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"LEONISA" Fashion Show Colombia Moda 2013 HD by Fashion Channel

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Text Comments (100)
Robert Bowman (13 days ago)
They are soooooooooo stunning!
Rob C (19 days ago)
I wish I was a Colombia drug lord, My God!
yungkyoo woo (23 days ago)
hey hey hey you guys wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong this show highlight is this woman! 20:22   this is best! that 2 woman is assist extra for best 1 woman!
Filip (2 months ago)
5:00 man need a name
божественно....притча для взрослых...!!
Nikolay Ivanov (3 months ago)
Beautiful series, especially black.
Filip (4 months ago)
Anyone know name of that goddes on 1:37?
iconoclastic wannabe (4 months ago)
are these woman part of the me to movement. woman should not be explicit right
девки класс ! бельишко-этак для себя,для тех кому "за" .
SuperCooled (5 months ago)
Brown qj (6 months ago)
laurent kaye (6 months ago)
Made my morning... DAMN!!! ❤
dodi kuswandi (6 months ago)
Je suis heureux de te dire bonjour, une chose tu sais, tu es belle si tu ries encore, merci
Adam Roman (7 months ago)
A timeless and wonderful view even if it was way back in Oct 2013... I love the music and especially at the start of 2;36 with the symphony No 9 in D minor ,Op 125, Choral IV.. Beautiful ladies and classical music is really awesome !
cisto09 (7 months ago)
Really so beautiful models. Like heaven...
bergercookie (9 months ago)
Stunning !!!! Amazing ladies wow
Bennewman11 (11 months ago)
Are most of these Women Colombian? I can honestly say they are the most beautiful women in the World Viva Colombia!
ptthunder (1 year ago)
worst music for this.
Jurate Zukauskaite (1 year ago)
nam khang (1 year ago)
4:01 name ????
Alfrefo Acosta (1 year ago)
que buenas nenas
Tommy Magnusson (1 year ago)
Awesome great so nice fashion show love it hot beautiful models
Lord Sango (1 year ago)
wow! these girls are stunning. who is the first girl, she looks pissed. whos the next two, whos the fourth, the fifth, dam they are all dam near perfect! i dont care how they walk, they can crawl as far as im concerned. they got the goods with style no less. there is something about that colombian look got me all worked up. lol, more leonisa and colombia moda please. i can do without the half ass music though.
Lord Sango (1 year ago)
1:40 is nina rodriguez
Broc felix (1 year ago)
oopsadaze (1 year ago)
WOW, Favorite at 9:20 PURPLE
mohamed Bene (2 years ago)
très jolie défilé d'une belle collection lingerie chemises et Robes d'intérieur qui était superbes et que les jeunes belles femmes avec leurs corps mince ont réussies à leurs donner leurs valeurs c'est une très belle collection tous ce que je peux dire en bref par conséquent je vous souhaite bonne continuation et réussite dans d'autre prochaine collections mes sincères souhaits et mes profonds considérations.
calmishak (2 years ago)
No se que le vemos a las mujeres si igual todas van al baño, hacen caca y apestan
youtube_adict (2 years ago)
No se que te ven a vos si tambien haces lo mismo!
Jay (2 years ago)
e30325ikiller (2 years ago)
what happened to the original soundtrack???? really miss it
Alberto (2 years ago)
+e30325ikiller the soundtrack also amazing !! I almost cried ;)
youtube_adict (2 years ago)
+e30325ikiller Copyright problems i think!
mm mm (3 years ago)
Quien es la primera? Who is the first girl?
youtube_adict (2 years ago)
Carolina Rodriguez Ferrero
python33 (3 years ago)
I love the models & the music what's the name of the first 3 songs please
David Yeo (3 years ago)
Tatiana Gallego 3:35 10:09 12:55 16:32 21:10
Dale Kelley (3 years ago)
5.55 so hot and gorgeous
Chen Bai (3 years ago)
Big boobs  ... love it
Gaudenzio Zarucchi (3 years ago)
Terence Galland (3 years ago)
super femmes, super models, super lingerie!
Roberto Rocha (3 years ago)
6:53 ...
