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Solve 12 out of 12 correctly to know if you're in that unique group (10%) of smart people! Some of these riddles and puzzle games are easy and simple but only for those who have a high IQ score and intelligence. Start your day with these tricky tests and trivia, and get your logic boosted. Try these brainteasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones. 00:14 - This math puzzle will force your brain to think (which is good, right?)! The question is easy, but it will take all your brain to find the answer (or just wait until the time is up and see the answer 😅) 01:32 - So this brain game involves a girl, a man and a hotel... No, not that kind of games! She can't fall asleep and she calls somebody... And again NO, it's not that kind of story 😂 Just a funny riddle to test how well your logic works and how fast you can process the given information and observe the details! The answer will blow your mind (NO, not that way!) 03:00 - Cool tricky text puzzles that will make you think for a while! This is a great way to warm up your brain early in the morning and boost your brain power. 04:44 - Who is the thief? Tricky riddle for the smartest of us! Actually, this short riddle is not that difficult, but it is quite tricky. If your brain is not trained well enough and you can't connect the dots or process information fast, then you'll struggle with this crime riddle. 06:25 - This hard riddle will test your logic and analytical skills! Normally, 8 out of 10 fail to find the answer to this famous logic puzzle! Will you? No worries here, the answer is finally revealed for the public, so if you don't get it (remember 8/10 fail), then just wait for the answer 😉 But if you crack this logic puzzle before, I'll worship you for the rest of my life! 07:30 - So this poor guy was punished for doing something good! Why? This mystery riddle will test your logic and ability to spot the details that matter. On the other hand, this logic puzzle will also test your business character! TELL me IN THE COMMENTS: would you fire him? 08:50 - An easy math brain game with a tricky answer! Only those who have a well-trained brain will answer correctly 😉 10:20 - A tricky picture puzzle to test your eyes and logic in just one minute! Boost your mind power and try to find the answer on time. If you can do this, you're definitely an expert solver! TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last question! Who do you think looks like a thief? Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: https://goo.gl/BZSTVh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7Second.Riddles/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7second.riddles/ Website: https://brightside.me/wonder-quizzes/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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7-Second Riddles (1 month ago)
10:25 - Who stole a toy? HINT: it's NOT a boy!
Juvilan Gunawanto (15 days ago)
Is a kids with her mother ,so the letter is B and C and i thing D to ,Hahahaha funny,to many answer.
Alex Jones (1 month ago)
Ok it’s either the pregnant lady Bc the boy is imitating her actions by hiding a toy in her shirt or it is the boys mom Bc she has a toy in her purse
Dyno Gurt (1 month ago)
D cause the man has a bag already. He hasn’t even paid and he is still in line.
Laarni Tan (1 month ago)
and the her walk are so large
Cutiepie bitch is Here (1 month ago)
The boy the woman the man is the family that pregnant women
suparna ojha (19 seconds ago)
The lady with the boy
Mariyappan Mari (19 minutes ago)
The second child .he has no boy he has child
Rekha Koirala (31 minutes ago)
the kid stole the toy
Jaya Priya R (37 minutes ago)
Pregnant women
Manasi Desale (1 hour ago)
Plz tell us the correct ans.plz
Manasi Desale (1 hour ago)
I think it's *A* coz she left the store without buying anything.... And I also think that it's *C* coz she put the teddy in her purse while the man put it in bag ...
Sandhya Goel (1 hour ago)
The boy who is looking at his phone
Saroj Sanan (1 hour ago)
C the lady where she is gone is a softoy shop and she is having a softoy in his purse
Alicia Bakir (1 hour ago)
The mum stole the toy
Deepak Saride (2 hours ago)
The lady who was with the boy stole the toy
Sparsh singh Chauhan (2 hours ago)
lalit singh (2 hours ago)
Pragnent women because she never took a thing from market and shd had no shopping bag too
vijay dubey (2 hours ago)
El G (2 hours ago)
A the pregnant woman
Sheik Suban Bee (3 hours ago)
Jiya Singh (4 hours ago)
It's C
Manyata Jadav (4 hours ago)
It's c
kanees fathima (4 hours ago)
Pregnant lady who stole the toy
Leo J (4 hours ago)
7 second riddles I think the best answer is the (A) Because that lady is not having any purchase bags and any own handbag Or the (D) Because the man is having a mobile phone that can be a toy
LILY F (4 hours ago)
a and my mum said b
Hailey Wells (5 hours ago)
It is not the c girl it will s a she has a ball under her
Maria Rafdora Conde (6 hours ago)
B the little children
T Panda (6 hours ago)
gorla chakri (7 hours ago)
It's b,c and d It's not a boy means the A was pregnant so the boy was in her womb
Ramandeep Kaur (7 hours ago)
Prevent lady yes it is
Aryana Melecio (7 hours ago)
Ashraya Ghimire (7 hours ago)
Khadar Basha (7 hours ago)
Brian Locklear (7 hours ago)
It is C
Beatriz Espinoza (7 hours ago)
B and C
BrightLightGalaxy (9 hours ago)
Well um I think c, because who puts a toy in there purse she looks evil! Besides the pregnant woman probably went to look for a toy for her baby and the boy is lookin at the preg lady so he is copying her he put his toy in his shirt like the lady has her baby under her shirt and the man has a bag if he was stealing he would have put the toy in his shirt or pants so I think c,
Alexandria Yeauger (9 hours ago)
Probaly “A” because she walked in the store to get nothing?? Okay
Lazaro Jimenez (9 hours ago)
The last one is C
Fo Fia (9 hours ago)
C or b
Everything 4 fun!! (10 hours ago)
OkaRuto CryBaby (10 hours ago)
C stole the toy. D has the toy in his bag. A was just a pregnant lady B ... Little kids are always gonna be weird. But C ... Why would a older woman put a hard to see tedy bear in her purse like that!
