace probs: 'so ur like some emotionless robot rite?' 'how can u not like sex' 'o well i can cure u of that ;)' 'u just haven't found the rite person yet' 'u just haven't ~BLOSSOMED~ yet/u will when u get older' 'o man ur really missing out'
purplemutantas (4 years ago)
+Kevin15047 Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to people. It's not about sex drive. I have plenty of sex drive; I masturbate daily. But I am not sexually attracted to people. Before anyone asks; NO I am not attracted to non human animals.
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
+realAniram Thank you. 
realAniram (4 years ago)
+Kevin15047 I can't speak for everyone, but personally I don't feel /physical attraction/ to anyone and I don't have a sex drive.  Some Aces aren't attracted to people but masturbating is something they enjoy, we're a very confusing spectrum.  I suppose the definition of asexuality is that you don't have a sex drive?  But there are different kinds of attraction so that's kind of vague. Basically, you just have to remember that there are romantic orientations in addition to sexual ones.
Kevin Hosford (4 years ago)
I have a question. Is it that you don't  have a sex drive or are you just not attracted to anyone/anything?
TaekwoonsGF (5 years ago)
pansexuality problems: having to explain what pansexuality is to almost every person you come out to -_-
FlyteWizard (5 years ago)
Ahaha, The pregnancy problem is def. real. I've had some physical problems lately, every doctor is like are you pregnant ? Won't believe me, then we have to do the pee test thing. Really annoying. 
trystan avery (5 years ago)
Agreed.  I even tried to get them to let me sign a waiver or some sort of statement.  They wouldn't do it.  Too afraid of being sued I guess.
Sarah Mello (5 years ago)
straight girls saying "would you actually date a girl though" like no im a lesbian but im not gonna date a girl jfc

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