Roberto Rocha (3 years ago)
who is the first model???
youtube_adict (2 years ago)
Carolina Rodriguez Ferrero
Jonny Ribeiro (4 years ago)
Hearthorne Rucker (4 years ago)
Very beautiful lady sexy
Mary Gabby (4 years ago)
feas.. no saben caminar... sin carisma... NEXT!!!
b Torres (10 months ago)
Mary Gabby what who
Alexis Cardona (2 years ago)
feas?? jajaja me imagino el espanto que serás 😄😂
Que gran desfile el de Leonisa. Chicas muy hermosas.
whenthereapercomes (4 years ago)
cynthia mendoza (4 years ago)
BeatleLoverification (4 years ago)
These girls are disgusting!!!!
juan altredo (3 years ago)
+BeatleLoverification  fat? you're trolling right? if you think these women are fat you've got serious issues, I mean its not up for debate, these women are skinny, unless you're one of those programmed by society anorexic zombies, which you sound like to be fair. What a train wreck must be your self image
BeatleLoverification (4 years ago)
He-Ha your cool:)
theoneofeight (4 years ago)
Oh, lol.  I do see your point on a couple of the models.  But for the most part, they're not fat.
BeatleLoverification (4 years ago)
No,no,no. I'm saying their the fat ones.
theoneofeight (4 years ago)
So which is it - Jealous fat girl? or religious fundamentalist? 
Patrick Ward (4 years ago)
Michelle Dos Santos (4 years ago)
Amazing collection , terrible walk of the models .
Cristian Larrotta (4 years ago)
como se llama la modelo del minuto 2:47 ? ufff!
Shindler39 (4 years ago)
Awesome Colombian Model fashion show.
Все латиноски. Красота. Отправьте меня туда!!! :)))
mackey bonnie (4 years ago)
delectable collection ... sizzling!!!
jhon7001 (4 years ago)
Please tell me name of 1:30 appeared as a first single model after first three models
Hans Franz (1 month ago)
that idiot camera person did not focus on dat ass
youtube_adict (3 years ago)
+tuttirulla you're absolutely right, sorry!
tuttirulla (3 years ago)
+Colombianito999 The first single model to appear at 1:32 is Carolina Rodriguez Ferrero.
youtube_adict (3 years ago)
+jhon7001 Michelle Rouillard Estrada
tuttirulla (4 years ago)
Carolina Rodriguez Ferrero
Antking1117 (4 years ago)
the hottest models ill ever seen in this channel, no lie 
Carlos Valencia (4 years ago)
Great models, but honestly most of them the way they walk is not great at all.
nacol (1 year ago)
'..........walk is not great at all'  really?
Adam Augustyn (4 years ago)
Adam Augustyn (4 years ago)
whts d name of d first song its awesomeee
Mathias Svendsen (4 years ago)
i would tab that...
Mathias Svendsen (4 years ago)
wow that was so Imature, i would make love to one of these girls 
samsunghandy23 (4 years ago)
2:43 dream *___________*
Edward Loys (4 years ago)
thank you
marie boyer (4 years ago)
Wow these are amazing and not to mention that the models are beautiful! From what I've seen victoria's secret models have nothing on these girls.
ricardo sanabria (1 year ago)
It is from Colombia to the world.
Yuriy Bar (4 years ago)
Что за музыка в начале??
CezarisI (4 years ago)
Da mne toze ona ponravilas i ja toze ishu ejo ...
Darcy Clark (4 years ago)
2:41 she's got the bounce!
Ha Le (9 days ago)
Models are very sexxy full.they same like angels of god.i love for them viva forever to the end of life.
HYPED TV (17 days ago)
Darcy Clark im busting a nut
Gennady Kapitanov (4 years ago)
какая краса!
JuliWhatever (4 years ago)
can anybody tell me the song which is from 14:20 on?? beautiful girls and fashion!!
Hopeless LegMan (5 years ago)
Wow, all very hot models!
Diego Delgado (5 years ago)
Claudia Lozano
Justin New Jersey (5 years ago)
Justin New Jersey (5 years ago)
THELUVOFG (5 years ago)
Can anyone tell me the name if the lovely black model appearing at 15:43? Black is beautiful indeed!: )
tuttirulla (1 year ago)
Claudia Lozano

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