Evamarie Teal (11 hours ago)
Evamarie Teal (11 hours ago)
Gabrielle Burton (11 hours ago)
The mom
Gabrielle Burton (11 hours ago)
B c
Livia Snider (11 hours ago)
rainbow unicorns (11 hours ago)
Jaylynn Childs (11 hours ago)
The mother
Herkenham Family (11 hours ago)
Teanlo (12 hours ago)
How was we supposed to know that it is a snoring man next door
Pablo Cossio (12 hours ago)
Its the mom
Banana Cake (12 hours ago)
Emma G (12 hours ago)
4:41 u mean a shadow lol
utawna valles (13 hours ago)
It was c because she had a toy in her purse
My Mila Lyf Lala (13 hours ago)
I think it is D because he has a phone maybe the phone is a toy too
Mercy Thar (13 hours ago)
It is a boy😦😦😦😦😦👹
Galaxy Wolf (13 hours ago)
This is Angela 👧🏽 👗she has no money 1 like = 💰 Now she has on dollar :'3
Rogelio Moreno (13 hours ago)
McKenzie 101 (14 hours ago)
Tamara Pieterse (14 hours ago)
The last answer was C
DeeDee Willingham (14 hours ago)
I think it is bcd
Emma Johnson (14 hours ago)
Sahitha Begam (14 hours ago)
A is correct because B,C,D have buy the toy and carry a bags but pregnant lady not carry anything soo she hide the toys in her🤔 stomach
Saranya Sukumaran (15 hours ago)
The pregnant woman
LB Sweetie (15 hours ago)
I think it's the pregnant lady 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Livy Liv’s World (15 hours ago)
Hubert Nhat Hieu Dao (15 hours ago)
its the pregent woman
Lu Lu (15 hours ago)
The pregnant woman
Izzy Gregg (15 hours ago)
Nobody has stolen a toy because the are still in the store
Duong Sahra (15 hours ago)
Hey on how to take out the coin you took out the cork
Theres Rubera (15 hours ago)
Hi lol i like the song
Clarissa Jimenez (15 hours ago)
A,C and D are the thief’s 🤫
TheVTwins (16 hours ago)
It's c
JayAnthony Ramirez (16 hours ago)
aditi kulkarni (16 hours ago)
Sisters For life (16 hours ago)
Is the pregnant lady well she’s not probably the boys saw her stuff some clothes in her dress And the boy did the same with the toy truck
Deyanira Ramirez (16 hours ago)
ABC or nun
The Martinez (17 hours ago)
You took it out 7:23
Payton Sherrill (17 hours ago)
A because she walks off WITH NO CASHIER
sajha communication (17 hours ago)
Davinder Padda (17 hours ago)
Subhashis Roy (18 hours ago)
Blue In Games (18 hours ago)
Its letter c why she is holding her chest under of her Breast? maybe she wear a top
Mystery Dog (18 hours ago)
I thing A stole the toy , she dont get anything and go out the store
Elina Wesley (18 hours ago)
ANS- c
Sunil Patil (18 hours ago)
Children stole toy
Diane Oumar (19 hours ago)
The girl C beacuase I see in the bag she is Ans : C
Shabeer Contacts (19 hours ago)
It is d because before he reach the counter he puts in the bag
Larisa Bazan (19 hours ago)
Its A
pk toys (20 hours ago)
M hi
Sisters Forever (20 hours ago)
C! Why'd yiu HINT us?
Aarshita Gupta (20 hours ago)
C has stolen the toy Because nobody hides a toy in the purse Is it right
edsel bryan Claro (20 hours ago)
Putri Annisa (20 hours ago)
The pregnant women
AriShe Villanueva Santos (20 hours ago)
Velu Gobi (20 hours ago)
Maheshwari Senthil (20 hours ago)
The small boy
RAJIV NAYAN SINGH (21 hours ago)
a or c
Puushpa Latha (21 hours ago)
Robert Anthony Llandelar (22 hours ago)
Namya Dua (22 hours ago)
Maaz Malik (22 hours ago)
It's answer is B option
I agree with ava its A because she didnt buy anything and it looks like shes trying to keep it in there by holding it and shes in the line but just walking out its A

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